March 31, 2014

It's a beautiful day

Well, Sunday was.
Saturday? Not so beautiful. The weather was dreary.
My 'weather' was very dreary on Saturday as well....I spent the entire day in the house and accomplished next to nothing. (by my standards)

But Sunday?
Gorgeous outside.
And thank.the.good.Lord. My 'weather' had improved.
The sky was bright.
The wind was blowing.
The temps were delightful.
Garden trimming.
Garden weeding.
Garden feeding.
My mini iPad takes decent pictures.
Since I had lazed around SO much on Saturday….I had enough energy reserved for more good stuff.
Car washing.
Car vacuuming.
Garage cleaning.
Lanai cleaning.
Gave myself a manicure.
DVR watching.
Dinner with my peeps. (all four of us in the same room, at the same time!)

A lovely day.

Cocoa: I want in.
The felines: we want out.
It's always an uproar around here….even on a beautiful Sunday.

I wish for all my peeps at least 3 or 4 of my past Sundays in their next week.
Happy Monday. Wishing you ALL the best!


March 28, 2014

Just me and my old people

I was laying on the floor, one arm slung across my wet face, my heart pounding, all my parts were sweating profusely when I heard:

I hope you're having a great day!

This happens to me all the time now.


Because I joined an old people gym.

Ok, that is not the official name of it, but it is what I call it.

Surely you don't need me to explain why I call it that do you?

Hint: I might be the youngest person there.

And I like it.
Scratch that, I LOVE it.

The old people are so nice.
I like my old people.

And by old people, I mean people {30 yrs} older than me.

It's a very small privately owned gym....and the people there are not trying to be pretty.
They are trying to be healthy.

A few weeks ago I walked into the gym and as usual every person there said HELLO.
I proceeded to get on the arc trainer; a nice 'older' lady was already huffing/working on one next to me.

About 15 minutes later she got off her arc trainer, grabbed her cane and moved to another machine.

Her cane…..and she wan't moving very fast either. But she was moving nonetheless.

Well, if that doesn't make me want to keep moving….I don't know what does.

I love my old people.

They say nice things to you while you are laying on the floor dripping with sweat.

Old people are great.

I'm not so worried about getting there myself….and really, it could be next week for me.
Time is a'ticking!

Happy weekend my peeps. If you need me, I'll be hanging with my old people.

If you found this post to be silly at all, just remember: 
I'm a 46 year old whippersnapper who's been nipping the sassafras!! 

March 26, 2014

We've got crabs, yes we do, we've got crabs how about you?

You know when you sit down at your desk to work on the tediousness of financial housekeeping….it's  never fun. 
But when you sit down to work on this tediousness and in the background you hear: 
squeak, scratch, squeak, scratch, scratch scratch, squeak
well that is even more distracting. 

Lolo has crabs.
She has crabs intentionally and is keeping them in our laundry/office/craft room.
(last week they were on the dining room table, so this is an improvement?)
This is purely science. I think.

She has to perform some scientific/psychology experiments on them regarding 'conditioning'. 
I found that to be weird….since they don't even have hair that could be conditioned. 
 She doesn't just have them for fun….but if she could, she certainly would. 

These crabs shouldn't be so crabby….they have a room with a view. 

 Dr. Doolittle LoLo has diagnosed this one as anti-social. See, he won't come out of his shell. 
She has 15 of them right now. Ok, make that 14. One that we purchased was only the 'house' and not the crab….thank goodness we have a receipt. 

What will we do with them with her project is over? 
I have a feeling they will all be named AND will get a stocking for Christmas morning.

Oye Vey, I'm feeling crabby.

March 24, 2014

Spicy, green, Irish droppings and keeping my colon in good shape.

I took a little trip in the garden yesterday. Trip? Wait, not an acid trip although if you could read my mind while in the garden one would wonder…
A weed trip is what I was there for.
A weedING trip was the intention. My usual Sunday weeding trip. 
Cayenne peppers I grew for Lo's b-friend. Hot peppers are not my friend.
I would call this Cayenne-not for Suz and her colon. 

Banana peppers ARE my friend….my colon is not offended by their sweetness at all. 

This is the first time I tried to grow Oprah. I mean Okra. I'll let you know how it works out. 

Clovers. Did you know I planted clovers? I didn't. Apparently leprechauns thought my garden was a litter box. 

I've got a variety of squashes growing. (zucchini, yellow & spaghetti) You'd think I was excited, but all I can focus on is the leprechaun droppings. 

Jalapenos also for Lo's b-friend. I have such an allergic reaction to them, that my face started itching/burning just uploading this pic. 

I also have a lot of green tomatoes and green bell peppers. I'm crossing my fingers that they turn red before it becomes 97*….which could be any minute now. 

I apologize if you are still dealing with snow/cold….but I didn't tell you where to live.  

Hey, did you just give me the finger? 

Not appropriate.

Happy monday my friends!!

