October 29, 2012

We've got spirits, yes we do, we've got spirits how 'bout you?

We attended our purple party last weekend. IT was full of purpleness.
It was a kind of a 'run around' just before we had to leave kind of day. Lolo was working all day (Linds was gone on a band/dance function) We had just a minute for her to throw on her very expensive dress and, snap a few photos with my little camera.

I took the photo and said: Oh, are both covered in spirits. And just for the fun of it, I wiped off the camera lens. 
See: Now it is better. I didn't even use mineral spirits!
The Coach got a photo of Lo and I.  Hello? Glamazon...and of course our photo-bomber Ozzie.
And Coach took one more without Ozzie....but our spirit 'baby' has now joined us.
Seriously...maybe not a spirit 'baby' for me...more like a spirit 'bloat'
Anyhoo....the party was quite lovely!
 A fun fun fun night!
They had a photo booth there with lots of props. See...I'm not the only silly one around here!
I'm still wondering which spirits joined us this night. No matter who, I'm sure they had a good time!

I pray that all you good folks in the path of Sandy are staying safe....she looks mighty spirited!

October 25, 2012

A little help for my {sissy} friends...

Are you there?

I've been super busy, bur I've not forgotten about you!
I have a few things that I've been meaning to share with you. Sharing is caring. 
And I care.

I have a confession.
Our dogs are major sissies.
Sissies who wear shirts on occasion. 
Thunder shirts.  AKA: A big loving hug for your pups. 

They won't even smile for the camera....they are slightly ashamed. 
I take that back, Ozzie is a sissy and his sissiness rubs off onto Cocoa. 
Every rainstorm, he goes into panic mode and she follows suit.

At times his panicking is annoying. And by annoying, I mean I almost fall down because he is UNDER my feet and tracking my every move. LIKE a freakin' ninja dog.
I then remind myself that he spent an undocumented amount of time on the mean streets all alone...who knows what he has suffered through. 
Then I give him a big hug and sing the thunder shirt song to him. I made up this song, you can't use it. 

We got these this summer and they work somewhat. I think it helps Ozzie a bit, and if he chills out, Cocoa chills out. 
{read directions before using....unlike ME. Sometimes directions are there for a reason}
If a huge storm or a hurricane is predicted, add this ...

...and your dog becomes a cuter version of Cheech or Chong. It is all natural stuff....not sure if it works for glaucoma though. 

So, did we learn something today?
If you have an aversion to learning, then I apologize.
Have a panic-free weekend!

October 17, 2012

From my bathroom to my backyard.

Do you see what is blooming in the crotch of my tree?
Did you even know my tree had a crotch? How about a pit? It surely has a pit. Perhaps that is more appropriate. But where is the fun in being appropriate?
This is my 'bloomer' after I tied her {bloom} up.

Remember way back when....I posted about 'greening' up the house with my sweet friend Kelly.
If you don't, that is ok. The gist is, Kelly and I spent some time filling beautiful glass vases/jars with all sorts of plants/flowers for the inside of my house. 

This baby ended up in our bathroom on the shower ledge. {February 2012} 
Kelly is an expert in all things green...specifically orchids.
You know what? My MIL is also...I usually give them my 'done blooming or sickly looking' orhids and they make them better.

The last time Kelly was here and I tried to pawn a few off to her she said: Stick them in one of your trees, gently attach them with twine or raffia and they will love it.
And again, she was right. 
See the roots attaching themselves. They are huggers. 
I've got at least 5 'out there' on the property and that one blooming in the crotch today? 
It used to be blooming in my bathroom next to my shower. 
Fitting huh? 

Orchids love crotches. What are the chances of someone googling that and getting me?


October 15, 2012

She said WHAT?

I've been a busy bee....and I won't bore you with all the piddly things that are consuming my time. 
It's not all fun for me, so why would it be fun for you?

On the other hand....these little tid-bits might make you smile. 

"I can't wait until I'm so old that I don't care how I look anymore."

The fourth hour of dress shopping for a special 'purple party' can do that to a girl.
Plus, being 19, fit and super cute must be harder than it looks. I'm just guessing here.

