February 25, 2013

To see or not to See~That is my dilemma

I had a great post written (Ok, maybe it wasn't so great) about our weekend and eating dinner with the Zac Brown Band, but somehow it disappeared. I don't think I've ever had that happen before.
Writing it once was enough.

I've been having major issues with my vision. It's hell to get old. My latest monovision contact RX seemed to lose some of their power {only 5 months since my RX was upped} and I went in for another check up.
I was given some options. Change the contact RX again, but it won't be perfect for everything. I'd still need readers over them to actually read up close.
OR try bifocals.
I opted to try both.
The bifocals are great for reading. They are great for distance.
They are not so great at computer distance.
My contacts are good for far distance and middle distance, but not up close.
See my dilemma?
Nothing is perfect.
I don't know what to do.
And frankly, my face hurts.
Ok, not my whole face, but that little space between your eyebrows? That hurts because I find myself squinting a lot. {with or without the contacts/glasses} And it hurts to much that it is putting a nice indent there. I've mentioned the word botox several times over the last few weeks. More for medical reasons {relaxing that muscle} than for vanity reasons.
I find I am rubbing that muscle to try and relax's not working.

So. There you have it.
We had a great weekend with family and friends and our friends The Zac Brown Band.
And my face hurts.
Is it killing you?
Did you have a good weekend? Were you able to see it all?


  1. First Kid Rock, now the Zac Brown Band - you're killing me.
    Sorry you're having trouble with your vision and the contact/glasses. Hope it gets better soon.

  2. I could see every moment of the weekend, although, I think someone peed in my cheerios, so what I was seeing annoyed me.

    Just kidding : )

    Kaish had his friends over for a sleepover. If you had messy boys living at your house I think you might die Suz. Seriously die. I could have cared less. I am not a neat freak like you though.

    I woke up on Saturday to the house smelling divine. The boys had an AIR FRESHENER FIGHT. Seriously. They were spraying air freshener at each other. Very special.

    I hope you can see soon.

    Love, Becky who can see and smell

  3. You've made me feel better--I also have to do readers over my contact for really small print. It sure happens fast.

  4. Bless your heart.. I'm so sorry you are having vision problems. Maybe it's time to get another opinion... Some other doctor/clinic may have some answers for you... I'm so sorry, Suz...

    Prayers and Hugs,

  5. ME TOO. i had perfect vision until a few years ago and then WHOA! Can't read street signs OR print.... got a super complicated prescrip from the doc, and tis better, buuuuut....they are, like your eyes, changing more....

  6. I feel your pain, my sista! I can't read crap with my contacts in unless I use cheaters. I used to be ok if I was wearing my glasses, but just overnight (well, ok, maybe the past 3 months) I can't read with those, either! I have to take them off to read, which is a giant pain in the behind! Thankfully, the glasses are ok for the computer. But the contacts, no. I need to use the cheaters over them. Ugh! I'm seriously contemplating bifocals. I have an eye doctor appt next week, so we'll see what my doctor suggest. I have thought about bifocal contacts, as well, but I think they're going to be a little too co$tly for me right now. =(

  7. Three line bifocals. I LOVE mine! I started out with readers, then progressed to lined bifocals that I only wore when I was reading. And then I needed near and far but knew the lines drove me batty. I really enjoy my no-lines...I can see near and far and points in between. It just feels like I can see. Love love love. I feel your pain though....I would love to be without any glasses all the time. Just easier not to have to mess with them, but since I do....

  8. I'm disappointed that you aren't going to tell us about your dinner with the Zac Brown Band. But since that post disappeared, I guess I'll forgive you. You might consider my solution to your vision problem -- trifocals. I've had them for several years and they do the job at all distances.

  9. I have trifocals, but don't like to wear them unless I'm going to be driving at night - then, they are NECESSARY. Most of the time, I walk around wearing reading glasses (3-pack from Costco), either on the bridge of my nose for reading or computer work, or way down toward the end of my nose when I'm doing anything else! Getting older is not for sissies.

  10. We love Zac Brown!!!
    Recently, John's dr. made a special pair of glasses for when John is at his desk/on his computer/watching tv. They sent John home with a device that measures the distance from his face to the different things in the room. They then made the glasses based on the different distances. He LOVES the glasses!

  11. Oh I so hear on the sight issues - but wont go there - refuse - because that means I would have to face the facts and I don't want to!

  12. There really is always something isn't there? :( Hope that pain in your face goes away soon,

  13. I'm having trouble seeing the problem clearly cuz I'm laughing so hard!

    You are a gem!

  14. I was born with a line between my eyes and it just gets deeper and deeper with the years. It's a shame no one tells you when you're young that at around 45 your eyesight goes out the window. I still haven't gotten any reading glasses, but I need them.

    My daughter has seen The Zac Brown Band four times so far. I need to go with her sometime. She says they are fantastic in person.

  15. Sounds so frustrating, and stressful. I hope you and your eye doctor can figure something out.

  16. Welcome to my world. Although my world does not have Zac Brown in it at this time. Lucky you! I've missed them both times they've been to Tampa recently. The "I'm in my mid-40s and suddenly I can't see" hit me hard this year. I'm waiting for the most recent attempt at glasses to come back from the dr's office. I have the added fun of trying to find something so I can see my orchestra music AND also see the conductor. Good luck. My advice is to get progressives (no line trifocals.) They have a bit of adjustment but my husband loves his and can see near, far, and the computer.

  17. Good to hear you had a bit of sunshine in your otherwise foggy weekend--the Zac Brown Band. Hope everything clears up soon!

  18. what? i leave you alone for 5 minutes and you've changed the decor again?
    I love it tho'.
    Please don't frown. Get some nice trifocals or a pince-nez for the end of your nose. You're so cute you could really rock that look. x

  19. Hi Suz, I do like the look of your blog now... VERY nice.

    AND--I love seeing you and Coach all dressed up. I hate those auction-type events also--but they are more fun when you are there with good friends.

    Hope the new glasses do well. I only have to wear reading glasses --but I'll admit that the older I get, the poorer my vision is.. Dang it...

    Hope the new neighbors finish up their renovations SOMETIME SOON... Mercy Me.

    Have a nice weekend --and don't fuss at Cocoa. That sofa must be very comfy...



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