May 28, 2010

Friday; A whole lotta buzzin’ going on and some public procreating.

I was piddling around the yard the other day and I could smell summer.

No, not chlorine, sunscreen or stinky dogs…I could smell our jasmine trees blooming.


As I got closer to the tree’s not only did the smell get stronger, but could feel the buzz of buzzing. The bee’s were having a big ol’ bee bash. And they did not care if I stood by and watched.


It pleased me to know they were doing their job…and having fun. IMG_1428

That is my cousin Joe-Bob avoiding eye contact with me. Rude.

I am thinking I need a macro lens…eventually.

But, this one is doing a pretty good job with my close-ups. (28mm-135)


And then, to my shock and amazement I caught these two gettin’ jiggy wit it.


Oh, my virginal eyes.

Did I just UP the rating of my blog?

Could it be any worse than the Nekkid zebra?

I think not.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Lets remember the real meaning of this holiday. A salute to those who have served our country…the real super-hero's.

May 26, 2010

Before AND After Landscaping Photos; And Then I Got Lost Thinking about Pet Bears.


My little landscape project that consumed days of my time.

Before. Which is actually AFTER, because some of the old plants were already ripped out. I should have taken a BEFORE-BEFORE photo. But I didn't. So there.  IMG_0028 IMG_0027

It is impossible for me to be outside and NOT have Ozzie tracking my every move…he is a Ninja boxer.

Damn the ninjas.

After. Plants added: Pinwheel jasmine, asparagus ferns, and some more fiery red ixora.

IMG_1316 IMG_1314

And lets not forget the bags of eucalyptus mulch. (About 40 for this area.) IMG_1312_1

With all this eucalyptus, I am expecting Koala bears to move in any day now.

I heart Koalas.

But they really are not bears. They are marsupials. This is the kind of things I have learned since my kids pay attention in school.

I always thought they were bears. 

Only two things I know for sure.

Koala bears eat eucalyptus. And Panda bears eat bamboo.

ok, I know one more thing. I want one of each.

I take that back, I want 2 of each so they can have friends.   They can also pretend they have mirrors if I duplicate them.

I think they would make good pets.


Please note, all the rock areas…four different areas.

We know what rocks mean in our yard right?

Snake haven

Do you think snakes are afraid of Panda’s or Koalas???? Gosh, I hope so.

I am so glad to be done with this part of the yard.

I am almost done with all the yard work for this season…and just in time. My fingernails were begging for a break!!!!

I am not getting any ‘hand model’ job offers.

…that almost sounded dirty….like my fingernails.

Now I also wonder, is there a leash law for pandas and koalas' ?

**Thinking, thinking, thinking….Please don’t call me today, I have so much research to do on this bear issue.


May 25, 2010

I hope A Good Love Story Does NOT Make You Sick.

If it does, get out your barf bag.


Today, Coach and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.

Yes, we were toddlers when we got married.


And they said it would never last.scan0004


Who said that?

Oh, never mind.

No one said that.

Happy Anniversary to the best boyfriend ever.


Had anyone told me years ago that my heart could grow larger and fill itself with MORE and MORE love each year, well I would have called them loco!

Turns out, that loco advice would have been correct.  

It all started on a fateful night in1985…a blind date.

The blind; dating the blind.

Jeff Suz 1985

Call me lucky.

Call me loved.

Call me lucky to be loved.

(call me skinny back then!)

  Jeff suz 1989

My love.

My heart.

My everything.


Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Did I make you vomit? I hope not.

We can always use a good love story, right?

By the way, the traditional gift for a 19th wedding anniversary is bronze.

I googled bronze gifts and this little number popped up.


Interesting, right?

I wonder if they make it in the proper size for my Coach.

May 24, 2010

“Lost~In~Translation” moments = Sweet Memories.

Some things you can never forget. Nor do you want to.

When Lindsay was about 5 years old we visited my Aunt and Uncles house in Atlanta.


This was one of our first visits since the girls were little bitty things.

We spent a great day visiting and playing. When bedtime was upon us, we sorted out our sleeping arrangements.

My Aunt and I were in the hall discussing…”Coach and I would sleep in Cuz Patrick's room and the girls would sleep in the playroom…on the futon.”

Linds overheard us as we were looking for the sheets and extra pillows.

