January 30, 2009

Mish Mash Fair Smair

Yesterday I made a comment that "I don't care about my nails" and it made me think: "hey, they are all almost the same length (for once) perhaps I should paint them." And I did.

What is the occasion you ask? You know you were wondering what I am doing in my ever so glamorous life.......

We are headed out for a fun filled day tomorrow..... I know most of you will be soooooo jealous......we are going to the South Florida Fair.

It is right down the street from Coach's parents house and where Coach and I went every year as kids and then as teens.

Yes, I did my nails for the carnies. Really, if you think about it, brushing my teeth would be overdoing it for the carnies. I know that was mean, sometimes it just slips out.

I have some good memories attached to the fair though.....I recall as a little kid in elementary school, each year we would go to the fair w/ our class. I looked forward to this.

My MOST favorite part? The corn dogs. Yes, even back then, it was all about the food.

Apparently in my neglected childhood (hi mom), I did not get corn dogs. (although we had hot dogs, I suppose we could not afford the corn part)

I can still remember sitting at the picnic tables when we could get our lunch from the vendors and eat together as a class...ohhh how I loved that corn dog. Most of the kids went for the elephant ears, or a slice of, my drug of choice was the corn dog.
I can't tell you if any, what ride was my favorite back then...all I remember is the corn dog and that freaky mirror house...I still have nightmares about that place.

I also remember going a few years with my Aunt Debbie (she was only about 7 years older than me) and my Brother...we would go into the exposition halls and wander around. There was ALWAYS a jewelry vendor there. And they ALWAYS sold a "grab bag." My aunt Debbie would get me one...I think it was a dollar. I remember getting this fabulous 18kt and Sapphire ring one year. It was so gorgeous. I loved it so much. I wore it all the time......Years later, we were robbed and the ring was stolen.

Ok, so it was not really 18kt gold or really sapphire. But I loved that tarnished/green/rusted ring with the genuine (fake) blue stone. It was so deluxe, that it even had an adjustable band. Top that. mmmmnnnn didn't think so.
Luckily, my Mom made sure I was always up to date on my tetanus shots too....

As teenagers, we went to the fair for totally different reasons. Boys. Hello? What a great place to meet some guys. Another reason my girls will not go unattended. (Sorry girls)

Coach and I went several times as we were dating. I mean, where else are you going to get a Metallica poster and an air brushed t-shirt? (I still have a wife beater that says Suz and Coach, it is size -0)
I think the last time we went was in 1992. Just after we got married and just prior to moving to TX. On that visit, they had just started to do the "bungee jumping." Our good friend Don was with us and he paid the $ to the top of the jump off point and then he changed his mind.....I felt really bad for him....cause my silly butt was not going up there...but the guys (coach) gave him heck about it....I am sure he will never live it down...especially since he is going with us this weekend!!!!!

**I am hoping to win an ashtray or a lovely set of mismatched glasses....But oh, how I loathe the harassment by the carnies though....wish me luck.

I wonder if they still have the Bearded woman....or perhaps she found out about laser electrolysis by now.

Last year was the first year I ever went to our county fair. (we have lived here 11 years)

Truthfully, we ONLY went because Linds was performing with her dance group. (again NEXT weekend too) After visiting our piddly little fair last year, Coach proclaimed that we needed to take the girls to a REAL fair...the one WE grew up with. Hence the reason for our visit this weekend.

So, alas. We will go. We will have fun. Coach's Mom, Step Dad, and some of our oldest and dearest Friends from the East Coast will join us.

My girlfriend *H and I were talking about it earlier this week...she proclaimed that she could not wait to get her hands on a corn dog. IT made me laugh....cause, after last year at our piddly fair, I have declared a new love at the fair....the Roasted Corn on The COB.......

Oh, it is just dripping in cholesterol good. My NEWEST drug of choice.

We laughed how the food is so good...but oh, so bad....and we will eat till we are sick.

(gluttony at it's finest)

Then we both decided, that NO ONE leaves the fair until someone throws up. Yep. new RULE.

I just realized I went from talking about giving myself an manicure to throwing up.

My writing capabilities are endless.

I hope everyone has a great weekend....minus any throwing up. That will just be for me.

If you don't hear from me come Monday...send help...I am stuck in that wacky mirrored house again.

Honest Scrap

I received this award from Mom X 2

at first when I saw this...I thought it meant I was "scrappy." You know, kinda tough for a lil' person. But it does not mean that at all.

But seriously though, I am scrappy, so don't mess with me. really. I can put a hurtin' on ya'.
As long as I don't mess up my nails....
Just kidding, I don't care about my nails.....

Thanks Mom X 2, You are a gem.
I love your blog even though it has a math equation in it...I loathe math.

The rules for this award are:

First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap".

Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.

(why honest? hello, this is the Internet.....this is no place for honesty)

aye yi yi...I always break into a sweat choosing who to pass these on, being the kid who was always picked LAST for kickball......I get an anxiety attack leaving anyone out.

But alas, I will do it, I am not going to cop out and give it to EVERYONE like SHE always does.

So, this has worked for me in the past. I will give it out to the last 7 commenter's (at this time)

Because really, I don't read bad stuff....all my time spent reading has to be for brilliant blogs.

I have standards. really. I do. And they are pretty high. darn it.

