July 27, 2011

Criss Cross Applesauce.

I am sure you have been wondering what's happening at La Casa Busy Bee....
I won't make you suffer any longer. 

NOT too much. 
Just the regular stuff. Like waking up. moving around. cooking. cleaning. sleeping. You know; life. 

Last week the girls spent a few days at the lake with their Grandparents. I declared to cook an 'adult only' meal. 
(yes, we wore clothes! I just made the stuff they don't appreciate yet.)

I tried to replicate my favorite meal from Carrabbas; speidino De Mare.  (scallops and shrimp with a tangy lemon/ butter sauce)

It was awesome...I added some sauteed spinach/peppers and garlic, basmati rice and roasted 'maters. YUMMO

Next time, I am charging $16.95 for that meal.

I declared on Sunday that Freddie {the freeloader} needed his cage cleaned. When his cage is in cleaning mode, someone has to hold him. 

Holding him is better than cleaning up his poop.

He really likes human interaction. Forizzle

I try to take the dogs out in the evening to run a night Maisy followed us out the screen door. She loves Cocoa. 

What's not to love?

Hey, if you have your kitty's go crazy when you apply the flea application. Hey, it's not a TASER kitty...calm down psycho cat!  

 I never ever tire of these gorgeous Florida sunsets!

The colors change in what seems like minutes. 
OK, it really IS minutes. 

I got a good shot here showing TWO of our dead palm trees. Or as I like to call them: Number one and number one.  

Happy Wednesday ya'll.

Taking Linds and a friend back to the lake....and Lo and I have TWO DAYS of orientation for college this week. TWO full days. Ummmm...hello, I am NOT going to college people. What they hey?

Lo will get to stay the night in a dorm; get herself acclimated somewhat. 
I was not invited to stay over...but that won't stop me from looking for a frat party to crash....

Bee Good! 
At least if you are good that will make up for me. Right? 


July 25, 2011

It starts with an S- and ends with an -ecret.

Do you have someone in your life who is the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers?

We do...her name starts with an L and ends with an indsay.

Several {TEN} years ago Linds and I shopped for her sisters upcoming 8th birthday. 
We chose a pogo stick as her big gift. 

(I was still trying to find a way to burn some of her excess energy!)

The day before Lo's birthday her little sister {the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers} said to her:

"You are going to LOVE the gift we got you!"

Lo, being the older/wiser sister said: 
"Give me a hint!"

And this is where the little sister gets to keep her title as the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers.
Lindsay's reply:

"it starts with a 'P' and ends with an OGO!"

Four seconds later she realized what she had done. 

10 years later and we will never let her live it down. 

All above photos are of Lindsay on her 5th birthday. She told me last week while reading the blog that most of my posts were about her sister...and she would like more of HER. Second child syndrome???

Happy Monday!

July 22, 2011

Reality; wrapping up Vegas.

Are you over my vacation yet? I promise...I am almost done talking about it. You would think I have never been anywhere before...

One day we visited the Pawn Stars pawn shop.
Have you seen this show on the History channel??
I have watched it a few times...Coach and Lo love it. This pawn store takes in some amazing memorabilia...very interesting walking through....of course I really liked the jewelry dept. Surprised? 

My very own pawn stars. 

A few days prior to our  Vegas trip Coach and Lo saw that there was a UFC fight being held there...and at our hotel.

She begged for a chance to see a fight in person: "It can be for my birthday!" And the begging worked.  Coach purchased tickets for the two of them. 

What 18 year old girl does NOT dream of seeing a UFC fight in person? 

Kind of crummy photo...but you get the idea. They had a great time watching people fight. I don't get it...but I love them to pieces. 

The day before the fight we drove over to see the Randy Coture gym ...if you know anything about UFC, then you know who he is. (I include myself in the knowing nothing about UFC group)

When we pulled up to the gym Lo said: That is his motorcycle right there...the one they built for him on Orange County Choppers!

Is this sounding like a reality show?
Anyhoo...Coach and Lo go into the gym. Linds and I were comfy in the a/c. All of a sudden we hear this LOUD motorcycle engine behind us, we both look at each other and said: I wonder if that is HIM?

We look back and it is...AND he is leaving the gym. Both of us were worried that Lo and Coach missed seeing him.

And a few minutes later...out came Lo and the Coach with this cell phone picture. 

She was even wearing one of his shirts...and we did not even plan on going there that day. He was a very nice guy to meet per the Coach and Lo...very personable and kind. 

After Randy left, the receptionist at the gym told Lo: You are lucky to see him...he does not come in here everyday. 

And as Lo said: He has really white teeth...and he is Hot... for an 'old guy'!

