January 11, 2017

A family trip to Key {Weird} West

We took a little family vacation to celebrate Lindsay turning 21! The Coach and I were just in KW in May to celebrate our 25th, the girls surprised me by popping up, but they were only there for about 5 hours that day and didn't see much. Me? I was there for 4 days and didn't see enough, so we went back for round two.
We rented a cute little house just off of Duval street. (the main drag downtown)
It was hawwtt for the first few days and then a cold front came in and make me shiver once. or thrice.

We had lovely meals, several cocktails and lots of walking. The Coach went fishing one morning and caught a slew of unsuspecting victims. (all were given back to the sea) The girls and I went to the spa one morning and I let them experience massages. (they LOVED them)

*note the random iguana in this tree in someone's front yard. They were everywhere....just like the chickens and roosters.

It was a great weekend spent with my people who I don't get to see as much as I'd love to.
Lolo graduates from the Police Academy next month and who knows what her working schedule will be.....she'll be a full-fledged adult. She has her own insurance, she finally knows her SS# by heart and she makes her own Doctors appointments now. *sigh*

The Coach and his girlies. Lolo up top, the birthday girl down below.

We did a great food walking tour which was full not only great food and drinks, but really full of history and an education of the local traditions.

The girls and I spent some time at the Butterfly Conservancy ...I was in heaven! If you ever get to KW, you must go visit this place; it's amazing. I'll not mention names though, but *someone* kept getting freaked out by all the things flying around her head and I could not stop giggling.

The house had a slew of games and puzzles. Lolo started this butterfly puzzle our first night.....I never thought she'd finish it. I helped her. I mean, I spent 10 minutes trying to help and ONLY found ONE piece to fit.

Cut to 2:30 the morning before we were to leave....I went to the kitchen for a drink and found her still working on it! When I woke up in the morning, it was DONE. She did the entire thing herself. That kid has some patience.

It was a great weekend making memories with my favorites.
Have any of you been to Key West lately? Did you enjoy it as much as we did?