  1. Tammi. Her blog title is: "I can't believe anyone would want to read this." Seriously, why did I not think of this...that is what I say to myself every time I hit the "publish" button...but alas Tammi, I read your stuff. :)
  2. Pamela at Siren Sense. She and I have mucho in common, what with our OCD tendencies and being blessed with sloppy children. Irony at it's finest.
  3. Cassie at In amazing Graceland. Cassie always has something nice to say...she has some pretty adorable pups and she lives in one of my favorite places ever....Arizona!
  4. Jen at Unglazed. Here is a sweet gal living in a bonafide Log Cabin with her sweet pups (oh, and her hubby). She takes great pictures and is sometimes full of crock. (You know, to collect)
  5. The running girl ...If ever there was someone to make me feel soooo lazy.....she runs..literally all the time. She has a great family and again...dogs...are we seeing a pattern w/ the pups?
  6. C . Her blog title is Midwestern Mama with a New York heart. She has heart all right...she leaves me the sweetest and well thought out comments. She is pretty funny too....
  7. Jenn at Juggling Life ....she was one of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of stumbling on to....I never miss a posting of hers and I don't think she has missed any of mine....she is a brilliant writer and a very smart mother that I have learned a thing or two (ok, 76 things) from.

That was the easy the honesty.

  1. I hate loathe going to the grocery store. I will put it off as long as possible. Sure, we can make dinner out of lasagna noodles, canned beans and frozen bread.
  2. I don't usually care too much about the cleanliness of my car, but my house? that is a different story. I find that most people put too much emphasis on their vehicles and not the sanitary state of their kitchens.
  3. I secretly think I could be the Super Nanny. I see parents make huge mistakes all the time in public...really, if they asked for my help, I would.
  4. I never stop wondering what my life would be like if my Dad AND my Brother were alive.
  5. I wish I had went away to college.
  6. Sometimes I wish I had a few more kids.
  7. I can't wait till Coach can retire and we can annoy each other full time.
  8. I LOVE my appliances. (the ones that work that is)
  9. I think my kids are my most fantastic accomplishment.
  10. I would love to have 10 hours of sleep each night. really, I could do it.

January 29, 2009

Drunk on Life.

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw her this way today.....
Drunk on life
And reason #1 as to why I wear earplugs to sleep. I think you know who reason #2 and #3 are....

January 28, 2009

Bee Update.....

A few were asking how the Bedroom after the flood AND how the bathroom renovation were going...some of you are really nice and really do care. awww...

Well, **fingers crossed** it seems our bedroom floor will survive. YEAH!! We dried it out all weekend with a DE-humidifier and had the fans going was so loud that I slept in the guest room all weekend.
(I NEED complete silence to sleep, SILENCE I say!)

The bathroom is just mah-va-lous!!!
Marvelous is not saying enough. It is better than I had imagined it would be.
I think it is the nicest room in our house now. really.
Tonight we are having a dinner party in there. Too bad all of you live to far away, plus you only live in the computer anyway.... ;0

We are not done yet, and I won't post too many pictures now, because we still have some punch work to do for shower...toilet....hardware for cabinets....faucet for tub....But we are getting there.

Ok, maybe I will put in a teaser picture. :)

I know....pretty darn fab.

I have been cleaning for days it seems....the bathroom itself is sparkling...but our closet was trashed and our bedroom getting all the dust and debris out makes me feel SOOOO much better...have I mentioned my NEED for clean and tidy??? hmm??? OCD????

really, I was washing all the sheets, towels, throw rugs, clean up towels (from the flood) and in doing all this, Coach went to get dressed for work on Tuesday morning and he had NO clean slacks. For me, that is quite HORRID. I usually make sure he has at least 4 days worth cleaned and ironed. I felt so bad, he had to go to work in jeans....

Oh, what the employees must be saying about me.....
ha ha :)

Yeah, I suppose if that is the worst thing that happens this week, we are pretty lucky.


Now on to my Lo. My lovely, lovely 15 year old angel.

I think I mentioned a few months ago that she has been having horrid headaches...since the spring.

She had a cat scan of her sinuses in December. They concluded that she has a deviated septum which causes sinusitis. Which in turn, keeps the head-achy feeling she is living with.

She also has terrible allergies. Poor thing.....

Her regular Dr. said we needed to see an ENT.

We did last week. And I wanted to run out of the office screaming "this man is a bit crazy"...cause he was....he was all over the place with his diagnosis, his plans for her, possibly surgery, new allergy "drops"...all sorts of crazy stuff.

So, we paid our co-pay and swiftly Lo had to call 911 when I fell to the floor after seeing the bill the Dr. was going to send to my insurance company for our 20 minute appointment ($800.00) Paleeeezzzze.

We saw another Dr. on Monday and I liked him instantly....I should have gone to him first, we saw him years ago when Lo had a piece of pencil lead stuck in her ear. (another blog post)
Well, long story short(er) he prescribed steroids for her. He said he was being aggressive in treatment, and it would be a hellish week for her, but hopefully she will be as good as new next week.
Well, hell it was. The child was miserable all day....crying, headache, body aches....just a mess.
I went to check on her this morning and she could hardly get out of bed....I kept her home and I have put in 2 calls to the Dr's office as to whether we should continue, try a different dosage or what??....have not heard back yet.

If I have to drive down help me......
She is feeling better, but I need to know what to do next....


In my haste to shorten the short story, I forgot to mention that Dr. number #2 looked a the Cat scans and said she CLEARLY does not have a deviated septum, but her sinus cavity is FULL of stuff. The 1st Dr. did not see her Cat scan, but looked through a borescope Dr. #2 also looked through a borescope and said the septum was fine. ?????

That is what the steroids are supposed to do...clean that out her sinus cavity and she can start fresh. He added Singulair to her morning routine and she will continue with zyrtec in the evenings.

Gosh, I hope it works.

January 27, 2009

The blonde moments...they keep coming up....

Coach was reading my blog with me (yes, we are THAT romantic..don't hate) and we were looking at BloNdE MomEnt number 71 (The mittens)....he laughed....he read all the comments and laughed again.....By the way....he always reads YOUR put some thought in there people..... :)

As he was walking away he said: "Oh, I am so glad you did not write about the time I took Lo to the restroom in Marie Calendars when she was little"

ME: Oh, crud...I forgot about that time...I MUST blog it. :)

Coach's Blonde Moment:

.....when Lo was a toddler...and we were still living in TX we went to dinner at Marie Calendars. (oh, how I loved going out to dinner back then.....I suppose now too....But it was such a treat in the "lean" years)

Being the fabulous father and husband he was (is).....When Lo said she needed to potty, Coach offered to take her so I could finish my dinner.

