January 30, 2020

To quote the poet Notorious B.I.G: "Mo money, mo problems"

The Lunatic started clearing the property next to us a few weeks ago. *sigh*
Luckily, they didn't clear it 100%; hoping to have a buffer aside from the eleventythousand dollars we spent on planting trees to avoid Luna.

The Coach did some research and found the owners and their building plan; we've been praying they build a nice house and kept the yard clean; you know, to keep up the property values and to not make my eyeballs bleed. (it's hit or miss in our non-HOA area)
Well, I thought WE had a HOUSE on sirree bobcat tail, Lunatic has grand plans for her lair.
5600 square feet of anger peace and resentment joy.
You'll never catch me criticizing someone for the size of their home, where they take vacations or what they spend money on, as long as they don't owe me any money, but does that mean they have 37 children who will reside under their roof?
Wait, I love children (of the corn)
The home has four or five bedrooms, a study, a workout room (located in the master bedroom-ehhh), a game room and a detached music room.
Suz to the Coach: 'What? They don't have a pool? Loooossssers!"
*devilish laugh*
Everyone knows that if you live in Florida and have children, it's child abuse to not have a pool.

As I was typing this, Callie the sweetest dog on the planet was whining in my general direction and I said SHUT IT!
She looked hurt and then I apologized.

I don't know why I was irritated at her whining. Sometimes a mom just needs some peace and quiet.
*looks around at empty house except for two sweet dogs*
I'd better go get her some cookies, she's one of my only two friends here most of the time.

God bless her. The Coach and I talk about how 'beat up' Callie appears after working most of her life but is still so darn content. Dogs really are the best.
Sometimes they're better than neighbors.

Anyhoo, it's been a busy week and I don't have anything really special to blog about.
*remembers that this blog is not made for special*

Also, I have no idea what the title has to do with anything other than I was listening to Notorious B.I.G yesterday. Today, it's back to The Carpenters.


January 24, 2020

Things I don't want to see or hear or have people do.

Much like the sun damage from my youth, I need to get some things off my chest.

Prepare yourself for ComplainaPalooza 2020

Airport or restaurant check-ins on Facebook. 
Some peeps JUST post the check-in as their status. 
No one cares. Literally, NO ONE CARES.

I understand posting a pic of yourself with your people at a restaurant, or the airport because you're excited about a trip, that is acceptable. (to me, but this is my blog, so my rules). 

DO not check-in. Not one person cares.

Honestly, I could go on all day about my FB complaints, but it's futile. I just avoid FB when peeps annoy me.  For example, when someone shares 147 pictures from their afternoon at Chic Fil A having lunch with a friend. 

Has anyone heard of sharing just the highlights? 

Phrases that have run their course: 
*Current situation
*The struggle is real
*Said no one ever

One that has bothered me since the day I was born; I think I came out of my Mother's lady 
kitchen being bothered about this one.
When you're on the phone and you are giving someone your phone number or 
credit card number and as you are verbalizing said numbers (if you even pause for a 
second) they say OK, but they say OK WHILE YOU'RE TRYING TO MOVE 
ONTO THE REST OF THE DIGITS and then they don't get the correct digits 
because they are saying OK while you're trying to give them the digits. 

And exclamation points.
I mean, exclamation points!!! 
On texts, emails or notes written on homemade vellum paper delivered via 
messenger pigeons. 
We're swimming in the sea of exclamation points. Are we really that excited? Are we angry? 
Are we cheerleaders? 
And it's not just Millenials; I've corresponded with people in their 70's. 
Why is everyone so darn excited when I thought most of the country was depressed.
Wait, maybe that's just all the RX commercials I see. 

Ads on blogs. 
They slow the page load to the speed of smell. 
I understand you're trying to make a few bucks; generally, a blog with ads is not one that
I'm going to enjoy so as soon as I see ads, I'm out. 

*Drops mic and heads to the laundry pile*

I'm sure you're thinking now, wow, that Suz seems so nice and pleasant, and today she's full 
of crap complaints.
Well, you're right. 
But, once I purge my complaints, it's all good in the hood. 

I'm Susie Sunshine once again, at your service. 

C'mon. YOU know you've got something to get off your chest; purging is good for the soul. 

January 22, 2020

If Florida could stop freaking out, that would be great.

The Coach and I enjoyed the boat this past weekend; we were thrilled that the weather had finally cooled down a bit and it wasn't too horribly hot to be outside for any time. We caught two sunsets; one fabulous and the other kinda covered by clouds, but still, never a waste of time.
It takes us 7 long minutes to travel from our boat dock at the condo till we're in the Gulf of Mexico.
The good sunset.
 The cloudy sunset with some photobombing pelicans.

