January 27, 2016

The new house, the new condo, the new Sherriff in town.

Good golly Miss Molly.
I'm a hawt mess.
Remember when I was able to post several times a week? 
Remember when I was able to read a few blogs each morning? 
Remember when I was super organized. 
Remember when I didn't have to wear a bra 24/7?
Oh, me neither.
You'll not believe this, but our renovation that we were hoping to have done by Thanksgiving is NOT.Finished.
Oh my lawd.
I'm ready to have my house back to normal.
Ready to cook a meal NOT in a toaster oven.

We're getting there; a few more weeks.
Remember when I fretted about paint colors?
I'm so happy with my choices, so you don't have to worry about that any longer.
The cell photo does not do it justice. {SW 7036 Accessible beige)

AND while all that is going on, we're moving the girls into a cute little condo near their University. They're more than pleased with the place.
IT's super cute. Super safe and super DE-duper.
Well, except for this light fixture over the dining table.
What the heck?
I'm super excited that Lolo's dog Max is leaving. I gave him his eviction notice this week when for the umpteenth time he's got onto the lanai and terrorized the cats. Bastid. 

Lolo has started her internship with the Sherriff's dept. SHE LOVES IT.
They had her driving the SWAT vehicle on the first day.
She's already been on a death investigation where she had to step over a dead body to enter the residence....and it didn't bother her.
AND she was deeply disappointed to learn that she will not be able to sit in on an autopsy.
Who is she and where did she come from? Not from my sissy genes.

January 07, 2016

Going back a minute and losing sleep over details.

Happy new year!
I never make resolutions, so this year my resolution will be to continue NOT making resolutions.
Wait, did I just make one? Or not make one?

I forgot to document our Christmas tree from 2015. The Coach and I wanted to purchase a 'table top' tree in lieu of getting the 9 footer out of the attic and finding a spot for it. 
{Ya know, the little 2ft version?} 
When we went to Lowe's all the trees were priced at 10 bucks and this was the smallest they had! 
It smelled delicious; like Christmas. 
{I think Dan Marino and his jersey approved!}
 I never got the ornaments from the attic or lights. I bought one strand for some sparkle and ta-da. 
A Christmas card that was given to us had a little Peanuts ornament attached....or else the tree would have been completely ornament-less. 
I realized that the decorations don't make the holiday; the people do. (and the dogs?!)

Like Lindsay's shirt? NamaStay in Bed. Her G'ma gave it to her and I totally wanted to covet it for myself!

We're making quite a bit of progress on the renovation. You know the renovation that we were hoping to be done by Thanksgiving? Well, now Valentines day we SHOULD be finished. *crossing fingers*

Seems that every little thing that needs to be done, rolls into two more things that need to be done.
We had to remove and redo all the lanai pavers to meet code. 
{They needed to be brought up higher so water would flow FROM the house to the pool, ya know, in case I forgot to turn off the sink or tub OR if I cry so many tears about making decisions.}
And that meant we had to rip out our outdoor kitchen. Which is where we (the Coach) were doing quite a bit of cooking.  
Gas grill I miss you. 

So for a while it looked like we had a beach. SAND everywhere. 

It's now all put back together, minus the outdoor kitchen. The Coach has to design that and have it built. SO.many.Decisions.

Anyhoo....the inside is coming along as well. 
That monstrosity that is covered in plastic? That's our little itty bitty island. {15 feet!!!}
 The ceiling (and electrical) has been one of the most time consuming parts. The Coach has a vision and it's coming together. 
We're getting there.
I've been losing sleep over something SO major.
I'm sure you've been there at one time yourself.
paint colors. 


I actually dreamt last night that I'd made a decision and I was happy about it.
Sadly, when I woke up I realized I DIDN'T make a decision yet. 
I know.
I'm ridiculous.
But you love me anyway.