I had dressed her in a cute little plaid dress and her white tights and nice shoes.

(Cause, I was the perfect Mommy...REALLY!)

As they were coming back from the potty, he was waaaaay ahead of her...and she was just moving soooooo slow through the dining room.

I noticed many people looking at her as she waddled across the dining room....I thought:
"oh, those folks are noticing how lovely my child is dressed"....*I am the PERFECT mommy*

Then when they finally get back to the table......I notice what the other NICE folks are staring at.....

Oh, lordy...Baby sweet little darling has her tights down to her ANKLES. !!!???!!!
Daddy, forgot to pull up her tights!!!!

No wonder she was waddling sooooo slow...I thought she was impersonating a penguin!!

We laughed so hard.....

It is always important to laugh at YOURSELF. Right???

Lo and My Baby Daddy.

January 26, 2009

C is for....

Cozy Comfort

After a hard day of Playing (dog's work) It is nice to curl up w/ your best friend.

Brought to you in part by: A to Z Mondays

January 24, 2009

Blonde Moment #10

The Mittens

I am pretty sure most people are familiar with mittens and their purpose....

...To keep little hands warm

Well, that seems easy enough. Easy enough for someone who has ever had them growing up.

Coach and I both are Florida natives. SOUTH Florida.
There was never a need for mittens as we were growing up.

I did a bit of time (5 years) in Atlanta as a teen, but I still never had mittens. Gloves? yeah. but never mittens.

When we moved to Texas as newlyweds, we did not know too much about winter garb.

When we had Lo, I was all of 25. Still a baby myself.

Her first winter as a toddler, I went out and bought her a nice warm jacket and a pair of mittens.

And thank you Lord, they made these mittens with a string attached so you would not lose one of them.
Who was the genius that came up with that????
ok, not so much a genius on my part though......

I seriously took my child out to play with the mittens on and the string hanging on the OUTSIDE Of her coat. THE OUTSIDE!!!

My neighbor friend saw us toddler TRYING to play, but she was handcuffed by this string...

She, clued me in that you are supposed to keep the string INSIDE the coat, so the child can take them off her hands AND not lose them.
Who the heck knew this?
apparently lots of people. Just NOT me.

I had the biggest "surprised" look on my face when I realized this....


She was 6 by the time we learned that deer don't make good pets either....

January 23, 2009

Signs that I am getting old(er)

        I started this list a while ago and just added a new one this week.....I am sure the list will grow as I shrink. Some of this stuff, well it just kind of sneaks up on you and BAM!

        • You try to go from the sitting position to standing upright and your right hip decides that the sitting position was better......

        ouch. that was me, the other day....
        • You reach back into your back pocket to get out your wallet....just to pay for lunch at Chic-fil-a and you pull a muscle in your back. It hurts so bad that you can hardly hand the teenage worker your money. Instead you kinda' just flop your wallet towards him to take what money he needs out....


        That happened to Coach recently. We all had a good chuckle at his expense.

        • No one told me that painting a bathroom was considered a "workout". Because, had I known this, I would have been smart and actually stretched PRIOR to the painting. A 10 foot ceiling and me going up and down the ladder, don't mix. My shoulders and upper back are killing me from reaching UP. My calves and hips hurt from the climbing UP and DOWN.


        I think my muscles are freeezing uppppppppppppppppp

        We will have matching "deluxe" wheelchairs in about 20 years.

        I hope by then they are motorized too.

        Has anyone else been smacked in the face (or leg, arm, neck) by reality yet?

        January 22, 2009

        It it ain't fixed...then don't broke it!

        ohhhh, the story of our life. It is always something...and it always will be SOMETHING.

        You fix ONE thing......surely within the hour 4 more items will be in need of repair.


        One day...we will live much simpler...I just know it.

        We were making headway on our bathroom remodel. WERE.

        Two steps forward ONE step back.

        Plumbing lines. Done. good.
        Drywall. Done. good.
        Drywall mudding. Done. good.

        Stone work. Done. Stupendous.
        Painting. Done. Good.
        Trim carpenters. almost done. almost.

        They were almost done until they hit a water line witha nail as they were intsalling the baseboard.
        The water went from behind the walls...skipping the bathroom and
        went directly to the bedroom.
        They did not realize this happened until it looked like a tsunami hit in our master bedroom.

        on our wood floors. on our wood furniture.

        And of course in a moment of panic...we can not locate the main water turn off switch.

        (why, oh why, do we have so many hose lines, water pump thingys and other confusing pipes in the back?)

        By the time we reached Coach by phone, it looked like I needed an ark in there.

        The men finally found the spot where the nail hit the pipe. Of course, much drywall had to be removed, along w/ the newly installed baseboard.


        Not sure the fate of our bedroom floor. It is a floating floor. literally now.

        I have windows open, fans running and I keep going back in to smash down the corners and watch the water bubble up from underneath to sop it up. fun times.

        Ok. It will all be ok.
        It is just floors....

        How much corona do we have in the house?

        I decide to move onto something that I can tackle, since the men are handling all the mess now...

        The guest bathroom that Coach and I have been using is getting a beating I suppose.

        The shower curtain liner is hanging on by a thread. Daily it seems, a new ring will fall off from the liner holes breaking....

        I purchased a new one yesterday.
        big whoop $5.99
        Easy peasy, lemon squeesy.

        I thought they were all a standard size.

        Heck, I thought the shower was a standard size.
        I should have known better.
        We just don't seem to do standard anything around here...

        I learned something new. again.

