February 24, 2011

Not feeling it.


I have been feeling a bit like a crankmeister lately. Not sure why. I have a lot of good stuff going on…alas, I still feel a chill in my heart bones.


I dropped a bunch of face book friends. You know, the ones that want to friend you, but never really interact or anything. Why have them?

Like Tom Petty said, Stop draggin me (or my heart) around.

I am going to clean up my blog house too.


My big news for the week: I fertilized the property yesterday. Not an easy feat;  2.5 acres minus the house. Fun times. And some cretin prehistoric bug bit me on the calf. My job should come with a warning label.

I took Ozzie to the vet TWO times so far this week. Why?  He has a UTI. OR some stones. And not the rolling kind…. Cocoa has had this issue twice and now is dining on super duper expen$ive RX food.


Ozzie was apparently jealous of Cocoa…what with ONLY having the two eye $urgerie$ did not grant him enough attention. Dang street dog…..he is all uppity now with his internal issues.

He just read that and is upset. 

Never mind, a second has passed and he is happy again. goofball. 

Going back for another x ray today.


Sweet cheeks had a triple and two singles on Tuesday.


Going to find my happy….

Has anything made you happy so far this week?

I promise. I won’t complain anymore this year month.

Happy Gilmore OR Happy Days?




  1. Expensive vet bills must be in the water in Florida. Gussie my dachshund has an ENT type infection and my cat was just diagnosed with a goiter and needs surgery. Good grief. Here is to healthy pets!

  2. I need to go find a happy place this week, too. It's just been one of those weeks, several appointments and to much running around. If you find a happy place, let me know where it is and I'll come join you...

  3. The happy cheeks picture made me laugh out loud!

    What made me happy this week? One of my kids is doing SO great at work. It just makes me happy to no end. Often it feels like failure after failure up in there, but thank God for this one kid : )

    Who cares if they follow and don't comment? What does that matter? I don't look at blog stats or followers or any of that crap. I just have fun. I don't blog for them. I blog for me. Don't let it stress you out. That is just insane in the membrane.

    Ozzie is delectable. I want to hug him!

  4. hey suz!! so glad you got the garden done! i was so worried over it, to the point of losing sleep. i mean all that land, and only you to take care of it. lol

    poor lil doggie!! ohhhh, you better give him some special love from his auntie jo. he looks soooo pitiful. if he is like morgan or any other goggie i know...they go kickin and screaming to the vet....i have a visual. i have to drag, or pick up, she weighs a whopping 13 lbs, and carry her in. so, he wants the "special" food too? i have to buy morgan sojo's natural cuz she has tummy troubles. they have other kinds too. but i know what you mean about $$$$, i have to order it online since they don't sell it locally. its dehydrated, and i rehydrate with hot water. kind of a drag, but she loves it. and its all raw and fresh. hope your baby feels better.

    glad your sweetie got some good moves in the game! sounds like she may just have a talent there!! or a good daddy who coaches her??

    well, have a wonderful day....and you deserve a day of rest...all that gardening!! whew....i'm tired girl, take a chill pill!!

  5. I have had the blahs lately too. I think I just need a good dose of spring . . . unfortunately there is snow in tonight's forecase.

  6. Happy Days, for sure..since I have no idea about the other one. Yes, I am old. : )

    I know what you mean about the FB friends and the blog friends. I can't figure out why ppl want to 'collect' friends and then never talk to them. And then the 'friend of a friend' thing on FB really gets me. I don't even know them. I do not friend those. Is that bad?

    Your puppies are so cute. I hope he feels better soon. Vet bills are no fun. We had about $500 recently. Still giving meds and new diet etc. But she's a cutie so I guess we'll keep her around.

    Hope you have a good day and your mood lightens. I know sometimes it's just one of those days. : /

  7. happy days :)

    and happy DAY to you :) please don't delete me. i just couldn't take it! and then i'd have to send the cops over for some goat wranglin'. just sayin'...

  8. awww, he looks SO sorry for himself! I LOVE the shot.....

