April 30, 2012

I was trippin' in Chi {funky} Town!

If it's going to be about me, we will start with me.
I had a busy week followed by a busy 'catch-up' weekend.
But I'm still not caught up. Go figure.

kick poop? Play soccer? I'm slightly confused.

Do you know where I was last week? The Coach swept me off my feet (which is harder than it sounds) for a quick jaunt to Chicago; my favorite city!
I did have a good time, but it was cold. Cold for me. And windy. Seriously, they should call this the windy city!

I had a few moments on one of my days piddling around town where I thought; "10 years ago, I would have flown away right now". Thank goodness for that 'over the years weight gain'.

Have I told you how much I love tulips?

 Old and new, I like them both.

 I finally got to meet up with one of my 'longest blog' friends. Chi-town!
She is as sweet and funny in person, ok, maybe even sweeter and funnier. IF that is possible.
 We had a great dinner, full of laughter and chattiness.... and surprisingly, no one tried to abduct me, chop me up and sell my organs! Can you imagine? Yeah, you knew some of my organs were almost done already.
It was a fun night...and I can't wait till they show up on my front door next winter. Lord knows, she won't show up during the warm seasons. 
I heart you Chi! If you have a chance to meet up with a blog friend and you think that perhaps they are NOT serial killers, then do IT!!!!

I wanted to move into the third floor of Crate & Barrel, but the Coach said no. Fun sucker.

This is the store that the Coach would NOT take me into. Do you know, they don't actually serve breakfast here? Someone's been lying to us. 

This is my favorite city to walk. You know, I became a streetwalker overnight. So much to see. So much to do. So much $ to be made. 

for I am guessing that I walked 43 miles the first day. Which is why I deserved a nice lunch. 
There we lots of good lunches and dinners...and now it is back to reality. Back to the grind. Back to  work/laundry/cooking/cleaning, general slaving for my family again. 

It was fun while it lasted.
So, did you miss me?

I know you did. Stop crying. 

Did I miss anything?

April 23, 2012

I have special eyes.

And not only because I can see through things, like lies and stupidity.

My Dr. told me I have special eyes....and I love her.

Some things I've just learned.

  • I'm losing it.
{My eyesight that is}

My eyes are green, but more of a human shade of green.

I started wearing contacts a few years ago. I love them. They make stuff really clear. Don't you love it when stuff is clear? Recently though, reading was not so easy for me. In fact, it is a down right challenge. Unlike mountain climbers, I don't appreciate a challenge.

I went back to my special eye Dr. and she said I need to add 'readers' to my contacts to read.
That is a bit high maintenance for me, and readers are for old people. There. I said it.
I could use mono-vision contacts.
One contact for near and one contact for far.

I pictured myself walking in a circle. A circle of eyesight confusion.

  • I found out too that the reason I can't see while driving at night is because of my astigmatism. I thought I couldn't see at night because I spent too many hours standing in front of the tv as a child.
  • By the by, it is NOT true that I caught astigmatism while playing 7 minutes in heaven either.
I know I should never ever complain about my sight...I am lucky to have it at all...what with all the years of running through the house carrying scissors and shanks.

So, I got my new 'mono-vision' contacts last Saturday and all day long I said to anyone who would make eye contact with me: I CAN READ!!! I CAN READ!!!!

You know how special I am...and now so does everyone else. 

And since I'm being all braggy today, I'll add that I was able to thread a needle this weekend unassisted.

Now, I know how it feels to be a superhero.

So, would you like me to come over and read this blog post to you?
May I assist you with leaving a comment?

I use my powers for good.

April 20, 2012

My blog, where {my} dreams come true.

A while back I posted about something that I wanted badly. I thought it was just a dream that I would hold close to my heart for years and years, you know like those pageant Moms who dream their kids will become big stars and not hate them for the years of torture. 

Sunday morning I woke up and said: I WANT A NEW COMPOSTER and I am going to get it! 
{why wait for a special occasion like Mothers' day or our anniversary, seize the moment!}
The Coach said: Stop yelling and order one.  

And I listened.

It arrived on Wednesday and you would have thought I had finally won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. It was a good thing my bladder was empty. 

It took the Coach literally seconds to set it up. It's only two pieces, but surely if it was three or four, he could have handled it, I married UP. 
I  had no idea until I pulled up the old post that I DID order the same one I was pining away about a few months ago. Seren-freakin-dipity!
{made from recycled plastic too, boo-ya!}

You know you want to see what I put in it right away. 
You are so welcome for that. 

