November 25, 2008

What the Hey?

You know when people come to visit, they sometimes bring oddities with them?

Some of the oddities can be in the form of people or things.

Well, in this case the strange stuff showed up in my fridge.

Can you guess what this is?

Free Thanksgiving dinner to the first correct guesser.

Dinner is at 3:00.

travel arrangements provided by correct quesser. :)
void where prohibited.


  1. I couldn't even BEGIN to guess what that is!!

  2. Mashed up grapes. I think they are used in psuedo religious rituals.

    Don't approach the person who brought this stuff after dark. AND, when they are in the bathroom, don't matter how long they are in there. Trust me.

  3. Um, looks like some nuts. The jar of stuff, not the guests. Well, maybe the guests.

  4. Wait I want to guess again....Recommended daily serving of fiber.

  5. Is it dried fruit?

  6. Looks like golden raisins. But why in a jar in the fridge?
    Candied fruit of some sort to put in the dressing?
    I give up. Guess I'll be eating here with my family.

  7. It looks like, perhaps, some kind of candied fruits/raisins? Or, even better, brandy soaked fruits/raisin? At first glance, I thought it looked very much like a jar of "homemade olives" that is in every one of my families' refrigerators. (They take weeks to make, and it's a family affair to make them. And they are to die for! Basically, they are cured with vinegar and spices. Sounds simple, but oh so yummy!)

  8. Pickled mini-apricots?

    Pineapple-mango salsa?

    Kumquat jam?

    White raisins in white raisin juice?

    Candied hominy?

    Have I guessed it yet?

    I'd come to Thanksgiving dinner at your place any time. Even if I have to provide my own travel arrangements.

  9. haha they appear to be gloden raisens??

    if i am right i don't believe i can make it to florida.. hehe

  10. Is it succatash? My Daddy LOVES succatash. I have never had it : ). I would love to come over for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. I know your family is TONS OF FUN!

  11. Looks like ingredients for a fruitcake.

  12. looks like pasta and peppers in oil. If I win can I come to collect my dinner in person please?

  13. It's a jar of EWW with a nice YUCK sauce!

    Grandma J made me giggle.

  14. Rum-soaked raisins? The doc gave my dad a Rx for those....True story.

  15. im just dieing to know what it is!! hehehe

  16. white raisins with rum! My father in law eats this!
    -sandy toes

  17. Darn it, a couple of people have already guessed what I was going to guess...which is run or brandy soaked raisins?

  18. oh my goodness. it looks like somebody barfed. and then put it in a jar.
    am i right?
    cos i can totally pack and be there in a few hours.
    save me a place at the table. i think i'll fit right in with your lot.

  19. David and I guess that it's dried fruit. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. OK everyone already guessed my guess. So pickled pigs feet. Hell why not.

  21. Uhhh... Suz? Did you only invite your lovely family for Thanksgiving so you could make fun of what they have brought on your blog? You are brilliant!! Love you!!


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