July 27, 2012

Looks good in a shirt. Kinda

I'm taking a small and needed break from my 'puter. 

I beg of you, please don't do anything fun or interesting for a few days....and I don't beg often. Or ever. 
 If I find out you had fun or did anything remotely interesting I'll be forced to send Ozzie over to your house where he will then raid your t-shirt drawer. 
And I don't think you want that. 
Now do you?
{comments OFF}

July 23, 2012

Date night~Late night.

Thankfully the Coach is not the jealous type....because I do have another boyfriend besides him.
Of course, this is a long distance relationship and we usually only see each other once a year. We've been dating yearly since 1996, but recently had a three year break. Do you remember Ross and Rachel's break?
It wasn't that kind of break.
But on Friday night, we were reunited and it felt so good.
Before our actual date, we had dinner. {Heather, PJ & Suz}
Of course, my REAL boyfriend was with me too. 
Can you believe I sat at this table for almost an hour and a half and didn't even notice that fish on the wall? It appears that I was actually looking AT it too.

My well connected friend Heather got us the 'hook-up". I was bummed since I couldn't get tickets to the show, and she made a call. 
Don't you wish you had friends like Heather? Attractive, funny AND connected. 
Well, you don't, so stop wishing.
Notice the No Cameras OR Video. It didn't say "NO small blue camera apparatus that also takes video."
Rule makers need to be more specific with me.  

Those are VIP box seats with drink/food service. yeah buddy.

I'm not an official poll taker. Or pole dancer. But I'm going to estimate that 90% of concert attendees {whether it be DMB, Raffi or the Wiggles live} are pro for the legalization of Mari-Ju-Wanna. 
Even these older peeps in front of me.
Despite my bad photos. {wine much?} We did have a great view of the stage in our nice high top/swivel bar- stool booth. I likey. 

My calves were crying on Saturday...all that dancing. Sans pole.
The Coach and the girls headed to another town on for a softball tourney....and I drove back home alone.

Well, I'm never actually alone am I?
 Yes, Ozzie always looks like he might be dead when he sleeps. Eyes half open, tongue out.

Of course, my other boyfriend still followed me home. Stalker.
As I am writing this on Sunday morning, I still have the smell of mari-ju-wanna imbedded in my nostrils. 
And I'm craving chocolate waffles. Second hand smoke much? 

Was it worth losing all those brain cells? TOTALLY DUUUDE.


July 20, 2012

Pottery blast from the well as the not so passed past.

I have really been dedicated to working out lately. I'm was so sick of feeling blah...and you know what? I might not have lost any weight, but I'm feeling more fit.
I got rid of my moo moo's and got one of those fancy smancy brazillian bathing suit bottoms. YOU should have seen the faces of the ladies at my Elaine Powers group!

Do you remember Elaine Powers ladies only gyms? I remember seeing my Mom going in there and wondering: What the freak is she doing to herself?
That is so far off the topic I was going to cover today. But the name Elaine Powers has been in my I had to let her out.

Ok, the pottery. A few of you asked about our pottery pieces after they were fired....and of the ones we have done in the past.
Well, the past starts at 2002, so I will spare you photos of ALL OF them.  

 Sometimes the plate was made for a reason. Like these two for Fathers' day. I call them snack plates for the big man...and I'm not referring to Santa.
 Sometimes the back of the plate is just as special as the front...
 A partial of Lindsay's collection. The zebra at the bottom left is the most recent. 
 Again...sometimes the bottom is just as good as the top.
 Lets just guess who these were crafted by. Go ahead. Guess. 
 A partial view of LoLo's collection. The round/large one on the top right is her newest creation. She loves Zentangle.
 We can't visit the pottery place without remembering this plate she made in 2012. She DID love bugs. 
 Ok, she still kinda likes bugs. 

 This is my newest creation. You can tell what my thought process was...{grapes} but it doesn't always come out how we 'think' it will. 
As I said before, I think these are actually pasta bowls, they are wide and shallow. {sounds like my derriere}
But I don't really do pasta....but yes I DO love carbs though. It's not like I live in Hollyweird or anything like that.

