May 29, 2009

TGIF and some brown and green stuff.

I am actually leaving the house this weekend. Well, not that I have not left the past few weekends but this time I am actually leaving the house for overnight. The Coach and Lo have been flying solo out there in the big bad world without Linds and I. And yet, they have survived the last few trips….

We are hopping on a leer jet and heading over to Tuscany for a few days.

*picture: ‘under the Tuscan sun’. Gosh, I love that movie.

Just kidding. We are heading out for a softball tourney. Almost as romantic. Almost.

yeah!! bring on the sunscreen…but leave home the FUNscreen.

So much to do. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth leaving at all….get dogs to sitter, pack bags, pack cooler, notify security neighbors, gas up, get cats situated…ugghhh.

On the upside, I get to see Lo play some ball!!!! So, I suppose it is all worth it. I would do anything for my kids…I have the stretch marks to prove it!

I am cooking a chicken for a batch of chicken salad. YUM.

I just finished baking a large batch of brownies for the weekend too…the smell of deliciousness is wafting through the house….15/16 year old girls who burn 12,000 calories and have the metabolism of a gnat can consume a bit of food. Ok, barrels of food. Best bring some snackies too.

Here are the brownies. Notice the small(ish) corner with nuts.DSCN5552I have a huge weakness for anything chocolate, but ONLY when the chocolate is accompanied by nuts. Yes, I am nutty. I made only a small area for myself….therefore I can only eat that small smidgen of brownies. calorie crisis averted.

I am trying very hard to drop some Suz poundage, but can’t quite deprive myself all together.

All the baby trees are in the ground. Yeah for shovels, dirt and osmocote. I was so excited to see new buds/growth on them even before I put them in the ground. I think they will be happy here in zone 10.

There’s no place like home zone 10”


Next week I will have big & not so exciting news about some BIG trees. Ok, TREE. Singular. There will be movement in the yard. An arbor day of sorts…. perhaps?? Dunno, will see.

My 14 yr old niece is coming back with us this weekend…we have not seen her in 2 summers….she will be here for 2 weeks.

The girls are all sorts of excited. Me too: Built in buddy!!!!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!!

Anyone planning on winning the lottery, getting hitched or crossing the pond this weekend?????

I wish for everyone a weekend filled with family, good health and something good to fulfill your sweet tooth!!!!

May 28, 2009

My chick pea story. I know most of you have yours; but this is mine.

Or maybe you don’t have a chick pea story to share… can borrow mine.

The last time my friend Kelly came to visit she brought over this great snack:

Hummus and pretzel crisps. YUMMO.

Coach and I are pigging out munching on this most weekends now.

I was convinced I did not like hummus because it is made out of chick peas.

AND I don't like chick peas.!!

Today is your lucky day 'cause I have a chick peas (or is it chick PEA?) story for you.

I know, it has been never forever since you heard a great chick pea story isn't it?

Get ready. It is exciting boring as heck.

While I was in high school I worked at a restaurant called PondeGROSA Ponderosa. They were all over the place, so you may have gotten very sick eaten at one also. Ponderosa had a great salad bar. I ate off of it while pretending to work tended to the ‘Bar’ quite a bit.

I had to refill all the items and keep it clean. Most of our items were located in a huge walk in freezer in the back. I had to trudge all the goodies from the back of the restaurant to the ‘Bar’.

We had chick peas in a 5 gallon container. (Not to be confused with the mayo or coleslaw.)

I loathed getting the chick peas container open. I begged pleaded cried asked my coworkers to refill the chick peas for me, but they refused.

So I had them fired to do it myself.

What do you think my issue was with the chick peas? They were just innocent little chick peas….right?

That is what you think. That is what the chick peas also want you to think.

I hated the smell of them. Remember when I went on and on about funny smells back HERE?

I can sum up the description of the smell of chick peas in ONE WORD:


They smell like f*rts to me. Yes, someone's passed gas. ughhh.

And I avoid eating stuff that smells like f*rts. One of my golden rules.

But for some reason, hummus when mixed with roasted red peppers or pine nuts does not smell like farts chick peas.

