June 30, 2014

My new favorites; or in other words, nothing hostile here to look at.

My lanai re-do still makes me giddy. I've had to fart around with a few of the potted plants…some didn't work out with all the sun and I had a feeling that would happen….but no biggie.
If I'm going to fart around, I'd like to do it with plants.

One of my favorite places to visit is the nursery; and as much as I love Lowes and The Depot, my upscale plant nursery has a better variety. I've found plants there that I've never seen before.

A few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.  

The Ice plant. It is a 'mounder-draper' with delicate hot pink flowers.
It also comes in the variegated flavor….I do prefer the darker green though. 
Ice plant on the front porch with a bit of society garlic. 
 I've always been a fan of the ornamental sweet potato vines….but I found it in this awesome-sauce pink/green/white flavor. LOVE!
 It grows really fast too. The bonus? The clippings look lovely on our dining room table!
Badda bing-badda bang!

Finally, some genius came up with a hosta FOR FLORIDA! This baby loves the hot Florida sun!
When I brought this home, Lolo said: "That's pretty; what kind of plant is it?"
 Me: "a Hosta!"
Lolo: "A HOSTILE?"

 This baby is anything but hostile; it's on the pleasant side.

Have you found any new flora or fauna that makes you want to use multiple exclamation points?!?!

June 27, 2014

Vacation is all I ever wanted….

We decided to have our summer vacation closer to home this year. We've had so much going on that it ju$t made sen$e. 

If you've never been there, you should go if possible. It's different from any other animal or 'theme' park I've been to; it's very low key. Bonus: they limit the number of guests daily.

Do you know that I don't enjoy huge crowds?
I know….surely you like a huge crowd. 

You pay one price and it includes everything for the day. Food. Drinks. Snacks. Bird poop. 

I had read prior to our trip that you should visit the aviary first because the scary flying things birds are hungry in the a.m. 
So we did. 
And were they.
They flew in at us...with those TALONS. 

There was screeching and thrashing involved. And that's how my girls roll. 

A bird in the hand and….one on the head. 
Lolo loves anything with a heartbeat. 
Then we swam with the fishes. 
They have a great coral reef that is full of colorful fish and those guys with the big stinging pokie things.
I'm not a great snorkeler. I tend to hyperventilate… know, because I am a dramatic person.
 Since I have snorkeled {and hyperventilated} in Costa Rica, it wasn't that big of a deal for me. 
Yes. I'm ruined. 
The biggest part of our day was our dolphin interaction. It's only 30 minutes long but it seemed much longer. Talk about a thrilling visit….we 'met' several dolphins. UP close. 
These dolphins are so sweet and really seemed to enjoy their visit with us as well. 

I'm close and personal friends with a few of them; you could say they 'friended' me. 
They are amazing creatures and I'll not be happy until I have one of my very own.  
Lester the dolphin.
This was an educational (and I'm opposed to learning) and relaxing day. 
Even the Coach was impressed with Discovery Cove….and he isn't impressed with much!

There are several other areas to visit and a fabulous lazy river too. We spent a good part of the day here (8:30-4:00) and enjoyed ourselves.

Now…where is my pet dolphin?

June 25, 2014

Life is multi{fun}ctional.

I stood in the toilet paper aisle for 10 minutes yesterday; Double, Mega or Mega plus?
Life is full of decisions.
Smooth or crunchy.
Red or white.
Grilled or blackened.
reusable bag or reusable bag.

Life is also full of milestones.

I helped Linds move into her summer dorm on Saturday.
She opted to start her college career this summer and get a head start on the edcha-ma-kation.
She'll be gone for six weeks.
But I saw her on Sunday; she forgot her parking sticker. And her pillows.
{Thank goodness she is only 30 minutes away}

She pulled this out from her makeup vanity desk and declared: Look, a pull-out nail vanity and gave me the creepy/wacky smile.

That kid of mine.
I hope she has fun and learns something. {besides how to paint her nails}

Original dorm artwork by Lindsay

By the way I chose Mega Plus.
It was the plus that swayed me.
I shouldn't have been swayed….the darn roll is so big it's wedged against the wall and won't "roll".

Any big decisions or milestones in your world?

June 18, 2014

Just like it was yesterday….

Linds 2003. She lost her tooth while waiting for her Grandma and Sister to depart the water ride. The tooth made it's way into a mulched bed beyond a fence….never to be found again. 

Linds 2014. She has all her teeth today. Thank goodness because those braces weren't free!

June 16, 2014

Shank you very much

Some offenses from those in the general public are deserving of Suz dusting off her shank.

Left lane hanger outers.
I don't care if you are traveling the speed limit or 20 miles OVER the speed limit. If I am behind you, and you are NOT currently passing someone on your right; you are slowing me down.
IT's called the PASSING lane, not the FAST lane.
Move over, so I can pass.
If someone is behind you, just know that you've now created a
"I'm screwing everyone behind me because I refuse to move over lane".

The I'm too busy to click reply
I'm a thoughtful person. If I take photos of you at a party or Christmas or whatever, I will forward those to you via email.  But, is it too much trouble to click reply and type those 8 very difficult words?
I'll give you a hint it starts with T and ends with U! {thank you}
Oh, because hitting reply and Thank you might be exhausting?
Life must be hard for some people on a daily basis.

Ankle bumpers at the grocery store.
Yes, you are correct, my ankles are different from yours; mine have NO feeling whatsoever.
Go on. Bang away person with no depth perception; I can't feel a thing.

Any offenses you'd like to add today?

June 13, 2014

THE test. Would you OR wouldn't you take it?