(48 is old in case you didn't already know)

**Someone needs to work out....that's all I am sayin'**

While Coach and Lo were at the UFC fight, Linds and I did what we do best... we shopped. 

By far, the funniest line from "The Hangover"

And then we went and saw the JabbaWockeeZ show.

What, you don't know who they are? Silly people....they won America's Best Dance Crew on MTV a few years ago.

 Oh, now it is coming back to you....right?

It was an hour and a half of great music and awesome dancing....Linds begged me to NOT get up and join the show. I obliged. 

The other two shows that we saw on this visit were "O" at the Bellagio and "Ka" at MGM. Both are great....the kids liked Ka better because it had an actual storyline while most of the cirque du soleil shows do not. 

Ok. Done with Vegas. 
Now what am I going to talk about????

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Super hot old guy photo borrowed from here.

July 20, 2011

The Gambler**WINNING**

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...unless you blog about it, and then it goes everywhere.

One afternoon while in Vegas the Coach and I had an hour to kill...the kids were around the corner solving crimes at CSI: the Experience.

I suggested Roulette and being the wonderful husband he is, he led me to a roulette table and gave the dealer TWO one hundred dollar bills;  One for me. One for him.

The Coach was out of chips in 20 minutes....I made mine last and last.....and last for about 40 minutes.

And....I left the table with $250. 
So, you COULD say I won $150.
But I really won $250 since I did not actually put any money on the table. 

You COULD say he lost $100, or you COULD say he lost $200.

Either way, I am the winner
{in case that was not already clear?}


It was fun...we always enjoy chatting with the dealers as we are both social butterflies.

Some young whippersnappers peeps came to the table to play and they were smoking and that is when we decided to, I was UP by so much.

Did I tell you that I won???


As we waited for the kids the Coach suggested that "since we (I) won so much we should get tattoos."
So we did.

Talk about painful....

You like??????


FYI: my lucky numbers that came in several times: 
10, 13, 17, 24 & 27.
Go buy a lotto ticket...let me know how much WE win.

Am I the only one who still loves that Kenny Rogers song? I know...I am a total dork. But a lucky dork. Right?



tattoo source.

July 18, 2011

My Dam-n Las Vegas Photo Dump

So, after we left our newest and favoritest place on earth, Wyoming , we took the kiddos to the glitz and gluttony that is Las Vegas. 

We had a plan. IT was not all about the glitz and gluttony....ok, it was a little about the glitz. It was really about the SHOWS. 

We love the shows. And not the 'peep' kind you pervs.

Waiting on the valet...

If you would like to stay at a SMOKE free and CASINO free hotel...then check out the MGM Grand Signature.

It was a great hotel....and the 'smoke free' part was fabulous.....except for the one night that our neighbors must have been really suffering with their glaucoma. Medicinal is legal, right.

These palm trees look suspiciously like the ones at home.

The lobby at The Bellagio.  If you ever get to Vegas, you must go see this art piece by Dale Chihuly in the lobby; GOrGeOuS. And of course...seeing the dancing fountains is breathtaking as well. 

The dancing fountains at The Bellagio.

Lolo and the leaning tower of Eiffel.

A short clip of the fountain show...the neighbors to my left were trying their hardest to knock my camera into the lake. They don't know who they are dealing with! Tourists really get on my last nerve....

Do you recognize these kids? Me neither. This was inside the Bellagio the conservatory. GORGEOUSNESS!

Sunflowers. In the Las Vegas desert? 
why yes....

If sunflowers...then of course hot air balloons!!!

The Hoover Dam to be exact. We drove over for a little look-see. 
I just love the history of this structure...and the fact that this one government project in the history of projects was done EARLY and UNDER BUDGET. HELLO? That is unheard of...

The original terrazzo floors.

I remember terrazzo floors...growing up in Florida four of my rich friends lots of people had these marble floors in their homes. 

The girls enjoyed this little tour. 
You know what I think they enjoyed the most? 
I gave them a damn pass. 

Yep. A damn pass. During the entire tour, they could say DamN as many times as they liked. That was the free part. Dammmmmmmmnnnnnn.


And looking down here...this is where I started to feel damn woozy. I no likey being this high. 

We are such good parents...we took the girls to M & M world. The Coach let them each fill a bag of candy....
There was so much candy in this place...three floors of it. I saw people left and right going into diabetic comas. NOT pretty. 

You have to know, that MY children, being MY children were most fascinated with all the interesting in: The scantily clad ladies. And I use the term ladies loosely...
I wish I had written down how many times I heard this whispered: "I think that one over there is a prostitute."

I have some more photos to share....but it seems this dump is getting long!

I will share some more later...and also I will let you all know how I won millions dollars while gambling! Surely you are waiting with baited breath.
{who has bait on their breath anyway? Damn!}

Happy Monday!!!