Aren’t you glad you learned all of this today?

I am nothing if not a giver of good information. And chick peas stories.

Now, go to the store and purchase some hummus and pretzel crisps. (whatever you do, don’t buy the hummus with olives in it…I loathe the smell of olives even worse than f*rts. Really.)

You may want to pick up some milk and bread too….you are getting low.

You are welcome.

PS. I have never typed or spoke the word F*RTS so much in my life till today.

May 27, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket….

I can’t remember how the rest of that goes…something about a basket. Or is it a basket case?

I had issues falling asleep last night and I ended up watching the most recent episode of Jon & Kate plus 8. I have a bad feeling about this marriage now…..I think he has done the unforgivable (In my opinion)and I think this time next year the show will be:

Jon; trying to raise money for alimony and 8 child support payments a month.

imageYeah, they are not happy campers. I always thought she was bossy to him, but I find him to be a meek guy and she has a strong personality. But hey, they were most likely the same people BEFORE they got married. You know what you are getting into…don’t blame your actions on your wife bossing you around. Gosh, he makes me want to shank him.

Oh, just kidding. Domestic violence is not good. Unless of course HE deserves it. :)

Then I watched part of Oprah with Dr. Oz. Why did I do this before bed?

Thanks to Dr. Oz…I could barely sleep for worry over my colon. I kept waking up wondering if I am getting enough fiber to move my stuff along without getting cancer. I never knew fiber was so important. **I am eating metamucil right now. Seems it would be better if dissolved in water though….very dry….**

I have planted 10 of our baby Crape Myrtle trees already. I would have more in the ground but I ran out of good dirt. Thank goodness I got the golf cart back yesterday, it makes the trips around the yard so much easier…aside from Cocoa who barks at me incessantly as I cruise around.

The neighbors must be getting tired of hearing me say: “I am going to rip out your vocal cords!!!” There is nothing more annoying than a barking dog. This is one of the qualities I have loved about boxers, they don’t bark much. But Cocoa feels the need to bark at the golf cart, my bicycle, the kids skate boards and roller blades. Where is that ‘dog remote control’ anyway with the MUTE button????

It is hot as heck already.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees at 7:30 pm. I always wonder at times like that, or this morning when I was drenched at 9 am, what would it be like to live in Alaska? Even just for their summer? Does their skin feel like it is melting off their body when they take out the garbage?

3 1/2 days of school left. You would think my girls would be happy. NOPE. They will miss their friends. I have tried to stress to them how much quality time WE will have together over the summer, but that only makes them more sad. Should I be offended? Nah.

That is all the excitement happening in my neck of the woods. How about YOU?

May 26, 2009

Say What?

Lo and I were discussing her new softball uniform pants, as she was trying them on…..

I think they are very LOW waisted, and she is complaining because they are ‘seriously’ close to her belly button. (and by serious, I mean they are ONLY an inch below. This seems to be a universal complaint with teenage girls.)

ME: You should have seen the pants I used to wear. High waisted…that was so in style for a while.

LO: I can only imagine……**bored out of her mind by my thoughts**

ME: You would never have made it through the 90’s.

LO: Sure I would, I just would not have worn pants.

ME: well, you would have been even more popular with the boys.


It was so much easier when she was little and fashion was not a thought on the field. ;)

2005…the good ol’ days.


Watching a commercial for the new Star Trek movie the other day spurred a thought for me:

Me to Linds: My brother and I had Star Trek Uniform PJ’s when we were kids.

Linds: you wore matching Star Trek PJ’s with your BROTHER? Were they made for boys or girls?

ME: I don’t know, what difference does it make?

Linds: **hysterically laughing**….I just can’t believe you wore those….that is just crazy.

Me: oh, yeah, coming from the girl who lived in Barney and Power Puff girl PJ’s.

Linds: That was different.


I had the yellow, Mark had the blue. In hindsight, they must have been made for boys.

**neither of us were trekkies either**

Oh, the horror of it all. It is a wonder I am not more of a mess. :)

May 25, 2009

T is for….

Two Terrified turds dogs, terrified of Torrential rain and Thunderstorms.

