February 28, 2009

You better shop, shop around.

I could have titled this as blah, blah, blah and yada, yada, yada....but I didn't.

I can't be the only one who notices how large the cereal isle has grown in the grocery store. Cereal is taking over the entire store.

It is Disney World for your bowl and spoon.

Just amazing. Almost overwhelming.

I went down the row looking for Cheerios.
DO you know how many varieties there are of cheerios now??? It is incredible.
I imagine there is just a panel of people sitting around a huge conference table, eating cheerios of course, discussing new varieties that they can come up with.
**hmmmm, what about carb free cheerios????**

When I re-read that paragraph, I could almost hear myself shouting out the "DO you know...part." I hope I did not hurt anyones ears...

Cereal is very expensive can buy a good piece of steak if you compare the ounce for ounce serving price.

By the way...the Multi Grain Cheerios are the bomb!!!

ok. whining about food prices=old person.
I have a direct flight to old person land.

**ONE ticket to the Bingo Hall, please**

No offense to anyone already visiting old person land...I was just hoping to not get there for another 40 years.

80 is old, right?

OR is 80 the new 60? 60 the new 50?

It is so confusing.

While at the store, I saw the cutest little old lady.

She was TINY. I mean, TINY.
She could not have been taller than 4'5 and could not weigh more than 80lbs.

So cute, I wanted to pick her up, put her in my purse and take her home.

She would like it here. We are nice.

But what struck me odd.....her ears. Seriously, they were ginormous.

I don't like to stare at people...We are all God's creatures and we are all special... but I had to look twice.

Her ears were very-very large.

If she were to wear earrings, they would have to be the size of small bike tires to compensate for the large lobe area.

It made me wonder.....
did she shrink and her ears stayed the same size?
Or did her ears keep growing after she stopped?

I wonder if mine are still growing?

**quickly looking for a measuring tape**

On this same shopping trip, I overheard a conversation a man was having with his wife on his cell phone.

He was trying to reconcile their marriage while he was shopping in Publix.


He was telling her that he would try to take away all her stresses, so that they, as a couple could focus on their marriage and he even asked if he could come back home for the weekend to try it out.


How can you do that AND choose your cereal?

February 27, 2009

I should write a parenting book. Or maybe just a pamphlet....

While shopping, my girls drive me bonkers because they Beg ask for something that they JUST LOVE SO MUCH AND THEY REALLY WANT IT and I sometimes I go ahead and purchase it against my better judgement.

*whew, that was a run-on sentence if ever I did see one*
Well they got me around Thanksgiving while we were shopping at one of those high rent stores at the mall.

You know the store...they sell the same stuff elsewhere, at a fraction of the cost. (example: a cute belt at Target, or even at Macy's ON Sale for 9.99, at The high rent store that is approx. $22.99.)

A moment of weakness on my part. It happens.

But I am learning.

On this particular trip, they each begged asked nicely for those cute, stylish & trendy scarves. I did not want to spend the $19.99 for them, cause I knew they had them at Target for about half the price AND that they won't really wear them. (this is Florida, for heavens sake)

Well, the begging worked. I caved in.
Truth be told, my Mom was with us and I did not want her to wittness a mall beating.

But I stressed to them, they HAVE to be worn to get our moneys worth.

"Oh, yes, I will wear it all the time Mom, really, I love it..thankyousomuch"
The story of my life.

Do you think they wore them more than ONCE?

Not so much.

I found one hanging on the back of a bedroom door the other morning and told Linds that if she did not wear that scarf TODAY, that I would charge her $19.99 plus tax.

Oh, yes I did.

And guess what?

It worked. She wants to save her money for other things and NOT a scarf that she already has.

Not a great picture, but you see my point.

Yeah, I just have a way with kids.

Super nanny who?

Another parenting tactic that I am using lately....are you taking notes????

Get the child to WRITE it down.

EVIDENCE of a conversation.


Lo begged for me to color her hair for her a few weeks ago.

I know the drill with this kid. She is never happy with her hair. Every cut she gets is not good. I want bangs, I don't want bangs, I want it shorter, I want it long...

She is just hard on herself and the beautiful tresses she was born with.

So, I told her I would color her hair, but she had to do this first:

Good right? I am sure it would hold up in a court of law.....

Her wonderful little Sister pointed out to me later what was written on the backside of our binding agreement.

Sweet right???

NOT. But she is 15.

Crap is the only bad word used around this that tells you what she was thinking.

Oh, and I overheard her a few days later say to one of her friends that she did not like the hair color...but she NEVER complained to me or in front of me.
Smart girl.

February 26, 2009

Nearly a Tragedy

Remember my excitement about getting a Dyson through our American Express points???

What? You didn't see it on CNN? arrived and....

Ya'll won't believe this......

The delivery man (not the brown truck, the other one) thought it would be a good idea to throw it over my gate instead of calling from the gate so I can open it.

