February 01, 2010

Cooking is Messy, but also good for your skin.

Or could have titled this: I am 9 years old.

My Afghanistan born friend KBL, wrote about an amazing dish she loves to cook for herself and her belovED.

No, not the recipe that included Testical Gyros.

That one I will skip.

for now.

ok, forever.

This Chicken dish looked really good to me…AND she invited me over for dinner.

How nice is that?

Well, it was a nice gesture, but when I got out my globe, I saw just how far San Diego is.


I was going to have to make this dish myself.

It is chicken based with rice and spice spice baby.

Some of the ingredients and directions were foreign to me.

But hey, if KBL can do it, so can Suz.

*fingers were crossed*

First she told me I had to marinate my breasts in BUTTERMILK, salt, pepper and garlic.

How odd is that?

Quite frankly, this became very messy and frustrating…I could not keep the buttermilk in place, it was slippery..

I had always heard that folks in CA were more adventurous…but I gave it a shot.

That is how I roll.

The buttermilk was all over, drippy, messy.


Then I just got a clean shirt and got over it. Cocoa was looking for some drippings. The pups are always looking for a snacky snack.

Meanwhile, I baked a loaf of buttermilk-wheat bread and threw a salad at the table in a bowl.

Arroz Con Pollo

It was scrumptious.

The bread helped to sop up the drenched chest moist deliciousness that this dinner held.

And a benefit of all this buttermilk?

My d├ęcolletage is clear, shiny and youthful.


To get the correct recipe and PICTURES too, go visit KBL.

Tell her Suz sent you…just so you don’t look like a stalker.

ps. You know that is not my picture. right?

My pearls are much smaller.


  1. Wow, your boobs look amazing!

  2. LOL! I can always count on you to make me laugh!

  3. I always use a ziploc to marinate in--no messiness.

    We do like things spiced up here in SoCal!

  4. Oh wow your boobs look My little one's and I made chicken nuggets today and had to marinade the chicken in buttermilk...and we made honey whole wheat bread this weekend too...I am going to have to check out this recipe as it sounds delicious.

    Now I'm caught up at your place...thank you for the smiles and making me feel at home...:)I sure have missed visiting you! XX Lori

  5. Wow Suz, that buttermilk did wonders to your boobs... Bet everyone who reads this post will go out and buy some buttermilk.... ha ha ha ha

    Cute post...

  6. Oh yeah Suz, I bet your pearls are much smaller. Ahahaha. I saw that recipe on KBL's blog and I was thinking it sounded yummy too. I might have to give it a try before cooking season is over. This new A-Z Monday is great for adding some pages to my already over flowing cookbook! Have a happy,happy! X-C

  7. I laughed and laughed, Suz!

    I shall begin showering my 52 year old self in buttermilk daily.....

  8. My pearls are still in the oyster!

    That recipe does look DE-licious!

  9. I'm glad I can always count on Suz to get my day started with a smile (or an out-right laugh). What a great post.

  10. I'm sorry you have smaller pearls then that. Everyone needs a good set of matched pearls. Ummm. OK. Good morning!

  11. And now my hubby is requesting that dish...wonder why?!?!?!

  12. My pearls are much smaller too. LOL.

    the recipe sounds GREAT.

  13. Laughing my ARSE off over here! And love the boxer!

  14. Gee, if I could have a decolletage like that, I'd marinate in buttermilk and garlic, too!

  15. "My pearls are much smaller"...good one!!! Had me laughing! : )
    I looooove your "new" coach lights with their fresh new coat of paint. Way to go!!!

  16. your pearls are bigger then that!! hey good for you trying something new!!

  17. Hi - I have an award waiting for you @

  18. Actually, my pearls are just about that size, if not larger. And NO, that is no what it is all cracked up to be. I've never ever been able to wear a pretty strapless dress!!!!! :-(

    I have to agree with everyone else, you make me laugh out loud, you make me want to share your posts with family and friends, and you make it so I look forward to surfing my favorite blogs. Thank you Suz!!!

    So, did you really make Arroz con Pollo?! You have got to understand that I am beyond flattered and HONORED, right? That's so cool that you tried it from my post. I didn't really post the exact recipe (with measurements and all) so that may be why the buttermilk was all over. Although none of us really mind since it meant we got a free booby shot. Booooobies!!!!

    I slice or cut up my chicken breast pieces into more manageable chunks. I place them in a deep dish, like a Pyrex glass loaf pan, and then pour the buttermilk over them. That way they're not sliding about on a flatter plate. I can't tell from the post, did it turn out ok? I hope so. If not, let me know and I'll get ya the detailed recipe.

    I'm in love with your pups. So glad Cocoa loves 'naners! Ha ha ha! You guys can't say the word without her going nuts. How cute! If you didn't already live in the produce laden Florida, I'd cart a case of them to her stat!

    XOXO from San Diego to you and yours. Crossing my fingers you'll one day try the Ball Gyros. They're actually delish! Remind me of liver and onions kind of. Tee hee. :-)


  19. those breasts look so tasty.... i bet it was yummy!

    you crack me up, sistah!

    thank you for all the support on my last post. it meant alot.


  20. Yep.. the ziploc is the way to go for marinating. And then put that in a tall dish so even if something leaks out, it's not a biggie.. just like Alton Brown. Gosh, that makes me feel like a foodie nerd. But the chicken looks good. : )

    I'm not gonna comment on my pearls! LOL

  21. I'm having boob envy right now - LOL!! I love middle eastern food (could be because I'm 50% lebanese...) But making some of these dishes gets frustrating for me too. That's why I go to my dad's house for dinner!)

  22. Crazy...made me laugh this early morning!

    sandy toe

  23. LOL You are hilarious!
    PS I never marinate unless it can be done in a can always wash the bag and use it again:)

  24. You just about killed me with this post! LOL!

    The dish looks delish! Was it long to assemble? Seems like something I'd like to try... only if I weren't so lazy...

    ps: see how I didn't say anything about that pearl necklace... I'm so classy! :-D

  25. I would think your pearls would be BIGGER : ) but what do I know!

  26. Mine are much bigger -- and droopier.

    Why so much chicken? How many armies were you feeding?

  27. I'm going to try this recipe too! I printed it out (with photos) to show to Hubs - he was impressed. And yes, I will ALSO be skipping the Gyros con Testicle recipe as well. (Even if does have "power more than 1,000 Viagras"... wasn't that what the guy said?)

    The chicken recipe did look delish... and it made your boobs like great, btw...) ;)


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