February 02, 2017

Getting our sea legs and apparently NO more pets for me.

Happy February!
We're just trucking along here in Sunny Florida.....enjoying the winter weather. And by winter, I mean we've had a few days without running the a/c! I'm a happy girl.

Back in November the Coach purchased a fishing boat.
Me: "You're so busy with work and coaching....when will you have time to fish?"

Alas, he's making time to fish. And it makes him so happy and that makes ME so happy.
Hey, it always comes back to me. Right? 
*snicker snicker*
He actually was able to persuade me to go out with him one day just prior to Christmas.
And by 'persuade', he gave me his sweetest smile and batted those puppy dog eyes in my general direction.
I'm a sucker for him.

We had a great day out on the gulf of Mexico. The weather was nice, a bit windy (MY HAIR!) but nice.

I was finally able to see the Dome Houses of Cape Romano that I've heard so much about. If you have a minute, go read the link. It's pretty interesting and they won't be here forever....they're sinking.
One thing I absolutely love about the gulf of Mexico is the playful porpoises. They're everywhere!
I was absolutely stunned when the Coach told me that I couldn't have one (or a pair?) for myself

Serisouly....we've got that huge pool just sitting there waiting for my pet porpoises! The injustice of it all.

He's fishing more for the fun of it rather than feeding us on it. BUT, we did have some great mangrove snapper this week from one of his trips....and OhEmGee. It was 'slap your mama' good.
Sorry Mom.

So, that's the fun we're having. How about you?