May 23, 2014

Just add refreshments and friends. Oh, a cheese platter wouldn't hurt either.

One of the projects I've been working on for a few weeks was our overgrown forest of our lanai.
Funny, as a kid it was called the pool deck (the public pool deck!)
….I'm all sorts of hoity toity these days.

It was too much for me to contain, too much for me to clean up (the droppings!) too much for my visual brain to take in.

It was a mere four years ago that I spent weeks re-doing all the plants on the lanai….you know, so they would be small and easy to manage. 
May 2010

Then one day I woke up and it looked like the jungle. 
May 2014
Al Capone AND Amelia Earheart might be in there….one would never know! 
I asked. I begged. I pleaded. Then I threw money at my lawn guy: I need help!!!

He is a kind one; who also enjoys when people throw money at him.
So, he and a helper ripped almost everything out
That was not a job for Suz….I just knew it would be too much for me. 
 I'm getting OLD dagnabbit!

We came up with a simpler plan and he also reconfigured the irrigation as well. 
Since we were going to go even simpler on the ground, he offered to put in a few hanging plants with a drip system. I shouted YES!

I thought he meant a coffee drip system…but whatever.
Once the landscaping part was done, I needed to pressure wash and re-stain the concrete.

( I did all the potted plants myself because I'm a pot head!)
 I'm so digging my blue pots!
Ground orchids overlooking my crotch orchids. Serendipity!

Bromeliads in various colors & varieties

Go ahead and admit it, this is the prettiest stained concrete you've ever seen.

All I need now is a cocktail with an umbrella…..and a cabana boy to deliver it!

When are you arriving? Please, don't bother bringing anything….unless it's in a chilled bottle!

Have a great weekend. I will be MIA next week with my wonderful people in town and us getting ready for the graduation festivities. 
Don't do anything crazy while I'm away. But if you do, take pictures!


May 20, 2014

Getting to the meat of it all.

Which is weird, since I'd prefer the side salad any day.

Last weekend we celebrated my nephew Bryan's graduation…..
I remember when I could carry him around.
It was all sorts of wonderful to have the cousins together….even if it was for less than 2 hours. 

...and a few hours later we were heading to Lindsay's senior band awards/banquet.
Those are fake smiles. We were running late and I insisted on a photo. Girls: We don't have time. Me: I want a picture so SMILE!
My craft/laundry/office/guest overflow room looked like this last week.
Sadly, this week, it looks worse.
Prepping for a summer college dorm and a big party at once equals chaos. 
Someone has to sleep on this bed next week. Glad it's not me!
My Georgia people arrive on Saturday. We have a Grad party on the other side of Florida on Sunday. I'm working on home projects, party projects, landscape projects this week.
(That part-time job is getting in the way of my projects!)

Linds doesn't have her graduation until May 30th….thank goodness I still have some time.
But it's never enough time.

I'm exhausted….and it's only TUESDAY???


May 16, 2014

I wish I knew how to repurpose her.

Yes, I've taken my recycling quest to a whole new level.
Don't be jelly that I'm the recycling queen. 
Being jealous, well, that is not attractive
Even Maisy can't help but show it. NOT pretty Maisy!
I've been a busy….well, you can fill that in. 
Many projects swirling in my head.
Many projects happening.
Many projects on my pinterest page that might be happening soon. 
So many thoughts swirling in my head. Most of them are good thoughts and that is a good thing.

I'm not able to visit as much or post as much….
but I will catch up with ya'll soon. 
I swear.
Which is rare for me to actually swear…since you know I'm an angel!
Have a great weekend!

May 12, 2014

My last prom ever.

My longtime readers (all 4 of you) will remember how many prom dresses I've purchased over the last five years….9? 16? 42?

Well, mostly people will  remember me whining about how I never NEVER went to a prom.

Actually, I never attended a high school dance.

Heck, I'm making up for it now, so lets skip that pity party for a moment. 

Linds had her last prom this past weekend….and this might be my favorite dress yet. 
I also need to note that this is the most expensive dress yet…. 
Five minutes on the highway towards the East coast to purchase it, I was pulled over by a trooper and given a ticket for dark tint on my windows. 

Yep, I'm an outlaw of great proportions.