 Anyhoo...this size does make for a great salad bowl. Lord knows I can make a salad.
{That weird looking patty thing is a spinach/chickpea patty.  Coach bought them for me from Costco. They are really good!}

So, are you sorry you asked now? See sometimes you get what you asked for and you were just being polite. And that's ok too...just don't complain about it later. 

Have a great weekend ya'll. And please, have at least ONE salad. Your colon with thank you.


July 17, 2012

Pottery, Pizza & the redneck vehicle gets jazzed up.

So, it seems life is moving in fast motion. I'm having a hard time keeping up with stuff lately. Well, actually, I am keeping up with most stuff....just not blogging. is a recap of Lo's first 19th birthday.

If I can't make each post about ME...then I will add ME to it. Right Mark?
Admit it, I was having a good hair day. 
And Lo, well she can wear a bandana like Aunt Jemima and still look wonderful. If she weren't related to me, I'd dislike her for that.
Plus, she loves pancakes...and Syrup. 

When I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she wasn't sure. So I suggested a place that we like to visit at least once a year....Earth and Fire.  Her face lit up and she said Really????
Getting ready to create a picasso or something normal and less valuable.
Mom; making dreams come true daily. Or at least once a year. 
You pick out a piece of pottery. {naked} and paint. And pray that it comes out ok.
We have a cabinet full of stuff that we prayed over....and each piece is very special. 
Years ago, they used to charge you for the piece and your time per hour. That became an issue since some of us were more meticulous than others. And by 'some', I mean LoLo. 
Now, they just charge you for the piece and a flat rate for time. Which is good....since we were there for over THREE hours.

BUT...I knew this going in...and I took my sweet time. 
I made another pasta bowl to add to my collection of pasta bowls.
Funny, since I don't eat pasta.
I'm more of a pizza girl, and there is a lovely little italian place across the street from the lovely little pottery place.
We had a slice sitting outside watching the dock. {sitting by the dock Of the bay}
I'm no meteorologist, but even I knew it was going to rain.
 And it did. It rained SO hard that we had to stay put and eat ice-cream. The law.
The pizza/rain/ice cream law. 
On our way home from pottery painting and pizza....the Coach asked us to stop and pick up his Jeep from the guy who we give $ to keep the upkeep the vehicles. 
The good news: The jeep has new seats, new seat belts and a working gas gauge, and some other stuff that might be important.
Aren't you thrilled?
The bad news is it was raining during most of the drive home. 
And that little top up there is only mesh.

Needless to say, they were a bit wet after this little adventure....and I was driving aside them in the comforts of my fully enclosed car. 
Another law you might not be familiar with; Moms can't get wet while driving. 

This is getting lengthy. Later I will share with you our finished pottery pieces and the evolution of the famous birthday Peanut Butter Pie. It's more of a de-revolution.

Riveting stuff.  What will you do between now and then??


July 13, 2012


My sweet little bundle of joy is 19 today!
Where does the time go?
It was just yesterday that I was putting up a gate to keep her from climbing the Christmas tree. {monkey!} 

And almost 19 years later she would be wearing the Christmas tree skirt. But who hasn't worn one?
A lot of good that gate did us. 

If you didn't know it, Lo REALLY loves to bake.
And eat baked goods!

She is as pretty as a picture....

as well as cerebral; studying both psychology and criminal forensics.

Let her pick your brain...she loves that.
But of course, we have to mix in some blonde moments too...she is related to me. 

She loves to dress up and listen to hip hop music...
AND dress down and country line dance. 
She loves UFC fights. {and the fighters}
And giving her sharpies a workout.

Colorful much? Talented much? YES!

And funny too. Her Facebook status today:

If I was Jesus, today would be Christmas.

Happy birthday to my LoLo!!!!
I couldn't love you anymore.


July 11, 2012

Boo Boo's and such

If this was a portion of your first aid kit cabinet, would that mean you have an accident prone family or a well prepared family?
Lets go with accident prone and  well prepared. 

P.S. You know which ones are my favorite. MEOW.