February 01, 2013

~Friday Letters~

Dear craft table,
I know I declared I would not start Christmas until you were cleaned off......I furiously cleaned you off and Christmas DID happen.
....but Christmas has come and gone. NOW I need to fill you up again with busy-ness.
I've got loads of photos {memories} that need to be organized on you and hopefully put into memory books. I have a feeling that YOU like being covered in our memories.
And who wouldn't?


Dear Rose bush that I have no idea what your name is.
I hardly give you my full attention, and yet you gift me with the most beautiful golden blossoms. I heart you.


Dear Cocoa,
You know how much you are loved. You know how sad it makes me when you start to show your age. I feel your pain when you can't run as long as you used to, and when you roll, trip, stumble while chasing your toy, it breaks my heart a little bit. Your puppy days were so much fun and I will love and cherish you as you move into your golden years too. You made me a dog lover.


Dear Alanis Morrisette,
I thought about you the other day when I found a white fly in my pinot noir.
Isn't that ironic?


Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I covet your craft table!!! Oh the things I could do... :-)

  2. yay for friday letters!!!!
    i had to sing a little "memories" for your craft table covered in memories... and the memories we have around that table :)

    p.s... i see you are still a basketcase... but don't worry, you are my favorite basketcase :) and babysitter!

  3. Aw, the Cocoa letter made me sad. Daisy is turning 6 and a half and I can already see her slowing down a bit.
    I've been awash in photos for a month, trying to scan all of them and put them in some kind of computer file order. Maybe I would have done better to just have a big craft table to keep them on.

  4. I'm so glad you are participating in the letter writing now! That table is amazing. And, wow, that basket collection is amazing, too. I love dogs. It's so sad to see the gray show on their muzzles and the sprightly bodies struggle to keep up.

  5. Oh Cocoa.... say it ain't so. Please don't get old... pretty please. I just hate when a pet has to age. :( That makes my heart hurt.

  6. Sweet photo of Cocoa.
    I'm envious of your craft table, too.
    Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Wish I could smell your pretty yellow roses!

  7. Those roses are gorgeous!!

    I feel ya about Cocoa. Buster is about to celebrate his 17th birthday. It's crazy! He's blind, deaf, has trouble walking, but he's still hanging in there.

    When I show up unannounced on your doorstep soon, I would like to sleep on your craft table. :P

  8. Awwwww Cocoa, you just take these years easy and enjoy your retirement!

    That is one heck of a fun crafty workspace you have.

  9. Yes, that Craft Table is begging for lots of work on top of it.... SO--what are you waiting for? Just DO IT...

    Believe me... I can relate to Cocoa... I can feel my body getting older --even though I don't want it to. I yearn for that childhood energy. Just not there!!!! Oh Well... Glad I'm still loved--like Cocoa is loved.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Ohhhh...Cocoa....been there. In fact, oh my limbs when I wake up!

    Loved the's mine-
    Dear Friday, 14 hours at work?! So glad you are over. But it was fun. But not again until next year, okay?

    Happy Weekend,
    GO 9ers!

  11. Those roses are gorgeous! Cocoa...what a sweet face! Love this letter idea.

  12. I loved this post. How nice to ponder the things in life that we love and appreciate.

  13. I'll bet a lot of neat things get done on that craft table. I could certainly use it at our house, but I would never keep it looking so clean. I know from experience exactly how Cocoa feels.

  14. You know, I was never a dog person, but as you know I am now a dog LOVER. It brought a tear to my eye reading about your dog getting older. I do not look forward to that day. Luckily (get it?) she's only 3!! :) Or is she 21?

  15. Love this post! Love that table, wish I had one. Love your dog. How old is Cocoa? Mine is 1 year and is just driving me nuts. When she gets old, I know I'll really be old. Oh well, at least we'll be old together.


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