Can you see the box...on the left? It looks like he TRIED to launch it towards the soft grassy part...yeah, that is where you throw a priceless piece of domestic machinery.

So much easier than pushing the CALL button at the gate. I was clearly home too, garage wide open, MY car just sitting there.

Cocoa is wondering **what the hey??**

To say this driver has a brain cell is giving him too much credit.

That is not the worst part though.
It looks as thought it has been hit by a mack truck at least 3 times before this last guy got a hold of it.

Can you see where the box has been ripped open and then TAPED back up.

I have seen homeless people take better care of their parcels.

Needless to say within 5 minutes I had calls and complaints into the delivery service with a formal complaint against THIS driver and the entire company.

Also a call into American Express letting them know the situation and asking if I should even UN TAPE the box and look inside.

I was afraid it would be in a million little purple plastic pieces.....

But alas. It survived.

It is a survivor.

It works.


I was only able to spend about 15 minutes with it yesterday....

But today I am hoping to really get to know he/she better.

I have to name it....what do you think????

Possibly Belvedere......or perhaps Rosie (the robot)?

I will give my full consumer report on this baby after we have some time under our belt!

February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....with some screaming.

Softball Life Season is upon us again.
We had our first home game last night....not great results, but Lo had some good hits...

I 'm not sure who was screaming.....just one of those obnoxious parents the Coach has to deal with.

Go #99

February 24, 2009

Big and Exciting news....

Well, big and exciting for ME....
Really, no one else should care. But I will share because it is exciting for me.
And this is my blog.

Remember a while ago, I spoke about my wandering mind while I was sweeping...and fantasizing about a deluxe vacuum cleaner? You don't remember? Well, go back and click on the link.
Wow, you are a slow reader.

Ok. caught up? well guess what?

Never mind , you will never guess so I will just tell you.
Sometimes Dreams fantasies do come true.

The very next day, in the mail arrives our American Express Rewards catalog.

Yes, it did.

And guess who has a gazillion American Express points racked up.

No. Not me.

Coach does.

Which is pretty much the same, cause what's his is mine.

And what's mine is negotiable.

And lets face it, what's mine is pretty girly, he does not want girly stuff anyway.

Anyhoo, American Express rewards are the best thing in the whole entire universe.


You know why?

Because they offer EVERY model of the Dyson vacuums.


As in the Rolls Royce of Vacuums.

And guess who is getting a Dyson vacuum.



I am so flipping excited.

I told the girls at least 15 times this weekend: "Did I tell you, I was getting a Dyson??"

They are over it, but not me. I can't wait.

I even had to post it publicly. Ok, to the kitchen public.

Really, I never even got this excited about a new car.

hmmm. I wonder if I need a special license????


And some other, not so important news....
I realized something recently about myself that might be a bit odd.

Well, maybe not that odd.

I started to not feel well, like I was catching the FUNK ...while I taking care of the sick child.
My stomach was just not right and I went into my "Oh pooh, I might be coming down with something mode"

The first few things I do if I feel like I am getting sick......

1)Clean all the toilets. Yes, if I need to throw up, the toilets have to be as clean as possible to keep me from throwing up more than necessary.

2)Clean the bed sheets. If I have to spend any amount of time in bed, the sheets have to be fresh.

3)Buy Orange Juice.

4)Disinfect door handles and telephones.

Not so wacky, right?

Well it worked, because I did not get sick.

**knock on wood**

Hey, did I tell you I am getting a Dyson?

I am so excited. really. I can hardly contain myself.

Ohmygosh. It is purple and shiny.

*bright smiles*

February 23, 2009

G is for......


as in My Photo Galleries....
I treasure all my family and old.

Family room

Hallway .....I painted the mat's to make the photos stand out a bit.

Hallway.....this is a very special collage made for me after my 40th bday by 2 of my wonderful friends. It contains pictures of us from the last 20 years and of my birthday weekend in NYC. I still catch myself pausing to gaze at the pictures now and then....

Brought to you by A-Z Mondays

February 21, 2009

NEW Find & Yes, I will help move a body if needed.

Oh, I just love it when I stumble on something good.
Sometimes I feel like I am some sort of life changing know, like Columbus, Ponce De Leon or Dora.

I found this fab web site:

Lime.Com Their motto: "Living Healthy With a Twist"

It is centered on living a greener life.

I found a great page on recycling.
You know, I am a freak when it comes to this subject right?


Well YES, I am a freak.

I have been collecting batteries forever it seems. I just can't throw them out. It pains me to throw out something that I know is bad for the earth. My home planet.

I switched to rechargeable a few years ago, but still come across old alkaline, and I have been dropping them in a basket in the mudroom.

Evidence of my neurosis.

I just knew there was a way to dispose of them in a good manner and I finally found it on this website. Whole foods will take them for me!!
I am so happy.

And yes, I suppose I need MORE of a life IF this makes me so happy.

The entire recycling page is has a pull down for just about anything you need to recycle, cell phones, TV's, clothes, shoes, light bulbs, etc.... just too cool.

