February 08, 2013

~Friday Letters~

Dearest Friday,
I could not wait for you to get here. Usually, this is not a problem for me, but this week really: TGIF.
P.S What do atheists say on Fridays?

Dear Linds,
I can't wait to watch you dance tonight. Seeing you do what you love to do fills my heart so much, it feels as thought it's going to burst right out of my chest.  Which is messy....and in turn will ruin your dance. So, I'll keep my heart in check. Tonight.

Dear garden,
Have I told you today how much I love you?

Ok, I have.
And I'll tell you tomorrow too.

Dear Lolo,
I'm glad you enjoy my little notes to you. Some people would call them "chore lists", but when I add in quips about how much easier your life is than the servants at Downton Abbey, it makes it fun for both of us.
Ok, maybe only fun for me.
Love, Countess Suzanne of BeeVille

Dear Coach,
When I see something large and awesome out of the corner of my eye at Costco and declare: "I've always wanted one of those!"
"And then you say, that is pretty cool. I'll come back later in the week with my truck and get it for you."
And you do? Well that is just freaking awesome.
P.S. A girl can get spoiled like this.
P.S.S This girl is beyond spoiled and there is no turning back.



  1. I absolutely LOVE that market umbrella!! I looked at it at Sam's Club for YEARS, and never took the plunge. Now I'll just have to live vicariously through you.'s snowing here, by the way. I know you're SO jealous!


  2. Hi Suz, Your Coach is SO good to you... You are really spoiled --but that is a good thing, since I'm spoiled also...... Let's start an "I'm Spoiled Club" ..... K????

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Great post, Suz. I love the umbrella.

  4. You are one lucky lady!

    I'd love to be one of the Earl's daughters on Downton, aah, the life!

  5. TGIF is right - it's been one heck of a day...
    You have baby tomatoes already??? I just started my seeds - inside!
    Love the umbrella! We bought two (smaller ones I believe) two years ago and are so happy we did.

  6. I have coveted that very Costco item. Alas, I spent that budget on textbooks. "For more years!" is my mantra.

    I say TGIF, but in my head it's Thank goodness it's Friday!

  7. hehe, how could I have forgotten how funny you are? Blessings on you and the family. x-cassie

  8. SHUT UP! That is the best umbrella I have ever seen. WOW! : ) I really love Coach. I have to keep my love in check because you know I want to come and meet you someday and I don't want it to be awkward.

    I have never seen Downtown Abbey. Should I try to watch it. I hate being the only person in the world who doesn't watch it.

    When I write notes on Kaishon's chore list, he does not think it is clever.

    I hope your dancer had a great time tonight. I am so happy she is doing well. She is a star.

    Happy Friday. I believe in Jesus so I can proudly say TGIF! I hope no one pees in your cheerios this weekend. Now, If they pee in your Wheaties, that is fine by me : )

  9. green grass and tomatoes, OH MY! letter to Suz: Thanks for the little slice of summer during our snowstorm! gr :)

  10. Fantastic! Love what coach did - what a wonderful moment in time!

  11. I love that you find the good in the ones you love and then tell them!

  12. I feel the same about the heart bursting when I watch my kids on stage. Jealous of the umbrella!

  13. Awesome umbrella!
    Maybe atheists aren't glad when it's Friday....
    Such nice notes you leave for your girls. I should take lessons from you. Mine are full of sarcasm that nobody appreciates but me. :)

  14. I am totally jealous of your back deck and closed in room. I want one!

  15. Tomatoes!!! And that umbrella! Jim and I are joining costco on my next day off (really, we wine...hello!) but we don't have a spot for that awesome umbrella. And I doubt it would fit in the volvo anyway...

  16. Such a good guy, a good guy with a truck. I love your sweet chore notes!

  17. I love your letters, especially the one to your dancing daughter. Very special! Oh, and I'm in love with that green tomato!

  18. LOVE that umbrella! Very cool!


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