T is also for wimps. Ooops, W is for wimps…my bad.

We had a really bad thunderstorm on Saturday evening. It is almost a daily occurrence in the ‘sunshine state’ at this time of year.

Saturday it was complete with hail too.

Ozzie is a complete wimp. Just a tortured mess when it comes to weather.

He is

Cocoa was never a whimp. Until NOW.

I think by osmosis she caught the wimpyness.

They followed me around for a while, which being trailed is not my favorite thing…I need my space.

True that!

I was trying to change clothes in my closet with two 60lb dogs trampling on my toes. NOT Taking it.

I sent them to Linds. They became instant lap dogs. Tentative terrified wimps!

terrified of thunderstorms


If they had tails, they would be between their legs.

Just too much.

Ok, something as equally terrifying, I tried to rid Ozzie of his “green” eyes on PicNik (His eyes always photograph alien green) and this is what happened:

Scary dog!!!

Wouldn’t it be torturous to wake up with this tragically terrified beast taking you in first thing in the a.m? AGGHHHH!!!

The good news though…with his daily teeth brushing, we are done with WHARF breath!

See what other folks had to say about the letter T today at: A-Z mondays.

May 23, 2009

Old people have to drive too, ya know?

I have been driving since I was 15. That makes 26 16 years that I have been behind the wheel.

I have not had any accidents that were my fault.

Ok, only one that was my fault, a fender bender and it was recent.

My problem has become parking in the garage. We have had the same garage for 12 years.

My vehicle has been the same size for 11 of those years. (the first year it was shorter)

Lately, I have not been pulling into the garage far enough.

Granted, I have one of the longest cars made too...but it has been the same size since.....forever.

This happens about 3x a week for the last 2 months.

Is it possible to lose my depth perception? At 41 31?

Lindsay who is with me most of my waking hours….has noticed this too.

As we were getting out of the car the other day….I look back at the car before opening the door to the house and exhale: “Oh I did it again”

Linds: “It is because you are getting old… I mean… not old, just older.”


Thankfully, I am only having these bad parking issues at home.

I won’t even get started on losing my car in the parking lots though….there has been talk of a large plastic bouquet of carnations being attached to my antenna.

Lovely. That just screams OLD person.

May 22, 2009

TGIF and misc…

Friday again. Seems it was just here 7 days ago. Right?

And it is a holiday weekend…that part snuck up on me too. I thought Memorial day was NEXT weekend. You too?

**who has been fooling with my calendar**

Monday is our 18th wedding anniversary…..Seems like yesterday and then I remember that just yesterday I was not wearing a size 0 wedding gown. *snap out of it*

Wedding danceHappy 18 Coach!!!! I think the proper gift for number 18 is golf cart repairs. Right? I mean last year we stopped at the GMC service center got each other a part for the Yukon’s back door… this baby is getting fixed TODAY:


It is the little things each day that bring me joy…sleeping in, direct deposit, working vehicles, groceries in the fridge, happy kids…..Ain't love just the grandest thing ever????

No big plans for the weekend…Lo and Coach are heading to a 3 day softball tourney and again Linds and I are taking care of the canines, felines and perhaps the reptiles. All the time sometimes I ignore the reptiles and felines.

Speaking of reptiles, this guy was so curious, I caught him staring INTO the lanai looking at a cat and both dogs yesterday….I wonder what he was thinking???? ::hmmm… I wonder if they taste like chicken::


Green tip of the day:

If you have old stained or ripped up towels, don’t throw them away. Use them for rags or…if you are like me and you have enough rags for the whole neighborhood, donate your old towels to an animal rescue group. ALL of them are in need of towels for lining pet crates, transferring pets, cleaning up after animals etc… If you don’t know of a local rescue group, then just drop them off at your local animal shelter. They will appreciate them very much! Tell them Suz sent you. (kidding, they don’t really know me)

Another Phone drama….Lo left her cell phone on the school bus yesterday.

I thought about calling and cutting off service last night, but I wanted to give a bit of time for someone NICE to find it and be able to call me. This morning at 7:30 I got a call from the bus driver, she has the phone and is asking for ransom going to leave it at the school today!!! KARMA is just working wonders around here….