Check it out....I even learned how to clean and sanitize my phones without destroying them. Isn't it really gross to think about all the germs on our phones from our hands, faces and breathing, sneezing etc...ugghhh. Vinegar and water is the key here people....

I am also a freak about germs. So the cleaning part is essential....

I don't want to catch the FUNK that Linds has....


I have been given a wonderful award from one of my favorite bloggers Jason, of The Jason Show. I love reading his blog so much and he has such an inspiring life that you must go and read his story from the beginning. Well, not the diaper time beginning, but you know what I mean. I consider him to be my "Brotha, from another Motha" He always makes me laugh.

The great buddy award.

Pass this on to the kind of friend you could and would call if you had to move a body.

Thanks Jason!!

The Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Award some other blogs.4. Add links to those blogs on yours.5. Let the other bloggers know they received your award.

I will pass this on to:

The Girl Next Door. She is the type of friend we all need...she is smart, scrappy and she is an attorney. (The nice kind) Surely she will know how to hide any evidence. Right? Plus, she may need the help of one of us to hide a body.....hmmm....

ChiTown is another great blogger friend who would be there in a moments notice to help dispose of someone.....I have a feeling she may have had some experience in this. I mean, she IS Italian. (I kid)

That is not stereotyping, is it??? I do miss the Sopranos...

And last but not least is Big Hair Envy. Don't you just love her name? I do. She is a clever and funny gal and I know it would only take one, maybe two glasses of red wine for her to hatch out a plan to cover up help you if you needed her.

February 20, 2009

A Sick House And The Octomom came for a visit.

Lo has had her sickness...hers is mostly allergy related. She is doing much better too. Finally got over the "roid rage" and as far as I know there were no fatalities.
*thank you baby Jesus*
Coach has had his fair share of allergies. They are pretty constant from December to April.
We go through lots and lots of tissues. I just bought 2 more cases at costco this week. Yes, 2 cases. All the green stuff I do around here, then I go and take down trees for the pure comfort of my families noses. Go figure.
Oh wait, am I taking down trees or cotton farms? I will have to check into that. Seriously though, we can't live without tissues. I suppose back in biblical times they used leaves, or perhaps they had no allergies or colds....
Oh, I am really off track now. *imagining Jesus sneezing and someone blessing him*

The only one in the family NOT affected by allergies is our little Linds.
But this past week she caught some sort of bug. (I call it the FUNK) She started Saturday morning with a fever. Which was horrible timing because we were scheduled to sell girl scout cookies that morning. So, I dosed her up with Tylenol and we forged on to the sales.
That worked. We take our commitements seriously.
Until we got home. Then it really hit her. And it hit her hard.
I did not take her temp the right way, you know I just did it the Mom way.
By touching her forehead. She was hot, but not hospital hot.
She was just the "take more tylenol, eat some soup, drink some juice" kind of hot.
Well, that is what we did all Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Well, the fever was gone by Sunday afternoon, but then started the runny nose.
It was a snotfest of sorts. ewww. that sounds gross. well, it is.
As a matter of fact, Coach and I joked that she has taken the family room and the tv hostage.
She set up her clinic in there and no one wanted to take any chances on catching the funk. (If I had a bubble for her, she would have been in it)
So, come Tuesday morning, she could not get up for school.

Well, not that she could not wake up, she physically could not get up.
The Funk bug had somehow affected her leg muscles. (or from just laying around too much)
But her leg muscles were so tight, that she had a hard time walking. (her nose was just too runny for school too)
(I remember having this happen to me years ago after being sick for a few days, all of a sudden I woke up one day and could hardly walk. It took a few days to get better.)
Well, by Tuesday night, she and I were kinda laughing at HER, trying to walk.
She was wobbling around like a very pregnant woman. You know, legs wide out, like she had been on a horse for 16 hours.

Earlier in the day, we saw a clip of the "octomom" on a news blurb.

SO I told her that was what she looked like too. Then I started call her "Octomom."

Whereas she told me that she was going to have 26 children so that she can name them all through the alphabet.
So, she started with the letter A and stopped at Z with all these crazy baby names.
And they were crazy. I can't repeat them, cause I don't want any of you getting any ideas for your own future children.
By Thursday, I gave her her meds and sent her to school. She was feeling better, but still going through the tissues.
She looks much less like the Ocotmom now, and more like my little angel.

(I put the angel part in cause she reads this blog)

I hope everyone is healthy, not with any funk, snotfests or Octomom wobbling issues.

February 19, 2009

Wallpaper removal Day 1, 2 and oh heavens day 3.

I recorded my thoughts while doing this a while ago, just prior to us starting the bathroom remodel. I never posted it, and since I have Nothing to say today, (really, nothing) I figured since I went through the trouble of writing it back then, I may as well post it.

No one ever died reading a boring post.

have they?

