March 31, 2009

Flat Caroline Goes to Jupiter

We had a lovely weekend in was very short trip but we fit a lot of quality into a teeny tiny bit of time.

Lo played some good softball...and the girls won 2 out of their 4 games. (DA' Bears)

We took Flat Caroline to some really great places...I think she had a wonderful time seeing the Jupiter sights.

I did hear her squeal with delight like a normal (flat) second grader.

I would show you the pictures, but some idiot accidentally deleted her entire memory card before she saved them to the computer.

Do you wonder who that idiot is?

Yeah, that would be me.

But I am trying to get past is short....I have much to be thankful for....And I will never let it happen again!

My wonderful friend Kelly and her son took Linds, Flat Caroline and myself to the Jupiter lighthouse. I had a great shot of Caroline there.

The emphasis being on HAD!!!!
This one I took from the web will have to do...if I were really clever, I could photoshop her in...but that ain't happening.

We had a nice lunch a the beach and the kids got to stop at the The Cupcake Shoppe for dessert. I did not need to digest a cupcake because I think I consumed many calories just breathing in the scent of them. (I also had good pics here. Darnit)

Kelly also took us to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center on Juno beach.

This place was so awesome....they had many loggerhead turtles that have been rescued and are in the midst of being rehabilitated to go back into the ocean.

(Juno/Jupiter beaches are one of the most heavily nested sea turtle beaches in the world.)

Flat Caroline was able to get up close and personal to some really LARGE loggerheads.

Lucky for me (and Caroline)...Lindsay did take a couple of pictures with her camera!!!

Isn't that so cute...each time we put Caroline by the glass a turtle would swim over....oh, wait, maybe they thought she was food. (that would not be cute)

Many of the turtles were injured by humans...of course. Propeller cuts, hooks in the mouth, flipper etc.....

They were really cute...I just kept thinking of the "surfer" turtles in Finding sweet.

There was not a sign stating this...but they really don't want you to RIDE the turtles. whatever....make a sign already.

If you ever get to Jupiter, look up my friend Kelly...she is a great tour guide.

I think in her last life, she primarily arranged field trips and accomodated her crazy friends!!!

Tomorrow: Flat Caroline goes to the Naples Pier.

(the excitement never ends around here...don't be jealous)

March 30, 2009

L is for.....

Could it be for: Love?

Or could it be for:

My two favorite girls.... Lo and Linds?

How about yes to all 3!!!

Meeting shamu....

Back when they were still (a bit) sweet!!!

Have you ever had a bird in the hair day?

I love my girls so much that I could squeeze them until they lose their lunch!!!!

(yes, even though they drive me to the "shanking" mode weekly)

I could not imagine my life without them...really, what would I have to complain brag laugh blog talk about?????

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March 27, 2009

Working, Dogs, Snakes, Flat girls & Jupiter.

I continued my yard work on Thursday (when this is posted on Friday morning, I will be doing the same) I was quite sore come Thursday morning. It felt as though my thigh muscles had been tightly wound and I had some sort of sharp burr in my lower back. I can't recall a time when my collar bones AND my shoulder blades were yelping in pain. (I hope I don't have to raise my hands today)

What did you say? I am getting OLD and I am out of shape. HOW DARE you.
Oh never mind, that was me talking about myself again.

I was clipping in some really overgrown "dark" areas of the yard. And by dark, I mean the sun has not touched under these certain plants in years. My fear of dealing with these dark areas???

SNAKES. I am not afraid of snakes per se', I just don't want one jumping out at me. If I see them first, then we will get along.

My other fear? Is finding another one of those large green Iguanas. You know the ones with the large talon like claws. yeah, I have a feeling I would make a messy-mess in my shorts.

The dogs were out with me this entire morning too...just having a lovely day of panting and following me wondering why I was not on the couch in the a/c, 'cause that is where THEY usually are at this time of day.

For a bit of time, it was only Ozzie and I. I could not locate Cocoa.

I asked Ozzie where Cocoa was and he gave me this face:
Truth be told, this is pretty much the only face he gives us....

It is similar to a "what you talkin' 'bout Willis" face.

Well, Ozzie and I found Cocoa...She was on the other side of the yard in the driveway and she found one of my good friends: 'No-Feet' (we named all the black snakes that to keep it less confusing.)