All of a sudden we heard a whiny/wailing voice from down the hall:

“I don’t wanna to seep on a crouton”  DSC00044

Aunt Trisha and I almost piddled in our pants…we were laughing so hard.

Linds seriously did not know what a futon was, and assumed I said Crouton.

She loves croutons, but did not want to sleep on them. 

My Aunt and I assured her, she was not sleeping on a crouton.

To this day…when I come across a futon, inside I am secretly calling it a crouton.

Futon. Crouton. Tomatoe. Tomato.

I can’t even eat at a salad bar and NOT think of the crouton/futon episode.

When I have grandkids…I will surely get a crouton for them to sleep on.

And they will like it.

May 21, 2010

Friday; Snakes and Imaginary Spiders.



What did I do this week?

Mulch mania. Missy McMulchesAlot.

80 bags down, 20 to go.

I did take one day off from mulch duties. Slacker McSlacksalot.

Remember a few weeks ago I declared that I would not mess with anymore rocks?

Well, I lied. Lucy McLiesalot.

I forgot there was a rock situation at the front of our house where I was doing some re-landscaping.

Guess how many snakes I encountered in said rocks? Guess.

A LOT. Turns out snakes like to hide in big rock beds.

Guess how many times I screamed?

None times.

Forizzle. But I did gasp a few times.  And I asked them to politely leave the area for a little while.

Guess how many times I screamed when I thought I had a big spider stuck to my glove but it turned out to be a funky piece of mulch.

Once.  And loUD!

I think my Mom in Atlanta may have heard that one.

I no likey spiders.

I will show photos of my landscaping beautification project next week. Right after Better Homes and Gardens is done with my post photo shoot interview.

*snicker snicker*

Speaking of snakes. Our Freddy The Freeloader is happy that summer is here…this is when he is allowed to leave the comforts of the playroom and head outside to the lanai. He oversees the outdoor kitchen. If you want to grill…you have to ask him first.

Freddy the Freeloader

He is always accommodating. And yes, he does stay in his cage for the most part. On occasion we (and by we, I mean the kids and Coach) will take him out for some exercise. Turns out he likes the pool and is a great floater. 

Please don’t mistake Freddie the Freeloader for a floatie noodle.

What makes you lose your marbles the quickest?

Snakes or imaginary Spiders??

Have a great weekend everyone.

Remember your Sunscreen and ditch the Funscreen!!!


May 19, 2010

Do Boys Make Passes~



At girls who wear glasses?

Linds 5-17-10


I know they do…

but I secretly hope they won’t!!

And she would not be my colorful daughter unless she picked purple glasses!!!

May 18, 2010


Both physically and emotionally.

First, for the physical part.

You guys were right, I had 100 drunken sailors bags of mulch delivered yesterday.


You guys seem to really know me!

The emotional part:


I am drained from watching the final episode of Private Practice.


Dell DIED!!!!

I was so upset…I mean, he was such a good guy, an honest friend, he was just accepted to medical school and he was a great Dad…

If that was not bad enough, a few hours later I watched the finale of Brother’s and Sisters. I don’t want to upset anyone…but…

Robert has passed away!!!

He and Kitty just got their relationship to a good place and then this happens? He has 3 kids and might have been President one day and….

You can’t take Rob Lowe Robert away from me Kitty!!!


Oh, never mind.

And I did not just cry at the most critical moments.

Crying is for wimps.


Sobbing is for Pros.

I sobbed like I was losing my nearest and dearest…I am relieved that all the shows are going on hiatus. I will need this summer to recover.

I know what you are thinking…I need a life.

But you are soooo wrong. This is my life. And it is draining


And I must be honest with you. I lied up there. At the very beginning.

I am NOT physically exhausted. Nope. I only spread 25 bags of mulch yesterday…I could have done more.

I should have done more.

But I was just so upset about losing both Dell and Robert in one day…I need time to grieve.

**Wink Wink**

May 17, 2010

This, That and The Other Thing


THIS: A few months ago, my friend Mildred emailed me about a miniature rose she stumbled upon called ‘Busy Bee.’  Can you imagine my delight? I wonder what came first…me or the rose??? Don’t answer….So, I ordered 2 of them…as well as one of ‘The Bee’s Knees.’ They are planted and doing well.  

The Busy bee

It is a sweet pink/orange shade with a yellow center. (do you think I have a yellow center? Don’t answer!)IMG_0007

The Bee’s Knees. 

