February 28, 2011

Unplanned adoptions

We estimate that she is about a year old or more…she was found on a softball field in Miami by friends of ours.


Our friends who found her are dog lovers and rescue many dogs, they then try to get them adopted through friends. (They currently house 13 at their home; all outside)


The Coach and Lo saw her on Friday night in Miami at a softball game. They fell in love instantly.

Coach almost brought her home with him right then….but then he remembered that we are happily married and he wanted to stay that way.


On Saturday he said something to me that I’ve never heard out of his  mouth.

“You know I don’t ask for much…”

{and you KNOW what I thought he was hinting at}

And that is true. He does not ask for much. Ever.

Then he professed his love for this pale boxer girl.


I said: I really don’t want another dog. I really don’t like white boxers. I really don’t like white dogs at all.


I swear, I am not racist. They just don’t appeal to me.


Lo pleaded. The Coach said: If you don’t love her, they will take her back. No problem at all.

I should know better.

They went back for her. 

And still, I don’t think she is that huggable.

I know, I am hateful.


I’m just not feeling the love.

Bonus: She is in full blown heat. Which equates to a dog on her period.

So, she is wearing diapers at times.

I never thought I would be buying diapers again.


She and Cocoa did not get started on the right foot. Cocoa loves everyone and every dog. She does not LOVE this dog.

Ozzie. Well, you know Ozzie. He could care less. (His $urgery is Wednesday)


We will keep her around until this weekend and then make a decision. She is wanted back if we don’t keep her.

I am not one to give back an animal, but I will if I need to.

Nonetheless, I am getting her shots on Wednesday…can’t fix her girl parts until her ‘heat’ is done.

I will have two very sad people if I send her back to Miami…I will have one person who doesn’t care either way.

And then we have the one person who spends MORE time with the dogs than anyone else….and she would love less work.  

On a very positive note, I have enacted a ‘no couch’ rule for the dogs.  Cocoa and Ozzie think I have lost my mind now.

perhaps I have.


{Pre “no couch” rule days}

Would you keep a dog that you felt no connection to?



February 25, 2011

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

Life goes oooooon. La La La life goes on.

That song was bouncing around in my head yesterday.


The vet says: Yes, I can see two stones in Ozzie’s bladder.

me: Do they resemble Keith and Mick?

I should sell that joke. I could probably make a penny and a half.

Surgery might be his only option.

We can do the ‘regular’ surgical procedure with my vet OR I can take him to a specialist that will use newer techniques; less invasive and more ‘spensive.

I am wondering why they can’t just enter his bladder via his big ol’ silly ears. They are WIDE OPEN.


What you talkin’ ‘bout?”


I must remember that every cloud has a sliver lining.


Ozzie and I will contemplate where the silverness lies here. Maybe his are solid sterling silver stones?



Who remembers this show?

We loved this family and held a huge soft spot for Corky…But I was always anxious about someone feeding poor little Arnold! Ruff Ruff.

Our weekend? Hopefully a movie for the big guy and I. We are also attending an annual Oscar gala event. I’ve never taken photos before…but perhaps I will sneak a few with my phone to share! It is quite a fancy affair  for us.

Have a BeeUtiFUL weekend!

February 24, 2011

Not feeling it.


I have been feeling a bit like a crankmeister lately. Not sure why. I have a lot of good stuff going on…alas, I still feel a chill in my heart bones.


I dropped a bunch of face book friends. You know, the ones that want to friend you, but never really interact or anything. Why have them?

Like Tom Petty said, Stop draggin me (or my heart) around.

I am going to clean up my blog house too.


My big news for the week: I fertilized the property yesterday. Not an easy feat;  2.5 acres minus the house. Fun times. And some cretin prehistoric bug bit me on the calf. My job should come with a warning label.

I took Ozzie to the vet TWO times so far this week. Why?  He has a UTI. OR some stones. And not the rolling kind…. Cocoa has had this issue twice and now is dining on super duper expen$ive RX food.


