September 29, 2010

My latest craze is going to cause clothing issues. And some trees too.


Last year I discovered that I like avocado. For 42 years I avoided them. Turned up my nose. Like Nancy warned me, I just said NO.

Until…. my Grandma was sick. In the last few weeks of her life, while at home, we could get her to eat very little. What did she want to eat though? Avocado.  Sliced avocado with ranch dressing.

While I was getting her to eat some one day, she told me to have some. I said no. I don’t like it.

She said: eat it, it is good. You will like it.

I said: no thanks.

She looked disappointed.

So, I ate some. And I liked it. I wondered why it took me so long to get on the avocado bus.  Damn me.

So, now I am in love with homemade guacamole. With extra cilantro…oh, cilantro how I love thee…. 


I ate it for dinner last night.

Don’t judge. 

And when ONE avocado costs $2.49, I am thinking I need my own tree; just like Grandma had.

Speaking of trees….

We had an arbor day of sorts a few weeks ago.

I got two mango tree’s from my in laws for my birthday. Soon, I will get my own Food Network show for my amazing mango salsa.


We also got a key lime tree.


I will need the limes to make my guacamole, salsa and they can’t hurt a corona either.  I’m just sayin’


Speaking of Grandma and tree’s it was one year ago that She passed away.

The year has flown. And remember the tree that my FIL gave me in memory of her? No, you don’t cause YOU have a life. But here it is back then:


And now.


(That ominous sky is thanks to ‘Tropical storm Nicole’ who after many warnings of flash floods and wind did not even Drop ONE drop of rain. *cursing the weather man*)

This tabebuia tree will *hopefully* be full of yellow blooms in March. {G’mas birthday month!}

I have been a bit MIA this week…getting some projects done around the house, and I am trying to focus on my exercising more. Thanks to the guacamole, it is an uphill battle.

I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a few blogger friends with health issues right now…this weighs heavily on my mind.

I heart you all. Forizzle.

September 27, 2010




 The ‘Man in Black’; he could rock a prison song.

johnny cash 

I love to wear black; therefore I rock. Perhaps I’m wrong?

Suz and Coach

Lo and Linds rocked black (& white & pink) for the homecoming dance.

Homecoming 2010

After they departed with their dates, I nearly blacked out, given the chance.

How I adore the black stones on my lil’ bee,


It seems forever ago since we provided a black car for our oldest sweetie.

LoLo 4-11-2010 

I love the Black eyes on this sweet and sassy frog,

1cute frog friend

Don’t tell him, but a facelift is needed for the black muzzle of Ozzie dog,


Black trees so pretty in the evening sky,


A black shadow, declaring ‘Peace’ says I.


I hope all you clever people don’t hold it against a girl, or blacklist a Bee, for her lack of Monday morning creativity.

It’s only Black for heavens sake. So, please give me a break.  


Thank you JEN for hosting Colors on Monday…you had me looking INSIDE the box. {of colors}

September 23, 2010

Survival and Sweet gifts.


I survived my innards surgery. Thank you all for the well wishes, hugs and prayers. Sadly, not one of you offered to be my body double for the surgery. Pffft.

My family did take good care of me, they always do.  I am a lucky ducky.


My last supper was: Mini turkey sliders, roasted eggplant (from my garden) and roasted ‘spare-grass. (asparagus for you proper folks)


Speaking of my Eggplant…

My sweet friend Dawn who is always so thoughtful got me this for my birthday:


Are you impressed?

How about now: It opens up to a reusable shopping bag to fit in my purse.


So cute right? The eggplant becomes the handle!!! I lurve it.

How great is it to have a friend who is just as excited to give you something sweet as you are to get it??? Great I say!

And keeping with our veggie theme, look at these sweet as heck measuring cups she found.

I love them, and they will have a prominent spot on my counter.


That is basmati rice and not sugar. Pinky promise.

Do you have a sweet ‘Dawn-like’ friend in your life? I sure hope so.

