August 14, 2015

I fell off the blog again; but I can almost see the light.

It's been a flurry of activity around this place.
Well, here and there.
Last Friday I had my laser vision surgery. It went well. Kinda. I had a bit of anxiety just thinking about this; you know, laying there with your eyes WIDE open and a big a$$ laser coming in for the kill. Actually that was the easy part. Easy thanks to Valium. The Dr. prescribes this prior; that stuff is amazing. Did you know it really relaxes you? Makes you not so concerned about a big a$$ laser coming in for the kill!
Anyhoo....the procedure lasted approx. 6 minutes. Seriously.
I did not have the typical LASIK. With Lasik, you can pretty much see perfectly the next day; I was not a candidate for that. I had ASA (advanced surface ablation). This is a longer recovery time with a few days of hell in there for fun.
The weekend consisted of me cussing, sleeping (hello vicadin!) listening to music and a bit more cussing. The Coach had to prepare food for me....I couldn't even tell what he put on the plate, but I ate it, hoping he didn't want to collect the life insurance quite yet.
I was wearing my sunglasses day and night because light was not my friend. By Sunday I felt better, but still couldn't see. No Reading. No TV watching to be had.
By Monday though, there was much improvement.
On Tuesday I drove myself to my followup appointment without hitting anything.
They put bandage contact lenses on after the surgery and these come off today. I'm told that my vision will get better over the next few weeks; right now my distance is iffy, my up-close is okay.
(They lasered one eye for reading and one for distance)
This past Tuesday morning while showering I was actually able to read the ingredients on my shampoo bottle. Do you have any idea what we are putting on our scalps? All these years, I had no idea.....

Not being a slave to my glasses is already one of my favorite things!


This weekend we are hosting two parties. (NOT at our house) One for Coach's softball team to celebrate the end of their travel season and the fact that they won the World Series.
Then we're hosting a summer party for our employees and their families. We've got 123 people signed up!
See why it's not going to be at our house? HA.

Also we've finalized the plans for my Mom's internment service, which happens in a few weeks. It's going to be beautiful....just like Beverly.
Thanksgiving 2012

And if we didn't have enough going on, we are starting a major renovation in our house in the next few weeks; something we've talked about for a few years.
I'm selling furniture, packing up our kitchen and making plans for moving from the front of our house to the back side of our house.
Our craft/laundry/office will be our temp. kitchen for the next 3 months. The kids old playroom will be our master bedroom for the next three months. I'm nervous, but excited. Walls are coming down; interior and exterior. Floors are being destroyed.
I can already smell the dust.
I might need some more valium.

Of course, I'll share photos.

I'm going to try and catch up on some reading...especially now that I can kinda do that sort of activity.
So, anything exciting happening in your life? Sharing is caring.