January 12, 2018

Cuties, Old Glory and still getting used to our daughter being the Popo.

Have I expressed my love for monarch caterpillars? I might even love them more than Monarch butterflies. I know, that just doesn't even make sense.
But, they're so CUTE and SWEET when they're eating or wandering around all willy nilly in search of milkweed....and I just want to pet them.

Yes, that sounds really bizarre. Please know that I really don't pet them that often.

And while I'm on the topic of things I can't see enough of....our flags. I love, love, love them so much!

And speaking of the PoPo. A few weeks ago Lolo pulled over one of Coaches softball Dads. He didn't recognize Lolo at first and she didn't recognize him until she got his License from him. They had a good laugh.....he received NO ticket, but she did give him a $$ gift card for Publix!
Did you know the police give out gift cards now?
I'm guessing this is a PR thing around the holidays.
Anyhoo....we all had a good laugh...if she ever pulls me over, I'd better get a few gift cards.

Happy Friday!

January 11, 2018

50 years is a long time to be happy.

My Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on 12/30/2017.
Thank goodness they decided to renew their vows and have a party because I LOVE a party...and I love them.

The Coach and I flew to ATL for the weekend festivities. Sadly, Lolo and Linds had to work; it's tough being a grownup.

AT and UJ were such an integral part of my childhood.....the good part of my childhood. AT and UJ didn't have kids until later in the game and because of that, they spent a good amount of time and energy trying to do their best for Mark and I. (Our parents were divorced and kinda all over the place.)

I recall nice family trips with them; camping, Disney, the Mountains. AT taught me how to set a table, create a dinner menu, clean a house, fold sheets....even those fitted ones. So, she may be why I throw a good shin-dig and can be the hostess with the hostess.
UJ was the one who let us sit on his lap and 'drive the car' way before we were old enough. Also, he taught us the fine art of putting potato chips on our hotdogs. You know, super important things.

Also, UJ was such a good man to my Mom; more than a brother in law, he was her hero.

So, the party was so lovely. The Coach and I were so excited to be a part of it all and to be of help.

I'm not sure if you're doing the math or not, but they married in 1967 and Suzanne was born in 1967.
I'm thinking I brought them all the good luck in their marriage. Yes, I DO try to make everything about me.

UJ, AT, my brother Mark (yes, he's precious!) and my Aunt Debbie. 
Was I at the wedding? Nope. The running joke is that I was most likely left in the car.....playing with the ashtray. Ok, I was 3 months old. Most likely I was in Miami with My Grandparents. Because I don't think they left me in the car until I was a bit 9 months.

AT, my G'pa Sullivan, my Dad and Mom

I so wish my Mom could've been here for this celebration. Oh, how she adores them both and was always so proud of their marriage.

Fun facts: AT and UJ met at a work function. (Southern Bell)
Check out this timeline:
They met on Labor Day weekend. (One week prior to my birth)
They were engaged on October 13th.
Married on December 30th.
And 50 years later, still very much in love.
They have such a beautiful relationship....based on love and mutual respect.

My Aunt Trisha thinks she spent about $12 on her dress.
They spent hardly anything on the wedding.....and no huge fanfare for their honeymoon.
Money doesn't make the wedding/marriage.

Mr and Mrs Damn and the whole Damn Family.
UJ's brother, both my cousins, Patrick and Christopher. Chris's wife and son, the Coach and I.

The happy couple. 

I wanted to have a childhood flashback with AT. "Tell me a story".....LOL

It was such a beautiful weekend celebrating them both. When we celebrate their 60th anniversary, we will do it all again. :)


January 04, 2018

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling *22*

Ok, it may not necessarily be ME that's feeling 22, but I do love that song by T-Swift.

But my second born.....AND she's in a tie for my favorite daughter....well, she turned 22 on 12/27/17.

Happy birthday dear Lindsay. Linda. Lindsburger. My little smart, sarcastic, sweet and salty child. How fun is that? Being both sweet and salty? It's my favorite.

We celebrated with a birthday dinner out to one of her favorite places with both sets of grandparents and even Lolo was off this evening.

Lindsay, Lolo, Layla and Coach

Did I ever tell you that Lindsay was the sweetest and easiest toddler on the planet? She was. 
Especially after Lolo....who was very sweet, but also VERY active and VERY energetic. 
That girl just about wore me out and then comes this sweet and mild mannered kiddo. 

As a matter of fact, when I dream about the kids, Lindsay is almost ALWAYS a toddler or baby in my dreams. It's weird, but then again all of my dreams are weird. 
Maybe I'm holding on to the baby and hoping she'll stay a baby forever?

2018 will bring her many adventures starting with a job promotion and graduating from college (in August).  Not a baby any longer. Well, to outsiders anyway....

Wishing my sweet angel a year as special as she is! We love you Lindsay.

January 02, 2018

That was a doozy of a Christmas!

Christmas Eve was just lovely. Almost all of my peeps were here.

New babies. (my niece-I'm a 'great aunt'!)
New desserts. (Made by me)
New adventures. (for Lolo and Linds)

Both of my MIL's were here. How lucky am I? Very.... because I adore them both. (above with Lolo and below with Linds and Lo)

A beautiful and delicious trifle.

Lolo and Kinsley

My girls after they finished a very fun scavenger hunt and learned they'll have an adventure this year to the Pacific northwest together.  (no, they're not visiting Kanye's first born daughter)

Christmas morning at my BIL's. Coach with Kinsley.

And a pic showing me with 'couch hair'.
Hey, it was a busy morning prior to my couch time....and then a butterfly landed on my shoulder.
Up next we have a birthday celebration.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Whew......I hope I don't have to do that again for at least a year.  Happy 2018 Ya'll!