Well, I take it back, I almost died one time reading a boring post.
Sorry, if this causes death or maiming to anyone.

Mind you, I am only removing wallpaper from the toilet room. Approx 4ft X 5ft and 10 ft high ceilings. Should not be a big deal. Right? right.

Day 1
I start pulling off paper.
It does not come off like tape?
I have to get if off by 1/8th inch increments?
I asked myself at least 10 times what on earth made me want to have this wallpaper put up in the first place. Was I on some sort of medication 10 years ago?

Having never removed wallpaper before, I entered into this clueless.
I got some advice from the web and thought I would have this job licked in no time.

I had no idea it was going to be this tedious.
Not only did I not get very far, I am pretty sure I have lung cancer from the chemicals I was using.
I will have a new plan for tomorrow. I won't be doing it this way again.
My right arm is a bit sore. My fingernails hurt.

Day 2

I called my FIL on the East coast for his opinion. He was a painter and did a bit of wallpapering way back when....

He had some great ideas. And suggested using vinegar and water instead of the chemicals.
HELLO? Why did I not think of this "green" way to do it? geesh.

Plus a big razor sharp scraper. Easy Peasy.
I head to the hardware store to get some more supplies, including a huge jug of white vinegar.
After leaving the hardware store, I passed several men waiting in the parking lot.

*Oh, Day laborers.... the wheels in my brain start moving*

I thought to ask one of them to come help me for the day, but I was not sure how to say
strip wallpaper in Spanish.

I know how to say stripper in Spanish.

I refrained though, I thought I could get myself into trouble.

FIL's ideas advice was good.

This worked out much better. I feel as though I am making some progress now.

My right shoulder and elbow are hurting me. Plus all my fingers are a bit tingly.

The bathroom smells like Easter Eggs.
I love Easter.

Day 3

Look at me now. really getting this job done.

I can't feel any of my fingers and I am pretty sure I have "scrapers elbow" now.

But I can almost see an end in sight.

I may need some parts of my right shoulder replaced.

I wonder if our new insurance covers shoulder replacement?

This is the bathroom today. I managed to finish it up pretty well. Note, Coach is still working on my big storage cabinet in it is pretty bare.
I know you all are thrilled to see my new toilet. Pretty right?
I almost had him talked into one of those fancy smancy bidets. really, I did.
But I would have to give up my storage cabinet to fit it in next to the toilet.
I would have traded that storage though for one of those toilets with spraying water and a blow dryer. That would be deluxe. You know you want one too.
Admit it.

My stalker- shadow Dog, Ozzie is wondering why I am taking a picture of the toilet.

I am also wondering this.

Did everyone make it? No injuries?

February 18, 2009

My Very Perfect Day- Part Deux.

If you did not read the first part of my perfect day, it is right here.

The 4 hour massage that my family surprised me with was just so wonderful. I slept in a "trance-like" state through most of it.
I felt so refreshed when I was done and I it was like I had been on a week long vacation.
You know that feeling of being well fed, well slept and not an ounce of stress in me. (don't know that feeling?)
The spa knew what kind of state I would be in after the long massage so they arranged for a limo ride back home and someone drove my car to my garage for me. Such great service. I love that place. I will have to go again real soon. Like next week. They are running a special for the next week: "A 4 hour massage, A facial and A manicure & pedicure for $39.00"

Can't beat that with a stick can you? Yeah, I did not think so, so I booked mine already.
When I arrived at home, everything seemed normal at first. I unlocked the door to the mudroom and I noticed that things were NOT normal. I noticed at once that the grout in our tile floor was impeccable. It was perfect and without a stain as it was the day we moved into this house. Then, I heard from the kitchen, some chit chatting. I was so surprised when I came into the kitchen. It was
sparkling. From the stainless steel sink to the wood cabinets. And, as I was wondering who would have tackled this job......I again heard the chit chatting of people...I looked into the family room and there sitting on our sectional and some on the floor cushions as well, was every chef that appears on Food TV.
Yes, including some of my very favorites: Rachael Ray (I call her Rach), Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Tyler Florence, The Barefoot Contessa, Guy Fieri (my mom says he reminds her of Coach, I think 'cause they are both loud ) and that cutie patootie Giada De Laurentis.
Emeril was going to join them, but he moved over to Planet Green and was too busy. (whatever Em.)
I was just thrilled to see all of them here....I was speechless. Which is really rare for me. I just assumed they knew I was a fan of the network and I often went to their website to check on recipes. I am guessing that I am the only one.....right?
As I found my voice and began to speak.....they started moving. and moving fast.
At once, all of them started pulling out pots and pans and were pulling items out of my fridge and pantry.
They were whipping up gourmet meals left and right.
They were making these fabulous dinners and then putting them in Tupperware containers.
Before I could even ask what the hey was going on, Rach with her perky self explained to me that I had won a years' worth of dinners from the food network.
They were making all the meals and then putting them into a new commercial sized freezer in my garage.
This is the best prize EVER.
I won't have to cook dinner for a YEAR. AN ENTIRE YEAR.
Holy mackeral, I am already in my head planning what I will do with that extra time everyday. hmmmm....scrapbooking, reading, blogging, exercising....the possibilities are just endless.

