June 23, 2011

An awesome movie, obscene pets and I'm unplugging. Maybe.

Hidey Ho neighbor!

Raise you hands if you know what sitcom that is from!

The other day when I was out photographing the crape myrtle trees I noticed some stalkers out on the sundeck. Of course, those dogs are always nearby, but then I noticed they were accompanied by Harley the cat. Harley the Cat, who sometimes thinks he is a dog by way of chewing up our flip flops.

Looks like they are just hanging out, right?

Upon further inspection....what the?....Did I hear Cocoa singing: back it up, back it up?

And when I came in closer, they all decided to look the other way.
Don't ask. Don't tell.

I watched Freedom Writers this week with the girls; amazing! They both saw it prior to I and were shocked that I was late to the party. IT is an awesome movie, based on a real good. Loved the lessons it taught: Change is possible, cycles can be broken, everyone can make a difference and more...

If you have not seen it yet, you must. I insist. And if you don't then we can't be friends any longer.

I have de-friended for lesser crimes.

Nothing too exciting happening here at our humble abode...right now. But soon....plenty of action and excitement.
What is that you say? You want to know what all the action and excitement might be?
Well, you can't.
It is super secret squirrel stuff. Only to be shared with super secret squirrel spies. And I don't share my nuts with anyone.
Yeah, right.

I really am unplugging. Well, let me rephrase...I am going to TRY to unplug. We will see how strong my plug dependency is.

So, please DON'T do anything exciting OR cute. Or funny. Or fun. Until I say it is ok to do so.
And if your pets do anything like mine, please get out the camera!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

June 22, 2011

Humpday::exciting landscape updates!!!

Ok, I added the exclamation points just so you would think it was really exciting.
Did I fool you?
Not that naive huh? Oh, snap.

Lets go back to May of 2009....
Here we are!!!! do you like my time machine? Tres' cool.
The coach and I in an effort to block the neighbors hideous collection of crap, planted twenty crape myrtle trees. Truth is, I planted almost all of them, and I let him come in and dig a few remaining holes for me. {That's how I roll}

The newborns. Preemies really, always crying for their mama.

I posted an update in July 2010 and the change was really HUGE. Huge I say. Ok, they were now 'tweens.

<span class=

Cut to present day and I have added a rope swing to all twenty trees.

OK, I might be exaggerating. Just a smidge.

They are looking good. NO? Kinda like full grown teenagers?

Oh yeah, you knew Ozzie would have his mug OR butt in the photo.

A hand full of them are much taller than I and I know that is NOT saying much...whatever.
BuTt unfortunately, I can still see some of the neighbors crapola.

I should not stress too much about that, the way my eyesight is going, I won't see the crud or the trees in a few years!

June 20, 2011

Colorful plates and Nonsense.

Happy Monday.
I know, what is happy about it??? Well, plenty I suppose.
I really have nothing to talk about today. Surprised? Happy?

I picked up our painted pottery on Saturday. I sure wish I knew how to rotate this photo in blogger.

That is just three out of seven pieces. The Coach was given two personalized plates for Fathers day as well!!
And *someone* gets a little fancy on the flip side as well.

Really, no one likes a show off. Unless it's me.

So, our plate cabinets are full. Wanna come for dinner? Oh, just bring some food. And wine.

Other nonsensical stuff:
*The Graduate finally finished all her Thank You notes. I thought her hand was going to fall off. One way to make sure they actually write them in a timely matter....don't let them USE the gift until the thank you is written. Incentives; part of life!

*I am totally, head over heels in love with my Mac. The phrase that has been stuck in my head since last week: "Once you go Mac, you never go back." True dat!!!! And I thought I would never be able to do without my mouse, but the new track-pad is just magical. True love. Yeah, we need a room.

*While my niece was here she introduced us to Netflix. I don't think we have watched regular programming TV in two weeks! The girls have discovered Veronica Mars, Ghost Whisperer, Cashmere Mafia....and more. I have to pry them off the sofa!

*Someone was working out five days a week including a one on one training session learning Muay Thai boxing. *Someone* rolled her ankle last week and has since rolled it a few more times....hence the sitting on the couch. Hence the new ankle brace too. (You know that is not me, right?)

For your viewing pleasure, a beautiful WAVY sky I saw last week. Reminded me of Ruffles wavy chips.

Now, I don't see ruffles wavy chips up there...but at the moment I wanted something crunchy and salty. You know.

Hey, have you got any dip at your place? Cool. I'll bring the plates.

How was your weekend????

June 17, 2011


Remember when I said my laptop was on the fritz a few weeks ago? I was having a bit of a panic attack...I loved my laptop. BUT it's not even two years old and had a few issues before. How long are these things supposed to last? We had also had issues with our desktop; viruses galore.

