April 24, 2020

The one where I thought I had nothing to say. Also, Bev's birthday.

Do you ever have those days, weeks, or months where you have nothing to say?

Me neither.

But this week I've been quiet.
It's been a weird week. I've had some things come up; some distractions.

Can I say that I miss doing my puzzle?

Lord. I'm hopeless.

Things I also miss:

*Hugging people; mostly my girls. But also my friends.

*My gym, my fitness coach, and my gym people. (I may be the youngest at our gym and it's literally like Cheers, where everybody knows your name)

{Am I the Norm of our Gym? Maybe}

*Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx. I know. It's petty, but I do enjoy my outings.

*Publix. I miss just running in for one or two things. I know, I will NEVER take grocery shopping for granted again. Never.

*Dining out. The Coach and I have had a standing Friday night date night for many years; I miss going out for dinner. But, we've been ordering in (or picking up) at least one night a week.

Listen, this is my petty little list and really, I'm NOT complaining. It's just things that I miss.

Can I count my blessing? Oh HELL yes.

*My people are healthy.
*Our business is still in motion.
*I have money in the bank to pay bills.

We are fortunate.
I wish everyone was as fortunate.


Tomorrow would be my Mom's 77th birthday. For the past few years, one or two of my favorite people (when available) join me for two of my Mom's three favorite things:
Mexican food and a margarita.

Her third favorite thing? Latin men.

We, being married women and all we generally skip those.

Plus, she was known to be a bad pecker picker; starting with my Dad and she went downhill from there. I'm not badmouthing her; she knew it too.

So, tomorrow we are going to attempt to have margaritas together via Zoom; it will be my first time.
For the zoom, not the margarita.
Now I'm wondering how I can get some Mexican food too.

{Suz and Bev at her 72nd birthday. Guess what we were eating and drinking?}

My mom LOVED my blog. She would call me and say: YOU are so funny.
OR she'd say: Who were you referring to in that post?
Or she would complain that I didn't blog enough.

Now that I write all that, she sounded demanding.

For someone who had nothing to say, I found some words to share today.

Wishing you all a good weekend and if you have the ingredients, have a margarita in Beverly's honor on Saturday. She was the best Mom I ever had and I miss her terribly.

If you are fortunate enough to have one or both parents, call them this weekend, it's the least you can do.

I'm not even a Jewish mom, but I can make y'all feel guilty, can't I?



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog to read and comment. I often have nothing to say then end up with a blog post about it. I like that your mother liked your blog. Also I agree with your idea about calling your parents this weekend. Mine are gone, but if they were here I would.

  2. Between 'Latin men' and 'She was a bad pecker picker' - OMG, laughing. Happy heavenly b-day to your mom. I am sorry that you lost her -she was so young. I literally bump into my mom sometimes on my walk, but I will make a point to call over there this weekend.

    I miss Von Maur where I like to wait for high priced stuff I have no business wearing and can't afford to get marked down low enough for me to pounce. Yes, I am a shopping stalker. I miss the adrenaline rush of that, but my bank account is enjoying the break. I miss my health club even though I am managing to workout at home.

    I can always listen to you when you have 'nothing' to say. I always enjoy my visits here.

    1. Oh, how I'd love to bump into my Mom or Dad; hindsight being 20/20 and all. :)
      I've never been to Von Maur, but you make it sound heavenly.
      Thank you for the sweet comments and compliments; you make my day!

  3. i'm always happy to listen even if you have nothing to say :) don't be surprised if i cry when i see your face, and don't take it personally (in a bad way. in a good way, yes!) i am counting my blessings double time. and laura got her first unemployment $ so i'm counting that thrice. xo

  4. Ha ha, "bad pecker picker!" I've never heard that expression before. But then again, I'm a lesbian and peckers are irrelevant to my life, so that's probably why.

  5. I often have nothing to say, yet write about weird stuff. We all have those feelings. I miss my Friday night date with the hubs. We have started picking up Mexican food each Friday afternoon, now. Not the same, but I am thankful for what I can get! lol

  6. Happy birthday to your mom! Sadly, I don't have the ingredients for a margarita to raise a toast in her honor. But I may call in an order to the local Mexican restaurant for fajitas, chips and queso.

  7. Aww, I have lost both of my parents, they were way too young too, 69 and 70. I would like to chime in and say, yes, call your mom, if you are still so blessed to have one still gracing the earth. I'm glad you found lots to say, and wow, Mexican food sounds if we don't eat taco salad here like three times a week.

    1. I had a taco salad today; I'd never tire of that meal either.

  8. I have a half Jewish mom or Ma, as I call her. I'm sorry yours is no longer with you. I didn't take your list as complaining, at all. Date nights are fun. We do ours on Tuesday nights.

    1. Tuesday date nights? You really are wild and crazy. :)

    2. Lolololol. We moved it from Wednesday to Tuesday very long time ago. Lolololol. Party.

  9. Oh friend, I love this post so much. Your mom sounds so much like my mom. She loves my blog too and will call and say those same things to me. I am so lucky to still have her, we talk on the phone every afternoon. I can hear her say, "tell Suz that I will adopt her". She will adopt you. Especially because you have a Publix.
    Long story long, my parents lived in Chattanooga for a couple of years and loved it there. But my mom loved her Publix so much and still talks about how she misses it. There was this bread called Mountain Bread that they sold in the bakery and it was the best damn bread, especially for dunk eggs (long story). So a couple of years ago we were in Destin, Florida and found Mountain bread at the Publix and bought my mom three loaves. It was like finding the Holy Grail. CRIPES, THIS WAS A LONG COMMENT.

    I love your blog. It is comfort food for my soul. :)

    1. Where do I sent the adoption paperwork?
      I wish I could send her some of the mountain bread; I've not had it, but it sounds magical.

  10. One more thing (how can she have one more thing, the reader said), you are allowed to miss your fun things. Don't let anyone tell you. I always say, "first world problem" but during this time, those are the things that make us human.

    I miss my TJ Maxx like I miss a cousin who lives far away.
    Probably more.

    1. First world problems are all we know, so we're really not wrong. At least we can face time cousins if we really like them.


  11. Suz- OMGOSH- I am laughing about your mom. Gotta love a gal like that. I am sure you miss her.
    I feel the same way about 'my group' of volunteers at the VA. I am he youngest/most able-bodied one in our group (I think) so am always stirring the pot with all of them (for fun, of course). Hope to get back there someday.

    I miss those 'petty things', too. We are human and connected to things we like to do and people and places we love.
    Stay Safe- xoDiana

    1. She was a trip and lots of fun.
      I hope you get back to your people soon; I'm sure they miss you!

  12. I miss all of those things too, although I do go to the grocery store once a week and last week I even did some retain therapy and bought shoes, a hummingbird feeder and some hair stuff at the same grocery store! I wear a mask, stay as far from people as possible and wash my hands like crazy when I get home. It's kept my sanity! I miss my mom terribly too. She's been gone since 2002.

    1. Your grocery store is way more stocked than mine; shoes? Bird feeder? I'm a little jealous.

  13. Mexican food and margaritas - I love it! I miss my Saturday morning spin class. I was also the youngest, by a couple of decades! Older people love their spin, what can I say? It's easy on the joints. Enjoy celebrating your mom, I bet she was a fun lady!

  14. I go through long periods of silence, then I have lots to say!! Happy belated birthday to your Mom. I miss all of those things too - especially the gym, normal shopping, and restaurants.


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