December 31, 2012

An update and my last post ever.

for 2012.
I don't know about you, but the past few weeks have been exhausting. FUN, but exhausting.

Only one day left in 2012; Can I change anything from last year?
Hells to the no.
Someone asked me this week: "What will you do differently in 2013 than you did in 2012?"
Me: "turn 46?"

Scenes from my scene this past week.  The photos are in the wrong order, but so is my brain.

The six of us at the end of Christmas eve. 
 Lindsay wanted to share with everyone that we had matching vintage Mickey Sweatshirts. Of course, mine was really vintage. {I got it on a trip to Disney with my Mom when I was 18 or 19, Lindsay got hers a few weeks ago} 
Yes, mine still fits. Yes, I am bragging. Yes, I bought it big and grew into it. Good planner who?
 My cooking face.
 Lolo, my step MIL Judy and fish face herself. 

 My FIL Bill cooked a good portion of our Christmas eve feast. *I love him!!!*

 December 26th, we headed to Busch Gardens, Tampa for a birthday celebration.

Lindsay's actual birthday December 27th. Dad and Lolo had to work. Mama took the day off....we started with Prezzies from all our distant peeps and then shopped/ate lunch. {soup, salad, breadsticks anyone?} 
 Birthday dinner. Grandma Judy thinks everyone under 20 loves the Beib. Ok, maybe they do.....
Let's recap: 
My baby is 17.
Christmas is over.
My family is freakin' awesome. 
Some clothing items last forever.
Next year, we will all be older. And perhaps wiser. But mostly older. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year. Remember, the only safe place tonight is at home. Like I tell my girls every time they leave the house: "Be careful.....everyone out there is DRUNK!"
I tell the truth.
Love to you all!!!!

December 27, 2012


Why oh why does she do this to me?
Babies should stay babies.

But then again, those diapers are quite expensive and horrible for the planet.

Plus, I'm kinda tired now. 
My baby turns 17 today. 
Linds was an easy baby and a content toddler. I think she knew I was wore out from her sister who
See, she didn't even require a crib. We'd just plop her inside a toy and send her to bed. 
She keeps talking about leaving for college in another year and actually having a life.
I'll believe it when I see it. 
Who would want to leave me?

Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, sarcastic and beautiful Lindsay. 

Can anyone tell me what the statute of limitations is when it comes to blaming your last pregnancy on the 'baby weight'?


December 24, 2012

The gifts in gifts.

This year I was blessed with a secret Santa who bestowed upon me a sweet gift everyday for the first 24 days of December. I'm pretty sure this secret Santa was hoping to smash away the Christmas crabbies that I get each year....and it worked. 
{Let's not mix up those Christmas crabbies with some sort of STD. Ok?}

I've been lucky enough to have more than the obvious gifts this year. you know, my people, my friends, my furry babies.

I know I am a lucky girl. I just need to stop every once in a while and remind myself. 
I have  the sweetest of friends. Those who go out of their way for little old me. 
Even when I'm coming down with the crabbies. 

It only took us about 42 seconds to figure out who my secret santa is.....and I only wish I could have brought her 24 days of joy as she did for me. 
Next year, we are thinking of doing something special for know, like TP-ing her house with Christmas Toilet Paper. 
If only they made Christmas toilet paper.

She and I celebrated her birthday this week and I confessed that I now expect gifts to unwrap each day.
She's created a {Christmas} monster.

This is the first year that we've not hosted a Christmas cocktail party. It kind of makes me sad, but then again, I can't imagine where we could have fit it in. December has been a whirlwind, in a good way.

Today is the Eve of Christmas, and the Coach and I are both working part of the day.
We are hosting dinner tonight for lasagna is already prepared and my FIL is doing a big deal of our dinner too. The girls have a list of things to do including baking a beautiful cake.
I'm hardly stressed and that is very unusual.

{I'm thinking of taking my pulse to make sure I'm actually still here.}

It will be a gift for me if I come home to a tidy house with a beautiful cake baked.
I'll let you know how that works out.

Merry Christmas and please enjoy your family and friends...they are the real gifts in life.


December 19, 2012

Just because something feels good doesn't mean you should do it.

All the wishes in the world can't make things go back the way they were.
My heart breaks.
My eyes well up.
I pray my healing.
I pray for change.
I know I am not alone. I've not watched TV or read the news. I.just.can't.

Thank you to whoever invented satellite radio and pandora.
And thank you to my family. They are a lovely distraction.

The girls and I had a trip planned to Disney world with our friends PJ, Heather and Superboy. I've never felt like I could spend the money at Christmastime to have a visit to Disney at Christmas. I feel all sorts of lucky; mostly because I am. {the Coach is not a Disney type of guy, so it is better if we let him stay at home and work/coach/dog sit. Well mostly work to pay for our trip}
We left early Sunday morning, hit Magic Kingdom during the day and then saw the sights of Mickey's very Merry Christmas at night.
The Christmas parade was great; magical. The crowds at night?
The crowds during the day were pleasant.
I'll stop with all the words now and just 'show' you.