Deep pink with a yellow center. Notice the lizard admiring the knees of the bees. So cute. I shall name him Elvin.


Well, my knees…not so cute anymore. And they hurt..what is up with that?


THAT: The other night, as I was sitting down on the couch to watch a show, I opened up my little, petite, tiny, itty bitty- pie hole and out came the LOUDEST belch in the world.

I don’t know where it came from. I looked around to see if my home had been invaded by rude and drunken sailors. *none*  The depth of it shocked me so much that I could only laugh. And then, I hoped that no one heard me.  Did you hear me?


THE Other THING: Fill in the blank:

I have 100____________ being delivered today.

Can you imagine?? You know, with my exciting life…it could be nothing anything!


May 14, 2010

Random Friday; Spicy Aperture


Learning aperture.


I took this photo minutes after googling: aperture. (and then I watched a 3 minute video pertaining to my camera explaining how to use aperture on it.)


I know, you are totally impressed with my skills. That would be my ‘green’ skills and not the photography!!!

Well, actually, my green skills are a bit off too. My peppers are ready, my cilantro is done and most of my ‘maters are green.

So how is one to make her delicious salsa like this? I suppose the farmers market could fill in where I am lacking.

Next year, a schedule maybe?

Very important question: Should I purchase an extended 4 year warranty for my Canon camera???

Not much going on this weekend for moi…Lo and Coach have a softball tourney and Linds has a sleepover.

Cocoa and Ozzie have already scheduled out 46 hours this weekend for snoozing. They are dog tired.IMG_0311

I am excited about a little romantic rendezvous' planned for this evening. Oh yeah…I am meeting a very good looking guy tonight, he has a pick-up truck and we are meeting in the back of a local plant nursery.

YEAH BABY!!! {said in an Austin Powers accent} Shagadelic!

Oh, wait, that sounded more than it is.

I have started another landscaping project. Yep. Just one more.  I need the Coach and his big ol’ pick up to help me.  And he offered.  Gentlemanly as always.

{Is Gentlemanly a word? Spell check let it slide…so yes?}

Friday nights…not what  they were 20 years ago.  But still, perfectly fine in my book.

Are you having a rendezvous' this weekend?

If so, I hope it is hot and steamy…and not necessarily with a steam mop!!


May 12, 2010

Letting Linds Loose with the Lens


IMG_0668You lookin’ at me?



Boxers Boxing.  Ironic?IMG_0681

I can only hope that this pose from Harley means he is begging for forgiveness for all his binging and purging.


Somehow I know deep inside, he really does not care at all.  Cats..PFTtttt…..


May 11, 2010

Frolicking Around The Yard

…Like dirty little kids…

All the while carrying the new expensive camera Baby!

linds good leap

Playing with the camera settings…whilst the children fly through the air…. “Oh, wait, do that one more time please”

LoLo toe touch


Ninja Linds

Lo and Linds; preparing for their upcoming roles in “Kill Bill, The Prequel.” 

Ninja Lo

You can’t come back in the house until your feet are good and dirty…then you know you have played enough.

  nasty toes


Suz Cartwheel

I did a couple of cartwheels as well…But I always wear my shoes. Dirt rinses off; warm squishy poop is not a feeling I like in between my toes.

ozzie face

I only mention the cartwheels because, If you don’t hear from me…I am at the ER. 

When is the last time you were upside down?

May 10, 2010

If you ask for stuff in your blog it may come to fruition.


A few months ago I blogged about how I wanted my friends Camera that we nicknamed: The BABY. 

Well, I got my baby. Yuppers.

My very own Baby.

She is cute, sweet and big as heck. She came with a set of wheels.

I kid. I kid.

{Why, yes, my family is very very very very good to me. I love them a lot…even without the wonderful gifts. Forizzle. But, gifts are nice too. right?} 

I played with her yesterday…I think what I really need is a class. Or two fourteen.



I witnessed a perpetrator in the garden.


Don’t you hate that feeling when you KNOW someone is watching you???



Ozzie knows that feeling oh too well…

 IMG_0037  “If I look up again…I know that woman will be there with the camera….”


“I knew it…dang paparazzi.”

I also captured some frolicking in the pool.

LoLo and Linds HSM jump

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well…lacking perpetrators, but full of flowers, friends, family and frolicking!