February 25, 2013

To see or not to See~That is my dilemma

I had a great post written (Ok, maybe it wasn't so great) about our weekend and eating dinner with the Zac Brown Band, but somehow it disappeared. I don't think I've ever had that happen before.
Writing it once was enough.

I've been having major issues with my vision. It's hell to get old. My latest monovision contact RX seemed to lose some of their power {only 5 months since my RX was upped} and I went in for another check up.
I was given some options. Change the contact RX again, but it won't be perfect for everything. I'd still need readers over them to actually read up close.
OR try bifocals.
I opted to try both.
The bifocals are great for reading. They are great for distance.
They are not so great at computer distance.
My contacts are good for far distance and middle distance, but not up close.
See my dilemma?
Nothing is perfect.
I don't know what to do.
And frankly, my face hurts.
Ok, not my whole face, but that little space between your eyebrows? That hurts because I find myself squinting a lot. {with or without the contacts/glasses} And it hurts to much that it is putting a nice indent there. I've mentioned the word botox several times over the last few weeks. More for medical reasons {relaxing that muscle} than for vanity reasons.
I find I am rubbing that muscle to try and relax's not working.

So. There you have it.
We had a great weekend with family and friends and our friends The Zac Brown Band.
And my face hurts.
Is it killing you?
Did you have a good weekend? Were you able to see it all?

February 20, 2013

Crack and cracks in communication.

It's not that often that I get mad at one of my girls.
But I got mad at Linds on Monday night. And it wasn't even about her being addicted to crack.
I know.
Oh wait,  you don't know.
Whenever one of the girls does something to irritate me, I say to myself: Well, at least she is not smoking crack.
In my mind everything is good if my child is not smoking crack. {And by crack, that includes oxy, coke, meth, pot, cigarettes etc.... Crack is my word for drugs.}
I'm not even going to tell you what made me so mad, because it would not matter to most people. But remember, I compare most things to crack.

Oh, wait. I'll have to tell you or this story makes no sense.

The child had the nerve to leave a bowl of brocolli on the counter.
I asked her at 6:30 to please cover the broccoli and put it in the fridge. When Coach and I arrived home at 11:30, it was still sitting on the counter.

I know.


As good as we are about communicating around here, sometimes the communication falls through the cracks. And by cracks, I'm talking the Grand Canyon.

Monday, the Coach and I had tickets to see Kid Rock and we were being joined by another couple. I texted Coach around 4:00 asking what time we needed to leave the house. He replied: 6:30-6:40.
I run home, and start preparing dinner.
Coach walks in at 5:40, sees me working in the kitchen and says: "We are meeting so and so for appetizers and drinks before the show..... I guess I should have told you this?"

Me: "ahhhh yeahhhhh." as I start putting the food away, meanwhile my brain was busy cussing him out.

Two minutes later, Linds walks into the kitchen and I'm grumbling. "the lack of communication around here is insane...grumble grumble...."

Lindsay: "What? What happened?"

Me:  "I assumed I needed to cook dinner before we go to the concert tonight and Daddy didn't tell me we were eating out with so and so."

Lindsay: "Wait. What? You are going to a concert? What concert? Nobody tells me anything!!"

Lindsay: "Wow the lack of communication around this house is ridiculous."

I was now dizzy from going in that full circle.


Tuesday after school, I was fussing at Linds for leaving the broccoli out on the counter, and for not turning off the tv before she went to bed.

Lindsay: "I'm sorry Mom. I forgot. But really, if you think about it, you could have come home to me sitting in a pool of blood while holding a ouiji board and candles lit in a circle around me.  Just think what that blood would do the grout. AND at least I put away all my drugs and alcohol before I went to bed."

Lolo overheard this and stated dryly: "That is the scene in the beginning of every CSI show I've watched." 

Crack, cracks and cracking me up. Life is never boring.


February 15, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Blog,
Yes, I've thought about quitting you 17 times this past week. Feeling unloved is not a good feeling. I'm working to get past this feeling about you. And me.