Nice People are awesome!!!! Go our and get yourself one or two. Oh, you can’t buy nice people? Nevermind.

Happy Friday everyone!!

I wish for everyone a weekend full of NICE people, love, no reptiles and no lost phones.

If you see Linds and I zooming around on the golf cart, stand clear!!!

May 21, 2009

A View to a Kill.

Do ya’ll remember that James Bond movie from the 80’s? All I remember was it was set in Paris and Duran Duran sang the theme song. I only watched it for the song. I suppose I could have just closed my eyes…

I mentioned a while ago that Coach and I were plotting a plan (or planning a plot?) to block our neighbors property behind us. They are nice neighbors, but they are starting to collect some crap at the back of their property, which is visible to ME!

Here are the views we are giving him:


And here is the view he is giving US!!! NOT FAIR.


So we are being pro-active before it gets much worse. We purchased 20 baby crape myrtle trees. They are so darn cute. And no, I will won’t name them all.

They will help become our barrier!!!

Pretty and low maintenance. Lord knows, I don’t need anymore hedges to trim…


Speaking of trees… good blogger friend Karen(Gberger) was telling me that when they built their home any of the trees that had to be cut down were milled & reused INSIDE the home as framing, trim and flooring. Stuff like this makes me so happy!!!

When we built our house, I think they took down just a few palm trees, never thought to do anything with them…suppose we could have made some grass skirts out of the fronds???

But when we put on our addition in 2003, we had to cut down a nice OLD cypress tree…we were really a bit distraught about this…but I never thought to do anything with the tree. Now I am thinking, side tables, some art work etc….

Happy Thursday!!

May 20, 2009


Have you played around with Google Earth?

This is the absolute coolest thing ever. Right up there with ready to bake cookies.

You can put in any address anywhere in the world and zoom down to street level!!

Perfect for stalkers.

We have looked at our old homes and we looked up our present house. I was kidding with the kids and Coach that I hope the day the satellite took the picture I was not in the yard making out with talking to our lawn guy. Lucky for me, that was not the case. Dodged that bullet.

Here is a picture of the house I grew up in…for the first 11 years anyway.

Hey Mom, it is not nearly as dumpy as the last time I saw it…and it is for sale!

 DSCN5518Sadly the big tree that I used to climb is no longer there.  The yard seemed so much bigger when I was a wee one too.  

I think you have to download the google earth program, But it just magically appeared on my PC. (OK, Coach does all that stuff for me)


Google search words that have led unsuspecting folks to my lil’ ol’ blog lately:

  • Training bra. I never understood why *some things* needed training….this search came from India. Scary. I am also beginning to think I did not train mine enough. They perform NO tricks.
  • Sister wives. This came from Provo, Utah. Did they really need my help in this area?  I think NOT.
  • Branjelina. And they got me? Not the enquirer? Not People magazine? Huh?
  • Eyelash curler. Came from South America. Apparently there is an epidemic of NON curled eyelashes. Another reason not to travel south.
  • I hate Styrofoam.  Perhaps I should start an I hate styrafoam fan club? Cause, really, I hate it.


I feel as though the world owes me a big thank you for all the education I am providing here.

You are welcome!

May 19, 2009

Humanity calling on line one, please hold.

There are still nice people on this planet. Besides me. Besides you.

There are others.

I have proof.

I have proof that I am a goof too. Not that you really needed proof.

We got a few phone messages last weekend from a man & a woman in broken English saying something about them finding OUR phone. We all had our cell phones. So I just figured he had the wrong number.

Then we got a few more messages about a found phone. Then I started thinking: Could it be Lo’s cell phone that was stolen from school…back in the fall of ‘08??  naaahhh.

I relayed the messages to Coach and he said: call them, it could be her cell phone, or you can let them know they have the wrong number.

So I called and left them a message.

A woman called back the next day and said: I find your phone on 31 street. 

My first thoughts were: this is a scam of some sort. I just know someone has a goal in life to scam me.