Thelma and Louise
I'm so proud of Lindsay for so many reasons…..and the fact that she 'let her boyfriend go' a few weeks before prom is one of them. (after 1& 1/2 years!) 

The fact that she knows what is best for her isn't always the easy path is a very mature move. 
I made these two from scratch!

 She went to prom even though she wasn't very excited for it at the moment. 
I'm proud that she followed through knowing that if she didn't go, she'd regret it later.  

Plus, to let that dress just hang in the closet would be an actual crime!
She is the
This week we have senior awards night, band awards night, finishing two virtual classes, plus those real classes and finishing her volunteer hours to seal her scholarships.
Can you believe she graduates in a few weeks….and starts college a few weeks after that?

My head….it's a spinnin'!

May 09, 2014

Our new baby!

I had 5 minutes to put this post together, so don't criticize too much.
Or at all.

I'm really earning my nickname this week. Busy busy busy Bee.
But I can't let another day go by without sharing with you our big news.
I'm a Grandma!!!!!

I know, I just kinda 'happened' as these things do.

I've himmed and hawed about it for a while, but I finally caved and I love the little booger!
Isn't that a sweet baby?

Oh, wait, that baby is almost 21!
Here he is investigating my Petunias. (When he is in the brown state…it means he's a bit nervous-don't worry, a minute later he was green again)
 Lolo has been asking for a chameleon for over a year. With her impeding 21st bday coming up, she has been begging, pleading and she won't deny that there were tears of JOY when she saw him the first time.

I'm a sucker for the tears. 

Since she's already looking into graduate schools and WILL take her baby with her, I caved.

Zim is named after Phillip Zimbardo; the well know Psychologist. Of course YOU knew that!
Lolo (the college nerd) and Zim her baby. Yes, he looks similar to Grumpy Cat. 
Zim is a veiled chameleon. His color variation is not like those on TV. He is also easier to keep than those more colorful chameleons on tv. 
THAT is not to say, he is easy to care for. He requires different lighting/temps during the day/night. We've provided him with natural plants in his habitat and he needs food (live crickets/meal worms) daily. This isn't an easy critter to care for.

I have some cute video of him that I'll share at some point.

Guess what's happening this weekend??
My  Lindsay's last prom!!!!
And of course, I'll share photos next week.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Mother's day to all you nurturers, caregivers and Chameleon moms!

May 05, 2014

I found some crotch pretties in the yard.

A few years ago I shared with you a secret that I'd learned from some green thumb friends.
The secret is….placing your non flowering orchids in the crotch. Of a tree. 
And it works. Over and over again. 

People love to give orchids as gifts, but they only bloom inside (for me) for so long…then outside they go to be one with nature. 

Well, the blooming is happening now…as it does several times a year. 
This one is in one of the oak trees along our driveway. 
Luckily we have several trees that do contain crotch space. 
MOST of our trees though are palm trees….
and you know what they say about palm trees: They are crotchless. 

This one is in a large oak in the back yard….our family's favorite tree. 

Also in our favorite oak tree in the back yard. 

They are neighbors!!

We had a nice weekend. Getting things done around the house and the Coach and I donated a lot of $ to Costco yesterday. {Our freezer/fridge is filled!} 
It's getting hot 'round here…..but we haven't melted yet…..but I'm stocking up on deodorant!

Did you find anything interesting growing in crotches lately?
Ok, that sounded bad.
Did you see any interesting sights this weekend?

May 02, 2014

My talents will never cease to amaze you.

 A few months ago someone mentioned to me that hula hooping burns calories and after a few weeks of daily hooping you'll resemble a super model...minus the crabby face and cocaine addiction.

So, I purchased one from here-I got the 3lb version and I've been using it when I workout at home.
(Lets not share this with the peeps at my old people gym, they might get jelly that I still have my original hips)

It's actually fun and easy to do while watching the boob tube. After a few days, I was able to go both directions. I know. I too was impressed with myself. I can do 15-20 minutes easily.
I shot a quick video just in case you didn't believe I'm a professional hooper now.

The bad news is I'm not resembling a super model, although I've perfected the crabby/hungry face.
The good news is I've been approached by 1 circus and 2 carnivals for side work.
Suz the Hellacious Hooper….coming to a town near you.

So, have you hooped lately?

Have a great weekend!!