Ozzie was apparently jealous of Cocoa…what with ONLY having the two eye $urgerie$ did not grant him enough attention. Dang street dog…..he is all uppity now with his internal issues.

He just read that and is upset. 

Never mind, a second has passed and he is happy again. goofball. 

Going back for another x ray today.


Sweet cheeks had a triple and two singles on Tuesday.


Going to find my happy….

Has anything made you happy so far this week?

I promise. I won’t complain anymore this year month.

Happy Gilmore OR Happy Days?



February 23, 2011

The LOUD garden


Another trip to the botanical garden…a perfectly beautiful day.

This just screams FLORIDA!




~In the butterfly garden, the butterflies were coming at us at warp speed screaming LOOK AT ME!  LOOK AT ME!   Scary little boogers~





This screams I LOVE HELLO KITTY! {what? You can’t hear that?}




Well, you know what this is screaming…JOY JOY JOY!

Linds jumping


Linds softfocus

This screams I AM SMILING FOR YOU Mama!

LoLosoft focus

We were asked nicely to leave the garden…they don’t care for that much loudness.


My ears are still ringing.


February 21, 2011

Bee calm. yeah, right.


I’ve got very little to share today. Nothing insightful, witty or cute.

I left all that good stuff at the mall yesterday, along with a butt load of cash. Lo and I did a marathon-prom-dress-shopping-extravaganza. Three stores in 3 hours. 265 dresses tried on. Give or take a hundred.

Poor thing, she only found 7 dresses that she LOVES. And those dresses also LOVED her.  {I can hardly remember a day in my life when that ever happened}

We settled on FOUR. {and we'll return three next week} She really wanted the opinion of her Dad and sister too. Also,  we’ve made some calls, Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum will be over to give their two cents as well. {Make it WORK!}


We saw this leaving the mall….

Heart tree

Tree love. You know I love trees…and this one hearts everyone.


I’m sure you have seen gobs of this nonsense:


What the heck does that mean? First of all, when anyone tells me to be calm, I tend to do the opposite. 

I saw this pillow earlier in the week.

freak out

Cracked me up.  My sentiments exactly.

No, I did not purchase…but I was tempted.


Coach and I went to a movie on Saturday. It has been ages….



I did close my eyes a few times, not a fan of actual fighting….but the story line is amazing and based on real peeps…that I love

{I heart Marky Mark as well as trees and sassy pillows}

I give it two fists thumbs up and 10 toes as well.

Apparently I had more to say than I thought…..oops.

Were you on the calm side or the freak out side this weekend?

February 18, 2011

Dings, The Silver Fox, Crockin’ out & Two-lips.


We had a lil’ situation this week. Lo had her first fender bender. All is well and NO one was injured in either car. Halleluiah.

Although…with the reaction to my sweet lil’ girl, you would have thought she wiped out an entire village. {SHE is so like me!}

Luckily, the officer did not give her a ticket. See what crying does for you? Remember that people.

And her tank? Barely a dent.


The bigger dent will be with our insurance premium.


As we were watching the softball game on Tues night, Linds said to me:

“Mama, you know Daddy is turning into a silver fox, don’t you?”


“Yes. I know. And I like it.”

Perhaps I’ll start calling him SF?


Speaking of softball season and late nights….

I’ve brought out the ol’ ball and chain.

My crock pot.

I am determined to have GOOD dinners even on late game nights.

I created a dinner the other night….and I thought the Coach was going to run to the nearest jewelry store and buy gobs of diamonds for me. {Sadly, the stores were closed} 

I had some thick bone-in pork chops,  I threw them in the pot with a sliced onion, a can of cream of ‘shroom soup, a bag of frozen green beans, fresh ‘shrooms,  a few halved potatoes and about 1/2 cup of veggie broth.

It cooked for about 9 hours.

OMG. This was slap your mama good. {Sorry Mom}

They were awesome. The most tender chops ever.

I want some now. Right now.


BTW: our valentines day was lovely. I was sick. The Coach and Lo got home around 8:30 from practice... Big stuff.

salad….with hearts.