Apparently Cocoa thought that 'No Feet' would be a good playmate.

Unfortunately that play date lasted about 4 seconds. Poor guy. I wonder if he made the "what you talkin' 'bout Willis" face to Cocoa before I got there??? I did try to move him out of the sun and see if he was just in shock and would come back to life...but I suppose after him being frozen like that for 6 hours, there is not chance of a comeback now.

"On to your next life 'NO Feet'. Peace be with you my slithery black friend."


Lo and Coach have a softball tourney in Jupiter this weekend. (that is a real place)

Linds and I are driving over too and are staying with our good friends the D's. The D's also have 2 boxers. SO it will be a boxer party. (the poor neighbors)

We received FLAT CAROLINE today from Grandma J. who received Flat Caroline from LMNOP (M). This little girl has been all over the place...but not FLORIDA.

So, we will take her with us.

If I was really brave (and stupid) I would stop on the way to Jupiter on the "Alligator Alley" and take a picture w/ Caroline and some gators......They are on both sides of the road in the canals. (behind a fence)

But I have seen some gators that have turned into they can get out!!!

So I think we will just have her wave at them through the window.

If she is lucky, (and I don't lose her) she will get to see the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf Of Mexico....In ONE WEEKEND!!

Have a great weekend.....Anything GOOD planned????

Hopefully it will be full of FUN, Family, LoVe, FrienDsHip and NO Gator bait.

March 26, 2009

In which I get my hands dirty(er)

I decided yesterday morning to forgo my morning work out and go work out-side.

One of the other things I forgot to put on my list to Postpone .
It was a nice morning, not yet hot enough to melt my earlobes.

There was much yanking, pulling, tugging, grunting and moaning and when I finally got my hair pulled back, I headed out with my trusty shadows in tow.

I think I have mentioned before that our house sits on 2 1/2 acres.

There are many pros and cons to this.

The pros are:
Well, there is too many to list.

Lets just focus on the cons.

It is a big yard. There is a lot to maintain. Enough said.

I love this old cypress tree....

Any hoo...Lots of stuff needs desperate trimming. Usually I do maintain some of this...but for the most part we will have someone come and do a full trimming all at one time. It can take up to two days for a small crew of hard workers to get it all done.

.....Need I mention the crap-pot our economy is in.....

I am doing the trimming. It looks like I am the crew.

If someone was not working 2 jobs and spending his weekends coaching softball, perhaps he would have time to help me!?!
Geeze, working is the pits.

I worked for 3 hours and barely made a dent.
At this rate, I hope to be done by the time I put my turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving.

The trimming part really isn't the hardest at all....
It is getting the cuttings from this part of the yard to our mulch/compost pile in the back 40.

I need a tractor. And a tractor driver.
Where is my darn Sister Wife ? She should be helping me....

We have this DEAD crape myrtle...I think it has been dead for a few seasons. I figure it would be an easy thing to take down myself. I got out a saw. I sawed for 8 seconds and quit.

I gave it a nice tug with my girly arms and it started to fall apart.
Lesson learned: wait till the thing rots, then pull it out.

Someone more manly than I will take the stump out.....I just can't do it all. Darnit.

I also cut some of the grassy plants around there...I like to call them Chia pets.

I have never in my life taken pictures of yard work before....this blogging is ridiculous.

These two yahoos did nothing but mock me as they found a shady spot to watch me from.

I was very thankful that I did not hurt myself at all today....well, just a couple of scrapes....It was a good day.

March 25, 2009

This one time...I had the bejesus scared out of me....

The other day as I was cleaning. (shocking, I know)

I found this on the wall in the hallway.

It annoyed me to no end.
I tried to clean it with some soapy water. But apparently the "artist" used ink.
I was really annoyed now. My mind started rolling...(mine rolls sometimes) who would do this? My girls? NAH. They KNOW me. They KNOW how much this kind of stuff peeves me.
THEY know I would MAKE them clean this PLUS tons more stuff.

So, who would do this? One of their friends?

They know me too.....must have been a friend though, trying to be cute.

This is NOT cute. This is the kind of little annoyances that get me...

but I tried to remember, this is little. and it is a heart.