Dear Coach,
You might have outdone yourself this time. Although your Mom mentioned wanting a little Mercedes several times during your childhood, surely she never thought you were actually listening. Surprising your Mom with a car was beyond sweet.  I always say, the way to a woman's heart is through a car.
Ok, I don't always say that, but it is pretty darn awesome. And for your sweet Mom, this is such a deserved gift.
(This car gift coincided with their 39th anniversary~ I love you Sue and Bill!}
On occasion, I might refer to the Coach as My Oprah.

Dear Valentines Day,
I might have to stop referring to you as Happy VD.
This year, our house was full of love....and I'm happy that both my girls have sweet Valentines that I actually like. For once.



February 13, 2013

The fan club

Linds nailed her solo performance on Friday night. 
That smile won over the crowd and the judge. 
 I moved down to take photos while she performed, then I looked up at our crowd. 
12 people. 
Twelve people who traveled to see our girl....and she didn't even get to perform until 10:40 at night. 
That is one dedicated fan club.

And if you were wondering, no I did not let my heart burst out of my chest and all over the gym.
I might have shed a small tear of joy though. 

February 08, 2013

~Friday Letters~

Dearest Friday,
I could not wait for you to get here. Usually, this is not a problem for me, but this week really: TGIF.
P.S What do atheists say on Fridays?

Dear Linds,
I can't wait to watch you dance tonight. Seeing you do what you love to do fills my heart so much, it feels as thought it's going to burst right out of my chest.  Which is messy....and in turn will ruin your dance. So, I'll keep my heart in check. Tonight.

Dear garden,
Have I told you today how much I love you?

Ok, I have.
And I'll tell you tomorrow too.

Dear Lolo,
I'm glad you enjoy my little notes to you. Some people would call them "chore lists", but when I add in quips about how much easier your life is than the servants at Downton Abbey, it makes it fun for both of us.
Ok, maybe only fun for me.
Love, Countess Suzanne of BeeVille

Dear Coach,
When I see something large and awesome out of the corner of my eye at Costco and declare: "I've always wanted one of those!"
"And then you say, that is pretty cool. I'll come back later in the week with my truck and get it for you."
And you do? Well that is just freaking awesome.
P.S. A girl can get spoiled like this.
P.S.S This girl is beyond spoiled and there is no turning back.


February 06, 2013

Holy Beans Batman!

YOU GUYS need to stop calling, emailing and texting me. I am ok. No, really, stop asking where I am.
Ok, none of you have asked, but I'm sure you are wondering and worried.
All is well.
Don't you hate it when people writewithnospaces?

I must share with you the most delicious bowl of goodness I have found. 
This was prior to my adding of avocado.

Can I just say YUM? 
I can: YUM!

No cooking required. Just so you know, I am awesome in the kitchen especially when NO cooking is required. And if a dish asks for cilantro, then I practically want to marry that dish.

I omitted the sugar, lightened up the EVOO, added a cucumber and used frozen corn. 
Don't judge, I'm busy damnit. 

 I'm such a rebel...the recipe says to let it sit in the fridge for several hours first, but I couldn't wait.
It was so tasty that I devoured four bowls immediately

Hopefully those four bowls will allow me to leave my bathroom house today for work, you know with all those beans and veggies. 

And that is all I have to say about that. 
Eating healthy.
Being cool. 
Can you dig it?

I hope you can.


February 01, 2013

~Friday Letters~

Dear craft table,
I know I declared I would not start Christmas until you were cleaned off......I furiously cleaned you off and Christmas DID happen.
....but Christmas has come and gone. NOW I need to fill you up again with busy-ness.
I've got loads of photos {memories} that need to be organized on you and hopefully put into memory books. I have a feeling that YOU like being covered in our memories.
And who wouldn't?


Dear Rose bush that I have no idea what your name is.
I hardly give you my full attention, and yet you gift me with the most beautiful golden blossoms. I heart you.


Dear Cocoa,
You know how much you are loved. You know how sad it makes me when you start to show your age. I feel your pain when you can't run as long as you used to, and when you roll, trip, stumble while chasing your toy, it breaks my heart a little bit. Your puppy days were so much fun and I will love and cherish you as you move into your golden years too. You made me a dog lover.


Dear Alanis Morrisette,
I thought about you the other day when I found a white fly in my pinot noir.
Isn't that ironic?


Have a great weekend!!!