September 30, 2013

What's A~happenin' Hot Stuff?

What movie is that from?

Linds attended her very last Homecoming dance last week. The end. My long time readers as well as my family knows that has had dress drama. 

We buy a dress (or multiple dresses) and we return. Then do it again.
This time, we experienced a dress miracle.

We purchased this dress and did not return it.
Even better? It was on super duper clearance.  
The hooker heels? I overpaid on those by 70 bucks. 
You win some $, you lose some $.

She had a great time and the shoes saw about 5 minutes worth of action.
If we break that down, it equates to 16 bucks a minute.

I think I've just found my new career: hooker shoe designer!

So, what's A~Happenin' Hot STUFF???


September 27, 2013

Is There A Cure For BS?

Remember my trip to Sarasota? 
Of course you do.

The Coach and I thoroughly enjoyed the Art Museum portion of the Ringling compound.

BUTT  I stopped when I saw this life-size busty sculpture of myself.
I mean this busty of myself. 
I don't know what it is. 
But when I saw her I said: 
Hey, I don't remember modeling for this!
The Coach said: I can see this will be on the blog. 

Then I walked around her backside and realized it wasn't me after all. 
This woman was afflicted with NBS. 
{No Butt Syndrome}
I am afflicted with the opposite of NBS.

I have BS. 

This guy could not believe the conversation happening right in front of him. 
Plus, since he can only see the front side of my bust  likeness, he was bug eyed. 

Are you or your loved ones suffering from BS as well?
I suppose I could get out and work on my BS....I'll think about it. 

Wishing you a great weekend...whether you have NBS or BS.


September 24, 2013

Sarasota~ Take Two

So, besides visiting the Circus museum and getting pregnant we toured the home of John and Mable Ringling as well as his art Museum.
Aside from being a circus creating genius, John also had a passion for art. Not just collecting it, he really studied it SO he could collect it properly.
Make sense? Hell, I don't usually.

Their home, the circus museum and the art museum reside on 66 acres...directly on the water. 

The house was built in the 1920's. Mable oversaw every detail of the house. The house was named The House Of John, but the builders referred to it as Mable's house. It was built in the style that they loved so much, Venetian Gothic. 

We were only able to see a portion of the lower level inside. Can you believe they let other people in besides us? We were not cool with that; too crowded.
The Chandelier was from the original Waldorf Astoria in's so similar to the one over my kitchen table. 

As we walked out on their back porch we noticed the intricate tiling.
Yeah, I just called this a back porch!
The Coach looked down at the stone and pointed out each color for me as well as what they were:  Granite, marble, & onyx oh my.

He might have said something important to me as well, but I was distracted.

I was admiring the architecture, the scenery, the flooring while trying to listen to him and then I saw a little turtle bobbing in the water.

Guess what I shouted when I saw the cute turtle?!

 I shouted TURTLE!!!

What else would I have said??

September 23, 2013

A Romantic Getaway at The Circus

Perhaps not the actual circus.

The coach swept me off my feet for a few days; we ventured a few hours away to Sarasota.
He booked a snazzy hotel for us and we explored the sights. 

Our first stop:
The John and Mable Ringling museum of art....and the circus museum. 

John Ringling lived a very interesting life....and not just that of a circus Mogul. 
Below is a few photos from a huge display of "Largest Miniature Circus In The World"
Totally cool, totally miniature. 
 Being around all this circus stuff reminded me of my childhood days; when the circus train stopped in West Palm Beach every year, it was a big deal. My Brother and I loved it. My Mom would make sure we were able to watch all the animals and performers traipse through town to the Auditorium. 

Then I remembered that Mark loved the circus so much, he created one in our back yard with ME being the center ring. 

 I'm just thrilled that Mark wasn't able to get a hold of one of these canons...Or I'd be typing this post from the comfort of my wheel chair. 
More to come... 
Are you on the edge of your canon?

When we got home the kids asked if we had fun.
My response:
 I'm pregnant!!!



September 18, 2013

This, That and The Other Thing.