 Superboy was not sure about the characters....but he wasn't scared either. It was a nice birthday lunch for PJ{47}. 
Usually when we all celebrate our birthdays together there is a lot of food, laughs and cocktails it was food, laughs and characters!
 My favorite depressed donkey. Oh, Bother....
When Tigger approached us at lunch PJ made the faux pas of saying: "Hey look it's tiger." There was a collective gasp all around. We corrected him: "It's TIGGER!"  This is what happens when you get to become a parent at've already forgotten your childhood characters. 
 I've never waited so long to see a duck and a rodent in a dress before. 
 Can you tell I was coming down with a buzz lightyear headache?
 Our second day we visited Disney Hollywood studios.
 I stalked my girls while they waited to ride the Rock N roller coaster. 
 I had a wonderful weekend with my girls and our friends. It was a great distraction to real life.

We witnessed countless children melting down, lots of exposed cellulite and more tattoos than I've ever wanted to see. Welcome to America!

If you are wondering about my title for todays post, the girls and I were having a deep conversation on the drive to Orlando....I couldn't tell you what we were discussing. {I really don't remember} But my point to them was this: Just because something feels good doesn't mean you should do it. 
After I said it, all three of us had a good laugh. 

I hope you find something equally silly to laugh at.

December 07, 2012

The one where I lighten up and ditch the {Christmas} crabs.

I've been known to be a crab at Christmas. All the pressure....the 'timeline'. 

On one hand I LOVE Christmas. I love the 'meaning' of Christmas.....the celebration.
On the other hand, I LOATHE Christmas. The stress, the pressure. 
A few years back, I put my foot down and took away most of the stress by stopping gift exchanging  among the adults. 
Seriously, that was the best.thing.ever.
Of course, the Coach has cheated on this deal. He is on my naughty list.

So, I'm less crabby about that part. But I do feel like Christmas decorating shuffles my life so much because I am such an 'orderly' person. I like routine. And Christmas decorating is not part of my routine. 
That might sound really weird to most people....and if I really wanted to analyze myself {which is my favorite sport} I would think it goes back to my childhood. Divorced parents, Mom worked a lot of hours, alcoholic/bi-polar father, going from one house to another? no routine?? 
I could totally be a shrink. 

One of my favorite childhood photos. 
Me and my poor doll at my Dad's trailer. Note the bottle of Whisky behind me and a large knife. I'm pretty sure I used that knife to cut my bangs.
My bangs just grew out last year. 

So, yeah, I embrace routine and order. It comforts me. 
Ok, now that we've ventured deep into Suz's psyche....let's talk about how much I've let stuff go.

I used to have the tree in our living room decorated 'formally'. 
Gold/silver/balls & pretties; lots of foo-foo stuff.

In the family room we have a little funky tree and we put all the home made ornaments, along with some silly/tacky things. It was too cute for words. 

Lindsay put her foot down this year. She didn't want the trees like we've done them in the past. {apparently my need for routine and order has not been gifted to my girls....who if we analyzed, grew up with order and routine!} 
All this shrinking is hurting my head.

 Lolo couldn't care either way. So what does that mean?
So, I let them have at it.
Everything on the big tree...except balls. 
I'm so far gone, I've allowed a GLEE ornament into the living room. 
*me laughing hysterically*
BTW: Much to my children's chagrin, the photo/school ornaments will always be my favorite. 

Oh, wait, who are these people, because they appear to be quite normal.

The funky tree is now a 'ball only' tree.
Makes sense right? Ok, no it doesn't, but I don't even care.  
And see the top there where it is totally crooked.
I'm not even going to fix it. 

I think they did a bang up job. 

Guess what.
I'm looking forward to Christmas.

Do you really think I can make it to Christmas without fixing the Tree top?
*crossing fingers*

December 06, 2012

The one where I buy myself the best gift ever!

A few weeks ago, as I was slaving {cleaning} our floors, I had an epiphany. Again. I have them daily. Usually my epiphany includes me hiring a dreamy housekeeper who helps me with keeping our floors tidy.
The housekeeper is thorough, dependable and won't steal my wedding rings. Just like me, but not me.
On this particular day, as I looked up, I saw one of those cute girls being all 'newsy' on morning TV. She was sharing this wonderful new joy, that would soon be mine.
My Robot. 

I know there have been some of these guys around for a few years, but I've never heard any good news about them. They malfunction. They don't work like they should.
But this guy, well he is all things awesome.

I purchased him the week before Thanksgiving and I am in love. Still. Every time his little motor starts up, it thrills me like the first time.

He is smart, efficient and doesn't require any coddling. Perfect.
I was calling him: MY ROBOT. But my Aunt Trisha suggested I give him a real name.
Roberto (the Robot) was born. You must say it in an Italian accent, since he is my Italian butler now.

We have a lot of square footage. And I'm not is a pain in the azz.  Cleaning the floors has always been the most time consuming and this guy right here cuts my cleaning time down immensely.

