March 30, 2016

Finally-the AFTER photos.

Hello friends.
Let me start by saying that I was reluctant to share the after photos of our renovation. Why?  The Coach and I both come from very humble, for us to have something this nice (our dream house) I almost feel braggy by sharing. I still remember going through the sears catalog as a kid dreaming of nice furniture and fancy sheets. And by fancy, I mean the kind that match.
I can't win; I should just go back to the trailer park and get over myself.

We are absolutely THRILLED with our home. As in, we're NEVER LEAVING. The girls will have to bury us in the backyard with Ozzie, Maisy (and the recently departed) Krispy.
We built this house in 1997; it started with a small formal dining room, (could never get everyone at the table) a small formal living area (could fit a couch and a few chairs, but never was enough space at Christmas with the whole family) A good sized kitchen, a breakfast nook, and a smallish family room.
What we had envisioned was a great room. WIDE open kitchen/family/dining.
What we got was a GREAT room with a kitchen to die for. Ok, lets slow down with the dramatics Suz. No one is dying in here. EVER. 

It was hard to make before and after the after looks NOTHING like the before so it's hard to put it in perspective.

I'll start with the lanai view. Note that the outdoor ceiling fans and the left (closest to you) column are both in the same exact spot. How coincidental to have pets in each pic?  {Miss you Ozzie boy!}

Again, with the critters. See that column down below in the left pic? It's the same one on the right just behind cocoa and Harley. That's the amount of outside lanai we stole for the inside.

This is another before/after view of the lanai, looking into the family room/dining area.

Could something ever be better than you'd imagine? I'm here to tell you YES.

I'll share the all the inside photo's next. I don't want to overwhelm you. Or me. Ok, mostly it's me I'm worried about.
Happy humpday my people.

March 21, 2016

Is it February already?

Holy Mackerel.
Where has the time gone?
And what makes mackerels so darn holy?
I'm almost embarrassed to be here. Ya know, after so long and with really no explanation for my inactions except that I've had many other actions that didn't involve the ole' blog.

Would you believe that I grew butterflies?'s what everyone should be planting to save the monarch butterflies.

Would you believe the coach and I grew a kitchen, family, dining?

We were so close to being done with the dirty stuff, but then we had to have some windows replaced in the foyer/front of the house.
Also added some new trim inside the front room for a while, we were practicing "safe sex work area" at the front rooms.

Can you see the shadows of men working in weird and well, yeah it was a weird week. Just trying to keep the dust to one area.

So, that was last week. The painters left at 4:30 on Friday afternoon, just as our first guests for the weekend arrived. Then on Saturday; well, Saturday we had approx. 70 of our closest friends over for a  little get-together.

Fo' serious.

I'm planning on catching up with all of you THIS week.
This will be the first time that I don't have MEN in my house on a daily basis. (FYI: I might finally walk around in my birthday suit---it's been 6 long months!)
Also, my washing machine will be repaired today; it's been out of commission for 17 days. So, if you need me, I'll be in the laundry room; and possibly nekkid.

All the best,
Suz, who is so darn happy.