What would you do with an hour and a half free each day?

to be continued...if my heart can take anymore.

February 17, 2009

mish mash.

Thoughts running amok in my head.

I really feel the need to cut Keith Urban's hair. Every time I see him, whether he is talking in an interview or singing, I just can't pay attention.....All I can think about is giving him a proper haircut. C'mon, I am not alone in this, am I?


Why do vitamins taste so horrid? Can't they come up with some that don't make me want to throw up? Or at least make my pee look less radioactive?


Don't you hate it when you are outside just walking along and out of nowhere *surprise* there is a huge snake. This would not be a big deal if the snake just slithered away, but NO. My yard snakes *freeze* Then I don't know which way they are going to go. Then I don't know which way to go. SO we are both there *frozen*

Whereas I say to the snake: "Buddy, YOU had to have heard me coming. Why didn't you just keep moving?" *SILENCE* They just lay there frozen. I shake my head and retreat to where I came from.


Coach sent me an email this week that contained information about how dangerous Lillies (the flowers) are to cats if they ingest them. They can DIE from eating them. Actually the email came through 2 times. My reply to his email: "SO, I suppose I will be getting dozens of lillies come Easter." Our cats are really annoying. Don't call PETA.


I read an article in the New York Times People Magazine that was an update of the cast from the 80's tv show Roseanne
In the article, Roseanne Barr was asked what she has been up to lately? Her answer: "She is focussed on blogging while enjoying her family-and her anonymity."

Ok, which of you is the real Roseanne?
Fess up Rosie. And do you live in Walpole, MA?

February 16, 2009

F is for.....


My Mom and I

Whether it be the Family God gave me to start with....

My Dad and Brother

My Aunt T, Uncle J & cousins Patrick and Chris

Or the family I made for myself....

My g'ma and the girls

Or the Family I chose to marry into.....

Coach's Dad, Step Mom, Brother, wife and his kids

I am sooooo thankful that I have Family in my life....

Coach's Mom and Step Dad, my MIL and FIL

Brought to you by A-Z Mondays.

February 14, 2009

My Very Perfect Day

I awake around 8:00. Not to an alarm. But to the smell of coffee brewing.
I stretch. I nudge Cocoa to get off my right ankle and I get out of bed.
Coach is quietly sleeping, I don't recall using my ear plugs at all last night.
I notice that NOT one bone or muscle hurts today. It is going to be a fine day.

I go to the restroom. I brush my pearly white perfectly straight teeth and I notice that I have not a crow foot or a puffy spot any where to be found on my face.
*thinks to self: that $3 face cream from target works wonders*
Wow, I may have to stop using it so much, because my neck and jaw are so tight and thin...I may soon resemble a
Super Model.
I also don't recall even getting up in the middle of the night to, that may be why I am so well rested.

I head to the kitchen barefoot, still wearing my sexy nightie and pour my just brewed coffee.
Just the right amount of splenda and the perfect amount of hazelnut creamer.
None of this has any calories.

As I am doing this, I hear the faint sound of giggling and something else...It is a hum of some sort.... I can't quite put my finger on this sound.....I head to the back of the house towards the playroom. What do my non-sleepy eyes see? Both my girls fully dressed and laughing. What are they laughing at?
They are laughing because they are so giddy to be up and vacuuming the playroom. I also see a dust rag and some cleaner for the counters....
They are going to surprise me with cleaning today! I leave quickly before they see me...I have a huge smile on my face.

(Yesterday they surprised me by cleaning the garage top to bottom.)

I head quietly back to my closet to get some exercise clothes on.

I grab the size 4 shorts from a few years ago and surprise! They are loose! I put on my running shoes and head to the treadmill.

I run for 15 miles. Imagine that, 15 miles in 15 minutes?!? I am just amazing. And my feet and legs don't hurt one bit.

I take my still hot coffee and let the dogs out to go potty. They both run the outer edge of the property to do their business. They don't want any one to accidentally step in it. They are so wonderful. They proceed to wipe their paws clean before coming back in the house.

I grab their bowls and go outside to scoop their food from the endlessly filled food tub. They don't drool one little bit on the floor either.

I grab the newspaper that is just steps from the front door. I bring it in and set it on the kitchen table for Coach.
I don't usualy read the paper, afraid of all the bad news myself.....
But I notice on the front page today as I lay it out, it says:

"Job market is wide open. Work, high pay and insurance for everyone"

"Housing market UP like never before, homes for everyone"

"Cancer Cured"

"Peace in the middle East"

"War Over, all Soldiers head home unharmed"

"Humans, Animals and Earth Coexist in Ecological Peace"

"Fountain of YOUTH found in BusyBeeSuz's back yard"

This all makes me so darn happy.
I decide right there to send a big check to all the charities that send me all those return address labels. (about 72 different charities) this is no problem because we have so much money in the bank, I should have been giving it away all this time.