And the very next day, I opened it I had tons of this.

Then, I added some of the compost to the garden and the next day I had this:
Ok, you know i am just pulling your leg hairs. 

Well, since I was treating myself, I also went crazy and purchased a new hose reel.
{I hate that is is plastic....but I could find none made of recycled materials or hemp}
Can you hardly stand the excitement in my life?
Please, contain your jealousy, not everyone can be me.. 

Next week I will share with you how I painstakingly organized my underwear drawer. 

Oh, and if it takes these tomatoes any longer to turn red, I am gonna rip them all out and add them to the
Just in case my tomato plants got wind of that, I was just joshing!!

Did you now that Sunday is Earth day?
Have you hugged your earth by conserving,  composting, recycling, or wearing unfashionable hemp clothes? 

I hope you'll do something good for our home planet this weekend, I promise, you will get a happy feeling from it!
But mostly it will make me happy and in the end, that is what is most important. 

If you are hemp wearer, remember to stay away from open flames!


soil photo borrowed from here, cause stealing is against my religion.
dream garden photo borrowed from here, cause you know I don't steal.

So,  what'cha gonna to?

April 16, 2012

I'm a little bit country...

....He's a little bit rock-n-roll.

Actually, I am more rock-n-roll. But yesterday, I got my country on.

If you are old enough to remember that song, then you are as old as dirt me.

I said I would never ride in it.
I thought I could never get into it.
Did you have any idea that I was such a liar? Me neither.
I told Linds to take a photo...'cause this may not happen again.' 
On Sunday, I mentioned some errands I needed to run.
The Coach mentioned some errands he wanted to run, in the jeep. with the pups.
He proceeded to twist my arm really really hard.
Ok, not really really hard. Just a little hard.
Ok, he just suggested I join him.

I am easy, just like Sunday morning.

Surprisingly, I was able to climb into this contraption. {Not very lady like mind you}
Surprisingly, it does drive nicer than I had anticipated. {But, I will be wearing a sports bra next time}
Surprisingly, it is not as loud as I had anticipated either. {what? What did you say?}

The DOGS loved it. We even stopped at Petsmart for some supplies....they thought they were in doggie heaven on Sunday. A ride and shopping?
They were so excited by it all, they both required 4 hour naps afterwards.
I think they are more rock n roll than country too.

BTW: My shoulders started aching yesterday evening, and this morning, I can hardly reach upwards to brush my hair. Using your arms to pull your entire body weight into a jeep contraption like this is work!

Have a great day...and please, would someone come over and do my hair for me???

April 13, 2012


I have heard the stories before; men having a mid-life crisis. It usually involves strippers, hair dye, sports cars and Las Vegas.
I won't say the Coach is having a mid-life crisis....the most extravagant thing he has ever purchased was for ME.
BUT....he has been drooling over muscle cars for years. And old pick up trucks too. He has dreamed, pined and spoke about having a fun weekend car to piddle around in.

I knew the day would come eventually...and I looked forward to it. He works very hard. He never complains about anything, he is selfless, caring, sweet and he comes home

While I was off shopping with the girls last weekend The Coach attended a large car auction. He ran into Charlie Sheen...when does that ever happen? WINNING! Anyhoo....his inner redneck came to a head.

He came home with this little number. Not the cute teen. The jacked up Jeep!
Camouflage gives me a rash.

Lindsay thought he had lost his mind. 

Lolo was ecstatic. 

I was....well,  I just was. 

Just to give you an idea of how redneck this is...I am 5'11.
 Ok, I 'm not 5'll, but I'm hoping to be 5'4 by my next birthday.

I inquired about air bags. I was told I was lucky there were seat belts. Circa 1976 baby!

This is Lo...smiling so happy. She loves stuff like this. I don't know where she came from. Oh, wait, yes I do know where she came from!
Lo and a girlfriend drove it to the Beach on Monday...and had a blast. Kids these days!

You won't soon catch me driving this to the grocery store. I think you have to have a traveling gas pump as you you have to actually use the tire as a step-stool to climb into this...that won't work with my clothing ensembles.
Lord help me. :)

I usually go with this thought process:
What's his is ours.
What's mine is mine.
But in this case, THIS is his. :)

Have a great weekend....and if you are on the road, watch out for these peeps!