We took Max and Callie with us once during a day outing; Callie's second time and Max's 1st. He was kinda freaking out and I thought he might jump in; thank goodness he didn't because that would have made for an interesting outing of me screaming for Coach to save him and also captain the boat.
Today we're back at the big house and Florida has been hit with winter. I'm sure it will only last one day though.
My FB feed this morning was of every person posting their car temp numbers; ok, we get it, it's cold and you have a car, calm down.
It was 38*.

We made sure to turn off our irrigation for the morning and I ran (exaggeration-I don't run, I'm more of a saunterer) all around the yard last night collecting my hanging orchids and putting them on the lanai (out of the wind) or in the garage.

It's now only 50* and it looks like I'm gonna have to wear pants today.


January 20, 2020

Using the blog to archive my life~ Our condo

Am I the only one who goes back through their blog, trying to remember something? I used to be very good at recording bigger and important stuff and I'm so happy that I do because the memory is-a-going. A few weeks ago I was trying to find some information about the time we went to Cabo San Lucas a few years ago and I realized, I didn't blog anything about that trip. *insert sad face*

I remembered that I started to share a bit about our little condo back in 2018 just after we'd finished the renovation, but then I never posted about it again. I'm easily distracted. We purchased it to use as a rental, but also utilize it for ourselves when we have time.
I want to document a bit because we're enjoying a long weekend here with our boat and it's going to be rented for two full months in a hot minute. I know I'll miss it so much!

This place was built in 1971 and was in dire need of updating. We gutted it completely, took down walls and only saved the toilets and the wood shutters in the bedrooms. We were attracted to this place because we can keep our boat on the bay, (just steps away from our door), it's across the street from the Gulf of Mexico and you're allowed to have two dogs (no size limit-which in unheard of in Naples) and it's a small non-high rise complex. It's a 2/2 at 1400 square feet; so it's substantially smaller than our home and that might be one of the reasons we love spending time here; less work.

We were going for a beach cottage feel; very simple with light colors. We did shiplap from top to bottom; there is only a bit of drywall in the laundry room. All flat white paint. I did white slipcovers on the furniture and I love them; they clean well when needed. (dogs-red wine!)
The Coach designed the kitchen and bar area; white cabinets, user-friendly marble countertops throughout and he put in a bleached walnut island. *swoon* The bar/wine area is sweet; two of those big drawers are refrigerators; for beer, soda, water, and wine.

The flooring throughout is tile planks. It's not the actual tiles that we'd picked out. The ones we chose were similar but much lighter in distress/color. We didn't realize the wrong tiles were ordered until the install was complete. I lost some sleep over it for a few nights, then I got over it because there's no way in hell we were ripping them out and starting over.

The master bedroom is very serene.

The Guest room; we removed both bedroom closets and used cabinets as wardrobes; major storage.

The bathrooms are simple and bright.

We're so thrilled with the outcome. We've had lots of family and friends use it for getaways and it's nice to share. It's been rented to one couple a few times, but now it's going to officially be rented for two months.
The only downside about condos is the HOA. But on the upside, they're the reason our complex is pristine and in high demand.
Just don't let your dog pee in the wrong area.

January 15, 2020

You can ring my bell anytime.

On our last night in Mexico, they held a beautiful dinner and awards presentation in the Zen area of the resort; jungle-ish as opposed to beach-ish. The Coach and I were so impressed by the event planners' set-up. Yesterday, this had been an open grassy area where we took a picture of the entire group of attendees via drone.
Then on this night, it was a gorgeous setting with a huge tent, lights, fabulously decorated tables; we were both thinking "wedding for Lolo". 

Although, it's more 'over the top' than she wants; we loved the ethereal feel with all the greenery, white stemmed flowers and floating lights and candles everywhere.

Shadow much? 

They had these 'ring bell for champagne' signs in the cocktail area before you entered the dining area. I was all 'ring for what? I don't even like champagne, but I do enjoy an activity'!

HOW flipping clever is that? There were champagne angels behind the wall that handed out glasses after you rang the bell.
I need this, but for wine
and in my family room.
Of course, I'd have to replace the bell too often because of wear and tear.

It was a great end of our long weekend. Until next time Mexico!

January 13, 2020

Casa again, Casa again, Jiggity Jig.

