February 28, 2011

Unplanned adoptions

We estimate that she is about a year old or more…she was found on a softball field in Miami by friends of ours.


Our friends who found her are dog lovers and rescue many dogs, they then try to get them adopted through friends. (They currently house 13 at their home; all outside)


The Coach and Lo saw her on Friday night in Miami at a softball game. They fell in love instantly.

Coach almost brought her home with him right then….but then he remembered that we are happily married and he wanted to stay that way.


On Saturday he said something to me that I’ve never heard out of his  mouth.

“You know I don’t ask for much…”

{and you KNOW what I thought he was hinting at}

And that is true. He does not ask for much. Ever.

Then he professed his love for this pale boxer girl.


I said: I really don’t want another dog. I really don’t like white boxers. I really don’t like white dogs at all.


I swear, I am not racist. They just don’t appeal to me.


Lo pleaded. The Coach said: If you don’t love her, they will take her back. No problem at all.

I should know better.

They went back for her. 

And still, I don’t think she is that huggable.

I know, I am hateful.


I’m just not feeling the love.

Bonus: She is in full blown heat. Which equates to a dog on her period.

So, she is wearing diapers at times.

I never thought I would be buying diapers again.


She and Cocoa did not get started on the right foot. Cocoa loves everyone and every dog. She does not LOVE this dog.

Ozzie. Well, you know Ozzie. He could care less. (His $urgery is Wednesday)


We will keep her around until this weekend and then make a decision. She is wanted back if we don’t keep her.

I am not one to give back an animal, but I will if I need to.

Nonetheless, I am getting her shots on Wednesday…can’t fix her girl parts until her ‘heat’ is done.

I will have two very sad people if I send her back to Miami…I will have one person who doesn’t care either way.

And then we have the one person who spends MORE time with the dogs than anyone else….and she would love less work.  

On a very positive note, I have enacted a ‘no couch’ rule for the dogs.  Cocoa and Ozzie think I have lost my mind now.

perhaps I have.


{Pre “no couch” rule days}

Would you keep a dog that you felt no connection to?




  1. Awww that's a tough one. I'm not a lover of white dogs either but I am a complete SUCKER for an animal in need! I can see your predicament. You already have quite the household of pets. I thought my 3 cats were enough! So I can completely understand why you wouldn't want the extra work. On a separate note - What is wrong with these people that just dump their unwanted animals in the middle of nowhere? So heartless.

  2. If it were just me, I wouldn't keep a dog I wasn't attached to. But I guess there are other people in the house who ARE attached..thus the dilemma. But I think your vote should count twice since you do most of the care and feeding and the getting of the shots and the diapers and all that jazz. Maybe your heart will change if she really is a sweetie like your other doggies. Good luck..and keep us posted! : )

  3. I think if you don't connect with the dog it won't be a happy home for anyone! The dog deserves to connect with and be connected to their owner! I think she is pretty but it is hard when two dogs don't get along! Good luck to you in making your decision!!

  4. I love her.
    I think she's beautiful.
    I've always wanted a white boxer!
    Just look at that puppy face!

    We're having to let one of our boxers go back home to Wisco to live with my mom. She and our boxer pup play too roughly and I think she'd like a quieter house ;)

    How far away are you again? I was thinking about getting a pug after Marlee (our boxer) goes to Wisco but I'd love a big adorable white boxer too :)

  5. oh i don't know what you should do!!!! i would send her back, but that is just me, and you know how i feel about dogs. if you are going to keep her then you need to love her. cuz a girl can get hurt feelings if she thinks some are more loved than others. but you are getting her shots? you are kind of a big softie :) in the nicest way. i wish i had an answer... oh! maybe give lolo a choice. africa or the new dog. does this dog even have a name???

  6. What a tough place to be in. I can say that two other families took little Harriet home and returned her to her breeders. You see how fab that was for us!!!

  7. I don't think you (the entire family) are going to have an easy decision to make. I think it's a tough call. I like the suggestion that you get two votes since you spend the most time caring for the dogs. That would avoid the possibility of a tie when the votes are counted.
    Keep us posted.

  8. No. I think it's a lot of work to care for an animal you just don't love.

  9. I thought I could do 3 dogs but it drove me bananas. Remember Dante? He just didn't fit it and the longer we had him the less connection I felt.

    It wasn't fair to him, either... he felt we (well, I) didn't want him there.

    He's loved by his new family now and has a much happier life with them than he ever would have had with us.