It did not flip my lid. I let it slide. I have not said anything to anyone...(except for the whole internet world) this is a change for me.
A few years ago I would have made a stink about it.
The old me.

It reminded me of a childhood memory that was locked away in a vault.

I had a good friend named Kim who lived a few houses down from me. We were besties.
Her Mom was divorced and Kim had a younger brother too.

We were friends from about age 5 to 11.

Kim's mom got married and they moved to a really nice house a bit further from us when we were about 9.

Their new home was gorgeous. I mean gorgeous, it was palatial compared to where we lived.

They had a fancy living room that was all white and yellow. (this was the 70's)
White carpet. White couches. Yellow/white wallpaper.

Just unreal from my view.

They even had a POOL.
Built in....not the "out of the ground" one like my Grandma had.

My Mom would drive me to Kim's house to spend weekends with her.

Kim's Step dad was not such a friendly guy from what I remember.

He was an attorney, that was all I remembered about him.
Well, that and this incident right here:

One day when she and I were about 10, Kim, myself and her little brother were playing in their pool.

Kim's mom was in the house, but keeping an eye on us via the big glass sliders.

One of us grabbed a bucket off the patio, brought it into the pool...then we made up some sort of game with the bucket.

Playing like good kids. We were not being noisy...just having fun.

Kim's step dad came out near the pool and checked on us.

I watched as this man transformed from a normal person into a "DEVIL."
He started screaming at us all at once.


I was shocked. I remember this terrible feeling come over me. This sudden fear...

I was used to hearing my Dad scream. That was normal.

But now this man, this stranger was yelling at me and my friends.

What was he yelling about? Why was he losing his temper? Something major?

He was yelling because there were THREE LEAVES IN THE POOL.

Apparently the bucket, had a few leaves in it when it was put in the pool.

The THREE LEAVES were on the bottom of the pool now and this man was losing his freakin' mind about it.

I won't deny, that I probably peed in the pool at this moment. (he is lucky there was not poop now to add to the leaves)

He told YELLED for us to get out NOW.

We had to dry off and go inside. He made myself and the little brother go to his room and my friend Kim go to her room.

He came into each room and asked WHO put the leaves in the pool.

He demanded an answer. He was talking to us like we had murdered someone.

I was 10 years old. The little brother was about 7. We were scared out of our minds.

NONE of us could answer him.

We were terrified....scared of what was to come next....

I think he made us stay in there for about an hour.

Then Kim's Mom finally let us free.

I just remember being so freaked out by the whole scenario......

That may have been one of the last times I ever visited Kim.

I moved to Georgia shortly after that.

About 7 years later we read that this man; the lawyer; the Stepfather had killed himself.

I was never able to contact Kim....I still think about her now and then.

Oh, and don't you know who brought the bucket into the pool.......


But I did not know there were leaves in it. I swear. Don't yell at me.

I also did not draw a heart on the hallway wall. Pinkie swear.

March 24, 2009

Like I had nothing else to do yesterday....

On Monday I decided to scratch my cornea and give myself a few cysts on my sclera.

I like to think you have to be uber talented to do this.

I don't know why I worry about other people hurting me, it seems I am a danger to myself.

I must have got a dog or cat (go figure) hair in my eye and then I proceeded to rub to my heart's delight.
The rubbing did not stop the itch, so I rubbed some more....then, when my sclera (the white part) started to swell out and turn a light shade of ORANGE I decided to stop and go to the Doctor.

Doctors visit: $60.00 (co-pay)

RX for eye: $45.00

Shopping for food, waiting for the rx to be filled with an orange, puffy eye: Priceless.

I looked a bit on the *high* side of life.

Well only halfway high I suppose.

I will be fine in a few days......

Then, I plan on banging my hip into the counter top while cooking dinner.

I think I am getting better at the planning part of life now....

This could be a slight exaggeration.

Just slightly.

Anyone else injure themselves this week?

heck, it is only Tuesday....perhaps I should look into better insurance.

March 23, 2009

K is for......


Or in this case, the Kissing Bandit.

"Stolen kisses are always the sweetest"
-Leigh Hunt

"The world needs more kissing and less hissing."
-B.B. Suz

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March 21, 2009

Games are fun. Being trapped in your home is not.

Linds and I are spending some quality time while Coach and Lo are gone for a softball tournament....

