May 15, 2015


Who lives?
Me, I live. Suzanne lives!
Yes, I'm still alive, just not in the blogger world though; in real life. Did you know there is real life and blogger life? I just figured it out myself. are you? What's going on?
You're going on a trip? You've painted the kitchen? Your child colored the bathroom walls with sharpies? Your dog had the nerve to do what? 
Me? I've been busy living life. Which is wayyyyyy better than the alternative. 

My Mom is getting on with her chemo treatments. She's had many, many hiccups, speed bumps, hurdles, but she is persevering as the wonder woman that she is. Hey, any woman who can create a human like me is a super hero.
Suz and Bev celebrating Bev's birthday in April.
Soon, she'll be done with the first 1/2 of her chemo treatments and will go in for some major surgery to have many of her parts removed. Then she'll recover for a few weeks (under my super duper fabulous care) then 9 more weeks of chemo. 
The good news is that super duper nasty chemo stuff that causes soooooooo many issues is actually doing what it's supposed to do; killing those cancer cells. 
And that is the best news ever. EVER.

I'm home now for a while. I was able to visit with both girls on Mother's day and that was stupendous. 
 So many things have happened since I've not been updating the ole blog. For one thing, The Coach and I are now empty nesters. Yes. It shocked me as well. Lolo has moved out (although not officially, but she's never here even though a lot of her items are) Linds is going to school year round.
The Coach and I are enjoying this transition. (Don't tell the girls!) I never thought we'd get here or that I wouldn't go into a depression about it. 

We are off to spend the week with good friends at a fabulous beach house. 
The girls will make a few appearances between work and school. 
 I've packed my sunscreen, but not my FUNscreen.
 {That joke never gets old for me!!}
Hey, make today and every day ridiculously amazing.
I'm hoping to have decent wi-fi this week so I can catch up with many of you.

Have a great weekend!!!!