February 24, 2010

Winning is Delicious!

“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.”

                                                       Malcolm S. Forbes

Have you ever tasted such wonderful victory that you gained 5 lbs and came away with a cavity?

Well Lo, Coach and the entire softball team did last night.


They beat the team that can’t be beat.

They beat the team that everyone fears.

They beat the team that never loses.

They taught them humility.

Their first loss in our county in 7 years.

Our fist victory against them in our school’s history.



Oh, nothing tastes as good as seeing your people happy.

ecstatic. energized. enthused.

There were big smiles. There were happy tears. There was joy.

Seriously, they were both so happy when we got back home, they could not even eat the nice dinner I had prepared.

They were already full of joy!

2 to1 Da’ Bears!!! Sweet victory.


  1. i so wish i could have come. i meant to call you and let you know that i am sick. banned from society! no, just bronchitis! but there was no way eric was letting me out of the house. but i am so glad they won! yahhooooo. what a great boost for the girls and your guy. now i need the date for the next home game!

  2. That's fantastic - congrats and I love those happy faces!

  3. Woo hoo! That is probably something they'll remember forever! :)

  4. I love it! Congratulations to all the winners! Sometimes it does a body good to be taken down a they realllllly did the other team a favor! And good morning!

  5. TWO to ONE??? That is a hard fought victory and one they’ll be talking about for years to come ~ congratulations!

    Take care,

  6. That's brilliant news. Well done to the team who should be deservedly buzzing!

    CJ xx

  7. Well done!! And she looks so good winning, too. I think Kay's right, they will remember that victory forever.

  8. Catching up on your posts, Suz!!!! We are having a wonderful time in Arkansas --and have taken a zillion pictures...

    My son and my granddaughter's team won one like that last year---and it made all of those long practices worthwhile... Winning is great --especially that kind of win.

    Congrats to Coach and Lo--and the team.

  9. That would have been a great game to watch! How could you stand it? Congrats to the Bears!

  10. SOOOO exciting! I can. not. wait. for aidyn to be old enough to compete in sports! :)

  11. That's wonderful news!! I love the big smiles! Congratulations!

  12. That is HISTORY on the books now! Awesome - Congratulations to both of them (and the rest of the team, of course). I hope it's going to be in your local paper; if not, I know someone *ahem* who should send a little email and photos in to the editor! HUGS to all!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful!!! Wow, way to go guys, what an accomplishment!

  14. that is great! go girls! what a team. there's no stopping them now!

  15. I'm with Karen, I think there should be a "feel good" piece done by the local paper. Congrats!!!

  16. HOW EXCITING! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Awwwwwww hell to da nawwww!!!! Foshizzle!??? Go Lo Lo! Go Lo Lo! Get your win on!

    Oh, and Coach too! Great job. :-)

    What a great post. Totally made my day. I'm so happy for Lo, Coach, the team, and your whole family. I second Karen's thoughts...get it in the papers!!!

    The look on her face while she's waiting for that ball, as if she's waiting to smack the s&*$#t out of it....hahahahahahaaa!!!!! Priceless.

  18. Ahhhhhh!! Sweet, sweet victory;)

    WAY TO GO!!!

  19. Sweet victory! Go Bears!

  20. 7 years! Wow! You can see the joy:)

  21. That is awesome! Kay is right... those girls (and your sweet Coach) will remember that game forever and ever!

  22. WOOT WOOT, THAT'S SO COOL! Something to be very proud of! And brag about!!
    I miss my kids playing games...(they grew up) so enjoy this all you can
    Did they dump the cooler on the coach? hehe...


  23. Congratulations to Coach, Lo and the entire team! This really was a sweet victory.

  24. I was so going to say that 'victory is sweetest when you've know defeat' but that Malcome S. Forbes fella beat me to it.
    so I'll just say, well done.

  25. congrats, to your family and da team... wow that is so impressive!

    erm, if there's any dinner left, erm, uhm, i dont mind eating it for ya....


  26. WOOO Woooo!! Yippee!! That is SO cool that they beat The Unbeatable!! Bet there was a lot of happy dancing!!

  27. Holy Cow that is fanfreakingtastic! Woo! Was there celebratory pizza afterwards? :-D

  28. What a feeling! Congrats all around!

  29. I am so happy for the girls. And for coach. He is such a sweetie. Whenever I see his picture I want to hug him. Don't tell him though because he might think I am weird and we both know I am NOT weird at all! : )


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