Anyone remember this game??? It has been around since Jesus was a small boy.
Lindsay and I played this today.

The premise of the game Guess Who is figuring out who the other person has...and as they try to figure out who you have. You each draw one card/person, the other person has to ask questions about your person to figure out who you have. As you get more answers you can eliminate some of the players on this little doo-hicky above.
IT is a process of elimination until you guess each others mystery person.

You are supposed to ask good questions like:

Does your person wear glasses?

Does your person have on a hat?

Does your person have blonde hair?

and so on....
Well, me being ME. I can't do things the normal way.

Surprised? no you are not.
So, I have to liven things up a bit... I ask questions like:

"Can your person pee standing up?"

"Does your person have more testosterone than estrogen?"
"Can your person give birth?"

"Does your person need to shave his face?"

Of course with the miracles of science these days all those questions can really be answered different ways....

So my daughter, the one that is really, totally, exactly not like me.

She says:

"Does your person look like a serial killer?"

Me: "They all look like serial killers. Can we play a different game now?"

And then we played Scrabble junior. And she totally did so did not beat me.

You are to fill in words already placed on the board. (ages 5 & up)

Well, we got to the end and remembered that our monster cat Harley chewed up some of the letters way back when..... Go figure, he ate 2 L's.

And I would like to say that is why I lost.

But then I would be a liar.

We are trapped in the house.

The garage door is Ka-put. Done. Dead. pffffft.

See that dark colored spiral thingy against the wall. Well, I don't know what it is so I shall call it a spiral thingy. Apparently it is not supposed to be in several pieces. It is supposed to be in ONE piece. Hence, we can not open the door.

I tried to use my manly muscles to open it, but I need more of those too.

If that spiral thingy was not broke, then you can just lift the door with girly muscles.

Coach may not be home until 8:00 tonight.

We planned on running eating lunch out and getting the Twilight movie errands.

But that is not going to happen now.

These two lost puppies are wondering why the Coach has been gone so too.

Darn softball!

My PC is still down too. No breakers broken. It needs a professional.

We may play more games soon...

I don't know if all this quality time is really good for us. :)

March 20, 2009

If it's not one thing...

Or, I could have titled this: Stuff that broke TODAY.

Ok, only TWO things broke today.

But they are both very important.

1)Our Garage door. It will only open up about 1/2 inch. And my car is in there. And Coach is in another town. My car, myself and Lindsay are trapped.

Send money.

2)We had a power surge today. Lots of appliances pooped because of this, but came back to life in minutes. (The garage door was way after....) So our main computer is down. I can't get the power strip to come on. Perhaps it is not major.....I won't know until Coach gets home to fix it. I was horrified to find dustbunnies down there by the power strip....Rosie will be on this area soon.

So, I am using Lo's computer.
It is veeeeeerrrrry slow. Apparently to use facebook and aim, you need not be quick. Or possibly facebook and aim NEED so much power that they have slowed this baby down to a turtle crawl.

What really irks me:
The stickers all over the monitor+the colorful pictures on the wall behind the monitor+the candy wrappers all over the desk = crazy mom.
Send HELP.

I like to add pictures to my posts.

I am going to dive into Lo's photo album and see what I can come up promises....

Oh, she is a cutie pie. I wonder if when I was 15 and had a camera would I have taken a gazillion pictures of myself and my friends like these???

These girls are too funny....what ever in the world would posses them?

(yes that is caution tape over her mirror. I do use that tape in front of their rooms and playroom when needed too. )

There were about 50 pictures of them like the ones above....nothing but time and silliness on their hands. I love it.

Oh, to be a kid again.....

She will kill me when she sees this.

paybacks. :)

Not Cool, Cat

As if I needed another reason to be annoyed with the felines running living in my house....

She was shocked, appalled and completely annoyed when I shooed her out of my plant!!!

The NERVE!!!

I wish for everyone a nice weekend...with good food, good friends, health and a nice comfy place to SIT.

And hopefully not sitting in dirt.

March 19, 2009

My house just got a bit greener...

I have finally switched from paper napkins to cloth.
I am sure you are all clapping for me! Right?
Oh, yeah, I hear you now. Thanks guys.

I figured if She can do it...then I can also.

