January 27, 2009

The blonde moments...they keep coming up....

Coach was reading my blog with me (yes, we are THAT romantic..don't hate) and we were looking at BloNdE MomEnt number 71 (The mittens)....he laughed....he read all the comments and laughed again.....By the way....he always reads YOUR put some thought in there people..... :)

As he was walking away he said: "Oh, I am so glad you did not write about the time I took Lo to the restroom in Marie Calendars when she was little"

ME: Oh, crud...I forgot about that time...I MUST blog it. :)

Coach's Blonde Moment:

.....when Lo was a toddler...and we were still living in TX we went to dinner at Marie Calendars. (oh, how I loved going out to dinner back then.....I suppose now too....But it was such a treat in the "lean" years)

Being the fabulous father and husband he was (is).....When Lo said she needed to potty, Coach offered to take her so I could finish my dinner.

I had dressed her in a cute little plaid dress and her white tights and nice shoes.

(Cause, I was the perfect Mommy...REALLY!)

As they were coming back from the potty, he was waaaaay ahead of her...and she was just moving soooooo slow through the dining room.

I noticed many people looking at her as she waddled across the dining room....I thought:
"oh, those folks are noticing how lovely my child is dressed"....*I am the PERFECT mommy*

Then when they finally get back to the table......I notice what the other NICE folks are staring at.....

Oh, lordy...Baby sweet little darling has her tights down to her ANKLES. !!!???!!!
Daddy, forgot to pull up her tights!!!!

No wonder she was waddling sooooo slow...I thought she was impersonating a penguin!!

We laughed so hard.....

It is always important to laugh at YOURSELF. Right???

Lo and My Baby Daddy.


  1. That is why God blessed my husband with a tomboy and two real boys!!! He wouldn't know tights from a headband. All hell could break loose.

  2. What a wonderful photo. He sounds like a sweetheart...and funny, too! You deserve it. God bless you.

  3. That's hysterical! Ican picture her just waddling along. I love that picture. What a sweet Daddy...

    (whispering to Coach so Suz can't hear me) You're not only a great daddy, you are pretty cute too.

  4. Suz, I found this to be as funny as the mitten story. But as the father of a daughter I have to say -- Been There, Done That!

  5. Oh my that is funny! And because he is probably reading... way to go Coach!

    My hubby reads my blog too. And he laughs at me... A lot!

  6. Hi Coach! Awww, I LOOOOVE that photo! So beautiful.

    Did you know that your wife might have missed her calling? She could write for sitcoms and give Tina Fey a run for her moolah. :-)

    "impersonating a penguin".....HaHaHaHa!!!

  7. man oh man! i can't believe he ruined your reputation like that!! (i only said that cuz i know he's reading!) funny funny story... i guess this just proves that he never wore tights :)

  8. I have to defend him. We guys just aren't used to all that stuff you women have to wear.

  9. What I don't get is why people don't just tell you. I mean, it's cute on a little kid, but when it happened to me, not a soul clued me in.

  10. Oh what a cute story, Suz.... Poor Lo.. SO abused!!!! And to think---Coach isn't a blonde (is he?), so he has NO excuse!!!! ha ha

  11. That's hilarious! Way to go, Coach!!

  12. Oh for pity sake!
    HA HA!

  13. I have a male friend that I have known forever. One time, many years ago, he came to my house with his 3 year old daughter, but sans his wife. We had a wonderful visit and before they got in the car to go home he told his daughter that she needed to go potty. So he took her upstairs to my bathroom and then I heard, "AMY!! Why did you do that???" I ran upstairs to see my friend holding his daughter at arms length over my toilet with water pouring off of her Mary Janes, ruffle socks and her panties. I asked what happened and he said that he didn't know why he was blaming his daughter...because when he went to set her down on the potty he didn't realize that her feet were going in so he just kept lowering her until she hit porcelin! I couldn't help myself...I laughed so hard I couldn't see straight! And the happy ending to this story...the little girl thought that bringing her socks and shoes and undies home in a plastic bag was the funnest thing ever!

  14. Oh, if I could count the times that I have done something like that with my girls. My wife could do a whole blog on my blonde moments.

  15. awwwwwwww, you guys.... the fun you have together is so neat to see. anyone can love, but to laugh and have fun? thats special. not all couples can do that.

  16. What a cute story! All men should have to take their little daughter to least once!

    Oh, how I used to love to eat at Marie Callenders! We don't have those here. =(

  17. That is too funny, Coach!!

  18. he he.I can just picture the little penguin waddling to the table.Isn't it funny how we can be so smart in some areas and dense in others?Patrick & I have our blond(e) moments too.(I refer to these as my pockets of ignorance.)

  19. Oh my gosh! That is the freakin sweetest story I have ever heard. I didn't know Coach was reading all of my comments or I would have totally been thinking of clever things to say. When it's just you, Suz, well, I don't really bother that much, but if it is going to be read by Coach...well, I am going to totally improve my comments. XO :)

    LOVE that picture to pieces. Oh my gosh!

  20. That's too funny! Well, at least you two can laugh at yourselves over these blond moments! Love and laughter go hand and hand!

  21. hey coach, come here, this one's for you.
    "What were you thinking?"
    those poor girls of yours LOL
    you and suz are a perfect match.
    too funny.

  22. Awww, he can't be a STUD and do everything right all the time, right? I think it's precious.

    (Suz-just put that in since coach reads your comments. Guys like to be called "STUDS." )

  23. At least she didn't have a trail of toilet paper stuck on the bottom of her shoe! *giggles*

    Too cute! Not blonde... just "manly" moment :-D

  24. That is precious!! Too bad it wasn't on video - you guys would have won the grand prize on America's Funniest! :)

  25. If he did everything in those regards perfect, he would might as well ask for directions too. We guys have to do some things wrong in order to be able to renew our man cards.

  26. Coach, Really??? Did you NOT see the poor little princess struggling to WALK??? Bwahahaha!


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