    Oh! and you've made me happy this week by putting a smile on my face ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  9. You've inspired me to dump some F.B. "friends" too. I got past the whole, "they friend me but never talk to me" thing. But I don't like those who continually bitch about others. It's just not nice.
    Take it easy!
    Your Friend, m.

  10. Ozzie looks so cute and adorable that I would find it hard to stay angry with him very long.
    I'm sorry you got bitten while fertilizing your property, but I am glad you got the job finished. Now, would you like to come up and do our yard?

  11. Girl, you need to get your happy back! :)
    Those eyes are so incredibly sweet. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.
    Happy Gilmore.

  12. awwww you will cheer up.. it's just your whore moans playing up. poor ozzie, i love him, that face is so darn cute... i STILL want yo dawgs! bella just had to have a growth on her tooth removed, and as you know boxers have to have a special anesthetic.. yeah, it was pricey too, 400 buckaroos that thank god my son paid for! i hear ya sistah.

    would a nice day at a spa getting a pedi and mani do ya some good? go get one, sistah! you deserve rejuvination with all that you do. plus, for me when it was getting time for one of my kids to go off to college, it was like a black cloud hangin over me head, cuz i was happy for each yet i still didnt wanna let go.

    did that strike a nerve? well, if not, gimme a hammer and i WILL.

    hugs to you, it'll get better. promise.

    what made me happy this week? gettin 2 units of blood and feeling better all over again.

    that is, until the NEXT freekin medical issue comes along....

  13. I've been trying to find my happy too. Wonder what it is? Oh yes, those vet bills can be outrageous. But they are so worth it!

  14. Vat eez deez book of Faces you speak ov? Very eenteeresting. Vorthy of an investigation! Ha ha ha!

    Bee, if ever there existed a blog title worthy of its writer, “Busy Bee” is it!

    You go on with yo bad a$$ self….cleanin’ your house, dog house, online house, cat house, not takin’ $h*t from no one and no dog cuz you’re busy spreading it around on your castle grounds.

    Sweet baby, Mama Bee needs time at the day hive spa! Mama’s Day is around the corner…hope your family is reading this comment (they better be!) “bee”cause a spa day is in order! That would surely be one thing to help you find your happy.

    Enough joshin’ around, time to get down to business. My grandmother has always said that when there is a lot of good going on and I feel “too happy, ready to spill over” then it’s normal to feel down ‘n out n’ cranky if you’re good with God. Cuz it means God loves me and wants to remind me to stay humble. Grandmothers, I tell ya…

    So, your inner crankmeister means you’re good with God and you’re a humble bee. Go ahead and try to make sense of that! I dare you.

    Poor Ozzie and Cocoa, all kinds of issues down there, huh? Sucks. I hope their UTIs clear up soon, at least before your bank account clears out. Why do they have to be so adorable? As if. I guess if I were that adorable, I’d use it to my advantage also. I’d get surgeries paid for and fancy diamond encrusted running shoes for every day of the week.

    Sweet cheeks has been accomplishing a whole lot these days, huh? ;-) Rock on, Sweet Cheeks, you are, as Tom Petty croons, “An American Girl!!!”

    This week my spin classes have been more phenomenal than usual, and my students have been my happy light in the pre-dawn hours. Also, Ed & I went to lunch with my own Mama, which hasn’t happened since we got married. No drama, no tears, no name-calling, just a good, “happy” lunch. Both of our mamas are slowly coming around and getting used to the idea of a marriage between a Catholic boy and a Muslim WOMAN. That was particularly of note in the happiness department as well.

    If all else fails in your happy search, do as your pups would.
    Get nekkid,
    run out in the yard,
    roll around in as much stinky fertilizer as you can,
    fling your leg over your head,
    lick your fun parts,
    and then run back inside to the pristine leather couch,
    plop your astronaut down,
    and take a long, satisfying nap.