I run Roberto daily, and daily his little dirt cup is almost full. He goes places I don't go on a regular basis. Under my settee. Under our media cabinets.

You are advised to not leave any slim cords hanging down anywhere. There was one instance where he got a hold of a skinny cord. (Coach's headphones) Roberto merely ingested the entire length of the cord, realized what he had done and turned himself off. Crisis averted and the cord was not damaged.

He has a wonderful pattern that I've noticed. When I ask him to clean. {I push a button} he will either start towards the front of the house {Family room, kitchen, Living room, Dining room, Master bedroom, mudroom and hallway to the girls rooms.} OR he will head towards the back of the house {Large/long halls, craft room, playroom, Coach's room} He will clean for about 1 1/2 hours before his battery is tired. THEN....this is where the magic happens:
HE will bring himself BACK to his charging station and revive his own battery!
I know. 
After he is charged up again {usually 1-2 hours} he will simply GO BACK to where he left off prior and start cleaning again.
It just makes my heart pitter patter hearing him cleaning for me.

He does like to fall into our guest bathroom shower and get stuck. So, I just close that door when he is working to avoid the stuckness.

{There is an included boundary marker/strip that you can lay down to have him avoid any areas you don't want to send him. I started using it after I realized the issue with the guest shower. Have I mentioned that I don't like to read directions?} 
There is a way to program him for daily cleans, but I like telling him when I'm ready to have him clean since my schedule varies. I'm bossy like that.

Here he is working his magic under the dining room table. Sometimes I move the chairs for him, sometimes I make him work around them. Notice he does not bang into my furniture...unlike some other helpers I've had. 

If I want him to clean a certain room, I just pick him up, place him in the specific room and shut the door  so he can focus.
How often can you put a man in your room, shut the door and he will clean everything...even under your bed. And then not expect anything from you?

I'm sure you are wondering how Cocoa and Ozzie would react to him. Well, I kinda knew they would be cool...they aren't concerned with Rosie or my steam mop.
They give him a sideways glance some days, but they realize how happy he makes me and they just let him work.
Did I ever tell you my dogs were super smart?

He goes over my rugs easily too...nothing slows him down I tell ya! He makes patterns in his robot brain....and you can watch him navigate over one specific area until it is done...

Speaking of Rosie. I still love her....but she has been sitting in the closet now for several weeks, not seeing the light of day since Roberto has moved in. I feel kinda bad. So bad that I'll have the girls take her out and vacuum the driveway today just for the fun of it.

BTW: I purchased Roberto at Bed Bath & Beyond using my 20% off coupon. I did purchase the upgraded version made for 'pet' homes. The Coach told me they have the regular version {much cheaper} at Costco.

P.S. I was not compensated for this review....but Roberto compensates me daily with his capabilities.

P.S.S. I close the girls bedrooms when Roberto is running. If he were to accidentally get in there, he might commit suicide. {Too many obstacles to clean around!}

I give Roberto 27 thumbs up. That is 27 out of 2! 3 of those thumbs are because I know he will never swipe my jewelry!


December 03, 2012

Monday Scmonday

Happy Monday to you all.
What? You don't think Monday is a happy day?
Me neither, but I try to fake it till I make it. Happy that is. 
I've got some good stuff to share and I've been holding back.
Why you ask?
I am a funny bird. I have a hard time sharing good stuff when I know there is always some bad stuff happening to others.
I know, I know....there is ALWAYS bad stuff happening somewhere. IT is inevitable. 
My blog friend C has had a really hard time the last few years. Health and financial issues. 
If you are a praying person, could you please send up a prayer or two in her name? She desperately needs some good health sent her way. It's getting harder and harder for her to be in her happy place. 
Also, she could use a hand or ten to help with financial woes as well....if you can spare a buck or two it would be much appreciated. 
A good cause is a good cause. Plus, she is sad that I won't give her my boxers. 
The dogs, not my shorts. 

And, back to the good things to share.
Someone is trying to make me feel the Christmas spirit. And I'm not talking about anyone prying me with alcohol. I've been known to have been bitten by the Christmas Crabbies. And I don't even spend that much time at the beach. Damn crabs.  
I was surprised on Saturday morning with a Secret Santa bag of goodies. 24 to be exact. 
I'll give you the deets later. 
Oh, and I could be Magnum P.I. minus the 'thick' mustache...cause I figured out who it was quickly.

Also....I might be the owner of the best darn piece of domestic equipment on the planet. 

I got a robot to vacuum my house. I wrote a post on it. A personal review of sorts and then I thought: Perhaps ONLY I care about something this wonderful??? 
Do you want to know? Do you care? 
Let me know so I don't waste the time of anyone. 

Lets recap:
Prayers for my friend Chris.
I'm trying to rid myself of Christmas crabs. 
Anyone care about domestic ingenuity that has changed my life?

Ok. carryon.
I have to pretty myself up and get to work. And that is taking longer and longer....