January 07, 2009

Pet Peeves...that really peeve me....

People who chew with their mouth open.
Possibly worse? people who chew and talk with their mouth FULL and OPEN.
I seriously could not live with anyone that did this. I saw an entire table of folks at Jason's deli the other night doing just this. I wanted to run up to them, grab them by the collars and tell them how disgusting they look and sound.
I have had quieter encounters in a barn full of animals!!!
maybe that would be too much?
no, really, I should have done it. It may be my calling in this life.

People who talk on their cell phones...all. the. time.
If you are checking out at the grocery store, It is a slap in the face towards the cashier if you keep yap-yapping on the phone. really. RUDE.
Oh, and yeah, the cashier and I laugh at how rude you are when you walk away still yap-yapping.

In line at Starbucks? HANG UP. No one around you cares what you did last night. really. RUDE.
No phone call is worth it. Your Mom, friend, husband will understand if you tell them that you will call them back. really. I do it all the time.

Me? not RUDE.

Please good lord someone else has to feel this way too......
If you hold the door for someone and they completely ignore you...don't you want to take it back?
I mean, if I could go back in time and just shut the door in the non-appreciative persons face, I would. (well, maybe I wouldn't, but it would feel a little good.)
I don't know how many times I have been stuck holding the door for a person, then it becomes people and so many act as if I am a DOORMAN. They don't even say thank you!!!!!!
I surely do hope when they get to where they are going that karma creeps up and hands them a flat tire, broken heel, lost keys, cold sore, etc.....

Oh, I have many more peeves, but I don't want to show too much on one day.

You may have guessed that I am a bit hormonal right now.
What? WHAT DID YOU SAY? I am hormonal? What?
Are you eyeballin' me?

Oh, that was me. never mind.


  1. Just have a glass of wine with some dark chocolate.......

  2. Oh boy, this is so unfair that I'm the first commentor.
    I couldn't tell you were hormonal, nope, not me.
    I used to feel the same way about people multi-tasking (taling and chewingt at once) at Jason's too, but then I figured I was wasting all my energy on people who didn't matter to me. Besides, I think we might have done that when we had a 1/2 lunch and had so much to squeeze into 30 minutes...not that I'm sure about that, but it could be

    I agree with you about the person talking on their cell phone in line at the grocery store. That is extremely rude. What's even ruder is the cashier that carries on a conversation with a fellow associate and never even makes eye contact with you...never mind saying "thank you", or "have a nice day".

    And lastly, keep holding that door, Suz, because you will feel good about yourself and your good manners, and the ones who do notice and thank you are worth it in the long run.

    Whew! Let's have some wine! :))

    Ok, I'm not hormonal, I'm on a friggin diet!!

  3. Hi Suz - I always see you at Wixys so had to come by and glad i did! I laughed at your pet peeves cuz they are the same as MINE!! I even thought about starting a blog called "things that irritate me." ha,ha! People who are so addicted to their cell phones drive me crazy - I really don't need to hear their conversation in the elevator, in a store line, etc. They are not a world leader or a doctor. They are usually talking about something stupid. (I must be hormonal too.) :)

  4. OK, here is mine (it's very similar to one of yours). When you wave someone over in traffic and they DON'T GIVE YOU THE "THANK YOU" WAVE.

    Have you noticed that the "thank you" wave is all but extinct these days???

    That drives me NUTS.

    I want to RAM them with my car when they don't acknowledge my ACT OF KINDNESS. :)

    (Yes, I'm hormonal today too....) :-)

  5. Horomones and pet peves make such nice bedfellows.

    Gosh you sure look pretty/smell great/are so funny/are really smart/have such a great sense of style!

    (please don't rip my face off with your teeth and chew it with your mouth open-kthnxbai)

  6. Suz, you never fail to crack me up!! Those are probably my top 3 pet peeves, as well! And, I almost fell over when I started reading this post because on my way here to the bar, I decided I would post about the open-mouthed gum chewing, as I was passing some cow in their car chewing their cud! I CAN NOT STAND THAT!! Then I read your post, and the first thing you write about was open-mouthed gum chewing! Too funny!

  7. Okay..I do not eat with my mouth open..gross!

    But, I do talk on my cellphone in Starbucks and at the's rude..its wrong..I know I know!
    -sandy toe

  8. I think that there should be a cellphone law: unless it's an emergency, do not speak on your cellphone in public. First, no one needs to know the details of your life. Second, cellphones people think that their lives are very important, as if we are all secret service agents who need to be contacted in a moment's notice to save the world. Third, because it's annoying.