Me: huh? on 31st street? that is the street I live on. What does the phone look like?

Spanish woman: It is silver and black……. House phone.

Me: OH. It is my house phone????   **me smacking my head**

Long story short. My silly self left one of our house phones on the bumper of my car when I was working in the yard. I forgot about it an left later in the day…. This nice lady found it on the street, but did not know which house it belonged to. She found the number in our phone and put in her cell phone before my phone went dead she and her husband called us as many as 5 times.

She brought it back to us this week. SOOO nice. I was so impressed that they went through the trouble to get it back to us. They live about 8 miles away.  

We have 4 phones in the house and I was just complaining a day before: there is a phone missing somewhere in this house…those darn kids left it somewhere!!!

yeah, I am the darn kid.

phone_cabbage_patch1_550hHumanity. Alive and well.

Maybe it is my karma coming around for all the good deeds I do?

*A few weeks ago I found a cell phone in Target and took it directly to a manager.

*I found a full wallet at Christmas-time in Target. (maybe I am in Target too much?)


Anyone else find any good folks out there lately? 

Isn’t it astonishing that a simple act like this just amazes me/us, when in actuality, it should be the norm. We should always help each other out. The world would go ‘round a bit better I think.


May 18, 2009

S is for….

The TWO activities that I already will look back on as the biggest memory makers for Lo and Lindsay’s formative years:

Scouts and Softball.

I was Lauren’s scout leader from 1st grade to 7th grade. Some of the girls I led in my troop have already graduated high school!!! They make me feel old when I see them out and about, driving and working!!!

We had many great learning and fun experiences. The girls did try to drive me crazy at times, but I am starting to forget that part!!! At one point, I had 21 girls in my troop.

Camping. Swimming. Field trips. Camping. Parties. Sleepovers. Camping. Swimming with dolphins, petting stingrays & penguins. Sleeping with next to beluga whales. Fashion shows. Visiting nursing homes. Pen pals. Canoeing. Parades. Cooking. Baking. Camping.

DSCN0356 DSCN0850DSC00521

Lindsay & Lauren111_1151120_2057

Lots of good memories.

Lindsay is still involved with her scout troop today!!! I declined to lead two troops at one time, in hindsight I wish I had, as Lindsay’s troop is not as active as the one I led. It is harder once the girls start middle school to keep them active w/ scouts…it is not always the cool thing to do, but LInds does not want to stop. She is hoping to achieve the SIlver Award in the next year so she can add it to her college applications!!!


Do any of your recognize that chickie on the right??? My good friend and scout Mom Dawn and I used to still do get into some giggle fits….she me WE almost got ourselves kicked out of the sea world sleepover for laughing. NOT the girls, US!!!!


Lo has been playing softball since she was 5. I had the great idea for her to sign up for TBall in kindergarten. Coach and I volunteered to coach a team. Who would have thought that 10 years later this sport would almost consume our lives? I helped coach the team until she was in 3rd grade, that is when the girls were throwing harder than me, and it HURT to catch their torpedoes balls.

Lindsay also played ball for a few years…but she was more into the social part of the sport and NOT the actual sport itself….then she found dance; her real love.

Lindsay Thunder Softball Spring 2004

LoLo giantsLoLo vipers

Lauren State tourney

LoLo slapping Mom in background praying.LoLo tag at 1st

We have a full summer of softball and Dance….as both are year round activities in la Casa Day By Day.

That is my take on S for today…to see what other folks came up with, go and visit Jen at Unglazed for A-Z Mondays!!!

Happy Monday

May 16, 2009

The things we do for love, and to avoid ‘wharf breath.’

IT is a full part time job taking care of our house creatures.

We love our animals and they have a good life here. Spoiled really.

I try very hard to NOT do all the animal chores myself. I save some fun stuff for the kids… Like scooping the cat poop. Hey, it is good training if someone would be interested in archeology one day.

The girls have always done a good job with the dogs. They run them. They bathe them. They feed them. Let In. Let out. Done.

Our newest task? Ozzie and his oral hygiene.

The boy has WHARF BREATH! Seriously bad.

Bless his heart. Bless our noses.