 Edy's fruit bars. My newest addiction. Nothing screams summer like a nice cold bar of fruit...and only 70 calories; cold, yummy, in my hot tummy. 
FYI, summer is not over in SW Florida until Thanksgiving. 
In case you wondered, my favorite flavors are tangerine, mango, pineapple, lime, grape and strawberry.

How does it feel to be that informed?

Why the hey are so many people in an uproar about the casting of a porn movie.
Geeze people; chillax. 
I mean really. Don't we have more important things to worry about?!?!
Such as, what am I going to do after the last season of Mad Men is over?

The other thing:
Two of my favorite things have been combined.
Sesame Street AND Dave Matthews. 
Seriously. How awesome is that.
I've seen Dave in concert at least 13 times and this is the first time he has had a duet with a blue fuzzy monster. 
He sings about feelings. Guess what I am feeling?
Yep, I couldn't love him any more than I already do. 

{I'm also feeling pangs of sadness....wishing I could help every person in harms way-some days, it's tough being a person with a soft heart}

It's hump day....lets get out there and share the love people!

September 16, 2013

More conversations about Trailer Parks than necessary.

I'm sure all four of you has been wondering: What is going on with Suz's garden?
 Well, I'll tell you... and thanks for asking. 

We've made an addition. 
And when I say 
"we" I mean I asked and the Coach DID. 
Above is my garden from last year. 
(It was raised last year, before that it was the opposite of raised)
Below, the right side is the old garden, the left side is the new addition. 

Coach took off the wire fencing from the old garden because it was rusting like crazy; we replaced it with some plastic lattice fencing. 
I'm not a fan of plastic, but I think this will keep the bunnies and raccoons out. Hopefully, it will also deter my tomato loving boxers!
The Coach and I had this discussion about the white lattice: 
"Do you think it looks trailer park-ish?
Well, it looks like it could be in a NICE trailer park, you know, the high-end retirement trailer parks....and not the trailer parks of our youth"

Listen. We know our trailer parks. 

So, I was so excited about doubling my garden space and I was only a little excited about it resembling a high end trailer park. I started my seeds and apparently I started them TOO early.
I was EXCITED...what can I say???
My goal was to have plants in the ground come October when it cooled off ever-so-slightly.
Sadly, I had to put some plants in the ground sooner because they were growing out of the baby pots. 

What is a girl to do? 
I put some plants in the ground...and then I fretted over the HOT HOT HOT Florida sun. 
So, I classed up my trailer park garden....
 With what else....trailer park beach umbrellas!
 I know. Genius. 

Happy Monday!

September 12, 2013

If you get the chance, you should turn 46!

If I could do it all over again, I would. Daily. 
Turning 46 wasn't so bad. 
Seriously. I recommend it to all of you. 

A few of our East Coast gang friends came over for the weekend to help me celebrate. 
Friday night Coach cooked a gorgeous dinner for us....good thing we stayed in, it rained like you would not believe. wouldn't. 

Saturday night, the grown ups...heading out. 

  We had a beautiful dinner overlooking the gulf of Mexico. 
We witnessed a wedding AND a marriage proposal.
And...I forgot my camera....the sunset was amazeballs. 
See? Freakin' camera phone doesn't have enough flash.  Oye. 

When Heather, PJ and Superboy visit, there is always a lot of wine laughter. 
I'm talking the burning calories kind of laughter.
 See? Mouths wide open....catching flies joy.   

Little superboy is growing up quick-He'll be 4 next week!
I'm waiting for fins to sprout on him...quite the swimmer. 
 We had a great weekend with them; they make me feel so special!

Come Tuesday, the actual day of my birth I had a few things planned.
I worked in the garden in the morning, got a haircut, had lunch with the Coach, went to my favorite store (Home Depot!) and then dinner with the family. 

We ate in a clamshell for dinner!
Yes, I was Ariel the Little Mermaid for the night...notice you can't see my fins. 

