August 31, 2010

The Door Situation.



In our house, we have standard policy regarding {bathroom and bedroom } doors.

~If a door is open, you may enter.

~If a door is closed, assume someone is seeking privacy.

Most of the interior doors in our house do not lock, so this works for us.

If you are using the potty, CLOSE the door.


When finished, you leave the door OPEN.

We have many guests that come and go.

A good portion of them leave the bathroom door closed when they are finished.

I think they are weird.

Weirdy McWeirdsalot.   

How about you….Are you a Weirdy McWeirdsalot?

PS.  I still invite the weirdo's to come back; shows how particular I really am.

PSS. I won’t even get started on male visitors who leave the seat up. That is a seat situation and all offenders are deserving of a shanking.

August 30, 2010



Green is my favorite color!

I enjoy this type of green, it helps to pay the bills~


I love this type of green, you should too~


I love to grow green on the outside~


And I paint it on the inside~



I wear a lot of green, and not only while I hug rocks~


I eat a lot of green~



I even see the world through green eyes~


No, those are not MY green eyes , but they are awesome.

You would be so green with envy if I showed you photos of the sweet little boy I spent the weekend with~

Ok, prepare to green up~


I know; ‘yummy in my tummy’ cute.

Next to him, I felt like the Jolly Green Giant!


I hope you enjoyed this little green tour…and when I figure out how to grow green money, I will share with all of you.

Pinky Promise.





All images from google or me. :)

August 27, 2010

Me; Ranting and Preparing for a Baby!!



What? No, seriously not that way. 

 Do you know what extreme humidity is?

It’s when your windows are so cloudy and drippy that you can’t even see outside.


Living in Florida is like living in a steam room 24/7 for 8 mo a year. Minus the weight loss.

Oh, Arizona why can’t you be on the east coast? I miss thee. 


I have a visitor coming this weekend. He is tres’ delish.


He will be celebrating his first birthday in a few weeks, so he and I will use this weekend to strategize and plan the gala event. All without letting his parents know.

They are opposed to green zebras, blue unicorns and a full sized locomotive joining in…fun suckers.

How could you deny him anything I wonder? He clearly needs a train to ride around the neighborhood.

Ok, I denied MY kids all sorts of stuff, but this is different. He is someone else's. :)

So…(BIG BREATH) while I am planning a birthday bash, frolicking in the pool with a lil’ boy, watching Lindsay shake what the good Lord gave her at the first HS football game with the dance line, laughing with friends and being my silly self this weekend, what are you doing? 

Run on sentence much? yes.

Whatever you do, do it with glee. (I miss Glee!)

Do it with zest. (not the soap, that would be slippery)

Do it with gusto. (no, I’m not 80!)

Hug a  baby!

August 25, 2010

My Lil’ Annie Oakley


My daughter the marks{wo}man?

LoLo had her first shooting lesson last weekend.

Don’t all 17 year old girls have a hankering to do this? 


Don’t worry, she was with trained {law enforcement} professionals.


The only thing I shot at 17 was glaring looks…these days, I am fairly good at shooting the breeze.


She had so much fun taking these lessons, she really enjoyed it… this could very well be part of her future.


And just to ‘round out’ her day, she had a manicure and pedicure afterwards. 

All righty Annie Oakley with the pretty blue nails, go on with your bad self! 

That’s MY girl.

August 24, 2010

First first ~ Last first.


Lindsay’s first first day of high school.

  IMG_3755 IMG_3756

Of all the clothes the child owns, she picked out pants that have more holes than fabric.   {Lord help me NOW!}

Of course, like a good Mom, I threatened shanking if I got a phone call from school regarding holy pants.

LoLo’s last first day of high school. *sniff sniff*

IMG_3759 IMG_3760

The girls walked out the door at 6:25 am

At 6:26 am these two slipped into a deep, dark depression.


What the french toast? Where did our girls go?

At the end of the day, one child had an excellent last first day.

The other, not so much. Her exact words were: “I hate high school and I want to go back to middle school.“

All of her friends are at a different school, so it is a BIG transition for her. But, being the social butterfly that she is, she will have a different tale to tell next week.  I am sure of this.

August 23, 2010



Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do. - Helen Keller


When I think of yellow, I always think of sunflowers.


When I think of sunflowers, I always think of ‘happy’.


When I think of ‘happy’…I always think of yellow sunflowers.


I am not completely biased though, I enjoy a happy hibiscus too.


What first comes to mind when you think of yellow?

August 20, 2010

Double Good News.


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

I totally need a biscuit. and soon.

Good news is always good, right?

*LoLo does not require surgery for her torn labrum in her shoulder. She is done with physical therapy and can start throwing and hitting again!!! (throwing softballs and hitting with bats, NOT throwing or hitting her sister)

*Ozzie rid himself of the cone of shame yesterday…no eye surgery for him either.  *fingers crossed that this issue is over*


Here is is bowing his head in thanks; no more banging into legs, cabinets and furniture.

Well, he still will, but without the plastic cone.


The girls start school on Monday…both of them in the same school this year.

Both of them in the same bathroom getting ready at 5:30am.

Both of them in the same car at 6:15am.

