July 30, 2014

Ginga Rail

Thank you for all your well wishes on my post on Monday. I survived the chiropractor and my back is healed. So apparently my chiropractor is a healer. I even went to the gym on Tuesday (cardio only-nothing extreme) and worked in the garden. Its.a.miracle!


Have I ever shared with you my thoughts on soda? Well, if you must know {and you must} I think soda is the devils urine. 
There. I said it.

I blame most of my dental problems on drinking the devils urine as a child. 
I very rarely purchase soda for the house; only on special occasions like Ramadan and February 29th. 

Recently, a friend of ours became a distributor for Boylan soda. Have you heard of this? 
It's been around since 1891 and is bottled in New Jersey; which is also where my mom was bottled born so it has to be good. 
No highfructose urine crapola.

The Coach purchased some for Lindsay's graduation party and everyone loved it. Our faves are the Birch beer {root beer} and the ginger ale. But I see they are making a shirley temple soda too; must look into that one. 

A few weeks ago I said: Hey, I'm craving a GINGA Rail! Do we have any?
Coach: You know it's pronounced ginger ale and not ginga rail right?
Me, yes, of course. {Maybe not so much} But it's more fun to say it the way I do!
Every few weeks I'll crave a Ginga rail; and I have to say it out loud to prove that my way is the best AND funnest way to say it. Hey, I'm a southern girl and I need to keep that accent strong!

July 28, 2014

Who will finish all the projects that I've been procrastinating to work on?

Remember on Friday when I declared what a happy person I was? 
Well, I should have known better than to open my big ole' pie hole. I actually wrote that post on Thursday….and Friday my happiness was ripped from my hands.

I'm suffering for the first time with back pain. 
Must be that monkey that keeps hanging on? Or is it that one little straw? 
OR worse, one of
my girls has actually stepped on a crack?!?

Anyhoo….Friday I was in bed most of the day aside from a mandatory bank visit. 
{Those things don't rob themselves!}

Saturday? Well, the couch and I were best buds on Saturday. Heat for 20 minutes. Ice for 20 minutes. 
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
(That's what the the girls' chiropractor advised and it did help) 
I watched the entire third season of The Killing on netflix. 

I felt like killing. 

I have no idea what I did to myself; not a clue. 
I was ok with the pain until I went on web MD and I found out that I'm suffering with acute kidney failure.
Then I felt even worse. I realized I'm dying and I've not finished the girls scrapbooks yet. 

Did someone just mutter hypochondriac?

Seriously; would someone please take that website down for my mental health?!
My last sunset?

Today, if I survive, I'm going to work and then visiting the chiropractor. Is it just me or does chiropractor sound like I'mpayingforyoutocrackmyback?

I'm askeered!

Please tell me you had a very fun and productive weekend!


July 25, 2014

Willy Nilly-If you're happy and you know it.

Joining Tanya and friends and sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, pics, etc…

1) While talking to a gentleman in another state yesterday I found out that I live in the fourth happiest metropolitan area of the U.S.
I knew I was happy, so I just assumed everyone around me was too….and damn skippy if I wasn't right.

2) I forgot to mention that last week Coach and his girls brought home the 1st place trophy for the World Series fast pitch softball for their age division!! 
They won just hours prior to our Dave Matthews concert...apparently I forgot to mention it because I was so high happy from the show.
I watched part of the game on ESPN3. (internet) I was so happy for him and those hard working girls!
Faces blurred because they are NOT my kiddos. 

3)I'm struggling with some stuff; and it usually ALWAYS involves letting Lindsday go off and do things away from home.
I mostly struggle with her driving places. Ok, not struggle--I downright worry!!
She wants to go off and do things far from home (like most 18year olds) but it's SO hard for me because I know I'll worry the entire time she is on the road.
{Tonight and tomorrow she's driving across the state without the coach or I!}
My girls being in a car accident is one of my biggest fears.
This is why Mom's drink wine get wrinkles.

 Can you imagine what I'd be like if I didn't live in such a happy place?
The baby who wants to go go go.

4) One of my most favorite people on this planet (lets not get into my alien favorites) is celebrating a birthday today; My Aunt Trisha! I LOVE her so much and she always makes me happy. 
Happy birthday AT!
My Cuz Patrick, my Uncle Jim, My Madre and the birthday girl. 

5) It's Friday people! Get out there and be happy-even if you don't live in my town!