While at my desk, I also open up our electric and bill and am a bit disappointed that after having all our solar panels in place, they are only paying me $750.00 this month.

Maybe next month it will be better.

After spending these few minutes at my desk, I realize that I am hungry.

I head to the kitchen and begin making a delicious breakfast for my family.

I make blueberry pancakes, cholesterol free omelet's, fresh cut fruit, fat free bacon.
Making breakfast today took all of 8 minutes. I am really quick.

I am craving fresh orange juice.
I send the dogs out to the grove out back and they come back in with 16 perfect oranges for me. I drop them into my orange juice squeezer and out comes the most delicious orange juice you could ever dream of.

Wait, what is this? I taste a hint of champagne in this OJ.

Oh goodness , the dogs brought me the Mimosa infused oranges. This will have to do today.

I send the dogs back out for some apples now from the orchard, the girls just LOVE apple Juice.

My family comes enters into the kitchen and they proceed to fawn all over me, saying how wonderful I perfect this breakfast is and they insist on cleaning it all up for me while I go get a 4 hour full body massage.

To be continued....

February 12, 2009

Husband tag.

I was tagged by the lovely Betsy to participate in this fun Husband Tag.
oh, this just gives me one more reason to brag about Coach.
There does not seem to be any rules about this tag....which is great. Betsy tagged 4 peeps, so I will do the same.
If you are not tagged, but would love to do this also, please do and let me know!

I am going to tag:

My real life friend Dawn. I know a bit about her husband....but I know she would love to share some more with us!

Jenn at Juggling life , she has hinted at how fab her other half is...I think she would enjoy doing this also.

I am going to tag Smiley girl @ live happy. She is such a silly, sweet girl. But lately she has been down in the dumps....I think this may cheer her up a bit. Plus, her hubby is just as silly as she is.

And Karen GBerger, she must share about her Gregg. They have a great love, these two. They have endured probably the most difficult of challenges in their life together...they are inspirational.

If you are not married,and you HATE men, don't send hate mail.
If you are married and still don't like men, don't send hate mail.
If you are a gay woman, and you don't like men, don't send hate mail.
If you are a very attractive gay man , you can write about your husband.

1)Husbands Name: Coach.

2)How long have you been married? May will be 18 years. (I had to get the calculator out to remember)

3)How long did you date? 6 years. And STILL I was a child bride.

4)How old is he? 43

Dating rituals in the 80's were very primitive.

5)Who eats more sweets? Probably me. I have the sweet tooth and pms.

6)Who is the better singer? Oh, that would be me. Although neither of us really sings well. But I claim to be better. this is my blog.

7)Who is smarter? Ummmppphhh. Wow. Well, since the kids don’t even bother asking for my help with any math or science anymore, I would say he is smarter. He is very book smart. It is extremely annoying.

8)Who does the laundry? ME. I don’t really want anyone else near MY appliances.

9)Who pays the bills? His check goes right into the bank. I pay all the bills. He will ask on occasion: “how much money do we have in the bank?” I have never told him about the offshore accounts though. Those are just for me.

10)Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. Sometimes Cocoa too.

11)Who mows the lawn? Carlos.

12)Who cooks dinner? Me. When we both worked, he did a large portion of dinner. But now, it is just me. But he can cook if he had too. (Like, if I emptied the bank acct and ran away to Vegas.)

He is very good at catching pole required.

13)Who drives? When we are together- HIM. He claims to get carsick if I drive…this has been ongoing forever. Kind of a family joke now.

14)Who is the first to say they are wrong? Neither. We are very stubborn. And plus, I am never wrong.

15)Who kissed who first? Um, as far as I know, you have to kiss at the same time. Right?

16)Who asked who out first? Neither. It was a blind date.

17)Who wears the pants? Coach always wears pants. It is frowned upon to go pant- less. I usually wear capri’s or shorts. (We have a very good 50/50 jive going on here)

have you ever loved someone so much that you just wanted to eat their face?

me too.

February 11, 2009

Political view from a 13yr old.

Setting: 13 yr In front of TV w/ remote in hand. Monday at 8:25 pm.

Linds: "Oh my gosh. The president is on TV? Still? He is STILL talking?
He hasn't even been president for a month.
Oh, my gosh, he has taken over the TV.
What's next?
The Internet?"

Note to our fearless leader:
Teenagers may care more about a stimulus package if it includes unlimited texting.

February 10, 2009

Bed Bath and Beyond is haunted.

I am just putting that out there to warn you. Ok?

Apparently, there are ghosts in the bath dept.

To be more specific: the shower curtain dept. Up in the highest point of the ceiling.

They are watching you from above. They are quite loud too. I could hear them easily.

you have been warned.

Ok. Just another crazy dream.

Vivid and crazy.