Both of them are labeled: Not morning people.Linds and Lo

I have asked them to please refrain from talk sass in the a.m, just get ready and don’t step on each others toes. Or hair.

I know, I just tarnished your view of my sweethearts. Well, they are sweet, just NOT always to each other.  One day though…

My brother and I never fought as kids...we were angelic. He never gave me painful wedgies while I was wearing my denim overall shorts that required my Mom to intervene shouting:

You are going to hurt her SUZY!

(and you know what she meant!)

I hope all of you have as much to be thankful for as I do today.

Have a safe and fun weekend doing something fun and safe!

Bee healthy.

Bee thankful.

Bee kind to your siblings, refrain from hair pulling and wedgies.

August 18, 2010

Retro Petrol.


On our drive back to Florida a few weeks ago, we slipped into the past.

I stopped for gas in South Georgia. (pronounced southh Jaa’Ja)

Apparently it was South Georgia nineteen seventy something.


No gas choices, no credit card slot, no nothin’.

I was waiting for someone to come out and clean my windshield and check my oil.

Apparently Mac the service station guy moved into the future with the rest of us.   

Take note, they were charging 2010 gas prices.  (2.59)

This was a first time sighting for my girls; the flip digits.

Do you remember when our alarm clocks were the flip digit style too? That was right after we upgraded from the rooster.


August 17, 2010

Wishes and Peanut Butter Facials.


Linds; while holding Cocoa up by her front paws said: “I wish Dogs walked around on two legs.”

LoLo: “I wish Dogs could talk.”

Me: “I wish dogs could wash clothes and clean cat boxes.”  

And then my *sweet* girls proceeded to torture them with peanut butter facials.


Cocoa and Ozzie wish that they could open the pantry and the jar of peanut butter all by themselves.

{They would also love to clean the cat boxes their own way…gag!}

Do you have any wishes today?

August 16, 2010



Or-an-ge you glad I live in Florida?

That way I can share with you all the orange trees flourishing in the back yard.

I love oranges; specifically honey bell oranges.

Meet our honey bell tree:


We have had it for at least 8 years and I can’t count how many honey bell oranges we have devoured.

Well, that was a lie, I can count how many.


Apparently, it does not get enough sun where it is located.

One day, I will have someone move it for us. One day….

So, onto the other oranges in our home.

Orange is not a favorite color for me, yet still found its way here.

Freddy the Freeloader. By far the easiest pet we have. He does not whine, cry, or trip me while I am cooking dinner. IMG_3576  

Maisy. Notice the sourpuss face…this is the face she always gives me.  She must have had botox at birth.


And then there is this flash of orange that watches me shower and primp from above. Krispy.


I swear I hear her snickering; mocking me as I get ready for my day. Sassy cat.

There is one more orange furball, just look at the first two, he looks the same. Sourpuss/snickering/mocking and he stalks my every move when the food bowl is at the halfway point.

Nothing worse than a stalker cat at your feet…just trying to take you down.


And someone in my house loves wearing Orange. (and teal) especially on Sundays.


Orange you glad I shared all this with you?

Now, your day is complete. Carry on.

For some reason, I am now craving an orange creamsicle.


Hey friends, I will trade you three orange cats for ONE creamsicle. Any takers???

August 13, 2010

Keeping our Boat in the water.


This time last year Ozzie had Eye surgery. Boxers are prone to corneal ulcers…and he is true to being a boxer.

He has the same problem again, in his other eye.

We caught it earlier and the Dr. is trying something different in lieu to doing surgery.

She did a procedure in the office, (I could hardly look…lots of poking and scraping!) and he has a contact in his bad eye for this week, plus lots of ointments, drops and pills.

And the cone of shame.


We will know in a week if this keeps him from needing surgery or not.

You may recall, we just had his teeth Profe$$ionally cleaned (for health reasons).

Having furry friends comes with a price. When you adopt a pet, these are the kind of things that must be anticipated though.

When I told the coach about this new eye issue he said  “Just like having a boat, every time I turn around something on him is broken.” 

We love our furry boat.

My comedienne Lindsay told me a joke yesterday:

Where is Ozzie from?”

Coney Island!!!!


And in other medical news LoLo had all her wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday.  Two of them were imbedded in her jaw bone.

She(and I) was expecting the worst. She is a tough cookie and only took a few pain pills the first day, then went to ibuprofen with 1/2 a pain pill a few times a day. Girls are tough.

Her boyfriend told her how horrible it was for him, he could not walk out of the Dr’s office, pain for days, even brought him to tears. I think he is still traumatized by it.  Boys.

I referred to his wisdom teeth pulling as:  Man cold.

So, this weekend, I’ll be taking care of my little chipmunk and avoiding being taken down by a cone-head with no depth perception or peripheral eyesight.  

Just call me Nurse Ratchet Nightingale!

 What is on your calendar for the weekend? I hope something delightful!

Bee Caring.

Bee kind.

Bee a responsible pet owner.


August 11, 2010

Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow


Old ‘do 


New ‘do


Linds will be in high school in a few weeks.

I feel the vapors coming on.

Just where did I leave my smelling salts?