    We made sure to get him neutered before he left, that's part of being responsible and making sure not to contribute to the puppy explosion.

    So yeah, I know how you feel. Yes you need to give it a bit of time, see how you feel about it, but bottom line: if everyone isn't 100% committed it just build resentment and trust me, the dog in question knows that.

    Maybe getting her spayed, up to date on shots and all before finding her the perfect family would be your big contribution to this poor girl's life?

    (( hugs )) and courage, whatever you decide!

  10. In 2009, we took in my Aunt's dog because she was going through a divorce and all of that crap. I thought, what could a little 40lb dog hurt. I now regret that decision. She escapes from our property on a daily basis and uses our neighbors yard for her toilet even though she has just been walked. She jumps up on my bed which Fred loves and makes me want to slice my wrists. And after two years, she still can't walk a a leash without try to escape. I have now set in the no more pet rule. Johnny just asked for a bearded lizard for his birthday in April. I said, "If you get rid of the 50 gallon aquarium that you no longer care about, then you can have one." He said said "No". And then I said, "your decision".
    Suz, it's not that I hate pets, but I am in constant cleaning mode because of them. If the others, whose pets they are, would clean after their pets, then we could have a farm. Stay strong!
    Your Friend, m.

  11. OMG! I have been looking for a white female to adopt. I'll take her!

    We worked with a boxer rescue group for many years. One of the things that everyone in the group was aware of was interaction with females. Very seldom can you have two females together without trouble. They often fight, hurting themselves and their people. I've got scars to prove it. What is really funny is they may get along for years, then one day bitch A may look at bitch B wrong and it is on! And they do not forget.

    There are some dogs you connect with and others you don't. She deserves a home where everyone in the family, whether they wear skin or fur (cats don't count)adores her.

    Can you contact the rescue where you adopted your dogs? Maybe they could take her...

  12. No sage words from me except you sometimes have to "go with your gut." Regardless of the temporary reactions, you have to look over the long haul. Fingers crossed for you in your predicament.

  13. Being that you're the one who is around all day and does most of the care, I'd say your opinion is most important here.

    If you're not feeling it, don't keep her. It's not fair to you, and it's not fair to her.

  14. Big choice, Suz.... I can't give YOU advice, but if it were me, I would NOT take it IF it didn't feel right... I'm the one to go by my 'gut feelings' anyhow---so If it doesn't feel right, then----you'll know what to do.

    Good Luck.

  15. I'm doing that doe-eyed, "awwww" sound from the mouth thing! what's not to love....and she was homeless tooo! que the "doe-eyed "awwww" sound from the mouth again....and just look at her with your pooch, noses to the floor flat guessed, que the "doe-eyed "awwww" sound coming from the mouth" again.....Oh! and just look at her all sat lovely and posed as if she was about to have her photo taken, oh wait! she did have her photo taken....que the "doe-eyed "awwww" sound coming from the mouth" again......

    I could go on....but I think you get the picture

    I will be very sad too if you don't keep her.....but yes, GET HER BITS DONE!!!! ;o)


    helo gorgeous xxx

  16. Please keep her :) I am on coach's team. The pic of you on the couch with the boxer around your neck is ADORABLE!

  17. NO. Nor a cat.
    If she is not "the one," it doesn't mean there will never be another. Coach did get you in the right place when he played the "I don't ask for much" card, especially if it's true. He is a smarty, that Coach!
    If you and Cocoa do not get along with this girl, it could disrupt the happy balance in your home, you "family-fung-shui," if you will. That's my opinion (I wouldn't have offered it if you hadn't asked). I'm not even going to start on the "in heat" business!

  18. She looks a lot like the dog CH had when we met, but he was a bulldog. She does look sweet. We're considering adopting a dog, but, I'm like's going to mean more work for me and I just don't know if I want it. Plus, I think another dog would put my schnauzer over the edge.

  19. NO, absolutely not!! Since you'll be doing the lion's share of the care for this animal, you must love her, or it won't work. I know that when you send her back, the one who is meant to have her will make the connection and give her a good home. Send her to soul-human!

  20. Husbands - - - - we want to keep them happy but I understand the extra work, too. My husband wants a dog since we are dog-less right now but we have agreed to wait until one of us retires so it is not home all day with no one - - - except cats -- - here. I did not know white boxers existed but I think she is beautiful - - -- but do NOT bring her here. Your husband wants her. Our next dog will be medium or small size. Does she have a name? She could be Cookie or something because if you took a picture of her between your dogs, she would be like the frosting filling. If she stays, hopefully they will all fall in love with each other. And if you keep her and she has surgery, your vet will be able to take a vacation from $$$$ paid him this year.

