December 27, 2018

The birthday girl #23

My baby is offically grown up.
It's kind of painful, but it's also pretty awesome.

Lindsay was such an easy baby and toddler....
 I think she knew her sister wore me out....she was going easy on me. 
Well, until she turned about 12. :) 

She danced most of her childhood and that kept her (and her family) very busy. 

She's now doing her own thing, working, living, making plans for her future. 
Wishing her nothing but the best today and always-we love you Lindsburger!!


December 26, 2018

Christmassy 2018

Party, party, party, 
We always hit the ground running in December. 
Let's just see how much we can cram into 31 days?!

Shopping, cooking, planning, eating, drinking, laughing, shopping, cleaning....I suppose it's the same thing most people do, but I take it all personally.

We threw a big blowout party for our employees on 12/15. It was a great success; we had 105 guests and everyone had a fabulous night. 

The Coach thought it would be a great thing to wake up realllly early on 12/16 and cook for the homeless. 
Yes.He.Did. He, along with lots of friends and family fired up his big ole' smoker and cooked until 4pm. 

The following weekend we hosted our annual cocktail party at our house for 45 people. It was a GREAT night!! Both of our girlies were able to join us this year. Some years we're running the a/c, this year it was SO cold and we still had all the sliders open; I was standing in our kitchen and I could see my breath....time to shut the doors people!

My babies. 

Me and my peeps

Then on the 23rd we hosted Christmas Eve-eve for the family. We had 16 for was great. We made it pot-luck so not AS much cooking this was great seeing all the family. We decided to play the Double-Dice, oven-mitt game and it was a huge hit!!

FYI, my great Niece is the only one allowed to stand on my counters....

Linds and Lolo's beau. 

My girls with my teeny, tiny nephews and their girlies.

I'm so very thankful to have enjoyed, survived and loved another Christmas season.