Okie dokie. I have more to say, but like my legs & attention span, I will keep this short.

Have a great weekend everyone. Go out there and grow something. Or support someone who grows stuff. Just the legal stuff. ok?

Bee thoughtful.

Bee a grower.

Bee a thoughtful friend who can make hearts grow.


September 21, 2010

Sharing is Caring…


…OVER sharing is boring.

My goal here is never to over share.


I have a procedure scheduled for tomorrow: outpatient surgery. I will (hopefully) be back home in my bed by 11am.

My innards need some refurbishing. I sure wish I came with an extended warranty.

The thing I’ve noticed about general anesthesia, it makes you really sleepy.  Wouldn't it be nice if you got to choose a ‘fun’ procedure too, you know while you are under? A lil’ nip and tuck of sorts?? There should be a law I tell ya!

In preparation for my down time, I’ve cleaned my room from top (fan, lights, a/c vent) to bottom (floors and under the bed).

Acchhooooo!!! lots of dust in there!

We have groceries and the laundry is semi-caught up. The dogs are bathed and I even cleaned their bedding.

Just wondering what my last supper should be….hmmmmmm.

I have some things I wanted to post this week…but time is flying.

If I don’t make it home, I will have the Coach post about the fab party we went to last weekend, the BIG GREEN MoNStEr we found in the garden, our new fruit trees and my thoughtful birthday gifts. Very important stuff.

BTW: I was outside the other night, you know, just reflecting…and I saw this reflection. :)


ps. I am thinking of boycotting all blogs that use word verification. Who is with me?     annoying.

Comment moderation is the way to go…no spam ‘mam.

September 20, 2010



An excellent example of brown would be our sweet brown dogs.

(the technical color description for a brown boxer is ‘fawn’)


And this is an excellent example of a ‘brown NOSE.’


Hmmmmm. Do you smell something funny?

 I hope your Monday doesn't stink!

September 17, 2010

Would you like to be *None Years* Old again?




Mother Nature can be  such a show off…can’t she?

Behold: a random front door sunset this week. IMG_3966

She must have the biggest box of crayons ever. 

My beautiful bouquet of roses from the Coach for my bday.  IMG_3975

Pale apricot and pale green. Pure prettiness.

Red roses= cliché’

Pale roses=special. (although I still love white tulips and they should be plentiful at my going away celebration along with wine and not the cheap stuff either!)


This weekend we are attending the first birthday party for our little sweet friend.


Before he turned ONE, do you know how old he was?

He was ‘NONE years’ old.

This is a direct quote from Lindsay many years ago about babies under one.


I love how little kids brains work.

Today would have been my Big Brother’s 47th. *sigh*

Suz and mark

When, if ever do we not remember these days?

Never??  we miss you Mark.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Are you going to be a party animal, or just an animal?

Bee colorful.

Bee appreciative of your family.

Bee a party animal.


September 15, 2010

Oh my GREEN *and purple* goodness!


Don’t you just love it when you find a surprise? ME TOO.


After I shared my love for all things EGGPLANT on Purple Monday, I wondered just WHEN WAS MY EGGPLANT-PLANT GOING TO GIVE ME SOME EGGPLANTS?

Yes, I shouted this in the yard…and yes, my neighbors think I am mucho loco. And by ‘neighbors’ I mean the dogs who were following me around.

Well, lo and behold, I found some purple goodness growing!IMG_4031

And of course, I also found a bajillion weeds in the garden. Oy vay.

And now, file this under the MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER Category!

Seriously,  I am sure you will all be so excited to read this news flash that you will go out today and adopt 4 children from third world countries, donate an organ and recycle every scrap of paper for the rest of your life.

Remember when I was complaining about my honeybell orange tree never producing any oranges?  (after 8+ years!)  Apparently, our tree reads my blog and got off it’s lazy butt and made an effort!  Forizzle.

