July 15, 2014

18 years; it felt more like 18 months

A long long time ago in a galaxy known as Texas I made a good friend.
The year was 1993, the Coach and I were settling into a new life in Texas and we knew exactly NO one. It didn't take long though to make some friends because we are just so charismatic.
{the truth shouldn't be denied}

I was at my fairly new job one morning getting a cup of coffee. A newer than I employee walked up to me and spotted my coffee mug that stated the name of Coach's current employer. 

D: "Hey, my husband Coach works for that company. "
Suz: "HEY, my husband is named Coach and he also works for that company!!"

Can you believe it? Two Coaches? *snicker snicker*

A few weeks later I was preggers with Lolo and a few weeks after that D was preggers with her boy Kelly.
Trendsetter who?
Lolo & Kelly circa 1994. I've not got a working scanner, so I've resorted to taking photos of photos. 

Us of course being the gypsies we were at the time we moved again; this time to AZ.

We've kept in touch via Christmas cards, phone calls, face book but haven't seen each other in 18 years. 
They were in the area a few weeks ago and spent a few days with us. 
Lo, Kelly and Brian. (Linds did come to visit, but had to go back to school.)

The kids got along fabulously; D & her Coach raised really good boys and that just filled my heart to the brim. 

IT was as if time had not passed. We picked up where we left off...
 I didn't realize how much I had missed them until they left again.
I cried as I drove to work…we had such a great 2 1/2 day visit.
We for sure won't wait another 18 years to get together!!!

Have any of you reconnected with a friend after so many years?


  1. How wonderful! I recently reconnected with a longtime friend through FB. Hoping we will meet up soon.

  2. I love the story and the pictures. Old friendships are a blessing, for sure.

  3. I LOVE lifetime long friendships... And the reconnecting! this post made me so very happy!

  4. that is SO great!!!! i love friendships that can pick right up as no time has passed :) i'm sorry that you cried though... you coulda called me and i would have made you laugh. or i could have brought some chipotle chips to mop up the tears xoxo

  5. awwwww what a great, i have reconnected with anyone in a long time! my bff lives back in san diego still (we grew up together) and the last time i saw her was probably about 10 years ago. she came out for a visit with her husband and kids when we lived in missouri.

  6. how very awesome. warmed my heart!

  7. That is just awesome!! Glad you got to reconnect with an old friend! :-) I have friends that have been in my life since 4th grade ( a loooong time ago) and every time we go to Germany we hang out for a night or two. We always seem to pick up right where we left off. Nothing better than old friendships!

  8. I reconnected with a high school friend at a reunion after almost 25 years. Although we had kept in touch, that was the first time we had been together in all that time. It was amazing how the years seemed to melt away. I'm glad you had a good visit with your friends.

  9. Just. Last. Night. And it made my heart happy. I'm glad yours is happy too. : )

  10. Oh --that is just so special.. Almost made me teary thinking about my 3 childhood friends who used to get together every year.. They were so special. NOW--two of them have died and I haven't seen the other one in awhile... BUT--I know how special long-time friends can be...


  11. Looks like a great reunion. I'm reminded of a friend who had her first baby at the same time I had mine. We haven't gotten together in years, but we do keep in touch.

  12. Yes it has happened to me. And the years fell away and we talked as if we had just seen each other the day before. Glad you had such a good visit.

  13. What a happy story - I love it! Yes, we have - our friend Linda Watson AKA "Linda from Orinda" (the opera singer is one of those. She was my brother's GF in college, and then my friend when we both lived in Boston. We lost touch after they split, and then, lo and behold, she turned up in Seattle to sing the part of Kundry in Parsifal! We had a blast re-connecting, and now she comes to visit every year or two. It's really great. I hope it works out well for all of you, too! Hooray for friendships that endure through time and space!

  14. That is so cool! Some of my college friends & I keep saying we're going to meet up (1 of them is only 2 hours from me; I saw her at a band competition a couple of years ago), but we haven't made it happen yet. :(


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