January 04, 2018

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling *22*

Ok, it may not necessarily be ME that's feeling 22, but I do love that song by T-Swift.

But my second born.....AND she's in a tie for my favorite daughter....well, she turned 22 on 12/27/17.

Happy birthday dear Lindsay. Linda. Lindsburger. My little smart, sarcastic, sweet and salty child. How fun is that? Being both sweet and salty? It's my favorite.

We celebrated with a birthday dinner out to one of her favorite places with both sets of grandparents and even Lolo was off this evening.

Lindsay, Lolo, Layla and Coach

Did I ever tell you that Lindsay was the sweetest and easiest toddler on the planet? She was. 
Especially after Lolo....who was very sweet, but also VERY active and VERY energetic. 
That girl just about wore me out and then comes this sweet and mild mannered kiddo. 

As a matter of fact, when I dream about the kids, Lindsay is almost ALWAYS a toddler or baby in my dreams. It's weird, but then again all of my dreams are weird. 
Maybe I'm holding on to the baby and hoping she'll stay a baby forever?

2018 will bring her many adventures starting with a job promotion and graduating from college (in August).  Not a baby any longer. Well, to outsiders anyway....

Wishing my sweet angel a year as special as she is! We love you Lindsay.


  1. Your beautiful daughters have grown up so very, very quickly!!! Maturity can definitely be seen in their faces - - the calm knowledge that they have experienced hard, tiring things in life - - and accomplished them! They know they are capable of what life holds. I know you are proud of them and rightly so. We are, too because they seem like very extended family because of the blog.
    Who is beautiful young Layla? Pretty neat you got another "L" to help celebrate.

  2. 22...what a wonderful age that is. Your daughters are gorgeous, and sweet to boot- that's fantastic. Happy birthday Lindsay!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lindsay. This is a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter.

  4. Happy Birthday to Lindsay! I don't think I have ever dreamed about my kids! Should I be worried?! I love that you dream about her as a baby!

  5. Awww! So cute as a baby but also now a very lovely young woman!
    Many happy birthday wishes & for a wonderful year ahead!

  6. Happy Birthday, Lindsay.... I feel as if I have been around long enough to watch both of your beautiful daughters grow up... Amazing..... What is it about a trip for them to the Northwest??? (OR did I dream that???)


  7. awwww why do they grow up so fast :( i'm sure her birthday was wonderful and i just adore that last picture!! happy new year!!


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