I don't know what took me so long....really, it was a simple switch and it does not make my laundry pile any bigger. (just a tad, but not enough for another load)

Speaking of Grandma J.......

She made the funniest comment when I mentioned that I also compost. Her response:
Compost? What's that? Do you make your own potting soil? Your are so green, flowers are gonna start sprouting from your ears.

BTW, Composting is really simple also...anyone with a small yard can do it.


I would not consider myself a tree hugger....but I am trying to make friends with the earth....

She also wrote a really cute post about how she and I are not like twins.

If you did not read it yet, is right

I got such a chuckle out it....It really tickled me green Pink.

I had Lindsay read it and she laughed too.

I told Linds: "If we ever get back to Texas, we will have to go visit Grandma J in person"

Being the skeptic...she said: "you know, Grandma J could really be a MAN!!"

This proves that my warnings about the Internet are being heard!!

So, I encourage ya'll to go read Grandma J...get in on the fun.....She lives on a compound in TX and I swear it does not look like a prison at all....She is just as nice as can be.....

And I am pretty sure she is NOT a man.

March 18, 2009

Why do it today, when I can do it tomorrow...or the next day....

    We all have those little pesky chores that we tend to put off....I finally got around to checking one off my list this week.
    I have been telling myself EVERYDAY for about 3 weeks that I was going to do it....and finally yesterday I just bit the bullet and took care of business........ I cleaned out my underwear drawer. pheww.
    Just ONE more reason for you to be JEALOUS of my glamorous life.
    Glad to get that out of the way. Some of those babies looked like they could actually fit a BABY. (just how much weight have I gained???)

      Other tasks that I tend to put off....

    • Getting the oil changed in my car. Seems like such a waste of time. I mean, the car is running fine, why take a chance? Plus, I can't SEE the oil.

    • Going to the gyno. hate it. hate it. hate it. Ladies, can I get an AMEN? Men, are you still here? hello???

    • Returning phone calls. I don't like talking on the phone. So, if I don't call you back, don't take it personally. There are MANY people I don't call back. I ONLY call back if you specifically say: PLEASE CALL ME BACK. Then I will most likely call you back.

    • Putting away my folded laundry. Thank goodness we have a large space in the closet where I can pile it up a bit. When it is taller than me, then it gets put away.

    • Ironing. I wait till I have several items to is an endless task. My back hurts just thinking about it....I wish the wrinkled look would come back in style...

    • Walking out to my compost. Seems like it is miles away. I sometimes collect my compost on the lanai. When the bugs start to come, then I venture out to the back 40. I know...ewww.

    • Giving the dogs a bath. They don't like it. I don't enjoy it. The girls are not home enough to do it regularly. ugghhh.

    • Shaving my legs. I know it is not pretty. But I hate to do it. Coach says he can't tell if it is done or not. If he can't tell, then who can??? (FYI, I still do it each week...but I still hate it)

    Allrighty then....I know you guys have some too...c'mon share...what do you put off as long as possible???

    March 17, 2009

    Cheap entertainment.

    Scene: Us watching the St. Patrick's Day parade last Saturday.

    All comments made by Lo.....My sweet, adorable, funny, one-of-a-kind 15 yr old.

    "Ohhh.....look at all the little kids...they are sooo cute. I want one...only if they can stay that size."

    "Oh....a pony. So cute. I would love to have one of those."

    "Oh....the walking club...those old people are so darn cute. I love them. I love old people."

    "Ohhh....the red hat ladies. I want to be in that group. They are SOOOOOO cute. How can I join them???? "
    Me: "You have to be at least 60 to join."(just a guess)

    "But WHY?? I love purple & red....."

    "Oh...look it is the retired NYC police cool. I would love to be a police man-woman."

    "Oh....the Irish dancers. I SO want to learn how to do that. Really....that is really, really cool."

    "Ohhh....look!!! college baseball players. So cute...."

    Quickly texting friend about cute ball players.....

    I always knew she was special.
    She keeps me laughing all the time....well, most of the time.
    Truth is...that apple did not fall far from the ol' SILLY tree.

    Lo and I at the St. Patty's day parade LAST year.

    I love her bunches and I I have changed my mind again....I am not sending her to the all girls boarding school in Switzerland after all.