A few weeks ago I had my yearly checkup with my lady Dr.
You know, the one who needs to check all my lady parts to make sure I'm healthy.
As she was going through my family history (again. Since I've only been visiting her for 15 years) she commented about my maternal Grandmother's history of breast and ovarian cancer. (It took her life before mine began)
Dr. Lady Dr. asked if I'd like to have a blood test to see if I carry the gene as well.
She said it so casual and explained it was really easy to do and if the test is positive then I can make the decision then to then have a bilateral mastectomy and my ovaries removed.

*Suz smilng at Dr. Lady Dr.

*Suz just realized that Dr. Lady Dr. said something important and it's starting to penetrate her thick skull….

*Suz's brain is taking in the words bilateral mastectomy and something about her ovaries….

*Suz has a lightbulb blaring over her freshly coifed hairdo…

Suz: "OH, THAT TEST???"

Dr. Lady Dr.: "Yes, THAT test. "

Suz: "Sure, why not"

After I left the office, reality hit me.
What if I'm positive for the gene?
What will I do then?
I've never tested positive for anything good or bad. I hate tests!!!

Then I pushed those thoughts to the back of my brain and focused on our impending graduation, family arriving,  party planning yadda yadda yadda……

Dr. Lady Dr. finally called me on Thursday of last week.

I'm negative for the BRCA gene.

Which means, I have the same chances of getting breast & ovarian cancer as someone who doesn't have a family history of it.
Which means something. Well, which means I can still get it.
Which was a huge relief after I hung up the phone with her.
I didn't realize how stressed I was about it until I got the call.

Would you take the test?
Have you?

I feel that with all the technology we should be prepared for whatever we can be prepared for.
Me? If I had tested positive, I'm fairly certain I'd have my bits and pieces removed. Some of them, I'm already done with.

I know it wouldn't  be easy…but I really want to be here for the long haul.
You know….just to annoy my people for as long as I can….because I'm so good at it.
My new tagline: Annoying my people since 1967!

June 12, 2014

All the party people in the house

Oh my tiredness. 
We had company. We had graduation. We had the party of parties. We had 2 days of college orientation. We had work. We then went off for a family vacay.
Life is busy. Life is good.
We got back last night and I have much to share about our little getaway. 
{Hint: I'll not be happy until I have my very own pet dolphin!!}

I did want to share some of Lindsay's graduation party. Let me preface this by saying I COULDN'T have done it alone. IT takes a team.
My Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Coach, Lolo, Linds, BOTH SETS OF INLAWS and myself made it happen.

Oh….and my sweet friend Dawn made these amazing cupcake holders!!

My child could not decide between cupcakes or a cake….and since I usually say NO to so much, I said yes.  She asked if we could change the "English" book to "Dance". 

So, I'm low on candid and decoration photos. Why? Because my good camera was set up for our Photo-booth. Yep….we rigged it up and it was FUN FUN FUN!

If you mix teenage girls with a camera….well, you'll not see or hear from them forever.
They could do this all day…..and if you counted all the pics I have, they did. 

I tried to get Linds in with all her guests. Everyone was game….The afro wig saw a lot of action. 

Linds, Suz and cuz Patrick…yes, we are rappers. Or gangsters. Or just silly people with hats….

That sparkly mask my Uncle Jim is wearing is missing…..I think he really liked it!

My Mom is the original gangster. That gang sign?
"Yo, I'm up for two knee replacements…any takers?"

My sweet friend Dawn and her boys.
It was such a great party….so many of our family members and friends who are family members joined us to celebrate Lindsay!

And of course…..I got a family photo. I'm thinking Christmas card????

I hope you are all doing well. I'm back to work today and I'll try to catch up with everyone soon.
Woot woot. I've nothing out of the ordinary scheduled for at least 7 days. 

June 05, 2014

So here's to you {Misses} Graduate

Can you believe that when I started this blog this was my baby. 
My love child. My Lindsburger. My sweet little ball of sweetness.
Ok, I'm getting a little delirious….because she wasn't always a sweet little ball of sweetness. There were a few days of sour. 
Just a few.

Last week she said goodbye to High School. Adios. See you later Gator. Chow.

Some of my longtime readers will remember these babies….Lolo wore them to her graduation.
Linds will be creating her own path in college…but she walked across the stage in her big sister's shoes. 
And I think that is just awesome.

The more bling the better….that's our motto.

Linds was #416 out of #450 kids. (I know!!!) to cross the stage. I said if they did it in order of cuteness, being bright and funny and not by that old standby "alphabetical order" she would be first in line! 
And no, I'm not biased about my people.

It was a great weekend filled with family and friends. I'll share some party pics soon!!
The first family. Of our house.  
You'll be glad to know that Linds and I both survived her 2 day loooooonnnnnngggg orientation. 
There should be a law against those if you'd like to know my true thoughts; which I know you do.

June 02, 2014

23 & moving up

It's been a week!
I've so much to share, but most likely you don't want or need to hear it all. 
Or do you…..

Coach and I celebrated 23 years of being legally married on the 25th!
And to think….not ONE person said it wouldn't last. See, we are proving everyone right!
It's been real. 
It's been fun. 
It's been mostly real fun. 
Well for me anyway….
I can't speak for him. Well I could, but that wouldn't be appropriate.
Then again, who could stop me?
I'm a lucky girl that is for sure.
Linds graduated last week. 
I have much to share about that. 

We had our fun family in town all week AND we hosted a huge party on Saturday.
I'm too pooped to pop I tell ya. 

Now Linds and I have two full days of college orientation.
Do you think they'll notice if I'm sleeping in the back row?

I'll catch up with you peeps soon….I promise!