    When you wake up, someone will surely give you a chew toy, prepare your dinner, and rub your belly. It works for le dogs, right!? LOL!


    p.s. Happy Days for me, loved that Potsy.

    p.p.s. C’s “whore moans” made me laugh so hard I peed a little in my fancy suit.

    p.p.p.s. (too many pees in this post) feel free to complain & “moan” to us anytime…it’s your blog to rule as you wish, Lil Miss Queen Bee.

  15. I think sometimes happy needs to take a everything there is a season...and they can't all be perfect!

    It's OK to be off once in awhile, beautiful lady.

    Sending you a hug until it all feels right again, though.

  16. Ok, first of all, Happy Days, hands down!!!

    I can't even relate to the whole dropping friends thing, cuz I don't Facebook.

    I CAN relate to the super expensive dog food, though, cuz my mutt's been on prescription food for years now. That damn dog is costing me my retirement fund!!!

    You can complain here anytime you want, Sista. Isn't that what our blogs are for?!

    To see what made me happy this evening, come on over for a visit.

  17. There is no other way to put it: you are absolutely awesome, all of your family, and I love hearing about your days :) That bug? Shhesh! Probably thought you were sweet :) poor baby Ozzie and Cocoa! What can I be happy about? Everything. I am so fortunate. Best wishes to you and everybody else.

  18. Since I need to find a happy pill myself I so get you on all this. I hope you find your happy soon...sending you some smiles, love and hugs your way. ((((Suz)))

  19. So how do you know a dog has a UTI? We had a cat with those problems and have used Science Diet with all the others since then. Now we have two cats who are FIFTEEN years old and driving us a bit crazy. One pulls her hair out and the other is too fat and tired to take good baths so we deep comb her 2-3 times a week. The thing I hate most about vet bills - - other than the cost - - - is you can't count them on taxes as medical expenses!!!!!

  20. Happy Days for sure.

    I'm spending today coughing, blowing my nose and dozing--and really hoping that I feel better when the alarm goes off at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

    I'm glad the senior softball season is shaping up to be a "hit"!

  21. I may be one of the people who is "lurking" on your blog and bothering you by not commenting. I found your blog via another blog I read. I clicked on your link and immediately enjoyed what I read. You are so cheerful and funny and it just makes me happy to read your posts.

    However, when I visit the few blogs that I follow, I rarely post. I am not a blogger myself, so don't always know the rules. It is not meant to be weird or creepy, or to make you angry. I don't mean to be a stalker or a lurker. It's just that I don't always have a lot to say.

    Please believe me when I say thank you for such a delightful blog. I will try to comment more often.

  22. I may be one of the people who is "lurking" on your blog and bothering you by not commenting. I found your blog via another blog I read. I clicked on your link and immediately enjoyed what I read. You are so cheerful and funny and it just makes me happy to read your posts.

    However, when I visit the few blogs that I follow, I rarely post. I am not a blogger myself, so don't always know the rules. It is not meant to be weird or creepy, or to make you angry. I don't mean to be a stalker or a lurker. It's just that I don't always have a lot to say.

    Please believe me when I say thank you for such a delightful blog. I will try to comment more often.

  23. Happy about: getting rid of the otter poop, smell and party leftovers at my parents' house; knowing my boy got home safely from skiing; finishing a draft of a project; having a beer with my honey; watching the Zags play b-ball; having a warm house when it's in the 20s outside; my honey is rubbing my neck as I type this; knowing you! xoxoxo Hope this cheers you up.

  24. Awe, I'm sorry you're not feeling your mojo these days... Vegas is going through the same thing, not the greatest of times. Luckily moods pass, yes? like clouds moving from the sun :-)

    What foods are your doggies eating now?

  25. With all the dog health issues and facebook de-friending, I can see why you're not feeling up. Gee, you'd probably de-friend me on facebook, since I rarely even look at my account. My only excuse is that my kids signed me up, then the friends signed on, and I just don't have enough time to keep up!

  26. What's made me happy this week? Finding time to come read you again..
    Sorry about the nothappiness. It gets better, really :)


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