March 21, 2014

Where the hookers enter and sleeping on the safe side.

While walking the streets of Boston we couldn't avoid this sign. 

 Lo and I were wondering where the "special" hookers were supposed to enter….I'm not insinuating we were entering in either entrance. 

Did I ever mention that Lolo was a very active toddler? When I say active, I mean hyperactive. 
There was a time that I thought she would be an only child; she drove me so nutty that even my uterus was nervous. 
What I wouldn't have given to have had a seatbelt on her bed back then. 
Our hotel room in Boston had a king bed so we ordered up a rollaway because Lo hasn't slept in our bed since she was born. 
She thought the 'seat belt' was to keep her from falling out the window. 

Heck, it wouldn't hurt….but she isn't as hyper as she used to be. Thank.the.good.Lord.

If you laughed at either of those, then my work here is done. 

Wishing you a happy weekend, may it be low on hookers and crossing my fingers you aren't strapped down. 

Oh, wait, that just turned my blog from G to PG 13....the ratings these days!


March 19, 2014

We had a wicked good time in a city that most people avoid in the winter.

So, why would we visit Boston in March?

Is it because the city is full of history?
Is it because all the inhabitants speak with a wicked funny accent?
I could listen to that accent

go pok da caaa.
take da dog out for a wok.
wicked good.
wicked good pissah.

Could it be because of the wicked old grave sites? (John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere)
BTW: I generally avoid graveyards knowing full well that some spirit will come home with me in my crossbody bag. Have no fear, this time the spirit was a 40something woman who loves to give orders and is meticulous with organizing her underwear drawer, so we're all good.

 Is it because of the gorgeous skyline?

Is it because Lolo has never seen real snow?

Is it because we were shopping for a second home in the Beacon Hill neighborhood? (We only need about 150 of you go in on a townhouse with us)

Is it because this guy is so full of information and entertaining, that we even dared to stay within his 'spit zone' for 90 minutes?

Is it because Sam Adams has a brewery here that gives free tours AND tastings?

Is it because this is home to Cheers? (BTW: not everybody knows our name, and it kinda p*ssed me off in a wicked way)

Is it because I look really good in green (you can hit me now) and St. Patty's day is all about the green?

Ok, actually, these warm-blooded-comfortable-in 80*+degree  Floridians traveled to COLD-as-heck-Boston in March was to see one girl march in the St. Patty's parade. Ok, one girl with about 99 of her band mates.

And guess what. I really didn't get to *see* her. 
The coach snapped this photo over the herds of bodies in front of us. We yelled. We screamed. 
Lindsay didn't even know we where there….it was like being in Cheers all over again. 
Well, she knew we were there *somewhere*.

 It was an adventure. We will be back to visit Boston another time. 
Most likely in the fall or spring of any given year….you know, when it's not so cold that I can actually feel my face. 

It'll be wicked good. 

March 12, 2014

My favorite time of day...

…isn't the morning. But I still hold out hope that I could train myself to become a morning person.
I'm not really a horrible person in the morning.
Wait, what kind of reference could I use for horrible?
Disgruntled? Godzilla? yeah, it's not pretty and I apologize to all of my people for that.

Obligatory photo of his-biscuits to make up for being godzilla- like

…isn't bedtime either. Because, well, HELLO 3am my old familiar friend. I struggle with sleep. Struggle. It should be easy, but easy isn't my thing apparently.

…isn't dinner time. I'm not a big eater. Which is not the same thing as being a BIG eater. I don't LOVE cooking, but I also DON'T love being hungry. It's a tough balancing act.

….IS when I can take off my makeup, wash my face, remove my contacts, moisturize, take off my day bra and replace it with my night bra and don a pair of my beloved yogurt yoga pants. This is my favorite part of the day. And sadly (or joyfully?) on some days this part comes at 6pm. 
6pm people….that makes me giddy. Joyful. relaxed. Happy. 

Yep. I'm living the dream. Glamour. Glitz. Comfort.
I am lucky. Sooooo lucky.

Do you have a favorite time of YOUR day?


March 10, 2014

I never know who I'm going to run into…even when I run into them.

The Coach forced me to attend THREE college basketball games this week. 

The coach noticed some ball-playas in the vicinity of us during our second game this week. 


Red Sox who?

Four of the Boston Red Sox. 

 Ummm…I know nothing, but looked them up. 
One of these guys has a paycheck that looks similar to 10.5 million a year.

We have SO much in common. I mean really, I have the same t-shirt from Old Navy!
(the coach knew all their names: Gomes, Ross, Napoli, Pedroia?)

Seriously though, they were very nice guys and none of them were wearing colored socks. 

