July 21, 2016


Guess who had a birthday and decided she could grow up?

Our Lolo turned 23 on 7/13. I still remember my OB/GYN telling me she'd have to induce labor because of my hypertension and asked if I was superstititous.....she wanted to induce on the 13th and knew that eventually this child might have a b'day on Friday the 13th.  
Thank goodness I'm not THAT superstitious. (if you break a mirror in front of me, we're done though)
She's never been anything but good luck for me.

My sweet child who made me a Mama is really going out and living her life; more life than I'm comfortable with.

She graduated from college and was accepted into her first choice grad school.
A minute later she decided to NOT go to grad school.
A minute later she decided to join the Army.
About 20 minutes later she decided to go to the Police Academy.
So about 3 months ago my heart fell into my lower abdomen.


She's walking her own path.

Happy 23 to my favorite first born child. I love you to the moon and back and then about 10 million times.....and yah, I can't afford all that gas. But you know what I mean.

Lolo is such a deep thinker, a science seeker, a lover of facts and a kind soul to those who need one.
We couldn't be prouder.
I'm slacking on photos lately; this is a family capture from last month in NC for a family reunion.
Happy Thursday.

July 04, 2016

Part Deux of our {surprise} Vow Renewal.

I've been postponing on posting this because I was waiting for the real photographers photos....apparently I'm gonna have to drive to Key West and put some pressure on her.

So, the Coach surprised me for our 25th wedding anniversary....with a bit of help from a wedding planner, our friends Don &Kelly and our super special girls.
A surprise wedding. 
Ok, a surprise VOW renewal. Not to be confused with a Vowel renewal....those only happen on The Wheel Of Fortune.


I'm so glad I was wearing a cute dress and NOT yoga pants. Can you imagine? I would never have forgiven him. HAHA!

Our lovely officiant corralled us after all the 'surprise' excitement. She said we were going to renew our "I've GOT nothing prepared!" Everyone laughed.....and she said she had them for us.

I honestly don't remember too much of what we'd said, but it was lovely; that I know for sure. And heartfelt.

I knew that the girls were seated behind us and they were both tearing up....even Lolo who NEVER cries. (how is she my offspring?)
It was perfect. (aside from the darn wind in my HAIR!)

Kelly brought a few bottle of champagne and we toasted to our blessed life. I had no idea my girls even enjoyed champagne...

See Lolo in the background here. Ok, that MIGHT have been posed. We're a funny family!

We proceeded to dinner down the street....well, it was quick for the girls. They had to head back right away as they had tickets/plans to attend a music festival in TAMPA starting the next day.

Our cake. I think this might have been better than our actual wedding cake. *snicker snicker*

Who knew that after all these (31+) years together that we'd still be making fireworks?

It was absolutely so perfect and wonderful. The Coach has always been so good at surprising me, but this one took the cake.