March 28, 2019

Knowing when to let go.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words about our Cocoa. I still have weepy moments and a little pity-party here and there. Also, our Callie is in mourning. I really didn't think it would affect her so much as she and Cocoa were really just roommates-they didn't play or really love on each other, but I suppose not all Sisters do that, but still care for each other.

I often wonder if your pets know exactly how much you really LOVE them.

The hardest part at times is KNOWING when to let go.
We struggled for days.
She was still eating. She was still getting up and following us around the house. She still seemed content and her nub wagged when you came home.
But then, I just knew.
She was so thin.
She'd stopped snoring a few weeks ago when she slept and she was a notorious loud snorer and I felt she wasn't able to sleep well.

The Coach was adamant about her being euthanized at home and not in the vets office where she was always nervous. When it was Ozzie's time to go, his specialist came to the house and did it for us and we wanted the same for our Cocoa. (all of our pets are buried in the garden)

This time we didn't have her regular vet come as she was going back and forth to the specialist office and her regular vet. They don't always offer in-home euthanasia. The receptionist at the specialist office recommended Lap of Love to us.
I called on Monday morning and the coordinator on the phone was more than kind and sensitive. She found the vet in our area that they used and set up a time for us later that day.
The Dr. came at her specified time. Of course both Callie and Cocoa popped up seeing someone at the door and both greeted her happily. *sigh*

Dr. Maggie was more than sweet and loved on both our girls as we talked about Cocoa's situation. She agreed by just looking at her and hearing of her ailments (and her VERY OLD age) that we were making the best decision for Cocoa.

It was a 35-45 minute process from arrival to departure: the Dr was so sweet and gentle with our girl and our hearts.

She quietly laid on her bed surrounded by the three of us and seemed content and not in the least stressed.
A tuft of her hair and a forever paw print for keeping. 

Ok. I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. But I might drop a few tears now and then, but even tears have to stop sometime.


March 19, 2019

Saying goodbye is the worst, but sweet memories are the best.

We had to bid adieu to our sweet Cocoa on Monday.
The Cocoa-bean
The Cocoa-nater
The Cocoa-nut
The Cocoa-crispy
Our heart.

She was so full of personality from day one. She had the boxer wiggles when she was happy and she
could easily turn her body into a kidney bean when she was excited to see you. 
She climbed furniture like a cat. 
She lived for bananas, her family and car rides. 

Christmas past-Linds, Ozzie, Cocoa & Lolo

I was probably trying to write a blog right there. 
She would make me nuts at times with her shenanigans back in the day...chasing squirrels or opossums through the woods. She had no issue jumping the four-foot chain link fence if there was some fun involved. 

Her most favorite person without a doubt was the Coach. They had a serious love for each other.

Cocoa and Ozzie about 5 years ago. 
There may have been times that the girls and I dressed her up. Ok, mostly me, but I think she enjoyed it....well, she at least tolerated MY shenanigans.
She made it 13 1/2 years which is about 7,140 years old for a boxer. :) 

The last few weeks have been rough. She's lost a lot of weight and has had to endure medications just to keep food down. We all finally had enough and decided to send her on her way; her work here was done. 

Not only will we miss her, but our sweet old girl Callie will miss her as well.
Take a minute to hug your babies. 

March 11, 2019

Taking care of the tootsies.

The busy bee herself got one of her wings clipped in early February.
Well, not my actual wing, but my toenail. I'm kinda happy about it too....I've been dealing with ingrown toenails for the past few years and this one took the toenail cake. (ewww)
I had the procedure that is supposed to keep that portion of my nail from EVER growing back and causing pain.
 After numbing the toe, the Dr takes one or both of the outside edges of the nail out, swabs in some phenol chemical and it will hopefully NOT grow back in that area.

35 seconds of pain (from the numbing needles) and hopefully never any more pain.
Who knew something as weird and gross as that would make me happy?
My toe healed nicely in a few weeks using Amerigel daily covered with a bandaid. Virtually no pain afterward. (I sweat the Amerigel is a miracle worker-it helped to heal a huge burn on Coach's leg too)

Well, it was so successful and that when my other big toe started hurting from the same issue in March, I scheduled an appointment for the same Phenol procedure. Again, the worst part is the numbing needles (2 shots, lasting about 35 seconds each) and also the removal of my toenail polish.
The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

My Podiatrist was so moved by my 'great patient' status, that she gifted me with a gourmet lollipop.
Well, isn't that special? 
See. Getting older isn't always that horrible.

Next up---- my first colonoscopy. Don't be jealous!


March 01, 2019

TGIF~Does this couch make my dogs look small? Carbs or starve?

It's been a busy and productive week at Casa Busy Bee.

If I'm allowed to complain, which I think I am, I am struggling with a lower back issue.
I'd love to tell how this happened because I was working out too strenuously, or that I was rock climbing, but sadly, I was sitting in a chair putting on my sneakers getting ready to start my cardio workout.

Never did I believe this would be my life.

Anyhoo's, I'll live.

Last week we babysat our granddog, Max. Lolo was off in D.C looking at a graduate school (fingers crossed!!) He really enjoyed his time here and away from his new little (huge) brother the Husky.
No, I didn't offer to watch the

The dogs have taken over the couch. I'm so happy we invested in such nice furniture for them. 
 Max might suffer from boundary issues. Or he thinks he a parrot. 
 Anyhoo, Lolo loved the D.C area even though it was freezing/snowing and she is a Florida girl.

I had one of the best problems to have this week. I had TOO many tomatoes in my garden.
I decided to make stuffed 'maters (and one lone green pepper) I didn't use any carbs; just lean grass-fed beef, veggies, and some cheese.

They were delicious and something different than our usual dinners around these parts.
The Coach has been cutting out carbs for a while. Apparently, my NO carb cooking has seeped into my brain. The other night I had a dream that we were in a post-apocalyptic world and we'd survived. We had very little food to eat, and I was trying to get the Coach to eat potatoes, and he refused. Apparently, he'd rather starve. 

That's all I have to get off my chest today. Looking forward to a nice weekend, just hoping my back cooperates with me!
Happy Friday Y'all!