    (This week anyway. We will regroup again next week and discuss.)

    March 16, 2009

    J is for.......


    July is a celebratory month for us at La Casa Day by Day...

    July 4th....The birthday of our Independence.

    {take that-Great Britain}

    We always celebrate that day in a fun way.

    I'm sure our founding fathers wore something similar to celebrate....

    July 13th someone turns 16!!!!!

    Lord, help us all....I suppose we should get on track with some driving lessons....

    Then more birthdays....
    Both of my Mother in laws have birthdays this month...
    the 17th and 6th
    and my most favorite Aunt has a birthday on the 25th!!!

    I better start buying cards and stamps!!!

    Do you have a month with lots of family birthdays???

    For more J fun, visit Jen at A-Z Mondays!

    March 14, 2009

    Walking the Streets....

    Lo, Coach, myself and some of the softball team hit the streets early Saturday morning to show support and raise some funds for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

    5 K = 3.10685596 miles

    My legs are the hairy set...

    I could not get ONE picture with everyone at the same time.....
    Coach and Lo are on the far right.

    Some of the girls actually had the gall to RUN.
    My motto is:
    "I don't run unless someone is chasing me with a knife."

    Lucky for me, no knife wielders were behind me.

    There were about 9,000 awesome is that???

    Then we headed to downtown Naples to see Linds walk in the St. Patrick's day parade with her girl scout troop.
    It was HOT.
    Lo and Coach had to check email/texts while waiting....

    Did I mention it was hot????

    Still a gorgeous day though...we were only a block from the Gulf Of Mexico.

    You would think that the child would at least look at me when I am aiming a camera AT her.....

    Linds is on the far left holding the hair and all.

    We made it home just in time for me to shower and have a nap.

    A perfect Saturday.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend as well. Anything exciting to share?????

    March 13, 2009

    This can only happen to me.....

    Have you ever had a dream that was so real, you just could not believe it?

    I did.

    I was standing on the bow (picture Titanic: "King of the world") of a luxurious Yacht.
    We were sailing through crystal clear waters in the Caribbean sea....
    I can see all the way to the bottom of the ocean...
    dolphins are all around us following playfully along....
    My arms are outstretched; the sun kissing my palms, my cheeks....

    Just gorgeous. The breeze was perfect....

    It became so real, I closed my eyes and I could feel the splash of the warm salt water hit my face.......

    But when I opened my eyes again-

    I saw this 2 inches from my face.

    I'm pretty sure that was not salt water.....

    And the winner is......

    Hey...we are all winners here. Aren't we?
    Ok, maybe not so much....

    Some very good and very interesting guesses yesterday on the missing component of the new master bath....

    Some of you are just plain silly. Lucky for all of you, I LOVE silly.

    Maggie suggested we get a mini fridge in there. Really, that and a coffeemaker and I would never be seen again...ever.

    BHE said she thought the shower walls should be taller for privacy...well I did try that one...and I was vetoed by Coach and the contractor.

    Really, the only people that come in there is Coach and I.
    The girls don't dare step in there if there is any possibility of someone being nekked'.
    Heaven forbid....

    Foolery said what was missing was Beer holders. Klassy Foolery. (with a capital K)

    Why had I not thought of this???

    The missing element????

    Glass enclosure around the shower.

    The plan was for it to be glassed to the top of the tile and maybe a door too.
    But the longer we go without it, the more we realize we can live without it. I was just wanting the glass to keep down the "draftiness"....honestly, it has not been much of a problem.
    Bonus, you can set a glass of wine on the ledge....shower and drink at the same time.
    You know I am all about multi-tasking......Only at night though. I realized drinking during the day is just plain trashy.

    Splash zone with no glass? Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

    Just amazing.

    So, the winners on this little game: Dawn, The Incredible Woody, 3 Peas in a Pod, TechnoDoll, Marbella Designs, Tara, Karen (in Florida), Mom X 2, You were all enclosure!!

    Ok, how about Saturday night for dinner, cocktails and a movie.
    I'll make pigs in a blanket for dinner (my specialty).

    I'll crack open a box of wine...and oh, has anyone seen Splash??? It seems fitting....

    March 12, 2009

    The Big Bath Reveal

    The big reveal is always my favorite part on all those HGTV shows we watch....