We not only survived our convention/getaway to Riviera Maya, Mexico, but we had a fantastic time. 
Our business was invited to this event which was hosted by Cosentino (Quartz stone tops) for the top 100 dealers in the USA.  It was held at a five-star all-inclusive resort. We've never been to an 'all-inclusive' anything before, aside from a cruise we took as a family about 14 years ago (never again) so we didn't know what to expect. 

Our room was quite awesome, as was the entire resort. There's a little splash pool on the patio next to the perfect chaise lounge-for-a-nap-spot. 

Each night they hosted a dinner/event for the whole group. We ran into these guys; not sure what they really were. Mythical Aztec dragons? 
It was really windy for most of our stay, and Suz's thin, fine hair doesn't do wind well. That was my only complaint really and I had to whip out a clip or bobby pins quite often.
You could pop into any of the wonderful restaurants whenever you felt hungry. (most had dress codes for dinner though; no beachwear, shorts or flip flops at night)

When I think of Mexico, I think of chips & salsa, tacos, and margaritas. While you could find some of those things, the restaurants were quite gourmet; somewhat fancy.
Also, you could ask for room service 24 hours a day.
Want a glass of wine and some snacks at 1:32 am? Just give them a ring and it'll be there within 10 minutes. Ya know, that could be dangerous for me. Well, I was most likely asleep dreaming about mythical dragons at that time, but you know what I mean.

I opted to have breakfast in the room each day because, mornings.

I ordered my regular fare; eggs, a bit of toast, coffee and fresh OJ. It always tastes better while wearing PJ's. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also added some dessert for me. Dessert after breakfast? 

Turns out, that was not the chocolate mousse cup that I suspected it was.
Refried beans in a tortilla.
Well played Mexico, well played. 

*no one got sick; it wasn't even a thought at this resort. (unlike our last trip to Cabo)
* I was not kidnapped; not even an attempt was made.
* I didn't do any shopping because we didn't have an inch to spare in our suitcases. *sigh*

I'll share a bit more from our fantastic trip later.


January 08, 2020

Hasta La Bye Bye

The Coach and I are heading out on a little adventure for the first time this year. I only add the 'adventure' part because you never know what could happen. Life is unpredictable and we're going to a place that we've never been to, but other people have been there, so I'm sure it will be just fine.

It's a challenge for me to actually leave the house for a minute trip because I'm a bit of a slave to this place and its inhabitants. Aside from the dogs, I have many, many cats.

My Monarch cats have just about eaten me out of house milkweed and home milkweed. It's actually a good thing I'm leaving because it'll take some time for my weed to grow back; I said NO to more caterpillars. Sorry, Mother Nature. 

My milkweed production needs to amp it up; my eleventythousand plants are mostly nubs.
Ok, maybe just ONE more little caterpillar?

I took this video a few days ago; I'll never get over how cute these guys are and it takes ALL of my willpower to refrain from hugging them because, well, then they'd be dead.

I become giddy when I see them sharing AND especially when they're being so resourceful by eating the actual stems and not just the leaves.

I gave them each high fives.
Just kidding. They have way too many hands feet for that and I don't have all day; I've got to annoy my husband by overpacking my suitcase because I never know what I might want to wear and because I really loathe all of my clothes.
Ok. I really just loathe the way my clothes are fitting lately....but still, I'd overpack either way.

I can't believe I said Giddy up there. Is it 1952? 

We have a great housesitter {so, don't even think about trying to steal my dogs or Christmas storage!} who not only gets to tend to our sweet pups, but she gets to release butterflies almost daily while we're gone. Plus, I give her actual money too.
I am a giver.
And a complainer.
Shocking information.  

Enjoy the rest of your week; I'm thinking we're going to have a lot of downtime on this trip and I plan on getting in some good reading; books, blogs, minds, as long as we have good wifi.

Will I blog about our trip? Most likely.
That is after we're able to get back into the US of A and crossing my fingers that I've not been kidnapped, held for ransom, then given back again when they realize I have to eat every 2 hours or else I'm hell on wheels.

*Feverishly packing snacks*


January 06, 2020

I can still hear the squeak of the squeegee

It took me over 2 hours to clean the glass in the family room/foyer/sitting area the Saturday after Christmas.
If I cleaned windows for a living, we'd be living in squalor because I didn't even clean the top rectangular ones and I was exhausted AND it felt like it took me forever.
I told you we had 5 dogs here over Christmas, correct? Three of them really don't understand how glass works. Who's wild idea was it to live in a glass house? 

The house was vacuumed Christmas eve morning and exactly 24 hours later, it needed to be vacuumed again. 
And then 24 more hours, vacuumed again. 
Who invented long-haired dogs anyway? Not.this.girl.

