October 29, 2010

Where did it all go?


Time that is.

I forgot that this weekend is Halloween. My brain cramps are becoming very spooky. The girls are old and done with trick or treating…and for that, I am glad.

Does that make me a bad Mom? Some things I just did not enjoy, such as pan-handling for cavities. 

Have I ever mentioned how different my girls are from each other?

This Halloween back in 2004 sums it all up.


Miss USA and Miss Army girl! 

I adore my opposite girls. They bring me such joy and giddiness. And occasional brain cramps.

A few years ago Cocoa begged to get in on the dressing up action as well.


**Buzz Buzz**

Seriously, she begged.

Once Ozzie saw how much fun it was, he begged to be a rainbow butterfly. And I could not deny him this joy.

And when I say “begged” I mean they did not flee the scene.


This was just a few weeks after we adopted him…If I could read his mind (and I can) he is wondering if being on the streets was a better idea. On the streets, he could dress in peace with less ridicule.


So, are you dressing up this weekend?

Or will you be like me…. Home in my PJ’s wondering where the heck my childhood went.

Have a fun and safe weekend. And whatever you do, don’t forget to appreciate TODAY for what it is. {In 24 hours it will done gone}

Watch out for the ankle biters, the crumb crunchers and the mini pip squeaks. They are everywhere this time of year!

{{Happy birthday Uncle Jim!!!}}

October 27, 2010

There’s one in every crowd.


I am talking about rebels here.


A rebel eggplant.

Trying to break away from the crowd; make his own way in the world.

He is screaming: “don’t cage me in!”  {yes, it is loud in my garden}

Don’t tell him, but he is actually making his way to my kitchen. Very soon.

Eggplant; the other white meat.


On second thought, perhaps I won’t eat that particular rebellious eggplant, he might be too tuff tough for me.

Should I give him the Busy Bee presidential pardon?

October 26, 2010

Meeting a new~old friend.


My long time blog friend Laurie {Keller's on the Prairie} just so happened to be in my hometown this weekend for a family wedding ….and she just so happened to be staying at a hotel around the corner. {I am not kidding about ‘around the corner’}

A get together was meant to bee!


She popped in our house on Sunday morning for some coffee, pumpkin breakfast casserole and chit chatting.

We are really good at the chit chatting. We could have done it all day.

But sadly, she was getting back to the road to finish out her road tripping.

Coach was gone already that morning, headed over to Miami to see his beloved ‘fins play some ball.

But Laurie was thinking about him when she dressed for our chit chat get together.  ~Coach~


She was even cuter, sweeter and more fun than I had imagined she could be.

So, that means, I must be cuter, sweeter and more fun than you imagine.

Ha Ha. I crack myself up!

Safe travels Laurie!!!

One day, I will have to load up my family and road trip all the way to South Dakota.

Or, we could just fly. Yeah, flying is much better for my sanity.  

October 25, 2010

My best friend is a Hoe.


The Coach brought home a hoe on Friday night.

I am fuming mad that he took so long to do it. If he really cared about me, he would have brought the hoe home sooner.

See this mess???  I needed a HOE.


I deserved a hoe.  Or two.

I have been weeding my garden for over  3 weeks…ON MY HANDS AND KNEES. Pulling each individual *&^%$#@%&*(&^% weed.

And THEN, and THEN he tells me I could use a weed hoe.

And really…after all this time, he says it SO NONCHALANTLY.  Like it is a condiment on his sammich.  You know…an afterthought. geeze.


I heart my new hoe. I did not even know you existed. 


It works like a dream. A hoe wonderful dream.


“Tomatoes, eggplants, red peppers and broccoli~oh my.”

Have you hoed lately?

I am wondering about what other sorts of new helpful objects I am missing out on…my fingers are sore and bloody….is there a gadget to open wine bottles yet?

If you need me, I will be in the garden, hugging my sweet hoe.


October 22, 2010

Sorry, I CAN’T HEAR YOU and I wake up everyday looking like a wizard.


Have you ever lost hearing in one ear after doing extensive cleaning? Yesterday this happened to me. I think I did too much vacuuming and lost my hearing. Take that as a warning people.