        I was on a step stool inside the shower attaching the rings to the new liner. I finished. I stepped out of the shower and turned to behold this:
        I laughed so hard at myself.

        I don't have time to run out and get a new one I improvised.

        I bet Coach would not even notice.....aside from the fact that the rod will now hit his eyebrow...

        I could add this to my long list of Blonde Moments.

        P.S. The pool pump is officially dead today too.

        January 21, 2009

        And he is off again......

        Linds and Chris
        West Point 2006

        My wonderful Cousin Chris....he has left the building Country again.

        Today he is heading back to Afghanistan to finish up his first tour.
        He was home (Atlanta) for a few weeks to enjoy his mid-tour break. We were hoping to meet up with him on our way home from N.C. a few weeks ago....but he got held up in some mid eastern country......some nerve, right?

        The next to best thing to meeting face to face? Skype of course.

        Linds has a camera on her pc. She speaks to my Mom, my Aunt and Uncle in Georgia and sometimes to her Grandma who lives 4 miles away.

        So we set up a skype chat with Chris. Unfortunately (and normal) we did not have all 4 of us at home when we did it was just Linds and I.

        He was a bit pixelated compared to "real life."

        I thought he looked a bit "lego-ish." But still cute handsome.

        And, no he was not in a parade at the Aunt still had up the Christmas tree. (For Chris)

        If you can, please take a moment and say a prayer for his safety as well as all our servicemen and women....they are THE true hero's.

        January 20, 2009

        4 X 4 Meme

        I was tagged for this by Big Hair Envy .

        This is one of the easiest tags to do....I really like easy stuff.

        Here are the rules:
        1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
        2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
        3. Explain the picture.
        4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

        this is a funny one...because of course there is a story with it.
        This is the summer of 2007. Our first summer we vacationed at Bear Lake Reserve in N.C.
        Coach, myself and our 2 girls and the girls each brought a friend w/ them.

        Because we are like, totally the coolest parents evah....

        We decided to canoe one day at the lake. Our big idea: Canoe out to the "rock Island."
        Sure, it does not look that far. But of course objects in mirror are further away than they....oh, that is something different. Sorry.

        Coach, he ended up w/ the 2 athletes in his canoe. plus, he is a man. A man w/ muscles.
        I have Lindsay (dancer) and her friend in the canoe. And me. Lacking muscles.
        It took us 3x longer to make it to the rock island...mostly because we took the zig zag scenic route. I was so exhausted and frustrated by the time we got to the rock. I remember just hitting the side of the rock w/ our canoe, getting out and handing coach my paddles and I let him pull the canoe up to the top of the island.

        It ended up being a great time, just a fun day for the kids. We found a rope swing on the other side of the island too.....But I will never forget the zig zagging across that lake....
        This was, of course before we learned that there were lots of water snakes too. that would have made my anxiety level just a tad higher..

        I always have a hard time choosing who to tag....
        I will pick the last 4 peeps who commented on my last post:

        The engine of the family

        Clippy Mat


        Rusin Roundup

        January 19, 2009

        B is for......

        Boxer Butts!!!
        It's not too late to join A-Z Mondays!!!!

        January 18, 2009

        Watch out.....It's raining Iguanas!!!!

        I won't complain about our winter temperatures.....that would be crazy of me. (It is 68 and clear/sunny as I type this) But for tropical life, it is cold.......could you imagine walking through your yard and an Iguana falls to the ground next to you?
        It happens....

        This was in our local news yesterday:

        Temperatures fall, so do iguanas

        The chilly weather in Southwest Florida this week was cold enough to force some iguanas to fall from trees.

        Experts say the cold-blooded reptile's bodies basically shut off and go into a deep sleep when the temperature falls into the 40s they then lose their grip on the trees.

        According to Collier County Domestic Animal Services control supervisor Dana Alger, iguana reports traditionally rise when temperatures drop, as the reptiles seek to warm themselves on asphalt surfaces such as sidewalks, roads and driveways.

        Most of the iguanas were once pets that got released when they were too big.

        A few years back, we found one in our yard. It was about 4 ft long. Not very nice either.
        A few months ago, I had to slow down on a busy street to let one cross.

        Where my Grandma lives in Miami, they are everywhere!!!!
        All because people buy them, then when they are too big, they just release them and then they become a nuisance.
        Any exotic animals running around where you reside?

        Cute little boogers aren't they???

        January 17, 2009

        Lifestyles of the rich and famous....

        (I wrote this a few weeks ago and did not post it. I thought twice about it. Then forgot about it again. aw, heck. I went through the trouble to write it, may as well post)

        That post title has very little to do with my thoughts today...but it was stuck in my head just the same. So it stays.

        Recently, a good friend of mine being funny said to my girls: (as she was working on her pc)

        "Have a secretary, don't be a secretary."

        I laughed when she said this (because I once was an admin. asst.) and I spouted out:

        "Have a housekeeper, don't be a housekeeper."

        Which was ironic because at the moment I was cleaning the kitchen.
        And I am the keeper of our house.
        A stay at home Mom (or Dad) is, in a sense, a housekeeper. I keep house. I keep my family. I keep my husband. I keep everything. I am the keeper of all things.

        There have been times in the last 14 years that I second guessed this choice I made.

        Usually it is because of outside influences: Friends that would never dream of quitting a career to stay at home; the crappy media; and perhaps just people who allude that perhaps I sit around eating bon bons all day watching soap operas. (I have never eaten a bon bon and I gave up soaps 14 years ago. )

        I suppose too, that the UPSIDE to all that is that I have always had positive thoughts and comments from the people that matter the MOST: Coach, my Mom, my In-laws.

        For a few years, this stay at home mom did not seem to be home much. Once the kids were in school, so was I.

        I volunteered many hours a week. Chaired many committees on the PTA, arranged field trips and class parties.
        I led a very active girl scout troop and provided great memories for countless girls.
        When I would run into the naysayers, I would get this: "wow, you are doing soooo much stuff, it must be nice to have so much time on your hands."