I removed Christmas from the front of the living areas and then I started working on the backside with that big ole tree in there.

I've meant to blog a few years ago about my Christmas storage that I'm slightly obsessed with.
I told the girls that when I'm gone, they're to split my jewelry and purses, and when we're both gone, they can split my Christmas storage because it's that valuable. I've been adding pieces each year. {Sounds like wedding china} I think I'm done now as I've added in a tree storage thingy and light storage this year, and I have three ornament boxes and a wrapping container.

Aside from my family, friends, butterflies, bees, and dogs, storage and organization is my favorite thing. Ever.

I hope everyone is off to a good start for 2020. We had a very quiet NYE; the Coach and I had a nice dinner out at our favorite pizza place, then back to the comforts of our home.
Two of my girlfriends from down the street came over to share some wine and conversation with us.
Any night/holiday that is without complicated plans and includes wine is my kind of night.
Nice and easy. Like me. :)

Happy Monday.

January 03, 2020

My Christmas feels were all over the place

We had a great Christmas eve here at our house. The Coach decided to sell a few organs ($$$) to purchase and prepare a prime rib roast for all our peeps. Both sets of his parents were here, our girls, Nathan, Coach's brother and wife, her daughter, my nephew and our great-niece.

It was a feast for kings and queens and people with an excessive amount of organs.

{Nathan, Coach's mama and Linds}

 {Lolo and Nathan-they have that 'newly engaged glow'}
 {Did you know that people who help in the kitchen are my favorite people?}

My great-niece found the stage in the theater and found her calling right there and then! I quickly remembered I had the girl's old recorders (fake flutes) from school; so an impromptu concert was had.

Did I mention we had FIVE Dogs in the house for Christmas eve and Christmas day? *cough cough* that was a lot of hair.

{Kinsley is a natural attention hog entertainer}

{Her biggest fans!}

We started the evening with Lolo getting engaged and ended with a performance by the cutest 2-year-old ever; that was a lot of Christmas eve excitement for this girl. Christmas morning was just seven of us and I started the morning on a good note. I slept in, had my coffee and the coach made a beautiful breakfast for us while my MIL made the kids some yogurt parfaits; so fancy and yummy.

Then I had a few melancholy moments missing my Mom. Don't ask me why. She's been gone for over four years AND she and I have not had a Christmas together in over 23 years, so why was I missing her so much this year? I haven't a clue other than I'm becoming even more emotional in my old age.  As if that is even possible. 

Christmas has come and gone. It was a good one for the books. I've declared that next year I'll decorate before Thanksgiving so that I'll enjoy the actual Christmas season more if I'm more prepared. Can ya'll remind me of that in November 2020? 

January 01, 2020

~~We're going to the chapel and we're gonna get married~~Ok, maybe NOT an actual chapel

Our Lolo and Nathan became engaged on Christmas eve this year!

We knew it was coming; Nathan asked us permission back in August.
Do all guys still do that?
I know I was thrilled that he was raised to know this is a good thing, but surely he knew we would say YES. We adore him! Actually, aside from asking the Coach and me, he asked my In-laws, Lindsay, our BFF's Don and Kelly, etc....I think he might have asked the waiter that night too.
He's a good one.

Lolo is not a traditional girl (neither is her sister) and had no desire for a diamond. She told me this years ago and I tried to argue with her. "You'll regret it later, everyone wants a diamond!"

She never wavered in what she wants. She wanted an aquamarine stone. Simple.
Nathan had his Grandmother's ring and visited a jeweler, asked him to find a nice aquamarine and use some of the diamonds from G'mas ring to come up with something for Lolo. 
He did well; she loves her ring. 

And if I could take a good close up pic of them both, they both have aquamarine colored eyes.
I can just picture my future grandbabies right now.

{Christmas day: "let's take a picture, but I'm breaking out, and I don't want to put on makeup, so avoid my face"}

I'm so thrilled for them.
But 10 minutes later she decided to burst my wedding planning bubble.
She doesn't want a traditional wedding at a hotel, a church, the beach, etc.
It's going to be small in an unusual venue and we have to wait until she finishes Grad school.
It looks like I won't need to shop for my Mother of the Bride dress for a few years, but then again, I have time to lose some weight.  She waited a long time for her Prince Charming and it will all be worth it.
BONUS: The Coach and I were engaged on Christmas Eve, so I declare that it's good luck.
We're so incredibly happy for them both!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy beginning of 2020. XOXO