December 30, 2019

Party party, fill your hearty.

Before another day goes by, if you've not seen a comment from me in a while, it's because of your blog settings. In other words, it's you, not me.

We ended up having 50 guests this year at our annual cocktail party. (I think this marks the 20th year?) It went from 40 to 50 within a day; apparently, it was 'bring your adult child to our party' year. Most said it was to have a designated driver, so what could I say. I like for people to enjoy themselves and I'm against driving under the influence. Unless your under the influence of listening to Duran Duran because that is some good stuff.

We opted to have a photo booth this year which really isn't a 'booth' but it's a standing camera/light that we put in front of a black curtain. I already had lots of Santa hats in my arsenal, so that was fun.

{the Coach with a few of his 'softball Moms'. They do love him}
Our surprise musical guest was Ben Allen, of the Ben Allen band. They are locally famous in SWFL. Ben just opened up for Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker the weekend before and we've had him perform at our Songwriters for Vets too. He's a great guy who is in great demand in our community. Our guests were thrilled to have a one on one with him at our house.

Ben with the softball moms. Those moms really get around....

{Linds, Nathan, Lolo, Coach, and Suz}
Back in the day when we had parties, I was inundated with hostess gifts; mostly wine & booze. I enjoy the wine, but it really became too much. So a few years ago I asked peeps to forgo the gifts and bring an unwrapped toy that we donated. The following year I asked people to bring in toiletries for the homeless and boy did they ever! I couldn't believe the amount that people brought; turns out, people really do like to give. 

This year, we changed it up a bit more. {the backside of our invite, I was holding it weird, it was printed beautifully in real life.  I still mail invites!}

A while ago the Coach had these walnut drawer's that the shop was going to throw out because they were made the incorrect size. He thought they'd make great boxes for our upcoming party giveaways. On the day of the party, he drilled holes in the sides and pulled rope through for handles, then he went to wally world and purchased random snacks/candies. We threw in shredding & some extra bottles of Crowne Royal we were trying to unload and then let our guests drop in bottles as they entered. Everyone brought at least one bottle, some brought two.

In the chaos of the night, I didn't get a pic of the finished boxes, but I stole a pic from a winner from her FB page. 

This was such a big hit; we had 6 winners in total. (the sixth gift was an eco-shelling-dolphin boating tour that a friend donated)

Ya'll we raised $1340 in a few hours.

I'll split it between the two charities. We will continue this tradition as everyone said it was the most fun party ever!!

It was such a rewarding and exhausting day. We had people show up at 5:30 and the last peeps left at 1:20am.
It was all smooth with my caterers until we realized the bartender was quite impaired. I thought he was weird upon arrival, but brushed it off that he was quite eccentric. It took about 20 minutes and him cutting his hand trying to open a bottle of Tito's incorrectly {it's a twist cap!} to realize he was messed up. Luckily we have first responders as friends; (we had 3 on hand!) our friend T.W took him out of the party area to a bedroom and cleaned him up. He was bleeding quite a bit but didn't need stitches. The caterer was beside himself, sent another bartender over within the blink of an eye and came here himself to oversee the rest of the night.

The next day, I really didn't get much done. I was DONE after two weekends of hosting parties. But I couldn't rest too long because we were then hosting Christmas Eve. The fun never ends!!

December 27, 2019

Lots of party & Christmas to talk about, but first it's her birthday!!

Today our little nugget turns 24. I can hardly believe it!! Whenever my girls talk about how old they are, they usually say Gross. 
I suppose they want to be children forever, but that's not how it works, that's not how any of this works.
I'd love to go through Lindsay's whole birth story detail by detail, and let you in on all the joy and fun, but, that's not the kind of blog I have.
But, had I known her birthday would end up so close to Jesus's birthday, I'd probably have claimed a headache.
But then again, I would not have my super sweet, funny, intelligent love muffin that I have.
So, she has to practically share her birthday with Jesus, I'll take it. They're both good sharers.

Linds was the easiest, calmest baby. Well, that is until I left her home alone with dad on the rare occasion the first year. She liked me, she really, really liked me. 
But eventually, she liked us both. Even her sister who wasn't that into her little sister. {I'm proud to say, they adore each other now, it only took 22 years or so}

{She's a pretty cool chick with her own sense of style; who else can get away with slick shades and a snoopy robe?}

{She loves her Padre' and 90's music} 

{She loves her sister and making spreadsheets}

{She loves her boyfriend in New Zealand and she loves the country of New Zealand too}

 {She doesn't hate a camera}

{She was such a cute and easy toddler, she could have been a professional toddler model or at least a professional toddler}

{She's always loved getting into her food, luckily, she has slightly better manners now, but still loves food}

{She's is a huge part of my heart, has a lot of my sassiness and quick wit; our family is blessed to have her}
Happy 24 Lindsburger!*cheers* to a fantastic year to come.