I have brushed his teeth for him and he does really well. Such a sweetie.

His breath has just gotten to be so bad, I think I see the turkey vultures in the yard looking for the ‘dead animal’ that is attracting that smell.

MY our new rule: Ozzie must have his teeth brushed DAILY.

We are to take turns. It only takes a few minutes, really. But you would think that I asked my girls to retile the roof for me.


I gave a full tutorial the other night. A lesson if you will.

First brush with a bit of toothpaste with your sisters HIS toothbrush.

Then take a damp rag and wipe down his gums really well.

He does not mind this kind of attention at all. Any attention is good attention. That is what he always says to me.

Last night was Lindsay’s first shift. She did good. Ozzie did great.

Cocoa is wondering why she is not getting the same attention. Thinking that possibly Linds is shoving cookies into Ozzies mouth? Jealous much?

What will we be doing next?

Well there has been mention of a hot stone massage or possibly botox.

May 15, 2009

TGIF and Fleeting Thoughts

Alas, it is Friday again.

I really don’t remember much before Thursday. Is that normal?

Some thoughts that passed through my brain this week. And yes, I had to write them down,they were merely passing through…

* I really love the smell of burning matches. I don’t know why.

*I also love, love, love the smell of gas. I know that is weird, but I like it.

I just hope I never get dementia and try to combine those two smells together. Ever.

*I treated myself (cause no one offered to do it for me) to a frappacino at that coffee place that I really don’t care for. You know the place. *givemeyourbucks* (I don’t know why I don’t care for it…I suppose I want to be the opposite of most people)

Anyhoo, I was chugging sipping my cold ice coffee, I suppose I got a bit greedy cause I gave myself the worst brain freeze of my entire life. I almost had to pull the car over as to not crash into innocent, yet potential victims. I really should not call it a brain freeze, ‘cause it froze my throat, my chest and part of my left arm. I thought perhaps it was some sort of starbucks stroke I was experiencing.

This life altering experience made me ponder the term ‘brain freeze.’ How can something that I am drinking…going down my throat, cause so much pain in my BRAIN? Really, is there some sort of extra pipe that takes cold stuff to my brain? I don’t get it. Not one bit.

*I saw a lady driving the other day AND she was curling her eyelashes with one of these torture devices.I was mesmerized by this....I was concerned by this...I was also disturbed. I feared for her life and the life of her eyelashes if she were to get in a fender bender. If she were to hit the breaks fast.....RIP and OUCHHHH!!!


Ok, I love to share with you my window to the world…ok, so this is the window of our office.

I was paying bills earlier this week and Cocoa was outside. She is the independent one of the two boxers. She plopped herself in the driveway and was staring at the doves at the bird feeder…..**thinking that this time, she can catch one if she runs really really fast**


Meanwhile, Ozzie (who I should have named shadow or hemorrhoid, cause he is always up my ….) was laying 3 feet from my chair. Really, this is him keeping his distance, usually he is about 2 inches behind the leg of the chair...**must follow the mama’s every move***


Cocoa decided that she was NOT going to chase the birds away and laid down for a nap. The 62nd of the day.


Meanwhile, Ozzie is still sleeping. His 75th nap of the day. This was 11 am.


I want to be one of my dogs in my next life!!!

No big plans for the weekend here and I find this news very refreshing!!!

I wish for everyone a great weekend…full of love, friends, family and NO brain freezes or explosions.

Anything going on that can make me green with envy???? Do tell!!!