        WHAT? I never got that. If I put my time to good use...then it was because I had an excess of time? HUH???

        I never, ever judged any parent that chose working over being at home....but it seemed that I was being judged. Not always, but sometimes.
        Then I wonder. Why do I care what others think? really. I. should. not. care.

        I have had some part time jobs since the girls started school.....and none of them fulfilled me as much as being at home.
        Sure, it is great to be able to tell people when they ask that YES, I am working. But, when I am at home, I sure as heck seem to be working too. (okay, a bit of blogging too:))

        We have a beautiful house, and it seems to be on steroids. It is a full time job to take care of. When I was working the part time jobs, everyone felt it here. Things did not roll as nicely. Laundry was piling up, dinner was not planned as well, groceries were scarce, Dr. appts were delayed, I was stressed......So maybe, being at home is just MORE convenient to my kids, husband, animals, me?

        I don't know....I suppose I still feel guilty that I had the choice to work outside the home or not.

        In the beginning it was tough going from 2 incomes to one.
        I went to the store w/ coupons and a calculator. Then for a while, the living was easy....and I could buy what we needed and wanted.

        Now, getting back to the coupons and the calculator makes me rethink things......

        Not looking for any brilliant answers or ideas....just me spouting out thoughts. ;)

        I am sure I am not the only person who feels or has felt this way.
        Anyone else ever struggle with the choices you have made?

        January 16, 2009

        Boxers are are babies.

        I saw this on the Bonnie Hunt show and thought it was the cutest!!!
        Boxers are really good with little ones. Cocoa has had toddlers crawl all over her and she never makes a peep. Of course she looks at me like: "what am I...A jungle Gym?

        Alphabet Meme

        Crazy Mo has a Letter Meme going. I played along because it is easy and I like easy.
        Here's the deal:
        Leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter.
        Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
        Post the list on your blog.
        When people comment on your list, you assign a letter, and the game continues.
        I will only assign a letter if you request it, so don't hesitate to comment ...

        I was given B.

        1)Boxers. They are so darn cute. I love 'em to know I am speaking of the dogs. right? not the underoos.

        2)Bedroom. Our bedroom. I love it. I would love to stay in there all day if I could. It is just perfect.

        3)Bathtub. Oh, I can't wait till our remodel is done and I can soak!!!!

        4)Blogging. well, not so much the blogging myself, but reading blogs. Love it. It has replaced TV and reading books and magazines for me.

        5)Bees. of course. right? Well, I don't have any real bees. But I do like decorative bees.
        Funny thing is, my oldest is terrified of bees. and somehow she is convinced that it is my fault. huh?

        6)Bags. not just purses, cause I have been using the same purse for over 2 years. Mostly I like shopping bags. you know, the reusable GREEN bags that EVERYONE should be using. I have quite the collection. I love em'. I also like suitcases and duffel bags.

        7)Bananas. I try to eat one everyday. Still, I can't climb trees or screech really loud. but I keep trying.

        8)Babies. really. I love them too much. I still dream of having another one. Well, only in my dreams. They are just so cute. I want to nibble on their fat little cheeks.

        9)Brancott Wine . The Sauvignon blanc is awesome. my favorite.

        My Mom. My Favorite Mom.
        She is my biggest fan.
        And I love her to bits. Love you Mom.
        Oh, and heeeyyyyy......
        (that is how my Mom says is a nice drawn out southern, sweet "heeeeyyyyy")

        January 15, 2009

        Lies I have told my Children

        And some of them are still being perpetuated even today......

        • When the girls were younger, they asked me one day for a brother. I told them: "you already have a brother; Bob. He does not behave, so he lives in the attic. If you don't behave, you will also live in the attic." We still discuss Bob. Some of their friends even ask about him on occasion too. Yeah, we are a little wacky. But Bob likes us that way.

        • When the girls would act out physically as little know, jumping around, bouncing, like little kids do, we would tell them that they are going to hurt themselves. "We would tell them that when they hurt themselves, then they will have to go to the hospital. When they go to the hospital, they will have to get a shot. .....In the eye." Of course, they did not believe us......Still, when they have to get their shots today...they always want to know: "Just where am I getting this shot?"

        There are more. I must dispense tid-bits like these in small doses.

        Still patiently waiting for that Mother of the year award.



        anyone out there???

        Oh, hang up the don't need to call child and family services...the girls are fine.

        If they were disturbed, would my youngest say THIS to me?

        really. they are.

        What lies did your parents tell you?

        any doozies? you know, I could use some more....

        January 14, 2009

        He makes me laugh....and I may be a goner.

        Coach is very active in the community. He always has been...sometimes to a fault.
        He has volunteered for little league, the county's building industry assoc., reading at the elementary school and endless hours he has given to girls wanting to learn the art of softball.

        He has a lot of local connections, through his business, softball and just because of his fabulous personality. Not to mention, his "trophy" wife. (kidding, wouldn't that be fun though?)

        So, during this whole economic downfall, has really taken a beating business wise. He has held out much, much longer than other businesses similar to ours because of his good planning and his mad business skills, but still it is catching up.

        He is a pro-active kind of guy though. He always amazes me with what he can and will do.

        Just before Christmas he contacted one of our "big" builders/developers in town for a little one on one meeting. He was looking for info on the upcoming building developments....and any thoughts that this cohort might have for our business. Really, just looking for a glimpse into the future from someone else....someone on his level, but may have some other insight.

        That same week he had a one on one meeting with one of our state senators. He told me he was meeting him for breakfast. I said: "you know a senator?"
        "Oh, yeah, we put cabinets in his house years ago.... " Mr. Nonchalant.
        He was inquiring about the same things as with the builder.
        Not much came from the meetings, as far as I know. But he tries...