    This post is chalk full of pictures....I hope it does not hurt your eyeballs too much.

    I do have to say that I hesitated posting the pictures....for a few reasons....

    ONE: because the economy is so sucky, and people don't have jobs or homes and I feel guilty that we went ahead with this renovation anyway.....

    TWO: I hate to sound/look like I am bragging. really.

    But I had a few folks ask about it and even Coach commented to me that I had not put the pictures up yet. So I did it for you. And for Coach. (or maybe he is just tired of reading all my nonsensical stuff? nahhh.)

    Hey, perhaps we could draw in some business....hmmmm???

    Who needs cabinets??? A kitchen, Bath? Anyone..Tap Tap Tap....anyone???

    OK- Here is a test for you folks though. Help a girl out....Coach and I are in disagreement about ONE aspect of our bathroom. I say it is NOT done. He says it is DONE.

    If you can spot ONE major element MISSING here, then perhaps I can get it DONE.

    CLEARLY someone will notice what is missing.....and no it is not the toilet, that is in a separate room.

    Clearly anyone with any taste at all can SEE right into this part that I am speaking of.......

    But first, lets look at the blue disastrous bathroom to start with....ok, not a disaster per say, but I was OVER it 10 years ago

    The new bathtub is divine.

    I was a bit concerned that the faucet was TOO tall.....well you know what I was really thinking???

    Is the water still going to be hot when it reaches the tub????
    IT IS.

    Twice I sprayed the entire bathroom because I forgot it has a diverter switch for the hair rinser thingy....which really doubles as a microphone if American Idol happens to be on while you bathe....I am just sayin'...

    Soooo much storage for me.....I won't tell you how many of the drawers are still empty...

    No. I won't.
    But FYI, you can fit several cats in there at one time.....

    The shower came out gorgeous....Right? You can SEE right there that it is Beautiful....

    I am hoping to put a splash of color....a print/picture possibly over the towel bars.
    one day.

    I found this super inexpensive ottoman at Home Goods...great for sitting while doing the hair, putting on shoes or holding my towel while I am in the tub.

    And it opens up for storage....not sure why.... I keep hearing a strange MEOWING sound near it....

    Ok, who could find what is missing????

    Whom ever guesses correctly can come over for grout cleaning dinner, cocktails and a movie....

    Coach did a great job designing all of this.........

    Don't tell him, but I am working on a thankyou plaque in 14kt gold right now....oh and handwritten in calligraphy.
    yeah, baby.

    March 11, 2009

    I Want A Sister-Wife.

    Ok, maybe not WANT, but I sure could use and appreciate one.

    I have had a longstanding fascination with the Mormon church and the Polygamist groups.
    I know they are not one in the same.....

    A few years ago I read a few books on the subject, starting with the beginning of the Mormon teaching and the spin-off into the polygamist groups.

    I am not going to get into the details of the religion.
    I am no expert, nor do I ever criticize others beliefs.
    I have just always been very interested in learning of different cultures within different is quite fascinating to me.

    Plus, I love the show Big Love.
    Yes, didn't you know it would come down to that?

    The whole sister-wife dynamic seems pretty organized. And I love organized!!

    They share household duties. They help raise all the children. (think of the carpooling possibilities) They share incomes.

    And obviously, they share a husband. I am not going to even think about that part.
    That is just yucky.

    Really, I am focused on having some help around this house.
    yes, I could use a sister-wife; or two.

    But, they can't look like this:

    They are the true fashion victims of our country.

    Really, what is up with the big pop-over bangs?

    Are they hiding canned goods in there?

    Or perhaps that is where they keep their People magazines?
    You know, so they can keep up with important outside news.

    I certainly am NOT down with all that.
    And the clothes? HUH?

    I suppose you can eat as many cookies as you want if you wear nondescript dresses....

    But hey, I can't roll like that. Not in this century.

    So, I suppose I will have to state my conditions for anyone wanting to join my cult family:

    No to the big-bad hair.
    No to the oversized bad clothes.
    They must be motivated to clean.
    They must cook well.
    They must not sleep in my bed.
    Just think of all the time I would have to exercise if I just had some help around here...

    And have you EVER heard of this:
    Polyandry: one woman married to several men.
    Really, who came up with that?