August 27, 2014

Seeking my inner meow.

I got my hair did last Saturday. 
My stylist must have been delirious, because she gave me a Dorothy Hammilish type cut. 
Everyone knows I'm a roller skater and NOT an ice skater.

Oh well. It will grow out.

Lolo declared: It's adorable; you look SO cute!!!
Me: I'm done with adorable, I'm ready to move into sex kitten mode.
Lolo: Ummmm after two kids, you are done with the sex kitten phase. Even daddy knows that.

Well that sounds like a challenge to me!

I dusted off my curling iron and fluffed things up a bit. 
I've banished the 1976 Dorothy 'do. 

(btw: we were both being sarcastic; which is our first language and we all know Daddy loves his sex kitten)
Wow, that just got creepy.

I'll never be up for a gold medal in a sporting event….unless being sarcastic is a sport. 


August 25, 2014

To fight it or give in; that is the dilemma

It started with the several sneezes each day last week, then I felt my sinus passages as they were swelling…..and I knew it; the summer cold-it's a coming.
Daaa dunnn dunnn dunnnnn
I've been fighting it with vitamin C; drinking emergen-C, Zicam tablets and I'm ingesting gallons of water daily.
I'm fighting so hard because the Coach and I have a get away planned for next weekend.
{burglars, my In laws will be here with their 3 dogs so don't even bother}
But then I started to think:
"Hey, I'm fighting this, but it WILL come eventually and it WILL get me. Maybe I should just give in and get it over with?!

So, today I'm going to Macy's and I'm gonna lick the escalator handrail from the first floor to the second.
Then I'll stop at Chuck E. Cheese and I'll play some video games, not wash my hands and I'll end my afternoon with a nap in the ball pit.

That should get it going quite well.....if only there was some old dingy phone booth where I could enjoy my dinner.

Did someone just throw up?

Any other suggestions?


August 21, 2014


I had guacamole for lunch yesterday; not waffles. 
I don't even like waffles. Although, I'd rate them higher than pancakes. 
I've been waffling with this blog thing.
Should I stop. Should I continue. Should I keep thinking about it?
I'm over over-thinking things. again. 
I have a tendency to over-think OR to not think at all.
I should try to be more in the middle. Medium perhaps.
I've decided to stop waffling. Stop over thinking and just continue. Minus stressing about anything. 

By the way, please remind me to not have JUST guacamole for lunch. That was not a good idea at all.

Hey, here's a picture of some important items I recently came across.
My retainer, my headgear, my Duran Duran keychain and of course my Alf button.

I'm sure you're wondering….. and the answer is NO.
NO, my retainer doesn't fit anymore; can you believe that my mouth has grown?

Perhaps at one time I did consume mass quantities of waffles.
How about you? Waffling over anything lately?

August 15, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday~'The moving on out' version

1) Linds moved into her dorm on Wednesday; Lolo was here to help as did the Coach. Her dorm is on the third floor; not an elevator in sight and it took several trips up and down with her belongings. 
I was in hamstring hell come Thursday.

2) Linds was thrilled to have a full kitchen. Although the conventional stove threw her for a loop.  
She has only had a glass top stove at her disposal.
"Mom, how do you turn on the burners?"
Me: "You use this knob to turn on this burner and …..
Linds: "Wait! IS FIRE going to come out of that?"

Laughter from Lolo and I ensued.  

3) She may not have mad culinary skills, but she can set a mean table.
Perhaps that wasn't the best example. 

4) She wasn't completely moved in when I finally left. BUT, her room most likely won't be any neater than this. ever. 

5) Even though she has a full kitchen at her disposal, she still likes the simplicity of sodium. 
gag me with a spoon. 

I hope she has a wonderful year. 
I also hope she doesn't get arrested, pregnant or any face tattoos.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Around Roanoke

August 12, 2014

Deeds; the good and the dirty.

I've been a busy bee doing mostly good deeds stuff. 

