May 30, 2011

Squinty eyes, fish eyes and a hangover.

On Saturday the Coach swept me off my feet and carried me out for our anniversary dinner. Ok, perhaps there was no sweeping or carrying.

I asked the girls to take a photo of us before we left, there was a debate about us facing the sun or the sun behind us. I have super sensitive eyes….even with the sun behind me. The eyes in the back of my head caused my frontal eyes to squint.


20 years baby!!!

Anyhoo, as much as I loathe having my photo taken, I am making an effort to have more photos of US for the kids, you know for ummmm….later when I/we are ummmm…. somewhere else.


Coach had the house specialty, red snapper. Yes, the entire red snapper.


That poor guy did not see it coming.  Funny, since I saw his EYES looking at me. Coach is part of the clean plate club.


I had a lovely dinner of Mahi deuce wrapped in a banana leaf. Pretty and delish.

I did not photograph it because I was busy devouring….

We then went and saw the Hangover 2. I liked it less than The Hangover 1.

Fortunately I liked the guy sitting next to me so the time was not a complete loss.

Surprisingly I woke up Sunday morning with a headache….darn movie.

Happy Memorial day! Heartfelt thanks to all of our service men and women who have bravely worked for our safety.


May 27, 2011

You are my favorite

But I can’t remember your name.


Lindsay LOVES math. She really loves her math teacher this year and the feeling is mutual. He tells her all the time that she is his best student; his favorite student.

So, she had him sign her yearbook last week…

He wrote it to Ashley.  I mean Lindsay.


We had a good laugh.

The next day she (who is not shy) asked him if he did that on purpose to make her laugh.

He said: No, I really always want to call you Ashley.

She is still bringing in a gift for her favorite teacher.

Lo has her last day of school today. She and I were both sad…these last four years have flown by so quickly.

Do you think she will mind getting up for the next two weeks and still drive her sister to school though??  I’m not even going to ask….

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you do on weekends. 

Bee sweet and safe.


May 26, 2011

Two decades later

I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. ~Rita Rudner



I found that ONE special person on August 1st 1985.  A blind date.

The smiles and laughter have outweighed the shanking's….

by a mile.

What can I say…I could not resist a man who netted me like that.little fish

That could possibly be considered domestic abuse today. I am just sayin’….things were lighter in the eighties.

He is so loveable, I just want to eat his face. That usually only happens when he gives me martini’s though.

August 2007 123

Yes we are made for each other. Who else would have us?


Cheers to 20 more…and then some.

I was informed that dinner reservations have been made for Saturday.

Who knew Chic-fil-a accepted reservations?


May 23, 2011

Blooming garbage

Have you ever discarded/thrown away a semi living plant…only to see it thrive in the garbage pit?


Such is the story for this geranium. A nice blooming surprise.

I’ve been working on some interior/paper blooms. I know… me…using paper is ironic. I am making up for this misuse of our trees in other ways. Promise.P1060560

No, we are not having a fiesta…but a FESTIVAL of FUN. A celebration. I was trying to keep within a small color scheme…but then I have Lo and Linds…and they really admire the ENTIRE rainbow. This party will be for LO, so I will allow the entire rainbow.  (thank you Dawn!!!)P1060559

What did you do this weekend???


May 20, 2011

Falling down in public(x)



I have been alternating running jogging with walking on the treadmill. I hate it. I’d rather get a pap smear from the dentist. But whatever, I need to burn some calories.

The other day I was walking through the grocery store (Publix) and OUT OF NOWHERE I had a shocking, shooting, sharp pain in my left knee. I felt like I would fall…but I froze in my tracks…I looked around to see if anyone had shot me with a bee bee gun, a poison dart or a Taser.

The produce guy was eyeing me suspiciously. I’ve got his number.

I did some birth type breathing and the pain left…I grabbed my V8 six pack and slowly headed to safety.

I can’t imagine if that shooting pain hits me while on the treadmill….I’ve heard the term “road kill”…so, would I be “tread Kill”????

I’m getting old.

I am going to stock up on prunes and doily covered tissue boxes.


Naughty woman borrowed from



Well, if you didn’t know it already, the world will be ending on Saturday.

I hope you don’t have any big/special plans.

I told the girls…well, I suppose we shouldn’t go anywhere on Saturday.

and they both said: OR WE should GO EVERYWHERE!!!!

So we will either be nowhere or everywhere.