        This morning as he is leaving for work, he asks me: "Do you want to read the reply email I got from Mel Martinez?" (a state senator)
        Me: what?
        Coach: "I wrote to him and told him what I thought he needed to do to fix the housing industry...I did not ask....I told.... I didn't come right out and say that he and his colleagues were lazy bums...I just implied it."

        This made me laugh. AND after he left for work...I was still laughing inside. He just makes me laugh even when he is NOT trying to....

        Oh, the letter from Mel ....Pretty much a "ready reply"....... Cut/paste/send....yadda yadda yadda


        I may be a goner.

        My good friend, HWHL has had some health issues and claimed to be "melodramatic".
        Well, I am here to tell you that I am not in the least melodramatic. really.

        But, what I do have this week is some very, very strange symptoms.
        *****Paging Dr. Bombay, come in Dr. Bombay****
        (really, you remember that from Bewitched, right?)

        What ails me this week:

        • I got that new expensive crown put on last week, and it seems that my mouth may be rejecting it. I have a phantom pain, two teeth behind the crown in my molar now.

        • I have serious pain in my left big toe. But only while I sleep. really. It is like there is a stick type creature that crawls under the nail bed and just jabs, jabs, jabs, while I try to sleep.

        • When I bend over, I can feel pain on both sides of my lower jaw. Just in front of my ears. I am convinced, they are tumors.

        I am a goner.

        Start preparing your memorials now people.

        On the upside, my hair is growing out from that dreadful cut and I can have an open casket.

        January 13, 2009

        Voices in my head & THAT grouchy ol' cat

        "I've always been Crazy,
        but it's kept me from going insane."

        -Waylon Jennings

        That has been stuck in my head for days now.....perhaps a sign?
        Or could that be the line that possibly sends me to seek out professional help ?


        And, for your viewing pleasure:

        Does this box make my butt look big?

        Maisy, the grouchy cat.

        January 12, 2009

        A is for.....


        We are so proud and thankful to be a part of this wonderful country!!!

        Linds made this chalk art on 9/11/08

        This is part of A-Z Mondays.
        Thanks Jen.

        Not too late to join in the fun. Every Monday a new letter....for 26 weeks.
        Unless, of course they add more letters.....X and Z should be fun.

        On a side note.....

        Today is my Dad's birthday.

        He would have been 68. (Is that right Mom?)

        He died when he was 52.

        He was no prince, or ward cleaver for that matter, but he produced ME.

        That has to count for something good.

        I miss him everyday....I wonder what it would be like to have him in my life again...

        He got sick and died very quickly. 11 days quick. cancer sucks.

        Hug your loved ones.

        Love your hugged ones.


        Life can change quickly....

        Ever the Father's first words to me as I stepped out of the limo on our wedding day:

        "wow, you got THAT dress for $300.00???"

        Ignore the hair/ was 1991 for heavens sake. :)

        I almost have a bathroom.

        Which is good, cause I have not bathed in a long time.

        Showering counts though......right?

        This past week I have had some Men here ....and they are coming and going....all through my bathroom window.

        Whatever do the neighbors think of me???? Oh, heck it is too late for me to worry about that now........

        Just before we went on vacation I had a few guys work on the Electric parts.....I found out that some of those parts come in handy later when you want to see in the dark. duh?

        while we were gone my BIL did the plumbing part. I was not here, so I missed out on the plumbers crack part...snap.

        This past week, we had 3 men working on the drywall. Thanks to my wonderful electricians, who might be part beaver, or termite, there were MANY holes in the walls and ceiling.

        Then on Saturday we had 3 men come to put up the "mud".....the texture that goes over the drywall. I came in the bathroom after they were done and almost threw up.

        The smell was so bad. It smells like urine and cigarettes.

        Reminds me of old times.

        However, it is starting to look like a bathroom. I was hoping to put some paint on the wall on Sunday, but the mud has to cure longer than 24 hours.....again. Snap.
        And then Coach brought it to my attention that even the ceiling needs to be painted. I don't. do. ceilings.
        We will be on the hunt for a painter this week. :)

        Monday the flooring starts. and the shower tile. Same people. This could take a while.....

        Just before Christmas Coach emailed me the pictures of our cabinetry....SO, SO pretty.

        All the pieces are made separately, like furniture pieces.
        Cause he has mad, mad skills like that.

        Am I lucky OR what?

        The double sink vanity

        The storage pieces that will flank the tub on either side. For storage. Oh, I already said that.

        I could not locate my sit down vanity picture...but it looks like the sink cabinets, but shorter.

        My Dad used to tell me to marry a Dr. or a Dentist.
        Yeah, right.

        How about marry someone who can make stuff and afford dental/health insurance?????

        Plus, I think he likes me.

        In about 2 weeks.....***crossing fingers**** we should be able to use our bathroom again.

        I sure do miss it. :)

        I need a good soak.

        I also need to find my stuff again. It is all strewn about the house.

        not good for someone with o.c.d, a.d.d and other concerns.

        I am an "everything has a place, and a place for everything" kind of girl...this is making me bonkers.

        I hope I can hold on for a few more weeks......

        **Me, dialing the phone...."Hello, Embassy suites?"

        January 10, 2009


        I really loathe using that word. You know it can't be good if the first 3 letters spell DIE. hello?

        And the minute it comes out of my mouth.....I mean the SECOND it comes out of my mouth....I am FAMISHED. STARVED. MISERABLE.

        Seriously, I would make a terrible homeless person.
        Hungry all the time? ppfftt. That is for the birds.

        I thought about trying out the South Beach Diet because BHE was doing it, and I like to join in on any fun. That lasted all of 9 minutes.

        I should know better. really. I know how I am. I know who I am.

        A few (maybe 8) years ago I tried to do the Atkins diet. Coach did it and lost about 20lbs.
        At that time though, I had been eating cereal for breakfast for about 25 years.