December 17, 2019

Blogging probs, new lights, one shindig down, two shindigs to go.

I'm still struggling to comment on blogs. If yours is set to accept comments 'Imbedded', then I can't comment. If it's set to 'pop up window' I have a much better chance of commenting.
Don't ask me why.
I almost pulled out my last 799 hairs trying to figure it out, then I realized I had eleventymillion other things to do that were more of a pressing matter; I'll try to tackle it in 2020.
I'm reading and keeping up...but you'd never know it because I'm incognito now.

We had our company party on Saturday and it was a major success. Our biggest issue usually is people NOT showing up when they say they will. {wasting $$}They all showed up.
We provide a nice dinner, dancing, (fake) casino games, raffle prizes, free drinks, and a HOTEL ROOM for the night. And we're not talking Holiday Inn Express. It's a bonafide shindig that is open to every employee, whether they are upper management or sweeping the warehouse.
The Coach didn't think I had enough raffle prizes (16) so he pulled out cash and gave out $$ to at least 5 more people who had their tickets pulled. I don't call him my Sugar Daddy for nothing.
You know the saying, there's 'one in every crowd'. Well, of course, we had one jerk who broke the rules and smoked in his hotel room either before or after the party.
Luckily, they took his CC for incidentals and didn't use mine for the $250 fine. It's expensive to be stupid.

Anyhoo in other news, the Coach put some fabulous outdoor lighting fixtures on our trees/landscape between Friday and Saturday (pre-party). I might have said this before, but the man is a hard-working machine. When we arrived back home after the party at midnight, it was like seeing our very own Christmas present! He did SO well. I'll have to see if I'm able to photograph it all.

{having a flashback Christmas card moment from 2013. I miss those silly boxers so much}
It's Tuesday and I woke up at 5:30am. That is almost unheard of unless I'm getting up to pee. I've got so much on my mind and so much to do this week. We have 45 RSVPs for Saturday night IN OUR HOUSE.
My sweet as heck husband threw a wrench in at the last minute and we have a "surprise musical guest' stopping by. Oh, can you ask everyone to come an hour earlier because he can only play at a certain time before another gig?"
Emails, texts and phone calls to guests and the caterer; I've got everyone moved up an hour.
Not one person asked who the surprise guest was aside from my two girls.
"Is it Patrick?"
"Is it Django? He's soooo cute"'s neither of them.
"OMG, is it Darius?? IT'S DARIUS ISN'T IT?
Then we told them whoever gets married first, we'll get Darius to play their reception.
They decided to have a joint wedding....I'll let you know when that happens.


I've decided to not do any Christmas shopping this year and I'm devoting all my time to getting ready for this party, and then for Christmas eve when the whole fam-damily comes over for dinner and fellowship. Plus, I have a double wedding to plan AND figure out how to kidnap Darius Rucker.

Our Christmas card pic from 2019. I couldn't even bother with dogs, Callie or Max and I added in a separate pic of Lolo with her Mattis.

And in other good news, Lolo earned all A's in her first semester of Grad school. Smart and purty....that's how I make them!

And in other, other good news, my girls survived their road trip from VA and they are both safe and sound in their perspective homes.

Life is GOOD!!
Wishing you all a great week and upcoming weekend and hoping you don't have eleventymillion things to do.


December 13, 2019

The Christmas chaos~I see the light!

Happy Friday!

{{It's come to my attention that I'm not able to comment on any blogs today that have comments in the 'imbedded' way. Only if they have a pop-up window. Go figure! WTH!}}

I know I might be bragging, but I finally have our trees finished.
I actually thought about leaving the ornaments off the big tree this year and leaving it semi-naked with only lights and ribbon. But then I worried it might be self-conscious.
I hope you're catching my drift; I'm a caring person.

{The big tree that was purchased UN-lit and is now LIT!}

{The little tree that hasn't had a lighting issue, but has an elf climbing in...}

You know what are my favorite ornaments? 
My girls.
If only I could set them IN my tree for the entire Christmas season.....surely, they'd have something to say about that, but whatevs. I cooked them in my Lady kitchen and you'd think I ask a lot from them.