Well, when I was in the midst of a panic attack about my laptop the Coach said: I have TWO words for you: AP-PLE.

Yeah, that is not really two words, but he has been itching to move over to the 'other side' for a while. I said: I don't want a MAC!

Well, I am now the proud owner of a Mac....I'm learning quickly and I LOVE it. Bill Gates can kiss my patootie. Kidding.

Why I resisted I have no idea....I am now eating my words... Chewing my apple with sweet savory bites. :)

I took the girls to the pottery painting place yesterday....we were there for over FOUR hours!
Those people were ready for us to leave, or fill out an application. Most likely, they just wanted us to leave.

This is the third summer in a row that we painted pottery while my niece was visiting. Such fun. She finished her two plates and then designed HER NEXT plate...for next summer! Yeah, she is a planner. Diamonds are a girls best friend...right?

After our exhausting day of crafting, I could not bear to cook dinner so I picked up a 'little' pizza for dinner.

Seriously, I could hardly fit it through the door to the house. And we still have a few pieces left over...I had to buy a larger fridge to hold them though. :)

Have a great weekend ya'll!!! Happy Fathers day to all you wonderful men and YOUR wonderful men...and especially to my Husband!!!

June 15, 2011

THE party. Part Deux

The second installment of the graduation party…all the planning…all the prep work and it was over in 6 hours!!!!

Dawn and Camden…they brought Lolo some really cute stuff…like these party approved glasses!!!


Tim and Marcello…no party would be complete without this pair and they both have good hair. lucky. IMG_8658


My brother in law and his brood…plus my brood. Some of them say they read this blog, but I think they are lying to me. :)  I mean, how would I ever know this???? I could just say anything right now…..



My Georgia crew. My UJ, Aunt Trisha and cuz Patrick. I found out on this visit that Patrick reads my HI PATRICK!!!!!!!! I love you. I was shocked at this bit of news since he has TWO JOBS. He works more than I do…well, at least he gets paid more than I do. IMG_8681

Hey cuz, can I borrow some cash……


Mi Madre’. Ain’t she cute. She DOES read my blog everyday…Lord don’t I know it.


I am starting to think that she might be a bigger fan of Marks than mine though…. Jealous who?

Will ya’ll tell her that it won’t kill her to leave a comment now and then!?!?!?!

A group of happy party people.  And my FIL about to fly into the sky. :)IMG_8704



Oh and superboy got his haircut…his FIRST real haircut from his Auntie Suz! {he was phoning the Prez to give some advice}



Ok, yes, that was a long post including both days covering ONE party. If you made it to the end, let me know, I will send you a prize…I have dozens of paper flowers just looking for a new home!


June 13, 2011

THE Party. Part Uno.

Since I didn’t do a May photo dump….I will do a party photo dump. And you will all suffer for this. I at least broke it down into two parts. We had so many people here that I really wanted to include them all. Well at least the ones that read this nonsense.


This is an ‘after’ photo. I had this brilliant idea to do this party signing frame…ok, that was NOT the brilliant part.


 My intention was to have a PHOTO of her in her cap and gown from the night before IN THIS FRAME. But I never got the photo. Soon, I will have some professional proofs in the mail from graduation and surely I will fork over some cash to put ONE in this big frame.  I had everyone at the party sign this for her. A forever keepsake.  

The shadow box was nice…but really, I could not get as much in there that I wanted. Like her first toothbrush, dirty diaper, onesie, etc….*sigh*

I had actually set up a table in the dining room days prior to the party of stuff I was going to ‘put out’…some recent awards. (offensive player of the year for 2 years!)

She saw this table and I said:

I am setting up a shrine for you.

her reply: creepy.

Party time.

My Mom whipped up some margaritas. Lolo’s was a virgin…as are all the ladies in this photo.  IMG_8629

Stop laughing.

The dessert table with some ‘shrine’ mixed in. 

IMG_8630 IMG_8625

The food table…before all the food was ready. The paper flowers were an idea I borrowed from my sweet friend Dawn. I think she also sent me the link for using the photos in the vases…nice right?


The coach and his step dad frying some veggies. Ok, not veggies, but notice the graduate is supervising.    


Linds and my Uncle Jim. (UJ) I should write an entire post about all the things he helps me with when he visits…cleaning, cooking, fixing stuff. Amazing.


I made it a point to take photos with Lolo of every family who came. Can you guess which family I forgot to get a photo of???

Yep. US. No redo’s on that one. I have been kicking myself for this…which is really hard since my legs are so short.

We had our peeps from the East coast….


no, they have never stayed at the YMCA….or the UVCA for that matter.IMG_8639

My fil and Mil (coach’s mama)


My mil and fil (Coach’s dad)


Yep, we have all the inlaws and outlaws….and never any bloodshed. I know, crazy good right?