April 11, 2012


Linds and I traveled to the East Coast for a little whirlwind weekend for my Niece, we only see her once or twice per year.
We do enjoy our time with her. Do you want to know how she IS my niece?
Deep breath: Her Mother is my Dad's 2nd wive's daughter. Or, I could say she is the daughter of my ex-step sister. Or I could say that I grew up with her mother, whose mom was married to my Dad for 9 years.
I'm sure you got that.

 Cute huh?

She is graduating this year and was in need of senior photos...and oh, how about a prom dress?

{Becca tried on 329 dresses before finding 'the' dress, I was close to pulling down some drapes from the hotel lobby and creating a dress}

My niece is very sweet and let's just say she has a different vocabulary than we do. We find a lot of humor in her sayings.
I wish I had written them all down. Becca-ism's. 
Lindsay caught this little humdinger....The girls were sitting under the Chickee hut at my friend Kelly's house.
Becca was enjoying the moment, enjoying the peaceful scenery.

And she said to Linds:
Oh, this is just so relaxful. 

I do hope you've all enjoyed a relaxful weekend! Oh, what is it Wednesday already?

April 04, 2012

Knowing me, Knowing you.

Linds and I have a small road trip planned....and thankfully, I found this missing CD. JUST IN TIME!
The Definitive Collection.
In this case definitive means 
37 songs.

Oh, Lindsay will be in her glory.
I can hear the eye rolling already.

Come to think of it....she might have been the one to hide this CD from me!

She'll pay for that one...she always does.

What song do you think is my fave?
I won't make you guess.

Please, take out the number 17 and insert 35 44!

When Linds was in 4th grade her class was having a fun event/party.
{You know I was there volunteering my little butt off}
Anyhoo....I walked into the classroom and the kids were all having fun and this song was I started dancing towards my sweet little daughter.

I wish I had a photo of her horrified face as she realized it was HER Mother who was dancing in public!

Gosh, you would have thought I was dancing around a pole. again. 

Do you love watching Mamma Mia as much as I do? Or do you cringe just hearing the songs?
If you cringe, I don't know if we can hang out any longer.
It was nice knowing you. 

April 02, 2012

The one where I feel really guilty.

I left the screen door to the pool lanai open on Sunday morning, and if you think I left it open to see if the cats would run away forever, I won't make eye contact with you.

Later in the day, I went out to the garden to retrieve some cilantro {swoon} for my pot of chicken tortilla soup {double swoon} and I noticed a flurry of activity at the top of the lanai screen; inside.


And they were trapped; we counted 7 of them.

With the assistance of Lo, we saved ONE that was down low. And that took some time.

In case you didn't know it, dragonflies don't listen for sh*t.
I was even using nice words saying: Come here you cute little fellas....this is the door to your freedom. 


Not actual crickets...just the non listening dragonflies.

I feel really guilty about leaving the door open because it will end the lives of the dragonflies. And I said this out loud several times...."I feel so bad, I feel so bad, I feel so bad"

Lo told me to not feel so bad and something about the circle of life........but I tuned her out. I am similar to a dragonfly in the listening aspect.

Of course, by this time in the afternoon, all the cats were back. And Miss Sasha Fierce, never even left.

One orange cat said to the other: Do I like you? And they both answered at the same time: NO!

 A few hours later, I walked by the glass doors and noticed Maisy the spry cat running with a lizard in her mouth.

If you weren't aware,  I also save lizards.

I went out and hollered at Maisy, she froze, opened her mouth and the lizard flew away. 

Ok, it was not a lizard, it was a poor innocent, jailed dragonfly.

I got my handy dandy dragonfly saver LoLo, and we spent some time rescuing victim #2.
This is victim #2 after we got him outside.....and he attached himself to the screen.

Of course, Lo and I thought he was the coolest looking thing ever. I can't believe we didn't 'name' him.

Sun flare anyone?

We gently removed the cob webs from his wings...remember my screen was covered with webs?

If he is still there in the morning, I will give him a pedicure. It's just how I roll.

After this event, we counted 7 dragonflies still INSIDE the screen. Do you think they are multiplying that quickly....horny little boogers?

I tried to make this a short post. I feel my short posts are better. But I have a hard time doing stuff short. Except for my legs.

And this is just me bragging again.

I do hope that I have not tarnished my tree hugging, earth loving, critter saving persona by sharing this.

Did you inadvertently kill any critters this weekend? Ants don't count.