  9. Ha Ha Suz... I love 'em!!!!! All of us have pet peeves--and some things bother some of us more than others. The cellphone is on the top of my list. Why is it that people talk twice as loud when they are on their cells???? GADS!!!! AND--I even know people who cannot live one second without their cells.. They stay connected constantly, and will even take a cellphone call while having dinner with friends. Talk about RUDE...

    MANNERS is another of my Pet Peeves. People just don't have manners anymore; such as people cutting in line, bumping into you in a store, cutting in front of you in their car, etc. etc.etc.---and you never hear an "I'm Sorry.' It's almost they are saying, "Get out of MY way." We do live in a selfish, greedy country.. Everything is about ME ME ME!!!!

    I get really perturbed with YAPPY DOGS.. It seems that most of our neighbors have those horrible little dogs that yap and yap and yap. I say, "Keep 'em inside if they yap." Those dogs are so disgusting when they constantly YAP in the back yard or porch!!!! Shall I go on???? ha ha

  10. I would have to agree with ALL of those myself!!!

    Also, people who cough into their hands! GROSS. I've taught my boys to cough into their elbows.



  11. ONE MORE, Suzanne.... Don't you hate trying to type in those stupid word verifications on Blogger????? I constantly have to type another one and another one---even though I know that I typed the first one correctly. And why do they use those stupid rounded letter which makes you wonder whether it's an I or and L..... Grrrrrrrr!!!!! Tee Hee...

  12. Are stupid drivers considered a pet peeve? When it comes to annoyances, they go straight to the top - especially the ones on the cell phones while driving.... ugh - don't get me started!!!!

  13. chewing with mouth open, check.
    picking food from teeth, check
    talking loudly about your uninteresting life/job/family/boyfriend/best friend on cell phone, check.
    holding door open for unappreciative people, check that.
    waitresses/servers who ignore me but go into their insincere spiel just before presenting the bill... irks me.
    stores with self service check outs that always malfunction when i check out... just give me a person. irks me.
    cell phone companies who bend over backwards to sell you their product, promise you the world and then backpedal on everything they said in the original conversation, irks me.
    press one for this, two for that, hold, hold some more, press 3, press #, please call back tomorrow. aaarrgghh
    oops, not my peeve list.
    people who air their greivances in other people's blog/comments. irks me.
    do NOT irk me.
    in fact, you always make me smile.

  14. Suz, I wish I could express my peeves as eloquently as you do.

  15. ...the mouth full! SO GROSS! That and booger-pickers! I teach my K's that if they do either in my presence that they have to wash their hands (picking,) and mouth full talking they get to eat alone at a table alone. UH! Call me mean but they learn quickly!

    ...and for those who cannot acknowledge an opened door- I smile and say, "You're welcome!" I always generates a "Oh, thanks!"

    ....and yes, I am jealous of your construction...but then again you don't have a tub/sink/john either! peeves here: people who don't know what a turn signal is!!! It is especially irritating when riding my bike- I have to guess what the F direction the idiots are going to go!

  16. Hi - I just came upon your site. I so agree with you about rude people. The drive me crraazzyy! Talking on their cell phones all the time and don't care who is around!

    Also, I read your post about movies and your kids. I am right there with you on that too. I think that some of the PG-13 movies are worse than the R ones! Have you seen the site It is excellent for scoping out movies ahead of time. It gives you a rating for sex, violence and profanity and detailed lists of exactly what questionable scenes are in each movie.

    Thanks for letting me stop by!


  17. pet peeves, eh? yeah, i think i have a few. well the top one would be the gum snappin and chewin with the ole mouthola open... i work with someone like that and it's all i can do not to reach over and slap the shit outta her.

    how bout nose pickin? i HATE to be at a red light and a car pulls up with the driver pickin their frikkin nose with the finger buried up to the if... then the bastard EATS it. :o makes me gag... i usually honk jus to let 'em know i saw... but they dont even care. one time a guy put up his boogered snot finger and motioned as if he offered me a frikkin bite. DIS. CUST. ING. BASS. TURD.

    another few pet peeves 'o mine;

    kids with diapers so wet there're hangin off in a public place and mommy dearest doesnt even notice.

    someone you dont know who farts in front of or near you, then pretends like nuttin happened, then you die from the something-died-up-that ass, smell....

    professionals with very bad breath that you have to tolerate as they speak to you.

    one of THE worst is to see that little white sticky piece of flemball that sticks to one lip then the other when someone is doing alot of talking to ya... that makes you think they have dry mouth, but really, you dont hear any of the conversation as all you can do is watch that lil white flemball move around on their lips, dancing like nobody's watchin, wondering why the hell dont they notice that....! i could throw up.