I think I have the analyzing done as to why I was dreaming of BB&B.

My good friend Dawn and I went there the other day.
I was still searching for that correct size shower curtain.
Remember when I did this to my guest bathroom?

She and I had no luck finding it on our own.

So Dawn, being the great friend that she is, found an employee and asked this lady to help us find the extra long shower curtain. (funny, because usually employees are falling over trying to help you there)

Well, this employee spoke very little she was of no help.

We gave up.

We headed to the registers.... (of course we found other stuff to buy)
Charlie the cashier asked me if I found EVERYTHING I needed.

Usually I just say, "yes, I am good."

Usually, but I was being sassy (and irritated) and I told him how mad I was that I could not find an extra long shower curtain and now I would have to order it online and pay shipping$$.

Well, Charlie knew they had them and made a call.... and in minutes... I had my shower curtain delivered to me at the register.

I was so happy. That tells me that I should speak up more.
And I am still amazed how HE knew there was an extra long shower curtain liner to be had in the ginormous store.

Ok, back to the shower curtain ghosts.

In my dream the ghosts were really loud, up in the ceiling talking to each other.
They were not mean or menacing. Just loud.

I found a manager and asked him why the ghosts were in BB & B?

His answer?

They came to be there by following the employees in.


He saw the look of shock on my face and tried to be more specific with me; He said:

"a lot of his employees are spanish. And all the spanish employees came from Jackson, Mississippi."

"And Jackson, Mississippi is full of witches." (why did I not know this? Did you know this?)

SO when the employees go back to visit, they always end up with more "witch ghosts" coming back to the store with them.

Makes perfect sense right?

Now, I dare you to shop there and NOT think of this crazy story.

Oh, and I was happy to learn that you can use the coupons there even if they have expired!!! thanks Dawn!!!

And Charlie is my new BFF. We are having lunch later this week.

February 09, 2009

E is for....


Lo and Linds 2004

Easter will be here before we know it....Sunday April 12th.
I have spent almost ALL of my Easters with my Grandma. It has always been her most favorite holiday. My grandma will be 96 yrs old when this Easter comes.
We always go to Grandma's house.
The way we celebrate has evolved over the years. We don't attend church anymore because her church has changed so much. This part makes me a bit sad. But I won't push it because I don't think the minister really deserves to be drilled (about why it has changed so much and why is he wearing such an ugly tie?) upon finishing his Sunday sermon.
Lets just say Grandma does not have a filter between brain and mouth. NONE.

My G'ma, Lo, Linds and my cousin's girls. Miami 2006

We still bring candy filled eggs and hide them from the kids. Well, we now add money too. Grandma gets such a kick out of watching the kids run around her yard looking for the eggs.

The same yard that my Brother and I ran around in.....

When I think of Easter, I always think of my Grandma.

Brought to you in part by: A to Z Mondays

February 07, 2009

Analyze ME. please.

I dreamt I was appointed the Mosquito Control District Manager.

Yes, it is quite a job here in South Florida. We have to mange the mosquito's or they just get out of control.

Anyway....I was given this duty because the prior mosquito control manager, Alan Sipple was retiring. (who?and why does this name come to me so clearly?)

Well, ok, truth is he did not retire. He died.

And everyone called him Junior. He was very much loved by everyone. everyone.
I had big shoes to fill in this job I was just given.

As I was accepting my postition, I realized I had a large selection of Victoria's Secret bras on the kitchen counter......all still w/ the tags on them and I must return them. hmmmmm.....
Why, oh, why do I have so many that are size 32 C???

I have not worn a 32 in years...and Lo can't wear a C yet? this really perplexes me.
Who brought these into the house? WHO? and WHY do I have to do the returning part? huh?

But I can't worry about it too long, cause I have to get in this Jeep that Coach is driving and I have to sit in front w/ his friend Bob because we have so many kids in the back....
and why oh, why is Bob smoking cigarettes so close to me and the kids?
What Bob? You will get out and walk so Cocoa can get in and sit with me?

That is so cool Bob.
YOU are so cool Bob, even if you were smoking so close to me and the kids.

Come on in Cocoa, lets go for a ride....

Oh, wait. stop everything right now. I have to check my blog....

Oh, lookie here, I am getting all kinds of comments from people who are congratulating me on becoming the newest Mosquito control district manager.

You guys are all so nice.... Thank you SOOOOO much.....

I am so lucky.

(And very confused when I wake up.)

What does any of that mean?

I need this.

February 06, 2009

My wandering mind....

Another week is coming to close on this glamorous life of mine.

Glamorous? Yes. I choose glamour.

In my world, I am a rock star. The family; my worshipers.

The dogs; my entourage. (lord knows, they are surrounding me at all times)

Just kidding. kinda.
Never mind.

Ok..... I was cleaning the floors this week, my mind was just a wandering......

My good vacuum is on the fritz. and by good, I mean it is just one step above a feather duster.