On another Boston note, Lindsay is going to Boston next week.
(she is marching in the St. Patty's parade) 
Can you believe I had to go out and purchase winter SOCKS and a JACKET for her? She had neither.
Not a jacket to be found for this child in our house. Bikinis? yeah, we have plenty of those.
{in case you were concerned, she isn't marching by herself….she'll be with her band}

We attended our third game on Sunday afternoon. (our peeps lost sadly)

When we got home I noticed something different. Oh, yeah, that dang time change!!!

The sun was in a different spot and everything seemed chill & calm.

Me: Look at the sun and pool! It's gorgeous!!!
Oh, yeah, Cocoa was thinking the SAME thing!!

Oh, much better minus the boxer. :)
Our weather has been spectacular. I almost hate to admit it and then jinx myself. 

A great weekend here in our neck of the woods. 
Did you have to purchase warm clothes for the cold or sunscreen for the sun? How about socks?

March 07, 2014

I'd Smack That...

...person who decided to put a non-removable sticker on the mirror/glass that I've purchased. Wish I knew when I purchased that mirror/glass object that I'd need 2 gallons of chemicals to remove it. Holy Chemical overdose.

…person who loves to always share with you the things they *DON'T DO…or *DON'T NEED in their lives. *insert many things here:_____smart phones, TV/cable, dinner out, pretty shoes, name-brand purses, you name it.
Does that make you a better human being? 
No. I just makes you a blabber mouth. {we all know that recycling makes you a better human being!}
Down with the blabber mouth.

…person over 23 doing the selfies. I see them on FB. I see them on Blogs. (baby bump pics are necessary and enjoyable as are photos of your new glasses or 'do) It's one thing for you to update your profile pic, but another to, well, it's only ok to update your profile pic when you get a new hairstyle or specs. That is the law. Don't make me enact a citizens arrest on your butt.

…person who feels the need to take up two or three parking spots….oh wait, I've already covered that. Who fondly remembers my run in with the crack wh*re? Those were the good ol' days!

Wishing you all a great weekend low on chemical overdoses, minus blabber mouths, self involved people and no run-ins with parking lot crack wh*res!

Click here for my latest selfie. 


Seriously, you clicked?
Gosh, I love you!

March 05, 2014

P is for Puple

Way back in the early know, when my kids WERE early aged...
Linds could not say her 'r's.
She had the cutest speech impediment ever. Gosh, I'm kinda mad that she speaks correctly now! kindergarten they had these songs to learn colors and spell them;  I still sing: P is for puuppple when I bring up anything purple related.

Ok, enough about Lindsay and the fact that she can now pronounce all letters {Grrrrrr}...this post is actually about my Lolo.

A few months ago while at the hair salon, Lolo spoke to our stylist about adding in some purple highlights.
She suggested that purple extensions would be the way to go, as the color would not fade. Lo asked my opinion, and I'm usually very opinionated.
 It's your money, its your hair. 
Lo booked an appointment and made a down payment on her purple locks.
If she wants to express her personality with some purple hair, I'm ok with that. 
Tattoos, well that's another story.

 I love her 'do. She's had them in about a month and they should last 3-4 months. 
When you are young, cute and can pull off purple highlights. 

{I keep my purple highlights on my legs...I call them very-close veins}

I'm thinking about getting white or silver highlight/ know, just so I can see the future today.


March 03, 2014

Coming out of the closet.

Well, we've talked about it for years and years and yearrrrrs. Ok, perhaps YOU and I didn't talk about it for years and years, but the Coach and I have talked about it for years and years.

Our master closet was embarrassing. You know, kinda like the cobblers kids with no shoes….Mr. Cabinet maker with crappy cabinets.

After a few roof leaks, water damage to the wall/carpet, a broken drawer-face…well, we were
See the lovely half carpet, half concrete and pretty drawer?
 Because of the set up of our bathroom/closet, it was hard to get a good pic of it all. 
 I was a huge fan of all the drawers, but my closet designer (Coach) wanted more hanging space and assured me that I would still have the same amount of drawer space. He knew if I wasn't happy, he might lose his life as I tend to get violent when it involves improper organizing. 

Step one was to build a temporary closet in the living room….because my husband doesn't believe in being normal. (I suggested we lay all our clothes on the guest bed for the interim-he gave me a pity chuckle) 
Lolo, builder extraordinaire. 
Having a closet in the living room was more convenient than I thought it would be! 
 The new closet was built out of raw maple….and *we installed cork flooring. 
When I say 'we' I mean Herman who has installed cabinets for the Coach for 15 years. 
The rip-out, installation of flooring & wood took 3 days.
Next up….our painter arrived and was here for 2 1/2 days.
The photos don't do it justice, why don't you all come over and have a glass of wine while admiring the closet?
The coach has his side….and I have mine. Of course, I can move my stuff into his side if a great shopping opportunity presents itself. 
Are you as excited as I am that I have room for MORE shoes??

This was of course a great opportunity for us to take inventory and truly purge the things we won't ever wear again.
And if you're wondering, yes the Coach is alive and well…I DO have enough drawer space.
But really….does one ever have enough drawer space??