        So after the 2nd day of NOT having cereal for breakfast, my head shot off of my neck and green spew starting shooting out all over the kitchen and the children were scared.

        ok, maybe not green stuff, but I was going bonkers.

        I felt like I could slap a puppy...if it would get me some carbs.

        In general, if I don't eat something every few hours I start to get a headache. I get the shakes. My mind can't focus. (ok, that can happen EVEN with food) I am a miserable little pile of hungry.

        I would not make it a day in prison, unless I snuck in some snacks.

        I have had some unpleasant side effects this week from trying to limit myself.

        Like the other day, I went to PETCO to get some supplies....oh, seriously, we should buy stock in that place.

        I had to get Dog food, cat food, cat litter, crickets for the lizards, cookies for the dogs and mice for the snake. yes, they see me coming and I singlehandedly fill a register for them!!!

        anyhoo, I digress. As I am looking for the dog food....I am reminded again that I am hungry.
        If you have a pet, you will notice that the manufacturers are coming up with new and exciting flavors w/ food and cookies.

        First of all, the dog's food choices are endless now.....venison, brown rice, chicken, oatmeal, pot roast, casserole.....I am not making this up!

        That was bad enough....but when I got to the cookies....holy mackerel.
        My mouth was and blueberry flavor, biscotti, sweet potato.....just endless.

        It is just a plethora of good flavors....

        I knew this was not normal....I realized I just can't diet....I.just.can'

        So, I ended up NOT doing the South beach diet. good luck to all of you forging ahead...

        I ended up getting some really yummy cookies.

        Bonus, they are good for my joints and hips and in a few days, my coat should start to be very shiny!!!!

        January 09, 2009

        Why bother?

        The question I ask myself everyday...

        why do I bother making the bed ?

        Cocoa makes herself at HOME and spends more time in it than anyone....

        She will wake from her nap at sometime and then come back in and REALLY tear it up....she loves to roll around in all the pillows....oh, the life of a princess.

        Those sheets are burgundy...they look pinkish in the pic. Notice that my pillowcases don't match...since we tore apart the bathroom, which held my linen closet, we have not had ONE matching set of sheets....for someone with my OCD, this can be painful to say the least. :)

        Smile Award

        Thanks to Jen at Unglazed for this lovely Smile award!!!!!

        I feel so good that I made someone smile. :)

        This is a fabulous award to receive, because, there are NO RULES to this award.

        Jen passed it onto 2 bloggers that made her smile so I will do the same....
        NOW, the hard part......
        All the blogs that I read make me smile, or else I would NOT read them.

        So, I am going to choose:

        The incredible Woody.
        She is such an easy, fun read. Don't be scared that she has a Black tongue, it is not contagious.
        Today she said all sorts of great stuff in post right here. She made me hurt my face I was smiling so much!
        Bonus? She is riding her butt off to raise money for cancer research!!! How awesome is that?


        Clippy at Tales from Clippy mat. She is from England living in Canada. She is really funny, especially when I understand her. (you know how those folks across the pond talk ;)
        This Post right here had me rolling......

        I hope everyone has something good to smile about today!!!
        happy Friday

        January 07, 2009

        Pet Peeves...that really peeve me....

        People who chew with their mouth open.
        Possibly worse? people who chew and talk with their mouth FULL and OPEN.
        I seriously could not live with anyone that did this. I saw an entire table of folks at Jason's deli the other night doing just this. I wanted to run up to them, grab them by the collars and tell them how disgusting they look and sound.
        I have had quieter encounters in a barn full of animals!!!
        maybe that would be too much?
        no, really, I should have done it. It may be my calling in this life.

        People who talk on their cell phones...all. the. time.
        If you are checking out at the grocery store, It is a slap in the face towards the cashier if you keep yap-yapping on the phone. really. RUDE.
        Oh, and yeah, the cashier and I laugh at how rude you are when you walk away still yap-yapping.

        In line at Starbucks? HANG UP. No one around you cares what you did last night. really. RUDE.
        No phone call is worth it. Your Mom, friend, husband will understand if you tell them that you will call them back. really. I do it all the time.

        Me? not RUDE.

        Please good lord someone else has to feel this way too......
        If you hold the door for someone and they completely ignore you...don't you want to take it back?
        I mean, if I could go back in time and just shut the door in the non-appreciative persons face, I would. (well, maybe I wouldn't, but it would feel a little good.)
        I don't know how many times I have been stuck holding the door for a person, then it becomes people and so many act as if I am a DOORMAN. They don't even say thank you!!!!!!
        I surely do hope when they get to where they are going that karma creeps up and hands them a flat tire, broken heel, lost keys, cold sore, etc.....

        Oh, I have many more peeves, but I don't want to show too much on one day.

        You may have guessed that I am a bit hormonal right now.
        What? WHAT DID YOU SAY? I am hormonal? What?
        Are you eyeballin' me?

        Oh, that was me. never mind.

        January 06, 2009

        Blonde Moment #8

        This is number 8 because I may have been around that age when this FIRST happened to me.

        When I was a kid, I apparently had some allergy issues that we did not know were happening.

        I would get dark circles under my eyes. I recall being told this by members, teachers, friends parents.

        "Suz, are you ok? You have circles around your eyes"

        This always perplexed me.

        I would go to the mirror and look for the circles. I would never find the circles.

        I would start to wonder if I had bad eyesight. I could not see the circles.

        Seriously, this is what I thought I must look like.

        I was always looking for those little circle shapes around my eyes....

        I won't tell you how old I was when I finally realized it was ONE BIG circle that I had!!!

        January 05, 2009

        Is there any good, clean fun to be had?

        I am quite the movie natzi around our house. I am the mom that did not let her kids watch

        PG 13 movies before they were 13. (even then, it was on a movie-by-movie case)

        Unlike most of their friends, who did.