The girls spoiled me with sparkly goodies. {I love that they shop with their own money!}
My family bestowed me with gifts, flowers a fruit bouquet and well wishes....I'm lucky.
The Coach surprised me with sweet cards a personalized poem and a weekend away at a deluxe resort.

There were so many flowers in the house that I quoted my Grandma:
"Who died? It looks like a funeral in here!"

Yeah, I'm all sorts of bruised from pinching myself. 

Only 363 days until I can do it all over again.


September 10, 2013

Oh~~To Be 45 Again!

Today my body turns 46.
My mind is already 50-something. Well, I take that back, some days my mind is 14. *Snicker*Snicker*

Here, lets recapture my first 45 years of birthday photos.

Wait, come back. I was just pulling your legs. ALL of them.

Here is the first birthday photo I could find. I shared my parties with my Brother Mark; Our birthdays were 7 days apart. 
I have absolutely NO recollection of this party. Perhaps I was 3? I put an arrow next to myself and my brother. My Dad is standing in the back, notice the big smile. He was always so freakin' happy. My Aunt Debbie is there (she is only 8 years older than I) I recognize my neighbor John (He was my "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours") and my friend Kym is in front of me. Her mom is now my facebook friend; I love her! 
The rest? Perhaps kids who were wandering the 'hood on this particular day and they smelled cake. 

Ok, here is the next birthday I could find. I might have been 4 or five?
Oh, wait. I didn't mean to leave you hanging up there....our birthdays were 7 days AND four years apart. Don't go thinking my Mom was some sort of super quick gestational type of creature. 

I arrowed myself and Mark.....and I'd love to know who took this photo. HELLO? Have you heard of composition?
The other people here...complete strangers!

I'm guessing I'm six here because I have 2 teeth in my head. 
Check out that "BIG JIM" camper. I guarantee you that I made that baby mine within a week. 
I only took "Big Jim" from Mark because he took my barbie dolls and baby dolls. {He cut all of their hair and applied nail polish to their faces for make up. The joys of having a gay brother!}
That perv John is here again....just waiting for me to turn 10!

So, the next year I put my foot down. 
Me: I want my own party. I don't want to share my day with Mark!
 Yep. See me up there...surrounded by ALL my friends. 

 I'm just pulling your hair legs again. 
I had ONE friend. Which is shocking since those were the most hideous shoes ever produced. 

The next party I had was a surprise party (weekend) in NYC for my 40th.
Ok, there might have been a couple in the middle, but I don't remember them and no one bothered to  take a photo; I hang with some lazy azz people. 

 Ok, I think that was enough fun for one day....I'm exhausted. 
Who knew memory lane was sooooo long!

I'm thanking you all in advance for the well wishes and prezzies!

September 09, 2013

Turning 56~

Our sweet Cocoa is 8!
Cocoa is a magical dog....she is so magical that she turned me from being a 'cat' person to a dog person. 
I know it's not nice to rub it in your faces, but Cocoa is way smarter than your dog.
And she is also sweeter.
And just a little bit cuter too.

{I love it when I write something and actually LOL at myself. }

She is so nice, she doesn't even mind if the cats try to get up in her business chair. 

She has our heart.
I swear, when I talk to her, she listens and tries SO hard to understand me.
Unlike the people in this house who can't hear me.

She is so giving, she shares her chair with the Coach too. 

Seriously, she is ALL about that darn chair.

Eight years of unconditional love....endless devotion...endless joy and silliness.
In case you didn't notice, she rules the house too. 
She forced me to take her for a ride on the golf cart.

She is a little bossy; no wonder we get along so well. 

Stay tuned. Someone else has a birthday this week and she is less than 56. 

September 05, 2013

Ruling, Not Drooling.

Remember when I posted this a few months ago?
Sure you do...what else have you thought of?
Alas, I underestimated them.
It only took a few days and the culprit attacked. 
As you can tell, the Rooster is also surprised at the ingenuity and misspelling!

*tapping my head* What could I put on there that they would not mess with?
Oh, I've got a good one:

"You touch my chalk and you have dish duty for life"


Nahh....where is the fun in that?