OR My other theory:  perhaps my ear swallowed one of my earplugs while I was sleeping. I did lose one this week.….maybe it went all the way into my brain. 

~non subtle change of subject and a photo might possibly go with the next subject I am yakking about~

  Suzanne B-day 2010 (2)-1

Do you sleep on your back, side or belly?

I am a side sleeper and I desperately want to be a back sleeper.

I wake up each morning looking like a wizard.

This one in particular.


Lacking a cloak of invisibility is annoying…

My face does a magic trick while I sleep…I get some really nice pillowcase marks on both sides. And I use silk cases…go figure.


The ‘marks’ used to only last an hour or so, now they are lasting most of the day, and then I go to sleep and do it all over again. I don’t know how to teach this old dog how to sleep differently.

Am I the only one with this wizardly looking issue?

I wish I could levitate and sleep….not only would I not have sleep wrinkles, I would never have to make my bed again!!!


So, what are you doing this weekend? My weekend is chock full of good and busy stuff.

SHHHHhhhhhh…..I have a super secret blog guest coming over for a lil’ visit too….So, when are YOU coming over to visit?

On second thought maybe I just scared away all future visitors since I can’t HEAR A DARN THING and my face is all sorts of sleepy crazy!

Bee good.

Bee kind.

Bee a good sleeper.

October 19, 2010

My Issues with Houdini.

Today is Ozzie’s 2nd anniversary with us. And since he is a rescue dog, we really don’t know how old he is, so this is his pretend real birthday. Lets just say he is 6. Ok?

Happy birthday Ozzie. AKA: wharf breath.IMG_0404

Ozzie has been known to  pull a Houdini and escape the property. (why he would want to escape 2.5 acres is beyond me.)

And he only comes back when he is thirsty or tired. He won’t come back in the way he escapes, so I don’t really know HOW he is getting out.  I have to let him back in via the front gate. On the good side, he never runs out towards the road, he ventures to the woods next to our house.


Many, many times I have said out loud: “I want a three legged dog that can’t run away.”

You too?

Yesterday; Me looking out towards the back yard: “If Ozzie gets out again today, I am taking off one of his legs.”


Lindsay: “Why not take off all four? I always wanted a dog in a wheelchair, they look really cool.”

Please don’t call PETA. We won’t really take off his legs.

But don’t tell him that. We are trying to keep him humble.

It’s not working.

October 18, 2010

What’s the story~

……Morning Glory? 

Do you remember watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on TV? It was a highlight of my week. How about Sunday nights and tuning into The Wonderful World Of Disney? It was a weekend ending staple.

Now, I have 1,982 channels and sometimes there is just nothing on. {Especially since the MAD MEN season is over. already. Pffftttt.}

Sometimes more is not more better-er. Unless we are talking about ice cream.

Do you remember when grown up ladies wore subtle and demure nail polish?


Me too.

OPI~ Diva of Geneva. I swear my hands are not that lily white.

I may never be a real ‘grown up’ or act demure. I can pretend if need be though.

We had a great weekend. BEEautiful weather…no wonder the snow birds are already making their way south.

I hosted a small family gathering for the Coach's bday on Saturday.  And by small, it was only 20 peeps.

 IMG_4511 He was surprised and possibly annoyed by that little ‘surprise’…and maybe he really was not giving me the finger while he was scratching his nose. Possibly.

We only give the finger in love around here, so I took it as a sign of sweet sweet birthday love.

How was your weekend? Anyone sweet enough to give you the finger?

October 15, 2010

Hey, what’cha doing?



I’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that. And I threw in a little something else too.

I’ve had some productive projects inside as well as outside.

Photos will be shared when all are completed. Why do anything and NOT share?…not cool. 


Has anyone ever got on your nerves so much that you wanted to take a sharp object (such as a shank) and jab them in the eye? But, being the nice person that you (or me) are, you chose to use a duller object instead…like a spoon?

Me neither.  

But anyhoo, how angry could one be when there is so much to be happy for.

First off, it was 65 degrees this morning. Hallelujah.

And then there is….

Sweet husband. Funny kids. wiggly dogs. Rescued miners. Red wine. Working limbs. Green grass. technology. A soft place to land at night. tivo. Love. Laughter. Joy. Joy. Joy. sunshine. ice cream cake.