    (since i said all that, i just checked my own lips just to be sure)

    if i think of any more cuz i know there are, i'll get back 2 ya.

    take care...


  18. The other day I was "accidently" on my cell phone at the grocery store and when I got off I said to the cashier, "I'm sorry, that was rude." and he said, "That's what I was thinking." God bless him!

  19. I enjoyed the post and the comments, oh and since Shellmo came here by way of my blog, I expect a thank you wave.

    Some folks,read Mrs74, get upset at me in a restaurant because I'm not answering their questions. That's because I have a mouth full of food, chewing it with my mouth closed.

    A pet peeve I want to add is when people are in the fast lane going under the speed limit. I call them pace cars.

  20. Pet peeves and being hormonal calls for a glass of wine! I do agree with you though...especially about the cell phones...drives me CRAZY! Just before Christmas, while out shopping, I couldn't believe the people that would talk so loudly on their phones and using language that was not really appropriate for a public setting and to top it off, talking about subjects, that I and anyone else that was shopping nearby didn't need to hear.

    Lack of manners and rudeness are one of my pet peeves. Seriously, these are things that make me stop and stare in disbelief at people's behaviors.

    Now maybe we need to have that glass of wine now!

  21. Don't even get me started about the people who drive 5 mph below the speed limit ... in the left lane ... who won't get over because they have to make a left somewhere in the next 100 miles ... Arrrrggghhh!

  22. oops- I was reading this post and speaking on the mobile phone at the same time, while swigging a coffee ( and all this in a hotel lounge, admittedly with no-one in it to disturb though).
    Ignoranti I am!!
    My pet peeve is undertaking on the motorway (illegal in this country but it doesn't seem to stop people and it is so damned dangerous)

  23. You totally hit the nail on the head with these! Society drives me crazy! aaaaaa!

    Another one: cashiers who hand you a change sandwich. You know: paper money on the bottom, receipt on top of that, then then the pile of change. In one handful, while you try to wrestle with the bags and the line in back of you pushes you to the side. Your purse slides off your shoulder, you have nowhere to put your wallet... ARGH!

  24. I am with you on these! I am also with Happy Wife Happy Life on the no thank you wave!

    "If I had known you were not going to wave I would not have let your sorry butt ahead of me!" The least you can do is wave and if you do not RUDE!!

    The annoying people in the passing lane that are going just fast enough to barely get past the person they are attempting to pass! I think this may have been an earlier post of yours!

  25. It's not hormonal. You're dieting, aren't you? I KNEW it!!!

    I can't stop giggling after reading "C"'s comment up there:D Bwahahahaha!

  26. oh my unopinionated friend... how i laugh with you! You?not RUDE. I love ya!

  27. Me too!!
    I hate it!That smacking sound makes me want to kill!

  28. Hey Feisty Girl, love the way you are starting out the New Year. I'm cleaning house in my head too. xoxo.

  29. Ha ha ha! I love this post! So dead on. One of my pet peeves is parking lot stalking. Jeezaloo people!!! It would not KILL you to park in the back and walk your butt to the store for your exercise. NOT parking back there and foregoing the free and unexpected bit of exercise may just kill you instead. I hate it when people do that to me...especially in Costco!!!!

  30. LOL! Right on target you are!
    There's an Award awaiting you at my place. :)

  31. When I hold the door open for someone and they don't say anything, I just want to say "You're welcome" sooooo bad, but never do...

  32. When I'm working and someone approaches with a prescription in their outstretched hand and is talking on their cell phone I say, "Let me know when you're off the phone" and then I walk away. Let them fire me.

    I do make exceptions for parentings explaining to the other parent what the Dr. said about the sick child. Though I still think they could finish the call before they walk up to the window. Also, hello your kid is sick--pay attention to the kid, not your phone.

  33. Jen from Unglazed is right. You ARE so funny. Gotta agree with you on all of your post...I'm not hormonal, just mean. Congrats on getting Jen's SMILE award. You deserve it.

  34. You know what gets my goat?? Whistlers. They drive me to drink! OMG even thinking about it gets me worked up.

  35. I have lots of them. For some reason, I can't think of any right this second.

    Did you know Kaish was adopted? So he was born on the same day as Sienna, but he did not come out of me.

  36. I could not agree more. Talking/chewing with your mouth full is so disgusting.
    I am guilty of sometimes talking on the phone while checking out...but I always talk to the cashier, and thank them.
    I too have the desire to drop the door in someone's face if they fail to say thank-you...since that's not an option I will instead loudly say "You're welcome".


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