I had to give some bad news this week that I've been dreading. 

I gave my boss lady my notice on Monday.
She was upset as I knew she would be; but she understood my reason.

{I'll share it soon…it's GOOD stuff}

My good deed though is prepping her for my departure and helping to interview my replacement.
We all know I'm irreplaceable, so this isn't going to be easy.
Wish me luck!


The other morning I saw a plumbing truck and I declared right there that they had the most clever name. 

Dirty Deeds Plumbing.

Their tag phrase:
Done dirt cheap.
And I wasn't even surprised when I saw this guy driving the truck.
Angus Young 
I'm just pulling your leg hairs;  he wasn't driving the truck.

But, all day long while I was doing mostly good deeds, that song was in my head. 

I'm a dirty deed dweeb.

Just in case you'd like it stuck in your head as well.

Are you busy with the good, the fun or the dirty deeds?


Photo borrowed from here.

August 08, 2014

Willy Nilly~TGIF!!

Joining Tanya and friends for 5 willy nilly thoughts, musings, pics from the week. 

1) Linds has been home from her summer college session for a week or so.
I'm thinking of changing her name to something more fitting.
Cave dweller?
Nocturnal Nancy?
I'm {kinda} kidding.
She's up most of the night and gets her beauty sleep until noonish.
She goes back to school on Wednesday and is going to have to revert back to the old Lindsay asap. 

2) Corn on the cob in the microwave. WHY did I wait so long to try this??

3) Last weekend I met a real live fake celebrity who was posing as a waiter.
If you guessed it was Lain Glen from The Game of Thrones & Downton Abbey; then you win a pony!

4) I had an emergency visit to the vet this week.
For the dogs? Nope
 For the cats? Nope.
For Lolo's chameleon Zim. {she couldn't leave work}
Zim was looking really bad, {brown, weak, clumsy} but I'm glad to say she is on the mend. 
Lolo has gone out of town now and guess who is having to administer liquid medicine INTO the chameleons mouth?
It took both the Coach and I to do it last night. 
My job as caretaker is varied. 

5) Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. 
Every time I hear this song I have one thought: This is the song that should be played at my memorial. 
Sure, I'm kinda morbid.
And sure, the song has nothing to do with me or death; but I can't shake that thought when I hear it. 

So, have you any kind words to share at my memorial? 
Remember, I can and will haunt you. 

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend filled with fresh corn, nice people and NO visits to the vet! 
Around Roanoke

August 01, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday~

Joining Tanya and friends; sharing five willy nilly thoughts from my week.

1) The other night we had dinner at a cute pizza joint and our waiter's name was Jake.
I'm a fan of addressing people by their name, so every time I said Jake, I wanted to finish with from State Farm.
Have you seen the commercial? Silly things just stick with me and that might be annoying.
"she sounds hideous"

2) My links.
I've had a few peeps mention that they can't follow my links because I put a block on them; the block says "Don't BEE nosey"-- That is only if you 'right click' on a link.
If you click on it directly, you'll get there directly. I added that right click protection back when I suspected a perv might be copying pics of my kids. 
Damn pervs-- they ruin everything.

3)I walked into Lolo's room the other night and gasped because  {I'm apt to jump to conclusions….and on occasion see things that aren't there} there was a mouse sitting in the blinds!
then I realized it was her chameleon Zim….just getting a bit of exercise.
Bullet dodged. Heart rate normalized. 

4) We are moving Linds out of her summer dorm on Saturday. She'll be home for a long time until her fall semester starts. And that will be on August 13th!
Thank goodness school is only 30 minutes away.

5) It's August 1st people. Yes, I am a walking calendar.
This girl is ready for the summer HEAT to be over.
Yesterday, it was 95* with 100% humidity.
I'm not sure why I bother doing my hair. 
 We can't even see out of our windows/doors because everything 'sweats'.
Fall…where are you???

Happy Friday my friends!
If you need me,  I'll be in the a/c!

Around Roanoke