And beautiful sunsets.

So beautiful, that Cocoa had to sit down and admire this one as well.


Whatever you do this weekend, I do hope you have much to be happy for as well. Enjoy the sunsets. And if you can, enjoy the sunrises as well.

Bee Sunny.

Bee Bright.

Bee Happy.

What is putting joy in your heart today?

October 14, 2010

*45* is the new *35*

Well, that is what *they* say…


So that means when we got married you were really only 15.

Wedding dance

And when we were dating you were really only 6 or so

Jeff Suz 1985 2

So, the fact that you were that young explains why you were almost always shirtless…

little fish

And adorable.

 baby jeff  

One of these days, possibly you will really act your age.


But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

On second thought, acting our age really might be overrated.

Happy birthday Coach.

~The best is yet to beeeeeee~

October 13, 2010

*Welcoming The Green Inside*


I’ve not been shy about my love for all things nature.

I’ve also not been shy about my love for all things green. In the color sense as well as the environmental sense.

Some of the best greens inside our house, started outside.


I could cut for days and in our yard…so much to choose from.IMG_4272

Just some green stuff…being green. and FREE too.

Seeing green makes me happy.

I have a favorite (and kinda new) plant to cut from now...

I planted this Papyrus plant on the lanai back in May.


It is enormous now.


And it makes the coolest cuttings!!


In the guest shower above and on our shower ledge below.


I suppose I like showering while surrounded by nature. Minus the bugs thankyouverymuch. 

Do you invite green INSIDE your house too?

October 11, 2010

What is the caloric content of a ladybug?


I only ask because I was~~ this~~ close to eating one yesterday.

Apparently, just like me, ladybugs have a taste for cilantro.

I had a ‘bunch’ of cilantro in the crisper fridge drawer for over a week…I had been taking clumps from it all week.

Yesterday, Mr. lady bug made himself known.


And he.was.still.alive!!

He was ~~this~~ close to being julienned.

I resisted naming him, and I did set him free in my garden.

He said ‘Tank u berry much bee lady.’

I just wonder what he would have tasted like. crunchy chicken?

If you really want to be grossed out, check out the caloric table for these insects…I said EWWWWW at all of them especially the last one! 

{People actually EAT THEM without being on a reality show.}

Gag me with a ladybug spoon!  

October 08, 2010

Running out of words and Suz on cold medicine.


It seems that lately when I open my laptop, I click on my “live writer” icon and I just stare at the blank page.

I might be out of words.

I used to tell Lindsay when she was little: “remember that we can run out of words, so you might want to save some for later.” 

She was the chatty patty of the house.

And she never ran out of words, but I might have.


Chatty Patty makes a great dog-head rest.

I have been a sick, sickly sicko this week.

I have been afflicted with a head cold. But my body is starting to hurt as well. It spread from my head to my body. I tried to keep them separate to stop the spread of the virus, but I found this to be difficult.

I can’t pull a David Copperfield.

So, I am on Dimetapp. Yum. It tastes like grape juice. And yes, dimetapp is for children, lets face it, I am a child.

Dimetapp is the only thing I can take that does not make me feel worse or loopy.

Have you ever seen this type of patience? Ozzie is patiently waiting for the cat to stop drinking out of HIS water bowl, so that he may have some.P1050286


Of course the cat takes his sweet ol’ time….

I just saw that Vanilla Ice {Ice Baby} has a new show on the DIY network. What is this world coming to? Surely MC Hammer would have been a better choice!

I had smashed sweet potatoes for dinner last night and I could ALMOST taste them. What did you have?

Ok, on second thought, perhaps I am NOT out of words and I take back what I said about dimetapp NOT making me loopy. 

If you need me, I will be in my boudoir resting. Doing loop de loops in my head.

Have a great weekend.

Bee Healthy!

Bee Patient!

Bee a sharer!

October 06, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand~


Oh, not a thousand,  I mean a million…


NO, make that a Bajillion…  IMG_4218

Wait, lets go with a gazillion….IMG_4224

~glimpses  of sisterly love. Lo and Linds Homecoming 2010

And sometimes that can be painful. For both of them.