May 20, 2014

Getting to the meat of it all.

Which is weird, since I'd prefer the side salad any day.

Last weekend we celebrated my nephew Bryan's graduation…..
I remember when I could carry him around.
It was all sorts of wonderful to have the cousins together….even if it was for less than 2 hours. 

...and a few hours later we were heading to Lindsay's senior band awards/banquet.
Those are fake smiles. We were running late and I insisted on a photo. Girls: We don't have time. Me: I want a picture so SMILE!
My craft/laundry/office/guest overflow room looked like this last week.
Sadly, this week, it looks worse.
Prepping for a summer college dorm and a big party at once equals chaos. 
Someone has to sleep on this bed next week. Glad it's not me!
My Georgia people arrive on Saturday. We have a Grad party on the other side of Florida on Sunday. I'm working on home projects, party projects, landscape projects this week.
(That part-time job is getting in the way of my projects!)

Linds doesn't have her graduation until May 30th….thank goodness I still have some time.
But it's never enough time.

I'm exhausted….and it's only TUESDAY???



  1. You've been a busy bee!! Hang it there and breathe, if that doesn't help, add wine. ;-)

  2. My office looks like that right now!! Wishing you smooth sailing and strong coffee to get you through until the 30th :)

  3. What fun photos of the kids !
    Your girls are such beauties ~ they look just like you .
    Pace yourself girl ,pace yourself ... we know you throw fab parties !!

  4. that ROOM!!!!!! i cannot believe you have a room that looks like one of mine, let alone you POSTED it!!!! haha!!!!!! so glad i got to hug linds saturday night... wish it had been you, too!!! xoxo

  5. glad you have a little time between grad parties!

  6. You name certainly fits right now, Busy Bee. Enjoy all the activities and family.

  7. Ha! Anke's correct! You really ARE a busy bee!

  8. Having cousin get-togethers provides lots of good memories. Things are sounding a little hectic around there. Hope the graduations and parties all go well.

  9. You will make it through!

  10. Enjoy the grads and parties...visitors and's that time of year....messy or not!

  11. Sounds like fun fun stuff! Now to get your guest laundry in order. I love it. Lol

  12. Oh my, I have to say, I'm glad it's you and not me. Good luck kiddo!

  13. Looks like so much fun! I love seeing pics of your peeps - they are wholesome, sweet and they have STYLE (love those turquoise shoes with the tiny belt to match)! Remember to stop and breathe now and then - perhaps a soak in your hot tub, or a beverage under the palapa is in order? HUGS to you and your peeps!

  14. Well you are busy!
    I wish I had a craft room. My mom always had one growing up - she used it mostly for sewing.

  15. Your craft/laundry/office/guest overflow room looks........."lived in." And thats ok. and, isn't it great when the cousins get together? Love it.

  16. The girls (fake smiles and all) look gorgeous. Those blue shoes!!!!!!!!


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