Where will you be when the world ends?? 

Have a great Friday and whatever part of Saturday you can.


May 19, 2011

Eating between the lines.


A true sign that you have kids in the house.

Anyone want to guess what flavor is missing???


Yeah, you knew it was the ‘good’ flavor.

When I was a kid, my Grandma used to buy her ice cream from the “cow” store. You remember the cow store?

It was the little drive thru market with the big COW on the top. Well maybe it was only in Florida….and maybe it had a real name too.

She used to buy Neapolitan flavored too…but I always called it Napoleon ice cream.

And I still do.

May 18, 2011

**Prom** And avoiding Perv*rts.


Just a few prom photos to share of LoLo. I am not sharing any of her friends…just cause I shouldn’t without permission. I realized that might be a faux pas…and I have other concerns as well. 


Picture perfect.

Her dress is actually gun metal gray and not black. Still, she worried she was not ‘colorful’ enough…silly kid, she radiates COLOR 24/7!


Isn’t it cool how her earring caught the sunlight…yeah, we totally planned that.


We really loved the back of this particular dress….and she has the ‘back’ for it.


To quote Lo:  IT was amazing! THE BEST PROM EVER!!!

And she has been to three…so she knows. She danced all night long and came home just after midnight…with a few less blingys on her dress. OY.


On Monday morning I checked my feedjit widget on my sidebar and I saw someone from Oregon was flying through my blog like a crazed maniac clicking on  my photos…well not ALL my photos; just the ones of the girls and I.

Yes. I know. ICK. 

If you could have seen the visions I was picturing…I had to wash my eyes out with soap.


The only thing I could do at the time is pull off some of the recent photos and then I realized the perv was going too fast for me. I finally switched my blog to “PRIVATE”  and the creeper was blocked.

I resolved then and there not to post anymore photos of the kids.

Then I thought, heck that would be boring. So, I will monitor and I might eventually switch my blog to private (for invited readers only)  just to keep from washing my eyes out with soap. 

double burn.

Anyone else have any issues with this?

May 15, 2011

Monday Smonday**Hair Smair


We all survived the great blog blackout of 2011. I was kinda happy about it…I actually got a lot of stuff done on Friday morning instead of reading. 

On Saturday, when I had a free moment I noticed I had 78 blog posts to read on my google reader. Just too much. What do you do when that happens?? Do you read each and every one?? There is no way in heck… I pick and choose…I start with those who are my bestest commenters and go from there, eventually though a delete button must be hit.  Delete happens.

I shared Lo’s prom photos on face book this weekend. I hate to be redundant here too...BUT I don’t share my blog with everyone that I know.  Even some family members don’t know about the blog and I like it that way.

I don’t want to be outed. You know what I mean, some people don’t need to be up in my bees-wax. I’ll post a few photos later. gator.

A big accomplishment for me on Saturday was that I created THREE up-do's.   

Even though I DID go to cosmetology college and I worked in the hair industry for many years, I was never good at up-do’s…or braids. Go figure.

Only in 2011 can you learn a few hairstyles/techniques on YOU TUBE!!!!!

Friend #1


Lolo was a great assistant. We ended up going through 80 something bobbie pins and had to send the Coach on an emergency BP run.

She was looking for a ‘Taylor Swift romantic look up-do’..she even came with a photo. I should start charging these kids.  What else are they going to do with their cash?

Friend #2


How come the girls with the poker straight hair always want it curled for special occasions??? Like Tim Gunn tells me via the TV screen:  Make IT work!  and I worked it…..girl!



Her hair came out great…even though she was almost last minute since I had to take care of my other non paying customers first. The colorful flowers in her hair were her idea. She picked them up at the craft store a few weeks ago and I attached them to bobbie pins. She was worried that HER dress was not as colorful as everyone else's…so we added color (hot pink) to her hair as well as a cute clutch bag and pink toes and fingers.

I have to say, she looked glamorous. I wished I’d had a hot pink carpet to roll out.

Can I say again how MUCH I love her??? She is amazing…sweet, funny, smart and GOOD. I am so darn lucky.  (X2)

Now that I have tooted my own horn, I am going to try and clean the gallon of  hairspray off of my bathroom floor and walls. Poor Ozzie has been stuck in there since Saturday night…I warned him….

Have a great day. What was the best thing about your weekend??? Sharing is caring. 

May 12, 2011

Eating pizza and not caring.

