April 23, 2015


A few weeks ago the coach and I had a too much fun at the Tortuga festival in Fort Lauderdale along with our pals Kelly and Don.
Can you really have too much fun?
I take it back, you can't. 

A huge two day festival ON the beach with three stages. And much fun. 
You'll not catch the four of us in that crowd. Or in THAT hot sun.
We've declared that we don't do 'general population' anymore.
Too old. Too tired. We enjoy our personal space too much and our skin; lord do I love keeping my skin from being fried.

Kelly, Don, Suz and Da' Coach
At the front of the stage, in the shade. Like a spade.
I'm not sure what that spade comment means, but it rhymes. 

 Some pics from the festival.....I didn't go there a country music fan, but I've since drank the kool-aid, and by kook-aid, I mean ice cold wine. 
On stage with Colt Ford
The Coach ran into Chase Rice backstage. 

We enjoyed music by Kenny Chesney, The Band Perry, Zac Brown Band, The Doobie brothers and so many other fabulous artists!

You might not have known this, but Kenny Chesney has an award winning derriere.

We looked down on Trace Adkins. I know....that's not really polite.  I blame it on the ice cold wine!

I had a blast with MY rock star!

Sunday morning when we were checking out of our hotel, Kelly and I had a good laugh over our matching outfits. We've been doing THAT sort of thing accidentally for more than 20 years!!!
Surely the Coach was placing a drink order?

Has anyone else been privy to great live music lately?

April 20, 2015

An Update

Thank you all for your sweet emails and comments regarding my Mom.

I ventured up to ATL to be with her while she started her chemotherapy treatments. Things started smoothly then went to hell in a pretty handbasket. She had several complications and was feeling miserable.
I had an open ended ticket and was going to stay as long as needed. We {Coach and I} had plans for April 11-13th, and I was going to cancel and stay because she was in a bad state at that time, but she insisted on me keeping our plans.

The Coach and I had a fabulous weekend, and I'm thankful that my Mom insisted I go home for a bit.
Almost 30 years together and this was our longest separation; 15 days. I missed him terribly.
Right now Mom is doing well with her treatments. Her hairs started falling out right away, which I thought would take longer. She is now able to eat food and "let the food leave her body" like a normal person. (that wasn't the case for  a while)

 I was able to get in some walking daily while at my Moms place; good for my heart and brain.
But I had to watch out for  these guys....because they were everywhere!
Canadian Geese (and their poop!) in GA. 
Who knew?
I mean, I knew geese pooped....I just didn't know they took up residence in GA!

I'm heading back up there this week. This trip was planned to celebrate her birthday before she became ill.
We have much to celebrate; right?

I've been super busy catching up on things while I'm home and prepping to leave again.
I hope you're all doing well; I miss you!