FYI, my old tree found a new home with one of Lolo's previous Law enforcement co-workers. Yay-it's being protected once again. :)

Speaking of my favorite ornaments. Linds is flying up to VA to spend a few days with her Sister, then they are driving down together with Lolo's Mattis (the XL husky) for her Christmas break. I'm so excited. I've not put my hands on my Lolo since August. Well, you know what I hugs, no kisses, etc....

In other news, I've given birth to released 25 monarchs this week. Merry Christmas mother nature!

We have our big party tomorrow night for our employees; 100 people have RSVP'd!
I'd better locate my party pants. It's always a fun night for everyone involved.
Well, maybe not for the bartender or chefs, but you know what I mean.

That will be our weekend. How about you? Any parties in your future? 

Wishing you all a good weekend doing whatever you're doing. I've still only watched 3 Hallmark movies this season., please don't tell the powers that be at Hallmark or they might send the Sappy Hallmark PoPo to my house.


December 09, 2019

The Elbow of my Christmas is mostly my tree, and a little bit is my actual elbow.

I complained briefly last week about my visit(s) to the orthopedic. I'm mostly fixed. At least for now.
About a month ago I started having a pain in my right elbow; then it amplified and radiated from my wrist to my shoulder.
It got to the point that I couldn't do my weekly TRX class at the gym. The coach, who didn't actually attend medical school, but has a self-given degree, declared that I had tennis elbow.
Me: I've not touched a tennis racket since I was 13. 
That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.
So, I already had an appointment for my knee issue, but the Dr. who saw my knee does not see elbows. I had to go back and see a different Dr. in the same building, two days later. It brought to mind the old song, 'head, shoulders, knees & toes.' But not elbows.
Damn it to heck if the Dr. didn't say I had tennis elbow. The humanity of it all, it's terrible when the husband is right!!
By the way, I could have given birth to this sweet Dr. 
He offered a steroid shot and said I would have relief within a day or so.
Behold, the miracle. He was right! I'm healed.
Hopefully, it will last until he gives me my Mother's day gift. 


Last week I mentioned on the blog our old Christmas tree, that I was sick of because of the lights, but I didn't want to drop it in the landfill or have strangers come to my house to pick it up. 
I even asked the Coach on Saturday....'what am I going to do with that old tree?'
His response: 'put it in your garage next to the old sofa that you can't get rid of'. 

One minute he's a Doctor, the next he's a comedian. 
A few hours later Lolo texted me saying she read my blog and wanted the tree for her and Nathan at their new house. 
Then she decided to burst my bubble by saying they can't fit a 9ft tree in their home because their ceilings are too low. 
I was a bit miffed and thought that they could make it work if they realllly wanted to.
Who came up with the phrase RAISE the ROOF? 
Kids these days.
Still working on that, but I think Lolo found a home for it.  

So, I was so hell-bent on getting an UN-LIT tree.  Just in case your brain works like mine, that means the tree doesn't have lights, not that it's a sober tree.
I googled how many lights I'd need for a 9-foot tree and apparently, MY google machine doesn't work properly because I purchased 1/3 of the amount I actually needed. 
So, Linds was on her way down to help me decorate, I spoke to her just after she left her place and just after she passed HER Michaels store. I asked her to get more of the lights I needed from MY Michaels store. 
Do you think they had them at MY store? 
Nope, they had them at HER store. 
Double SNAP!
I ordered them online for a store pick up that will have to happen later this week. So, I have half a new tree, a whole old tree, an XL couch in my garage and Christmas is kicking my elbow butt. 
When I was complaining about it all to my Lindsay, she said: "You know, you don't have to do all of this." 
I never really thought about it. 
But then again.....
Yes. I DO have to do it. 
I'm afraid of what would happen if I didn't decorate. 
Or host our annual cocktail party. 
Or host Christmas eve. 
I would probably be mad at myself in a week or two. 
So, I'll forge on and maybe complain about it every once in a while. 
But in a few weeks, I'll only have wonderful memories. 
I'll have ONLY good memories. 


December 05, 2019

A few big things

I've been so busy with home/party/holiday/medical stuff and I feel like December is trying to crush me.
And not the kind of crush that makes you wear lip gloss 24/7.
But in the words of the great Gloria Gaynor: I will survive.

I just wanted to drop a few big things here on the blog.