        And boy did I hear about it.

        I don't let them watch rated R movies. Like some of their friends do. And boy do I hear about it. Not so much hearing about it from my girls, but from their friends.

        They are 15 1/2 and 13 now.

        You would think a PG 13 movie would be safe. right?

        Not so much.

        I took the girls and 2 of their friends to see YES, Man with Jim Carrey.

        Generally I am really good about checking out all the details of any movie prior to taking the kids by going to this site, called

        It is a member driven site, but you can get movie details without joining also.

        It will give such details as to how many S* cuss words, F* bombs.

        What type of nudity and how much smoking, drinking and violence etc....

        IT is a great tool for parents who are concerned about what their children are seeing.

        But, like I said, I did not visit the site prior.

        I must be in a vacation fog still.....

        And I seriously regret it.

        The movie, while a bit on the funny side, had way too many F* bombs. and A*holes and S*heads...well..... you get the gist. Too much cussing. Which just bugs the heck out of me.

        IT is NOT necessary to cuss to be funny. Right?

        The cussing was getting on my nerves...but then, they had to go and push me over the parental edge with a sexual scene that I wanted to jump up and cover all 8 of the eyes that I so innocently brought to the movie for some good, clean entertainment.

        I won't go into detail, but lets just say it was totally inappropriate and I think I may have scarred my children for life.

        I try to shelter the girls from all the bad stuff out in this world.

        I know they will be exposed to it someday...I just don't want it to be NOW!!!

        Where are all the good, funny family movies????

        I wish I could take it back......
        Is there anything enjoyable between Madagascar 2 and
        Dawn of the Dead?
        I strongly caution all the parents out there to check out this movie before taking your teens.

        There, that is my good deed for the day.

        where is my browine point?

        January 04, 2009

        Home Sweet Home

        We left N.C yesterday and the song stuck in my head all day was:
        "home again, home again, jiggity jigg".
        Where did that come from? is it a nursery rhyme?
        Who knows where the thoughts in my head come from....

        We made it back home last night after a delightful 12 1/2 hours in the car.

        When we left N.C it was 35 degrees. Upon pulling into our garage it was 75 degrees. (at night)
        Now I know why northerners come to Florida for the winter. :)
        The drive home was not so bad....if you are feeling perfectly well that is.
        I woke up yesterday morning with some sort of stomach bug and was afraid to put anything in there, not knowing how any food will mix with said bug.

        Not exactly a great feeling knowing that you have a 12 hour a car.... with no potty.
        Why, oh why did Santa NOT bring me that jet plane????

        My Mom (via phone) and my friend Kelly (my other mother) told me to have some soup...we stopped and got some Chicken noodle for me and I ate it over a 4 hour period. It stayed in the belly and I added a 1/2 a sandwich about 4 hours later. all good in the hood now. I think.

        I have been declaring that when I got home I was going to detox my body anyway....I just started earlier than I wanted to. :)

        Our cats, whom i just adore *cough*cough* are never pleased when we leave them alone. Which is so funny, because when we are here, they seem so NOT pleased that we are here.

        Cats? we will never understand each other.
        You would think they would be happy that we at least take the 2 large dogs away when we DO go...but nooooooo.

        Their sign of undying love and heartfelt affection they left for me this time?

        By peeing on BOTH of the Christmas tree skirts.

        Yes, they are sweet little felines....any one want them????

        I was pleased though to ONLY have one pile of throw up this time...and lucky for me it was not on our bed this homecoming.

        Lots of housework to the house. I was hoping some nice little Christmas fairies would come in and take care of all of this, but noooooooo.

        Our master bath is still tore up and even more of a mess now...the plumbing work started while we were you know how much dust comes up when someone is jackhammering your concrete floors???

        Lets just say, our black master bedroom furniture was a lovely shade of CONCRETE!!!!

        Me, complain?

        I was going to get on a rant about how MOST people on the road are clueless to the "left lane is for passing only" rule....but I will post that another day.
        Lets just leave it at: "if you are in the left lane, you best be passing someone and not regulating the speed at which I will be traveling." :)
        I have no road rage issues...but this is so irritating.

        Some last thoughts on my last getaway for 2008:

        Linds hiking White Side Mountain.

        The 2 reasons I need to detox.

        Too much good food and too much good wine.

        I love boxer butts.

        Baby, it's cold outside. The flip-flops on the left..... Belong to Coach.

        Getting away from it all?

        Getting away from it all.

        It is nice to vacation with friends you love...the same friends I vacationed with 20 years ago....the same friends I will vacation with in 20 years from now.

        Of course the accommodations just get better...but so do our clothes and hairstyles.

        January 01, 2009

        Ringing in '09

        Our last night of 2008!
        We have had some good **signs** that 2009 will be better business wise....that is good news for everyone...even you folks out there reading this.

        We had a nice home cooked meal then we put on our pretty clothes and headed down to the lake lodge for some new years festivities.

        We are so cute together...
        I can say this cause it is true!

        Don't we look like gang-bangers?
        Those signs I am throwing out mean: I'll have a glass of white please.....

        We got to the lake lodge early enough for a nice table by the fireplace and still able to view the live band.

        Coach has not been feeling well this week and he has a new addiction: HOT TEA!!!
        yes, even on new years eve he is drinking some hot tea.
        Have I mentioned how much I heart him???


        This picture cracked me UP. Don coming in for a happy new year kiss... but what is Coach doing behind me????

        The kids were wide awake when we got back home...we dressed them up for the new year!!!

        Things have to be looking up...I got an email from my Mom this morning and my Cuz Chris is on his way home to Atlanta for his 2 week leave from Afghanistan!!!!

        There may be a chance on us stopping by on our way home and giving him a big hero hug!!!!!

        Happy New Year!!!!!

        I hope everyone had a good night like we did!!!