May 14, 2009


Is there anything I won’t discuss? Possibly not.
Occasionally I walk into the laundry room and I see this:
I always chuckle to myself. I put them there…to air dry, but the vision still surprises me.
I think: Wow, we have a situation here. A bra situation.
I counted 13 bras here that were washed just yesterday. I do laundry nearly everyday.
Only 2 of these belong to me. None belong to the Coach.
11 bras between two girls that were worn in the last few days. WOW.
Clearly, these are around more for their looks than for their necessity.
Some are designed to be workhorses. They have their work cut out for them and they are not always pretty. Those would be mine.
I can't even remember when mine went from cute and colorful to blah.....maybe around 1999?
Perhaps a trip to the lingerie store is needed for Mom.
And I don’t usually go to that ladies store that is named after *someone* and her secret. Cause I figured out a long time ago what *her* secret is:
Their overpriced bras don’t fit me. Secret revealed.
But I dread going….almost as bad as buying a bathing suit. Or going to my dentist for my yearly pap exam. Yes, I said dentist. We have bad insurance, what can I say?
I dread it.
Ok, for a cute bra story. My daughter is going to kill me……so you know it has to be good.
The Scene: My Grandmas house for our family Christmas celebration 6 years ago.
The peeps: Grandma, Uncle, Coach, Me, our 2 girls ages 7 and 10. My cousin, his wife and their 2 girls ages 8 and 12.
Grandma takes pride in purchasing just the most embarrassing wonderful gifts for each of us. They are usually taken to goodwill as soon as we make it back home. But we love her and I have taught the girls to fake it. IT is part of life. Fake the ‘being happy’ for your OLD OLD Great Grandma.
We are all sitting around Grandma’s Florida room opening up our tacky as hell wonderful gifts.
Linds (7yrs old) opens up a box and blindingly reaches in and pulls out a pair of colorful panties and a training bra.
Her face went from smiling and happy to devastated in one split mili-second.
Have you ever seen a baby projectile vomit?
Well, my child projectile cried. The tears SHOT straight out of her eyes.
She started bawling.
I was floored. I had never seen her react to anything like this before that did not also involve bleeding.
We were all stunned and just kind of starred at her for a moment, trying to digest what in the heck was wrong with her.
I grabbed the bra/underwear and shoved them back into the box and we finished opening up gifts and did not say a word about it.
BTW: the other 3 girls also received matching bra’s/undies with NO tears.

May 13, 2009

Drawers, Cupboards and Junk-- Oh MY!!!

Does anyone still call them cupboards anymore?

I think they turned into cabinets way back when….

Anyhoo….. I love my drawers. I like my cabinets.

But I love my drawers.

Drawers are so much easier to organize and you know organize and Suz are synonymous.

You didn't know this? well, where the heck have you been hiding?

In a drawer??

Being married to cabinet maker has many, many advantages. And NO he does not bring me home bags of sawdust to play with. If I wanted that, I could get gobs of it though…I know you are so jealous of that little fact right there!!!

My “go to” desk drawer:


One of our filing drawers:

Really, it is more organized than it may appear. Promise.


My question mark drawer: ????????

are you thinking of spaghetti now?


My to do drawer: Shredding!!!


My spice drawer…isn’t this just the coolest?

I heart it very much!!! Thank you Coach!!!


I have already expressed how much I love my our new bathroom…One of the reasons is for all the drawers. (I still have a few empty. Don’t hate)


I remember my Grandma telling me when I was a little girl how poor people did not buy cribs for their babies…they would just bring them home and let them sleep in a drawer. (Open of course)

I sometimes imagine all the babies I could have here… Hey, I could have a baby drawer store. Nahh never mind……all that crying and probably illegal.

Get ready to have your freak, freaked!

This is one of the cabinets in the party Coach’s room. Part of our addition we did a few years ago:


Here is the freaked coolest part:

The columns hold an abundance of CD’s. …genius!!!!


More important….martini’s anyone? This is where I keep our martini glasses so they don’t get dusty between parties.

Only one type of drawer I don’t have….I would love to have a warming drawer in the kitchen. Does anyone have one of those???

Don't you think having one of those would be cool???

NO. It would be warm…silly people.

I am praying for the day that my girls appreciate their drawers….one day they will. I hope.

It appears that they have been ransacked by burglars.

But this is unfortunately the typical look they are going for…daily…. what would we label this look??

Urban Ghetto? Suburban shabby?




Yeah, I am thinking DUMPY!!!

Now, that I have bored all 4 of you with my drawers…you can wake up and go organize something…..

Hey, you are lucky I did not show you my drawers drawer. (Under thingys)

Soon, I will share with you a little story about bras.

I know you can hardly wait!!!