My kale. (planted 8 weeks ago)
DaYuMMMM, it's big.
And it's also delicious sauteed with some garlic.

We're still working on our landscaping and I have a butterfly whisperer helping me out. He's eons ahead of me with butterfly knowledge. I mean he uses real names for them and not 'that big yellow one with spots on it' and has chosen some great plants; there is going to be a butterfly orgy when it's all said and done. Rated R for Ridiculous!

Look at the (BIG) size of this pipevine flower. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Well, now that I think of it, it resembles something I might have seen in health class.
This pipevine will attract the elusive (to me) polydamas swallowtail. If you hear some loud screeching soon, it's me finally seeing one in person!
Did you just roll your eyes and call me dramatic? 

I started to put up Christmas decorations and it was all good until I realized that I loathe my Christmas tree. I used to love it, but after the last 4 years of it losing sections of lights here and there, I declared that we are going to break up.
The new (unlit) tree is ordered, just trying to figure out what to do with old tree to avoid the landfill.
I've had two different Dr. appointments this week (it's only Wednesday) with two Orthopedics. I'm gonna just say that 52 is the age that my body is starting to turn on me. (knees & elbow/arm)
But again, I will survive. Thank you, Gloria.

We have a full weekend of fundraisers/parties and house guests.
Then I have two weekends of hosting parties; personal and our business party for employees. And I think Christmas is a minute after that.
And then someone has her 24th birthday. Spoiler alert, it's not me, hence the Dr. appointments.

I'm really not complaining because life is beautiful and I'm fortunate enough to have alll these plans. Also, we have health insurance. I'm gonna blame the orthopedic issues on something that one of my ancestors did in the past that I'm now paying for karma-wise. ;)
Thank you great-great-great-grandfather for doing something unkind to another person. You fart blossom you.
That made me chuckle; I love calling someone a fart blossom. Even if they're no longer with us.

So, how are my people? Anything positive that you can share with me?
Sharing is caring.


December 02, 2019

B*tch Champagne

The Dom story from Thanksgiving. 

{Lindsay who enjoys Dom and isn't a b*tch}

Many years ago (5?6?) while the Coach was coaching girls travel fastpitch softball we were very friendly with a family of the girls that he coached. (3 daughters, who played at different times for him) I liked the family, but they were a bit on the 'loud, in your face' kind of people. The girls were very sweet though and the Coach just loved them.
While at a travel weeklong tournament in Orlando, the mom of this family was having a birthday. My husband, ever the generous and thoughtful person purchased a bottle of Dom Perignon for her to enjoy that week at her rental house for her birthday.
Well, during that tournament, both the Mom and Dad of that family were irritated with Coach because of something minor....I don't recall exactly, but he wasn't 'playing' the girls as much as the parents wanted them to be played. And they were pissed. They caused a scene and you would've thought their life was over.
So, after the tournament week was done and everyone was packing up to leave The Coach went into their rental house to retrieve something of his and saw that the family had already departed.
He noticed the bottle of Dom Perignon sitting on the counter. *well, damn*
They were just going to leave it for the cleaning lady because they were so mad about the stupid softball game; I'm sure he spent over a hundred bucks on the bottle.
The Coach brought it home and we aptly named the bottle "The b*tch champagne."
I'm not a champagne drinker, so it sat in our beverage fridge in the theater/pool room for years.
I knew a special occasion would come and I could open and share it with people who appreciated Dom.
But then I never opened it and Hurrican Irma came and left. That champagne sat in the fridge when the power went out for over a week.
I just knew it wasn't going to be any good.
My Aunt mentioned to me a few days before Thanksgiving how much she loved the bottle of Dom that someone gave to them for their 50th anniversary a few years ago.
I said: "I have a bottle in the fridge, let's open it up on Thanksgiving and see if it's any good. Surely it's gonna be rancid."
Lo and behold, I opened it and it was perfect. Apparently b*tch champagne can handle severe temperature changes. Everyone loved it. Well, almost everyone.
I had half a glass and felt loopy. Back to the grapes for me. :)

It was funny and made me think of all the people over the years who would get so angry, or lose their actual minds over their kids sports and participation. Sometimes we run into these parents now and I want to ask: SO, how is your daughter doing in her professional softball career? Because there is no way you were that passionate about it unless she was going to be so successful that you could retire and live off her riches for eternity.

People need to relax. Don't stress everything your kids do or don't do and enjoy a damn gift when someone gives you one.

Now, on to the festivities and enjoying Christmas cheer.