So, I was stuck using a crappy lil' vacuum that does not work well at all. In fact, I think it spits out more stuff than it picks up.

SO, I gave up and just got out the broom....oh, I won't dare complain about how many square feet of floor I was cleaning, but using a broom for it is pretty much a as I was sweeping, I was fantasizing about having this: THE DYSON.

Why not make my life easier.....
how about a few of these babies zooming around the house? that would be less labor for me..... Oh heck, while I am at it, lets get one of these....

Why not just go all the way..... it is MY fantasy.....

While I had all this fantasizing going on, I was also listening to the Ellen DeGeneres show. Isn't she just the best? I just can't imagine anyone NOT liking her.

On this particular day her guest was Drew Barrymore. She is just so darn cute and funny too.

I love her also.

Me thinking: *I think I shall call them up and see if they are free for lunch today; We would get along so wonderfully. And I am working up an appetite*

*I will just have MY people call THEIR people and we can do lunch.*

Then, I remember that floor cleaning fantasy is NOT just a fantasy...I don't have time to DO lunch, I have to clean the floors. *snapped back into reality* whiplash*

(besides, MY people don't get out of school for a few hours...So, who would make the calls for me??)

Seeing Drew Barrymore though, reminded me of a movie I saw a year ago or was a documentary type movie called: My Date With Drew . Has anyone seen this besides me?

It is not something I would normally watch, I think I had a "sick" day in bed with nothing but time. But anyhoo, if you ever see it coming on TV, it is really cute.

The premise: Brian Herzlinger (a regular guy) has a huge crush on Drew (since he was a kid) and he has limited money and a few friends to help him arrange a date w/ Drew in 30 days. He uses every connection (read: 6 degrees) that he can to get a date and you follow the entire saga....It ends really cute and makes you fall in love with him and Drew.

So, there you go. You can see how my mind wanders.

And it the midst of it floors are clean and I don't EVEN remember doing them. :)

February 05, 2009

This & That

My car is bossy....Is yours?

The other morning in the 20 minute round trip getting Lo to her car pool and me back home...
it told me:

I need to change my oil.

I need gas.

I need to buckle my passenger. (Cocoa)

I was waiting for it to remind me to take my vitamins, get at least 30 minutes of cardio and start eating more greens. is like having my MOM with me everywhere I go.


Today, it is very cold here. cold for us Florida Flamingos. My outside temp gage was flashing between 34 degrees and ICE.


Oh, lordy, how does the car know I need to pick up a bag of ICE today????
Now, that is a SMART car.

Thanks to the smart, talented and funny Jenn at Juggling Life, who bestowed upon me this wonderful award.

Thanks Jenn!!!

I will be passing this on to some sweeties as well....

Grandma J....for she continually makes me laugh w/ her blog as well as her comments here.

And to my wonderful friend Dawn , who is one of the sweetest people ever....I sometimes feel I am not worthy of her niceness. Then I get over it and remember she loves me for me. :)

Rebeckah at Life with Kaishon. She is a real sweetie pie of a girl...Plus, I have her completely fooled that I am nice.

Go forth and share people!!!

February 04, 2009

A picture is worth......

A thousand *gasps* from me whenever I look out our front door and see this sight....
In a matter of minutes...the sky changes from peach/pink/grey To a deeper pink/peach and purple

And then it was gone....

Love those Florida Sunsets!!!

February 03, 2009

Photos from the fair.....

You will notice a theme here.....
food. and not the good & healthy kind either.
I awoke Saturday morning with the demon seed inside me. Girls, you know what I am talking about. PMS. I only get it for ONE day. AND it is not pleasant for anyone involved.
I think I may have mumbled this statement as we loaded up for the 2 hour drive:
"I don't really want to leave the house...but if I have to go, I had better get something fried in my body soon, or someone will end up with a fork in the eye"

We no particular order:

Corn dogs, Roasted corn on the cob (extra salt)
Elephant ears, Sausage and peppers, french fries, cotton candy, turkey legs,
a bloomin' onion....
oh, talk about gluttony.

We did not eat this though. but they looked was tempting....I mean, I love pickles and they are fried...what could be better?

Bloomin' good onion.

cave girls and their turkey leg.

We also did not eat the fried oreos. Tempted though....

Lo, got some funky hair twirly thingy that G'ma and G'pa bought for the girls...really cute.

There was lots of spinning, twirling, flipping and screaming.
Not me though, I just ate my way through the fair.

The people watching was very entertaining...I am always wondering what some folks are thinking when they get dressed to leave the house. hmmmmm.

It was a gorgeous day, but when the sun went down....ohh, it was chilly. and windy.

Ok, it was about 50. But that is cold for us Floridians.

Coach and my FIL had on shorts...but they at least had on a are silly.

I did not reach my goal of eating so much that I would throw up....I suppose that is a good sign. Even the next day, I did not feel bad.

Lucky for my family, no one got a fork in the eye. This time.

Till next time.