IMG_4039When I saw this I gasped SO loud that the neighbors all stopped what they were doing and ran to me to see if I was ok.

And by neighbors, I mean the dogs who were following me around the yard.   Mr and Mrs. Lazy McLaz-a-lots.


So, did you start your adoption applications yet?

September 13, 2010



When I was a little girl I wanted to paint my room purple and adorn it with pink polka dots.

Did I get that? hells no.

Am I spiteful? No.

When the time comes for Mom to hit the nursing home circuit, she will get a sweet room painted purple with pink polka dots

And she will LIKE it.


I heart grapes. Literally.


Isn’t that the cutest?

I don’t wear a lot of purple. Yet. Although one day when I join the red hat/purple outfit club, watch out people.

My girls wear purple now… 


 Photography 101: Don’t have your subjects face the sun. :) 


My newest favorite veggie that I am cooking the heck out of:


I have grilled it, sautéed it, baked it and broiled it. I have yet to ‘parmesan’ it. Soon though. Purple tastes purpleiscous.


Ok, raise your hand if you remember this silly song:

Now raise your hand if that song will be stuck in your head ALL day. You’re welcome.

Thanks again or all my birthday wishes…I had the most comments ever on my b-day post…that is quite a consolation for getting older. :)

You are all so sweet and kind. Purple Balloons and multicolored unicorns for everyone!

September 10, 2010

*43* Is the oldest I have ever been.


The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything; the young know everything.

Oscar Wilde 

I no longer know everything, and I am starting to suspect everything.  Especially readers who never comment.


Another birthday.

It’s not all balloons and rainbows. Or maybe it is.

toddler suz_edited

I realize 43 is not really old. Unless you are 20.

Peeps who are older than 43 will say: 

Oh, you’re still a baby, stop whining.

It’s my party, let me wine whine.

My plan for today. A yummy and indulgent Lunch with a girlfriend {fish tacos!}  and we usually share a banana split too.  Bananas are healthy. 

Linds has dance line tonight at the football game, so no fancy- dancy dinner. Hot dog du jour.

Maybe we will jet off to Las Vegas in the morning. Or just sleep. I am worried about my love of sleep lately…we are really getting along.   Just writing about it makes me want to nap.

I need to find a legal way to get more pep in my step. More pizazz in my azz. More zip in my zap.

I loathe tiredness. My Unborn twin has not been extracted, so perhaps she is sucking up all my energy? Yeah, lets go with that. It is HER fault.

So who is going to party this weekend FOR me????

Remember I like good food, good wine and pretties. All sorts of pretties. The shinier the better. :)

Happy weekend!

Bee happy. (I really am)

Bee peppy. (I wish I was)

Bee sweet. (I have that all wrapped up!)  

September 08, 2010

I LOVE Labor Day.



Isn’t team work so much better than solo work? 

P1050285 P1050283 P1050284

I was easily able to convince my family to help with the window washing on labor day.  I got them started, then retreated to the grocery store. {Labor laws require me to feed them 3 squares}

They worked well as a team.  {Laborer, Laborer, & Quality control.}

They conquered all {22} of the windows/glass doors facing the pool area.

That cuts down my work. Tremendously.

Can’t we have labor day quarterly?

Whoever said living in a glass house was low maintenance?

Oh, no one EVER said that?

Makes sense, unless you spew glass cleaner out of your nose.   Which I think would burn tremendously.

September 07, 2010

I know.


I know that people come and go in your life, but the truest hearts always stay.

I know that my wrinkles and laugh lines are only going to get deeper.

I know that MY ‘every-day’ HAS to start with a cup of coffee.

I know that my laugh is never EVER going to be subdued.

I know that with all of the bad things that I have encountered in life, I consider myself lucky.

I know that my girls are the best gift I have ever been given.

I know that I will always have some sort of critter in my life to annoy love me. daily. With hair.

I know that I will always appreciate nature.

tree hugger

What do you know?