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July 22, 2014

The *high*light of our weekend

The highlight of my very bad weekend came Saturday night; Thursday and Friday were a bust. Apparently Mother Nature is mad at me for a crime I committed in one of my past lives because she insists on my suffering.
 On top of that, our house makes me angry sometimes. I can't have one thing updated/repaired without two others breaking.
 (Pressure washing the house = no water for a day + a broken gate = Suz bathing in the pool and cussing profusely!)
I went as far as logging onto Zillow and shopped for houses. That lasted 8 minutes when I realized I hated all the other houses more. 

Did I hear someone mutter mood swinger??

The good part of this post…. because there is one:
Saturday the Coach and I were reunited on the other coast after a week apart.
We had tickets with our good East Coast Gang friends to see The Dave Matthews Band. 

This might have been my 16th time? 17? 18th?
I've lost track and you'll soon know why.  

We decided to bring the girls since we had VIP tickets. 

Me to our friends: Hey, take a picture of the four of us!
Since Coach wasn't really paying attention I got up in his grill. 
Yes, I thought it was funny….

The second picture I heard behind me: 
"I carry a picture of her in my wallet.
She carries a picture of my wallet in her wallet."
He is a funny guy!!
And I don't carry any pictures in my wallet. Duh. 
We had a blast. I'd warned the girls about the wafting maryjane in the air….but OMG!!
Those darn 40 year old hippies are keeping the canabis growers in business. 

The air was thick with it and I might still be high.
We had a fantastic time. From what I remember since I was stoned. Just kidding.
I think. 
I can't remember.


So, what did you do this weekend?

July 18, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday

Joining Tanya this Friday; sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, happenings, etc….

1) The downside of living with a brainy college student: 

Me:   "Lolo, So, I ordered a stencil for our next big project…."
Lolo: "WHAT? you ordered STEM CELLS? What in the world is this project?!?"

Every time I look at that stem cell stencil I crack up. 

2) It's time again time for our annual home pressure washing.
They started Tuesday and got most of the roof done before the lightening started. 
There isn't enough money on the planet for me to get up on a roof. I'm a professional sissy-- 
 I'm so appreciative that there are crazy professional non-sissy people who will do it. 

I'm sure that most of you've already enjoyed this grammar filled video. I must say, this is literally my favorite Weird Al Video. Literally *snicker snicker*
In other news, guess who still struggles with it's vs its. If you guessed Suz, you'd be correct.

Look who's back again; my nosey front porch bunny. Cocoa really wanted to get out and play, but I said Hells to the NO sister. 

The Coach has been gone since Saturday. He is coaching his softball team at the world series all week. We aren't the kind of people who can't go a day without seeing or talking to each other; with that being said, we sure do miss each other. So nice to get those sweet little texts here and there.
Hopefully he'll be home tomorrow after the big win!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend that is filled with people to love,  low on the word crimes, cute fuzzy bunnies & clean roofs/driveways!

And one day, when I finally get around to it, I'll share with you my stem cell project. 


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July 16, 2014

You only turn 21 once.

I shared this picture on BookFace for Lolo's birthday. This was a 'new to me' picture that my MIL recently passed on to us. 
{Coach's birthday-wearing Lion King hats from Lolo's 1st birthday-Lolo 3yrs old}

Lolo had a great 21st birthday. She spent the weekend at the lake and declared it 'the best birthday ever'. 
If memory serves me right…she also said that last year. 
{Here she is pretending to blow out the candles that we didn't have-apparently Linds is also helping}
Actually, to quote Lolo from her b-day last year:
"Birthday's are great. I feel like Kim Kardashian….people give me things for just being born!"

Why did I share with you that old picture at the top of this post? Notice the cake toppers up there….some of the very same ones we added to her current cake. 

Yes, I'm a cake topper saver; NOT a hoarder. I'm fairly certain there is a difference.
{A mish mash of old cake decorations}
I don't know what possessed me to hoard save them all those years ago, but I'm glad I did. 
It always brings a smile to the kids faces when I pull them out. 

I'm pretty sure I still have some Lion King decorations from Lolo's 1st party. 
You just never know when you might need those. 

The happy happy happy birthday girl. She is a gem and she is allllll mine. 
If anyone deserves getting prezzies for just being born, it's this girl. 


July 15, 2014

18 years; it felt more like 18 months

A long long time ago in a galaxy known as Texas I made a good friend.
The year was 1993, the Coach and I were settling into a new life in Texas and we knew exactly NO one. It didn't take long though to make some friends because we are just so charismatic.
{the truth shouldn't be denied}

I was at my fairly new job one morning getting a cup of coffee. A newer than I employee walked up to me and spotted my coffee mug that stated the name of Coach's current employer. 