And I got my fill of two lips tulips. Three dozen like this.

And some potted pink/white too…and for extra flavor; yellow daffodils.

I know. It looks like a funeral in here.

A springy/happy funeral.


Have a sweet weekend!!!!


Do you crock pot?

Anything delish that I MUST try????…Share!



February 15, 2011

My *maybe* future house.

I {thought I} found my summer place ya’ll.

You know I love my house here in sunny Florida. But in the summer, my hair and I really need to escape the humidity.

Yes, if I could afford it, I would travel to accommodate my ‘do.

Anyhoo, HGTV emailed me and said they were giving away a gorgeous pad in Vermont.  {How did HGTV know about my hair woes?}

A sweepstake… for me to win!

Ok, so perhaps they contacted one or two other peeps.

Pure serenity.  {I can picture the family and I playing checkers in the family room}

The kitchen is what dreams are made of. Don’t you know that this beautiful piece of steel, known as a refrigerator gave me actual heart palpitations and dry-mouth. *swoon*

To share with you the type of sensation I felt when I saw the laundry room would require me to change the rating on this here blog.  {Laundry porn}

*double swoon*

So, I have been entering each day for a few weeks now…trying to win this house.

Then yesterday, I took a tour of the rest of the place. It is pretty freakin’ fantastic. With ONE exception.

The dining room.     {chairs.with.wheels}    Must have been chosen by a six year old.

For years prior to now, I would never have had those because I had SMALL children. Could you imagine my (or your) wiggle worms in those? 

NOW, I could not have those because I have ME.

MrsClumsyMcfallsalot and Shesurelycan’thandlechairswithwheels.

I could see myself flying out of those on a daily basis. NOT.gonna.happen.

So, you can all have this house.

I’ll just stay here in my humble abode; with my wheel-less chairs and non broken neck.  And my flat as heck hair.  

You can enter the sweepstakes here: HGTV Dream Home.

If you win, don’t say I didn’t warn you about your future injuries.

Darnittoheck. Hells-bells-I loved those frickin’ light fixtures!  SNAP.

February 11, 2011

Friday faves.


A few snapshots from the hip hop dance routine last Friday.

I love the facial expressions on Linds and her pink haired girlfriend. {Gangsta much?}


Any time I get a photo of these two this close together AND smiling….oh, it fills my heart to the brim.


Remember when I said the dogs were given the boot from OUR bed? well, they do have beds in the bedroom….and now they actually use them.

Harley thinks he is a dog too. {meo-ruff}


My Christmas cactus started blooming on December 28th. (I did not hold it’s lateness against it)


I took a photography class this week. IT was only 2 hours and just on the basics for my DSLR. I learned quite a bit. My new goal is to NEVER ever shoot in automatic. Just don’t hold a gun to my head over that. Ok?


  You’ll be pleased to know that is is overcast and cool today in sunny Florida. Rainy too.

Now, I know what the rest of you suffer through…minus the snow. And ice.

Oh, heck, it is nothing like up north.  I’m still wearing sandals.

What is on your agenda? Any valentines plans?

{remember, I don’t like roses that much, you can all send me tulips or cash. Ok, just cash!}

Bee Sweet!

February 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

ten on ten :: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.  Or something like that.

{Hosted By Rebeka!}

Prepare to be un-amazed. And amazed at the same time.



Picnik collage





I know. My life is glamorous. And you are green with envy. Luckily, YOU look fabulous in green.

I always breathe easier when these two walk in the door. {separately, buTT together}

Picnik collage2


IMG_6883 22


Lucky for you, I spared you photos of the cleaning of the cat boxes…and some other not so pretty activities. If we had smell-o-vision, you would have all been in a coma by the time I hit 12pm.  {how does a grown woman forget her ‘oderant?}

Dinner is in the oven. Salad is made. Wine is poured.

Well, what am I going to do tomorrow? Mostly the same stuff…but with less smell!

Much Love, Suz