  21. P.S. How do female dogs get along? Our female cats still get very "catty" with claws some days.

  22. I predict you will find something about the dog you like before the week is out--you won't be able to stop yourself.

  23. That's definitely a hard decision, one you all will have to make together. Personally I feel it wouldn't be fair to you or the dog if you kept her and didn't really bond with her. Not to mention all the extra work you would have... If it was up to our girls, we'd have a zoo by now. But guess who has to either do the cleaning up after or at least "nag" about the cleaning up after...

  24. NO Suz, it'll be like a bad marriage that needs a divorce....

  25. I would not keep a dog I felt no connection to. As the Mama of the house you know you will be the one who spends the most time with her. On the other hand...she sure is cute:)

  26. You know we got a new dog at the end of the last year... and if I would have listened to my instincts, we would have passed.

    She's sweet and adorable... and she likes the kids - but she is REALLY afraid of the husband (whom we were getting the dog for). He tries really hard to get her to trust him, but it's been abt 5 months, and she still runs from him (and squeals like a pig). I feel sooo bad for my husband, he really wanted a new puppy.

    We are seriously thinking about finding her a new home.

    So... I would be very cautious about keeping her, especially if she isn't tugging at your heart strings. If not, she will be around for a long while.

    Good luck with your decision!

  27. I think you should let your husband win this one and then think of something you REALLY want :)

  28. ohhh, suz, i feel soooo bad for the decision you have to make. bad for the doggie, bad for you, too. it would be sooo very hard for me. i am too tender hearted, even if it wasn't so ok all the way around for everyone, i would think of the poor baby going back to being without a home for awhile and that would tear my heart heart strings. no pressure!!

    but the decision will is one you have to make alone since you are the primary care giver of the poochies. well, and the family is mostly gone during the day, i am assuming. but at one time i had 4 doggies...and to tell you the truth, when you have multiples, after about 2-3, whats one more? but mine were tiny lil dachshunds. yours are giants. so big difference. mine were all adopted too except for one.

    please let us know what you decide. she is a very beautiful pupster. i never saw a white boxer before. she would make a nice addition to your collection. the filling to your chocolate chip cookies as one commented above. lol i'm sorry it is sooo hard, i will be thinking of you, and ozzie tomorrow during his surgery...praying for a good recovery. bless his lil sore body!!!

  29. Been there done that! and sent it back. Don't feel bad!
    Also-It would not be good for a dog to be in a house that is not Totally loved! She will feel the vibe.

  30. That's a really tough decision, but you'll do what you need to to with it! Whichever way that turns out to be.

  31. bless her little white cotton feetsies. poor girl. at least she is safe now. i dont know what to tell you suz, 'cept that you must do what is best for the doggie, despite what everyone wants, since not everyone is in agreement. she found her way to your home for a reason, and with the love you have for animals, i have faith you will do whats best for her. you are but a stepping stone to her and her forever family.

  32. I agree w/Bea. We have to actually keep my lab separated from our other two dogs 24/7 because, out of the blue, our female dogs decided they hated each other. 2 years into their relationship. When I say hate, I mean--out to kill. Amazing they lived through it.

    Could that be reason enough for you to give her back? That the girls are not taking to each other?

    Trying to give you a guiltless out here. ;-)

  33. So tough! We actually have a dog I feel no connection to, lol! She's Jeremy's hunting dog, and she drives me NUTS! I still miss our Grizzly so :( It'll be a year next month.

  34. You know me Suz.
    I keep everything!
    : )
    If it even looks like it might need a home, it is welcome here.
    Much to Gary's chagrin!
    Now, if Juan or Naji needed a diaper, perhaps I would have said no.

    I wonder what will happen. She is pretty. You might start to love her. You never know.

  35. Good Morning, Suz,
    All I could think about all week was the big white dog and the look on her face. It was almost as bad as those commercials on TV...

    But I do know what you are already do have two big dogs...oh dear, such a decision to make.

    Anyway, I've be thinking about you...and watching to see the outcome. 'Talk' to you later. ~Natalie

  36. There is such a thing as too many pets, but it sure is going to be hard not to keep this one when Coach and Lo want her so much.
    Good luck. I'm betting you'll develop a connection if you keep her around long enough.


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