Do you remember the days when you would eat anything and not worry of the effect afterwards?

A meal of mashed taters with a side of mac & cheese. (this is Lo’s favorite meal)


Lo attended a prom on Saturday night and she had a good time, but is really looking forward to HER prom this coming weekend. Me TOO!

This dress was worn last year…It is still gorgeous.


The difference in being 17 and being NOT 17?

On her morning before the prom, she ate a BAGEL.

For lunch, she ate TWO dinner plate sized pieces of pepperoni pizza.


Voila; no pizza/bagel pooch.

I want to be 17 again. Ok, even 30 would be good. Just for the physical bonus of it.

It’s ok, that I cropped her date out, right? He is just a friend. But, please notice the boutonnière that I MADE. Proud much?


I will have some really good photos after Saturdays prom….she is going with a gaggle of girls.

I think I am on hair/makeup duty AGAIN. I’d better rest my wrists.

Ta Ta for NOW!


May 10, 2011

Ten on Ten::May


ten on ten :: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.  Or something like that.

{Hosted By Rebeka!}













Tuesday was perfectly lovely for me…how about YOU???

May 09, 2011

Ma’ Day and Da’ bugs.


Mothers day was just lovely at our house. I was treated like the royalty that I always thought I was. I can’t believe it took my crew so long to get on board with me.

Lunch out. Lovely cards. A little bit of shopping.  Lo picked up some Mexican. (food, not men) and we dined al fresco next to the pool for dinner. Whatever my heart desired.

I was in my PJ’s by 7pm. My kind of day.

I am going to write to The Prez. and Hallmark and see if we can’t make Mother’s day a weekly holiday.

Please remind me to never, ever, under any circumstances wear a headband again. OY.



Have you ever experienced Love bugs?

Picture miniature Siamese twins swarming you.  I think they, like New Yorkers are partial to Florida in the spring time. And Florida said thanks for visiting, but please move on. It is now love bug season, some years are better than others…this one is particularly bad. They cover your car with their splattered twin carcasses …and if you are a mouth breather, they will invade your insides too.



Lindsay said yesterday: Wouldn’t it stink if you were the ONE who was always getting dragged around everywhere???? 

Yep, that would stink.

But who has not felt like that a time or two?


I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!!



P.S. Who wants to participate in Ten on Ten tomorrow? It is easy, and you just need to link up with Rebekah when you have your post done. (10 photos over 10 hours)

May 05, 2011

April Photo Dump

I know we are in May now….

My Friend Mark always does this at the end of the month…and since I want to be like him, I copied.  Does that mean I want to be a gay man one day? perhaps yes, I love me some gay.

Anyhoo…Mark’s photo dumps are always fun. Here goes.

My FIL had a big party a few weeks ago…we attended directly from a softball game. It was hot. But there was yummy seafood and live music, so we suffered.

She knows better. The Coach does not eat or wear cupcakes.


The magical million dollar smiler all jacked up on Mtn Dew.


Ooops. Cleavage much?


I told you it was hot. Tyra Banks always looks great in front of a fan; not me. Girllll I need a weave.


We’ll call this one “two heads are better than none”


These carrots are not from my garden. BUT I am thinking of growing some next spring because it must be a party underground. Carrots are the clowns of the garden. 


Remember that wall we built in the family room? {Yes, there is a hole back there Dawn} Linds thought it would make a good hiding spot. But only for a few minutes.


Too bad we don’t need a fireplace in Florida, this would have been a good spot.  Of course, our super duper TV would be in flames the first time we lit a fire. 


Could a holiday go by without me documenting the dining room table? NO.   Using eggs as place name holders? Genius. 



LoLo loves playing with my camera. Do you know what this is?


LoLo’s handiwork again.


Goodbye April. Hello May!

Yeah, I am a little late…but still….

May 04, 2011

*Somebody* will be dancing.

I won’t mention any names…but *somebody* made the dance team again for next year.


Halleluiah. Thank goodness. I don’t know what I would do with a child in high school who is NOT involved in something.


Lord knows, they might end up like me.

And we won’t be having any of that.

If she did not make the dance team, I would push for her to join the wrestling team, the fishing team or the underwater basket weaving team.

I did nothing in school. I tried, but never made the cheer team or the dance team. And the football team laughed at me.

So, I worked.

What teams/groups were you involved in?

Did that keep you out of trouble?



PS. I never got into trouble IN high school.