Score! Just after that statement, we hit pay dirt at my 'happy place'. 
{yes, we are maxximista's}
Wait till you see it ON her. {next weekend} Fo'shizzle, it was a steal!

Is it just me, or do I spend a good portion of my life dress shopping?

"Sometimes when I'm bored at school, I'll stare directly at the back of the head of the person sitting in front of me. I stare so long and hard, that eventually they turn around. Then I quickly look elsewhere.   
People can ACTUALLY feel you staring. 
{me laughing} IT WORKS Mom, I've tested it"

What could I say....SHE TESTED IT!!!!

Happy Monday. Wishing you a week full of bargains and harmless science experiments!


October 08, 2012

Speaking of ugly chairs

Do you remember watching Archie and Edith Bunker in All in The Family?
Surely you will remember the theme song?
Gosh....just hearing that brings back so many memories. 1971-1979 this show was a part of my life.

And again, I don't know how we lived without TIVO.  Life must have been all sorts of hell back then.
Lucky for me, my parents hardly took photos, so I've got no evidence of this hell. 

Two things that always come to mind when I think of this show: 
{One} Edith Bunker was a version of my beloved Grandma. She said what she thought and had a big heart. I have to Grandma was not as ditzy, but just as lovable. 

{Two} Archie Bunker's chair. He sat in that thing like it was his throne; barking orders, being unruly. 

We have our very own throne belongs to the Coach.
 Please don't worry. My Coach is not bigoted and small minded like Archie Bunker.
On occasion he is unruly...which is funny since that unruliness coincides with my PMS.
Go figure!!!! 
He does love his chair!
I actually asked him a few weeks ago to shop for a new one...this baby is almost wore out.
Like super duper wore out.

But then I remembered it is NOT only HIS is also Cocoa's chair. 
It ain't pretty...but it looks like it will be with us for a few more years!
{The chair and Cocoa}

Here is Archie's chair.
Can you believe it is sitting in the National Museum of American History right now?
This makes our chair look awesome!

Speaking of ugly chairs, do you remember what TV show this one belonged to?
No cheating!

Have a great day.
I hope you have a little time to sit in a comfy chair...even if it's ugly!


October 03, 2012

Hooker heels and babies.

This is my baby...and my baby loves hooker heels. 
{Homecoming dance 2012}
I call them hooker heels. 
She calls them cute; tasteful.
You know I am kidding though....
 surely, my girl does not resemble a hooker. 
This is NOT the dress that we purchased. 
This isn't even the SECOND dress that we purchased. 
This is the dress that we borrowed from a friend the day OF the dance. 

Dress drama is a constant for both my girls. 
We try, we buy, we return. Then maybe do that again.
Do you know that I picked my wedding dress out...all by myself and it was the 2nd one I tried on?? 
They must get the dress drama from the Coach. 

And this is the photo that Ozzie wanted to be a part of.
  Dog Photo Bombs; a new website I am working on.

BTW: Linds had a great time at the dance...and if you were wondering, her beloved shoes saw the dance floor for all of 3 minutes. Her bare feet had a lot of action though. 

Now, if you could leave a comment that does not contain the phrase: Lindsay looks pretty or  the words beautiful or lovely or hooker ....That would be great...her head is growing as fast as her love of high heeled shoes.


October 01, 2012

Cookie and her trees

Sometimes the deepest thoughts travel through my head.
Such as:
If my Mom had named me Cookie instead of Suzanne, how different would my life be?
Tell me you haven't thought the same thing.

And surely, you all want to see our baby Magnolia trees. My lawn guy planted them for me a few months back. My lawn guy has a name, but I love calling him 'my lawn guy'.
We had two palms there before, one died, the other one committed suicide out of sheer sadness.
And people think trees are unfeeling? I beg to differ.
Anyhoo, I love these little magnolia trees. They bloom repeatedly.
The coach had one comment about them: Could we have found smaller ones?
They are all of 4 feet tall. By the time they are towering, I will be only ashes, my lawn guy as well.

Enjoy YOUR day!