Tomorrow I will share some more pictures…including my side of the crazies. Ok, they are all crazy.

We had a great weekend THIS weekend as well. My niece has been with us for a week and I have adopted another 18 year old as well. Plus Lo has had other girl friends and boys over for days. All these teenagers….Seems they all have one thing in common: They love to eat and never have any money. OY.

How was your weekend?

June 10, 2011

Last days, moving forward, hiding stuff and the writing is on the wall. really.

I apologize up front, I have no idea where this is going.

I am uploading 366 photos onto my desktop (darn it I miss my laptop!!!) And I am just going to throw this together. It might be long..don’t feel obligated to read it all. I will never know, unless you fail the upcoming pop quiz.

Lindsay had her last day of school today, she is officially a sophomore now. (did you know sophomore had 3 o’s? makes no sense!)

When I picked her up from school today I said: “Congratulations on making it through your first year of high school with NO arrests, tattoo’s, piercings or gang initiations!”

Her reply: “….that YOU know of.”

I get what I give. :)

Graduation….we survived it all. Lo’s graduation ceremony was beautiful. The school did a great job having it all organized and special. I think they rehearsed it for 10 or more hours over the week.  IMG_8553

I was whining the other day that I did not get an official photo of her in the cap/gown…but I suppose this one counts. She was on her way to the stage….nervous nelly.

And you won’t believe this…I did not cry. I really don’t know what has happened to me. Could it be that wine has clogged my tear ducts? Ok, wait, I did shed a few tears when they had a moment of silence for THREE students that SHOULD have been there. I was praying for their families and THANKING God that I was there at that time with my girl(s).  I am very lucky.

Ok, now I am crying as I type…weird, my tears taste like Pinot Noir. 

We got some photos AFTER though….of course, by now she had already thrown her cap (with tassel) into the air and took off the HOT gown.


Remind your kids to take the tassel off first. Ok?

Luckily, my Mom (eagle eye) spotted someone walking out with Lo’s cap and the graduate herself took it back. (don’t mess with her artwork people, she is learning muay tai boxing now)


Since then, we found another tassel too. I mean, how could she drive her car around WITHOUT her tassel hanging from the rearview mirror? as if…

Lo might be GONE from her school…but her name will be hanging in the gym forever.


Seriously, I have never had my name written anywhere. NOT even on a bathroom wall. yet.

Speaking of bathroom walls….while waiting for the ceremony my Mom used the ladies room. She came back with a revelation:

“Graffiti is not like it used to be…in the stall it said: You are beautiful, you are wonderful!”


Well, when I used a different stall later on I was smacked with the revelation that: “Kayla is a wh*re.”

During the announcing of names I kept looking out for that Kayla girl. Apparently she was not graduating on this night.

Ok, I have to mention just a tidbit about the graduation dress.

I could seriously write an entire post (or pamphlet) about it.


Pretty right? We found it at TJ Maxx for all of 16.99.

It fit so good….except for the cleavage area…too much exposure. (grandma J, don’t even start with me, ok?)

The back had a beautiful cut-out….lovely.

Soooooo my Mom stitched a bit in. Not right.

She unstitched. And re-stitched. And unstitched. And re-stitched. She unstitched. And re-stitched. And un-stitched.

I am not exaggerating. People were getting frustrated. Ok, only the graduate was getting frustrated. The rest of us were cool as cucumbers. Our cleavage was clearly not an issue this night.

So then mi Madre’ had an idea…lets sew a piece of lace across the top.

And this is how I lost a beautiful and almost brand new pair of my underthingys. 

I sacrificed them for her.

Mom(s) of the year.

I certainly can’t let these shoes go unnoticed. Notice? She said they were tasteful and conservative. I will give her conservative. Or tasteful. Just not both.


But dang it to heck, If I could walk in them without breaking my neck, I would wear them 24/7.  How would they look with my moo-moo dress? I COULD be the envy of all the house frau’s.

Ok, next week I will share some party photos, this is getting long. I am slowly working my way through my google reader too….oy vey.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my family? And you? My socks are rocked.



June 06, 2011

All you need is:


You know it.

I've just had my longest blog hiatus ever. I am still alive...just very busy and my laptop is out of commision too. I just made this post via blogger (not live writer)...and I am stressed from it. How do you people use blogger and not go insane?

I declared on Saturday that I was going to quit blogging.

Today is Monday. Oy.

I am now the mother of a high school graduate.

And I never got an official photo of her in her cap and gown. Long story. And yes, I am completely irritated over that.

BUT, all you need is LOVE. Not perfect photos. Right?

Love you,