D: "Hey, my husband Coach works for that company. "
Suz: "HEY, my husband is named Coach and he also works for that company!!"

Can you believe it? Two Coaches? *snicker snicker*

A few weeks later I was preggers with Lolo and a few weeks after that D was preggers with her boy Kelly.
Trendsetter who?
Lolo & Kelly circa 1994. I've not got a working scanner, so I've resorted to taking photos of photos. 

Us of course being the gypsies we were at the time we moved again; this time to AZ.

We've kept in touch via Christmas cards, phone calls, face book but haven't seen each other in 18 years. 
They were in the area a few weeks ago and spent a few days with us. 
Lo, Kelly and Brian. (Linds did come to visit, but had to go back to school.)

The kids got along fabulously; D & her Coach raised really good boys and that just filled my heart to the brim. 

IT was as if time had not passed. We picked up where we left off...
 I didn't realize how much I had missed them until they left again.
I cried as I drove to work…we had such a great 2 1/2 day visit.
We for sure won't wait another 18 years to get together!!!

Have any of you reconnected with a friend after so many years?

July 11, 2014

Willy Nilly

Joining Tanya this Friday; sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, happenings, etc.

1) Something I see daily around these parts are "Watch For Motorcycles" bumper stickers.
Tuesday morning I saw one on the way to the gym and I thought: You know who constantly pulls out in front of me?
I wonder if I have a sign on my car stating: If you are driving a motorcycle, feel free to pull out in front of me because it's my favorite thing.
A few hours later after the gym and errands were run I was making my way home and you'll never guess what happened.
A motorcycle pulled out in front of me all willy nilly. 
I had to put on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

So, yeah, watch for motorcycles

2) Someone special turns 21 on Sunday.
No It's not me, but thanks for not assuming so. It's the special person who made me a mother for the first time.
It was just a year ago that she turned 20. I'm a flippin' mathematician!
She's spending the weekend at  G'ma and G'pa's lake house with her sister and a few friends. 
G'ma promised to fire up the blender and make the birthday girl her requested strawberry daiquiri. 
Then on Monday, I'm taking her to AA.

3) I'm going to a new stylist today for hilights and a cut. The young lady whose been doing my hair is all sorts of selfish….she's on maternity leave!  A few months ago I went to someone else in her shop and was not happy with my results…wish me luck. "If my hair ain't happy, I ain't happy!"

4) The Sunshine state. Pfffttt…
Every.stinking.afternoon. The storms roll in from the Everglades and blast us on their way to the Gulf.
This is why the boxers don't enjoy the summer.

5) Speaking of critters, last weekend while visiting with friends on our lanai, Coach again turned into Dr. Doolitle.
Maisy and Cocoa getting their daily doses of love.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with good peeps to love, sweet sissy critters and good hair….and take a tip from Suzanne-watch out for motorcycles!

*snicker snicker*

Around Roanoke

July 09, 2014

Muffin Tops Anonymous

You've heard of muffin top. 
You've heard about back fat.

Have you heard about muffin back top? Back muffin top?

This face has not been shared as to protect the innocent muffin top offender.

With all the thunder/lightening storms we've had this summer the dogs have been donning their thunder shirts almost daily.

A while back one of the girls pointed out that Ozzie someone has 'muffin top'!

I said: Don't say that out loud, you'll give him/her a bad self image.

Hopefully, he/she won't read my blog this week.

Me? I'll be skipping the muffins this week!

July 04, 2014

Willy Nilly

Today's 5's

1) I love using my IPod while doing cardio at my old people gym; fast/upbeat music moves me the most….I've found that Michael Jackson is a GREAT workout partner. 
When he says beat it, I do. 
When he says don't stop, {till you get enough} I don't. 
When he tells me to be Bad, well…. never mind.

2) I found these napkins last week and I thought they summed up my attitude perfectly.
Seriously, I'm that easy going.

3) Are you doing anything for the Fourth? I'll be home with the sissies.
And you know who I'm talking about.  It'll be Thunder shirts and Happy traveler pills for everyone.

Yes, they are patriotic Americans….but not fans of fireworks!

4) There has never ever in the history of all my wacky thoughts that I thought: 
Hey, let me put some stuffed animals in the back window of my car.

5) Last night I was sitting in the living room fartin' around on my laptop and I saw something hopping by the front door.
The cutest bunny ever. Ok, they are all the cutest ever….now what should I name he/she?
Yes, I was thinking Harry Bunny was a good name as well!

Have a Willy Nilly weekend!

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